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Note: The 411Sync API is no longer available.
This profile is retained for historical purposes only.
411Sync + Yahoo Local SearchUse this Business Finder to find local businesses. May be less need to use th old 411 service and spend .50 per call.  
411Sync + Yahoo TrafficGet detailed traffic reports on your phone. Yahoo Traffic based results. The traffic report will be based on a 10 mile radius around an entered zip code and will include major and critical incidents.  
411Sync Target ClearanceView new items on clearance from the Target store chain. In your WAP browser, go to 411sync.com and use the keyword targetclearance.  
411Sync TravelSearch for activities, things to do, recommended eating and cheap lodging for any city in the US. Search from your WAP capable phone.  
411Sync Walmart ElectronicsReal-time clearance deals on electronic items from Wal-mart. Search pricing on your mobile device when you use the keyword walmart13.  
Access Your Calendar by Phone411Sync users can configure their calendar settings so that they can access their upcoming events from their mobile phone. 411Sync helps access Google, 30Boxes and Upcoming.org calendars using SMS, WAP, Email, IM and Toolbar  
Airline Toll Free NumbersGet the toll free number for any airline on the go, when not in front of your PC. Get this information using SMS, WAP or email. Use the keyword airline followed by the part of the airline name, Eg: united, south, northwest  
Alexa graphs on Cell PhoneGet the Alexa traffic stats for any site on your mobile phone. Simply power up your mobile phone browser and point to 411sync.com. Use the keyword alexa followed by the site name. Get the reach, rank and page views graph instantly on the go.  
APAC Stock Markets by PhoneGet a realtime view of the Asia Pacific indices on your mobile phone on the go. Simply use the keyword apacindex in a mobile SMS, WAP or Email device.  
Baseball Scores on MobileTrack the current status of all MLB games with a single keyword. Simply use SMS or WAP and use keyword scoresmlb.  
BBC News on MobileSearch BBC for latest breaking headlines anywhere, anytime. Use the keyword bbcsearch and provide what you are looking for. This service is accessible using SMS, WAP and email. Users can also configure alerts to get updates on selected topics.  
Bebo MobileBebo made mobile by using the keyword bebo and providing your id or your friends id. Within seconds see your all the friends photos. This is a WAP only service.  
Boston Events by PhoneView events happening in Boston this week, courtesy of the Boston Globe. Get this information using SMS, WAP or email and use the keyword bostonweek.  
BSE India Market MobileSee whats moving in the Indian stock market real time on your WAP capable phone. View this information from anywhere in the world by using the keyword baseindia.  
Business News by PhoneGet Business News headlines for a specific company on your cell phone: SMS, Email, WAP. This uses the RSS feed from Yahoo Finance and integrates with the 411Sync Mobile API.  
Celebrity Photos on Cell PhonesUse this service to obtain celebrity photos on WAP cell phones. This service has been implemented using the Yahoo Image Search API and the 411Sync Mobile API  
CNET Shopping Services go MobileSearch for tech products on CNET on the go using your mobile phone. Use the keyword cnetprice followed by the product name, example: ipod, macbook, dell laptop, zune etc. Search using WAP, SMS or Email. Get response with links to reviews.  
CNN Sports Photos via PhoneView CNN Sports photos on your WAP device. In your phone browser, go to 411sync.com. Then enter keyword cnnsipic. Or enter the keyword from the Web and send it to your phone.  
College Football HeadlinesGet the latest college football headlines on your mobile phone using SMS, WAP and Email. These headlines are obtained from Rivals.com. Use the keyword rivals followed by the state, i.e. ca, wa, az etc.  
Comparison Price Shop by PhoneUse this service to obtain comparison shopping information on your cell phone via SMS, WAP and Email. This mashup integrates the RSS feeds from Nextag with the 411Sync Mobile API.  
Currency Conversion by Mobile PhoneCurrency Conversion gives exchange rates between 2 currencies by cell phone. Via WAP, SMS and Email.  
Cute Overload Photos on PhonesThis is a mashups of Cute Overload photos and 411Sync Mobile API. Using the search keyword cuteoverload, you can view these photos on WAP capable phones.  
Daily Horoscope by PhoneGet daily horoscopes from Astrology.com on your mobile phone using SMS, WAP or Email. Simply use the keyword dailyhoro and get an extended summary of whats lined up for the day  
Daily Yahoo Photo HighlightsWAP based interface to daily photo highlights from Yahoo.  
