3TIER's API enables you to integrate our scientifically derived, global wind and solar resource data into your own internal applications and customer experiences. You can use the API to build revenue-generating applications and mash-ups including: » Web-based lead generation programs » Internal and customer-facing sales tools » Product selection tools » Project design and financial modeling tools The API accesses 3TIER's global data using simple REST calls. It is an open, standards based, XML programming interface. To make integration simple and quick, 3TIER provides detailed developer documentation, programming examples, and sample code. For more information, please visit: [[http://www.3tier.com/en/package_detail/prospecting-wind-api/ www.3tier.com]].
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Prospecting API Technical Introduction Prospecting API Technical Introduction
This document is intended to provide a brief technical introduction to 3TIER’s FirstLook Basic API. The FirstLook Basic API enables developers, installers, manufacturers, and others involved with renewable energy to use 3TIER’s annual mean solar and wind information within their products and services. This is the same information used to power 3TIER’s FirstLook wind and solar assessment sites. The API provides secure access to annual mean wind speed at 20m-80m hub heights, annual GHI, and confidence intervals for each value.

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