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Aculab Cloud enables users to create scalable voice and fax applications. There cloud telephony platform presents high level APIs (Python and .NET) making it quick and easy to write a range of applications. The developer account is free and once you wish to run your application you simply pay per minute for the runtime of the application. In addition you can purchase a range of international inbound numbers. Users can write applications to manage interactions and call logic including transfer calls, play messages, add calls together in a conference and more. The RESTful API provides programmatic access to the Cloud Filestore, whereby a suitable program may download, upload, delete or rename media files.
Cloud, Voice, Fax
Python, .NET
HTTP Basic Authentication, User Password
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Title Description
Aculab Cloud Conference Source Code Aculab Cloud Conference Source Code
downloadable content: Full Fledged Cloud Conferencing Solution
Want to build and IVR? Want to build and IVR?
All the features you need to build and IVR on Aculab Cloud
Want to write a conferencing application? Want to write a conferencing application?
Details of all the conferencing related features available from Aculab Cloud. Up to 400 parties can be held in conference
Simple IVR example. An inbound application that prompts the user to select a target to be transferred to. The target names (to be read out) and addresses (to be transferred to) are listed at service registration.
Inbound application using TTS Inbound application using TTS
Another simple application, showing how to use TTS to say some text with an incoming call.
Database Database
In this tutorial, we show you some basic database operations that will be useful in making your application data persistent across multiple sessions. After reading this tutorial, you will understand the principles of: •Creating a blank database, and adding a table •Connect to a database using a socket •Making queries to an existing database •Update an existing table entry with new data •Create a new entry in the database table •Using a database system with a telephonic application To navigate through this tutorial, use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of this screen. NEXT
Aculab Cloud Voicemail Aculab Cloud Voicemail
How to write a voicemail system Our voicemail tutorial takes you step by step into the process of creating a telephonic voicemail system. After reading this tutorial, you will understand the principles of: �Text-To-Speech (TTS) �Recording messages, and using the Cloud media store �Playing messages on the Cloud media store �Using DTMF detection �Playing DTMF sounds as prompts for messages �Using application arguments within your own programs �Using a menu system �Handling errors and unexpected hangups �Identifying the caller of your application To navigate through the tutorial, use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of this screen. Well, what are you waiting for? Let's make a voicemail system!
AMS Server AMS Server
C# and Python APIs for VoIP and IP telephony applications

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Sorry, no mashups for this API.