Dallas Mavericks Photos on WAPView photos of Dallas Mavericks on your WAP-capable phone. Via 411Sync and the keyword dalphotos.  
Dictionary Definitions on Cell PhonesIf someone calls you pulchritudinous, how do you know if you should be flattered or offended. Get the definition of any English word. SMS, email, WAP.  
Digg MobileAccess all digg.com stories from your cell phone. Go to wap.411sync.com and use the keyword mydigg followed by the user handle. Get back the latest list of stories as well as the digg count. You can also use this keyword from SMS.  
Distance Between Locations by PhoneA quick and easy way to find out distance between two locations from a cell phones: SMS, Email or WAP. This mashup uses Yahoo Geocoding API to compute the lat-lon values of locations based on area codes.  
Fandango Movie Listings by PhoneGet the list of the movies currently playing in the local theaters from Fandango. Set your mobile phone browser to 411sync.com and use the keyword clipfandangoplay.  
Find Airport Delays by PhoneGet real time airport departure and arrival delays before heading to the airport. Get this information on WAP, SMS or Email. Use the keyword delays followed by the airport code, i.e. SFO, ATL etc.  
Find Parking by PhoneIf you are stuck downtown and need to find parking. Ask 411Sync and get back a list of all parking spots within a 1 mile radius. Use WAP, SMS or EMAIL. Just send the zip code. If using WAP, also see the spots on a small MAP.  
Find WiFi Hotspots by Cell PhoneWi-Fi Hotspot Locator finds the closest Wi-Fi hotspots in a given location. You are closer to the internet then you realize, we just help you get connected. SMS, WAP and email.  
Flickr Photos on Mobile PhoneUsing this service, you can obtain photos from Flickr, either by userid or a tag search, on your handheld device. Your handheld device can be a WAP enabled phone or an IPAQ, Palm etc.  
Flight deals from SideStepUsing this service, users can obtain the latest deals on all Domestic and International flights from SideStep. This service is available on cell phones - SMS, email and wap.  
Fotolia MobilizedFind images on Fotolia using a WAP based interface. Simply use the keyword fotolia followed by what you are looking for.  
HotOrNot via MMS on CellphonesGet pictures of people on HotOrNot to your cellphone. Right now you get picture working on ranking back  
Jobster Updates by PhoneGet the latest Jobs search updates from Jobster on your cell phone: SMS, Email and WAP. Search for jobs by providing a keyword and location and get results back.  
Kayak.com Deals from Cell PhoneGet deals from Kayak.com on cell phones -- SMS, Email or WAP -- using 411Sync Mobile API.  
Latest Fashionwire Photos on PhoneView the latest photos from Fashiowire on your WAP capable phone. Fire up your mobile browser and point to http://411sync.com. Simply use the keyword fashionwire.  
Latest Market Updates from CNNGet the latest numbers for Dow, NASDAQ and other markets from CNN. Get this concise summary on your WAP capable phone when you use the keyword clipcnnmarkets.  
Live Bay Area TrafficGet real time Bay Area traffic from 511.org. Simply use the search keyword 511 and provide the freeway. This service can be accessed using SMS, WAP and EMail.  
Live Tennis Scores by PhoneGet latest tennis scores on your cell phone using SMS, WAP and email. Use the keyword tennis followed by part of the player name.  
Location based NewsGet the latest news headlines specific to your current location. Use the keyword localnews and provide your city and state information. Within minutes, get the latest headlines for your current neighborhood. Works on WAP, SMS and Email.  
Look4it New BrunswickThe Search Engine that gives you local results first!  
Lottery Results on Cell PhoneUse this service to obtain all the lottery results for the current date. This service is available accross all the US states. Just send the state code and get all the latest results back.  
Map on a WAP Mobile PhoneGet a map image of any location on your WAP enabled phone. The map image will provide street level information of the location.  
Mobile Bargain ShoppingFind deals on products and save money from you phone. Use the keyword bargain followed by the product you are searching for. Shop using SMS, WAP and Email. Before buying a product, check if it is already available on sale.  
Mobile Cricket ScoresFollow World Cup Cricket in real time on your phone using SMS, WAP or email. Use the keyword cricscore and get back results of ongoing matches.  
