31Events API

31Events is a calendaring service that sends invites directly to a customers' calendars. If the invite is accepted, the recipient is automatically signed up for the event. The service aims to monitor large groups along with accept or deny status and hopes to Increased Webinar attendance. The 31Events API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and allows users to make a variety of calls including create, update, get , list and delete events, as well as manipulate account information. An account is required with service.
Calendars, Messaging, Planning, Scheduling
"Download to calendar" is flawed. No longer do you need to ask users to download a calendar event manually. The 31events.com API allows you to send native calendar invites directly to a users email account and see visibility into the users. In beta tests when used for webinars, actual attendance jumped to 70% of the sign ups vs. the industry norm of 20-30% actual attendance rates. Works with Outlook, Google, Apple Calendars. Built on IETF specifications to be standards compliant.
API Key, HTTP Basic Auth, Token, API Key
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