Mobile EVDB Events SearchUsing this service, search for local events on EVDB from your cell phone, WAP, SMS, email or toolbar, using the 411Sync Mobile API.  
Mobile Las Vegas Strip MapView the Las Vegas strip map on the go on your WAP capable phone by using the keyword vegasmap. View the hotels, streets, directions and even maps of the downtown.  
Mobile Live ShoppingGet the Daily deals from Windows Live Shopping on your mobile phones. Simply use the search keyword livedeals and save on on the go. Use SMS, Email or WAP.  
Mobile Pharma SearchSearch for health-related products on Drugstore.com using SMS, WAP, or Email. Compare prices of different products. Type drugstore followed by the product name to view search results.  
Mobile Search on Urban DictionarySearch for slang definitions on Urban Dictionary using your mobile phone. Use SMS, WAP and Email. You can also use IM clients like Yahoo, MSN and AOL.  
Mobile Shopping on eBaySearch for products on eBay and get instant real time listings on your mobile phone. Search using SMS, WAP and Email. Configure alerts and get notified as new products appear.  
Mobile Weather SearchGet live weather information from MSN on your mobile phones using WAP, SMS, or Email. Type msnweather followed by a zip code. Get weather updates within seconds.  
Mobile WeatherbugNow get detailed weather forecast on your WAP capable phone. Visit wap.411sync.com and use the keyword weather followed by your zip code. Instantly get back the detailed forcast as well as any alerts.  
Mobile Windows Expo LiveGet real time listings from Windows Expo Live on your cell phone, using SMS, Email and WAP. Just send us the zip code for the location and what you are looking for, i.e. product details.  
Mobile Windows Live ShoppingShop for products, sales, discounts on Windows Live from your mobile phone. Simply TXT the product details or shop using WAP and Email. Configure alerts and get updates on new deails.  
MobiYelpSearch Yelp.com from your cell phone using SMS, WAP and Email. Simply send us what you are searching for and where. Within a few seconds, you will obtain user recommended results.  
Moreover News Stories on PhoneUse this service to obtain top stories from Moreover on your cell phone: SMS, email, WAP.  
MSN Spaces on Your PhoneWindows Spaces is mobile. Read your friends Spaces on your mobile phone using SMS and WAP. Simply use the keyword spaces and provide handle of the user. Configure alerts to find out what your friends are up to.  
MTV Billboard chartsGet the latest Billboard charts from MTV on your WAP capable phone. See whats hot in music. Point your phone browser to 411sync.com and use the keyword clipmtvcharts.  
MySpace Photos on Mobile PhonesView all your MySpace friends photos on a WAP capable phone. Enter your ID or your friends ID to see the photos. Click on photos to see friends friends.  
MySpace Top Bands MobileGet a list of top MySpace bands anytime on the go. Simply point your WAP browser to wap.411sync.com and the use the keyword topartist. View bands and their blogs info on the go.  
MySpace Top Music Artists by PhoneFind whats hot on MySpace Music anywhere. Get a run down of the top MySpace artists on your WAP capable phone by using the keyword myspacetop.  
NASDAQ Daily Summary by PhoneSee which stocks are most active on NASDAQ in realtime using the keyword clipnasdaqactives from SMS, WAP or email.  
New Music Releases by PhoneGet a list of latest new releases from AOL Music on your cell phones SMS, WAP, email.  
Newscloud on Mobile PhoneGet the latest front-page headlines from Newscloud on your mobile phone. Use SMS, Email and WAP.  
NFL Player StatsGet the NFL player stats for league leaders, offense and defense, on your mobile phone. TXT or use from WAP the keyword nflstats.  
NHL Scores and Schedules by PhoneGet the latest NHL scores and schedule from Yahoo Sports on your mobile phone using SMS, WAP and Email. Use the 411sync service and keyword yahoonhl.  
Package Tracking via Mobile PhoneUse this service to determine the latest status of your UPS and USPS package from cell phone. Check status using SMS, EMail or WAP. This service has been implemented using 411Sync Mobile API.  
People Magazine Headlines MobileGet the latest headlines, gossip and rumors from People Magazine on your cell phone using SMS, WAP and Email. Use the keyword people and get the content within seconds.  
Phone Search of WikipediaVia the 411Sync.com service you have a choice of searching 411Sync queries, Web, RSS, Blogs, News and now also Wikipedia.  
Photobucket MobileSearch photos on Photobucket from your WAP capable phone. Use the keyword bucket followed by the query. Get a list of photos within seconds.  
Presidential Election News by PhoneView the latest on the 2008 US elections 2008 by SMS and WAP. Via 411sync API. Use the keyword elections2008.  
Price Compare by PhoneThis tool lets you compare prices from Yahoo, Amazon, Nextag, MSN, Clipfire and Yahoo Bargains. Available for WAP capable phone. Simply provide the product details or UPC code.  
ProgrammableWeb Top APIs on PhoneView the top web 2.0 APIs of all time on your web enabled phone. This information is provided by ProgrammableWeb. At 411sync.com use the keyword pwapi.  
Quakes in the Last 24 hoursDo you know how many quakes occur in Alaska everyday. About 6. And in the Bay Area, sometimes its 5. Use the keyword quake and find out where the latest quakes are happening world wide. This service even reports micro tremors.  
RazorGator Tickets by PhoneOn your WAP capable devices or your PC, simply go to 411Sync.com and use the keyword razorgator to view all the latest tickets available. These tickets may be for sports, converts or events. Purchase hard to get tickets at the last moment.  
Real Time After Hours Nasdaq QuotesGet real time after hours quote from Nasdaq.com on your mobile phone using SMS, WAP or Email. Use the keyword afterhr followed by the stock symbol.  
Real time apartment listingsSearch and browse real time apartment listings from your cell phone, SMS, email and WAP. View what is available in the market. Configure alerts and get notified as listings change.  
Realtime Stock Quotes by PhoneGet real time stock quotes of your favorite stocks n your mobile phone using SMS, WAP or Email. Use the keyword quote followed by the ticker symbol. Provide multiple ticker symbols, like quote goog yhoo.  
Realtime Traffic on PhonesObtain WAP based real time traffic reports for Major US cities. Source: Traffic.com and Yahoo Traffic, with 411Sync.  
Realtor Listings MobileSearch for real estate listings on the go using WAP. From your phone use this 411Sync service with the keyword realtor followed by the zip code. This service is WAP only.  
Rolling Stone Photos by PhoneView the latest photos from events and artists from the Rolling Stone. Everyday, new photos. These photos can be viewed on all WAP capable phones.  
San Diego AdvisoriesGet the latest advisories on your cell phone real time using a WAP capable phone. Simply point your mobile phone browser to 411sync.com and use the keyword sdadvisory.  
San Diego Emergency InformationObtain real time emergency information, alerts, city evacuation notices, road status from your WAP capable phone. Point your phone browser to 411sync.com and use the keyword sdalert.  
Search Edgeio by PhoneSearch for classified listings on Edgeio on the go with SMS, email or WAP. Use the keyword edgeio followed by the search query and the zip code. Within seconds, get response back. Configure alerts and get updates as listings change.  
Search Oodle Tickets by PhoneSearch for tickets on Oodle real time on the go using SMS, WAP or Email. Use the keyword oodlet followed by what category tickets you are looking for and the zip code. Within seconds, get a list of all the available tickets.  
Search Rhapsody by PhoneEver found yourself listening to a song in a restaurant or a club or at any place and don not have access to a PC. You can find out details of the song right away. SMS a few words from the track and we will get back with track, album and artist.  
Search Yahoo Answers by PhoneSearch Yahoo Answers using SMS and WAP. Send your question and get back a list of related questions and answers. When you use SMS, you will get back a list of questions that match your search criteria along with a WAP url that you can visit for answers.  
Sears Deals by PhoneView the latest Thanksgiving day sale from Sears on your phone using SMS, WAP, or Email. Get the latest info on deals when you use the keyword searsbf.  
SecretPrices.com Deals via PhoneSave some money, get the latest deals from SecretPrices.com right on your cell phone via SMS, email or WAP. Configure alerts and get notified as new deals are posted.  
SF Bay Area Tickets by PhoneGet the latest tickets availble for upcoming events in the SF Bay Area. Simply use the keyword sfticket from your mobile device, SMS, WAP or Email. Configure alerts and get updates as new tickets appear.  
Shopwiki to goShopwiki helps users find the best deals on the internet. Search for products on the go from your cell phone using SMS and WAP. Simply use the keyword shopwiki and get the best deals online.  
Stock Information via MobileGet stock price, percentage change, 52 week range, EPS, PE ratio and market cap for any stock on the go. Simply use the keyword summary followed by the stock ticker symbol, e.g. AAPL, SUNW, AMZN, GOOG etc. Use from SMS, WAP or Email  
Stock Sector Updates by PhoneA financial sector summary from Google Finance. Get this information real time on your phone using SMS, WAP or email. Use the keyword googsectors and get a response within seconds.  
StumbleUpon MobileGet the latest StumbleUpon Buzz on your mobile phone using the keyword sumobile. Users can use this keyword and request information using SMS, WAP or Email.  
Top 25 Releases from iTunesSee the top 25 new releases from the iTunes store on mobile phone.  
Top Market Movers by PhoneSee which stocks are the top gainers and losers real time from Google Finance. Built using the 411Sync API. View this information on your WAP capable phone by using the keyword topmovers.  
Tribe Forums MobileMakes Tribe.net forums mobile. Read latest posts on the Tribe forums on your cell phone using SMS, WAP and e-mail. Use the keyword tribe and provide the tribe name.  
Trulia Real Estate MobilizedGet a listing of all the real estate on the go. Simply provide us the zip code and see the available housing. Get this listing on your mobile phone using SMS and WAP.  
TV Episodes Recaps by PhoneGet a recap of popular TV shows on the go. Point your mobile phone browser to www.411sync.com, then use the keyword tvrecap and get a recap of popular TV shows.  
Venues Search from PhoneSearch for venues on Eventful from your cell phone. Just tell us what you are looking for and the location. You will get a list of popular venues in that location in.  
Visitor Attractions by Cell PhoneThis service provide instant information about the top tourist attractions in a city. Just send us the location - city and state - and see the best places in a city.  
WAP Based Image SearchSearch for Photos and Images on Flickr, Yahoo, Riya, Webshots and even News right from a WAP capable phone.  
WAP California WildfiresTrack the latest on the California wildfires in real time from your WAP-capable cell phone. Visit 411sync.com from your mobile device and use the keyword calfire.  
WAP Interface to Local SearchUse this WAP based interface to search for Events, Movies, Venues or lookup anything in your neighborhood. This interface can be used from any WAP capable phone.  
WAP Interface to ZooomrSearch Zooomr tags from your cell phone. Get a list of upto 10 photos on your WAP capable mobile device.  
Weather Underground MobileGet the latest weather information from The Weather Underground on your mobile phone using SMS, Email or WAP. Use the keyword wunder followed by the zip code or city.  
Web Search From Cell PhoneSearch the web from your mobile phone using the 411Sync WAP Interface.  
Wimbledon Live on Mobile PhonesGet the latest News and Scores from the Wimbledon. Get real time updates on cell phones via SMS, WAP and Email.  
World Cup Schedule on MobileGet todays match schedule and scorecard for the World Cup. If no matches are scheduled for the day, then the schedule for the next matches will be returned back. The response will have the time and date for the match along with the Group. SMS, WAP, email.  
World Cup Soccer by PhoneGet the latest news, scores, schedules and information on your mobile phone with this 411sync mashup.  
Yahoo Astrology MobileGet Yahoo Astrology on your mobile device. Use the keyword yahooastro in an SMS, WAP, or Email and select your sign. View quickie or an extended version.  
Yahoo Shopping + 411SyncDo price comparisons from your cell phone to find prices on the Internet from anywhere.  
Yahoo You Witness Photos by PhoneYahoo user contributed You Witness photos are now available on WAP phones through 411sync. Send photos of events through your mobile phone.  
Yellow Pages MobilizedAccess Yellow Pages from your phone and obtain listings for businesses based on Zip Code. SimpUy use the keyword yellow and provide your zip code followed by the service. This service is available via SMS, WAP and Email.  
Zillow To GoSearch Zillow for estimates from your cell phone using SMS, WAP and Email. Configure alerts and get notified real time as estimates change. Simply use the keyword zillow and provide the address of the property.  
Zvents Events via Cell PhoneUsing this service, search and get the latest events from Zvents on Cell Phone: SMS, WAP and Email using 411Sync Mobile API.  
Zvents Venue Search from PhonesUse this service to obtain a list of happening venues in the Bay Area on Cell phones: SMS, WAP and email.  
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