Amazon Product Advertising API

Amazon Product Advertising
What was formerly the ECS - eCommerce Service - has been renamed the Product Advertising API. Through this API developers can retrieve product information. The API exposes Amazon's product data and e-commerce functionality. This allows developers, web site publishers and others to leverage the Amazon Product Discovery features that Amazon uses to power its own business, and potentially make money as an Amazon affiliate. Additionally, the API has features allowing developers to advertise proucts, let users search for Amazon products and help users discover Amazon products. Both REST and SOAP APIs are provided, this profile is for the REST API.
Perl, PHP, VB.NET, #, VB6, Python, Java
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  • PriceZombie is a price tracker for numerous retail stores and a comparison shopping site and tool. PriceZombie's delivers its combination of price tracking and price comparison on its website, in...
  • Bookfinder is a mobile application that lets users browse and search for different book titles. The application uses a few different APIs, including Google Books and Open Library.
  • provides a simple way to find books by ISBN, Author or Title. It utilizes Amazon for product details and related books. In addition, it utilizes AbeBooks for comparative pricing.
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Amazon Product Advertising "Introduction to AWS for C# Developers" Source Code
This Amazon Product Advertising API sample provides "Introduction to AWS for C# Developers" source code.
Amazon Product Advertising API Signed Requests Sample Code - Perl REST/QUERY Source Code
This Amazon Product Advertising API source code demonstrates how to use Perl to send a signed REST/Query request.
Amazon Product Advertising API Signed Requests Sample Code - C# SOAP Source Code
This Amazon Product Advertising API\ source code demonstrates how to use C# tp send a signed SOAP request.
Amazon Product Advertising API Signed Requests Sample Code - C# REST/QUERY Source Code
This C# code sample demonstrates a signed REST/Query request made to Amazon Product Advertising API.
Amazon Product Advertising API Signed Requests Sample Code - Java SOAP Source Code
This Amazon Product Advertising API source code demonstrates how to use JAVA language so send a signed SOAP request.
Amazon Product Advertising API Signed Requests JAVA Rest/Query Source Code
This sample code demonstrates how to use JAVA language to send Amazon Product Advertising API a signed REST/Query.
Python Wrapper for Amazon eCommerce API
From the site:PyAWS is a Python wrapper for Amazon eCommerce. It is designed to pave the way for Python developers to interactivate AWS. This project is forked from the code base of pyamazon. The Amazone E-Commerce Services is supported.
Video Tutorial ASP.NET Mashups
Create an Amazon storefront using PHP
Jaaps Amazon Scripts
Good set of PHP scripts for AWS and extensive links to other scripts and AWS resources.
APIs Make Money For Amazon
Amazon Web Services Code Samples
Full code samples from Amazon's site. Languages include Java, Perl, ASP.NET in C# and VB.
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Amazon Product Advertising Node.js Library by Dmitry Mazuro The Amazon Product Advertising Node.js Library by Dmitry Mazuro allows developers to integrate the...
Amazon Product Advertising Ruby Library by Amazon This Amazon Product Advertising Ruby library offers support for the Amazon Web Services API....
Amazon Product Advertising Node.js Library by Amazon This Amazon Product Advertising library in Node.js supports APA API and request signatures. The...
Amazon Product Advertising PHP Library by Amazon This Amazon Product Advertising library includes ApaiIO, a PHP library that fetches the API using...
Amazon Product Advertising PHP Library by Jan Eichhorn The Amazon Product Advertising PHP Library by Jan Eichhorn is based on PHP REST and SOAP using the...
AWS Go SDK The AWS Go SDK is a set of clients for all Amazon Web Services APIs. Developers can integrate their...
Amazon Product Advertising Node.js Library aws-product-api The aws-product-api is a simple library for issuing Amazon Product Advertising API calls from Node....
AWS Ruby SDK Amazon Web Services offers an SDK for Ruby language. This kit helps to build applications using AWS...
AWS PHP SDK Amazon Product Advertising AWS PHP SDK helps to build applications using AWS services including...
AWS JavaScript SDK The Amazon Product Advertising AWS JavaScript SDK can be loaded using the hosting package from...
AWS .NET SDK Amazon Product Advertising AWS .NET SDK is a downloadable package that contains VisualStudio...
AWS Java SDK With Amazon Product Advertising AWS Java SDK, developers can build applications with the aim to...
AWS iOS SDK The AWS Mobile SDK for iOS offers a library, code samples, and documentation. A developer guide...
AWS Android SDK Amazon Product Advertising AWS Android SDK offers libraries, code samples, and documentation to...
Java Library for Amazon eCommerce A Java library for Amazon Associates Web Service. Java Library for Amazon eCommerce
VB.Net Library for Amazon eCommerce VB.Net Library for Amazon Associates Web Service VB.Net Library for Amazon eCommerce
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PriceZombie Price Tracker




Find Best Three

Price Drop You Save


pwtempuser pwtempuser Librables

pwtempuser pwtempuser

BookDip - Kindle Ebook Deals

pwtempuser pwtempuser VitaminsMatch


pwtempuser pwtempuser omniMarket


pwtempuser pwtempuser Live Plasma

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Henry Dudding Elementary Mail


Flexi eBooks




pwtempuser pwtempuser Symbyoz


Richard Aubourg Just Shop Savvy

Richard Aubourg Moun Fou - Shopping Made Easy


Acid reflux information site

Roderick Monje Novels: On Location

Murali Vasudevan Amazon Mall using Product Advertising API



Research And Compare

pwtempuser pwtempuser

Best Buys

Evan Lyricat


Jeffery Hirono New and Upcoming

pwtempuser pwtempuser 50 Shops

Todd Sifleet populrBuys

DoAt (do@)

Richard Ablewhite biblify


Books Like This


Amazon Discount

Nathan Peck Bookflavor





Shopping Complex Online

pwtempuser pwtempuser 3d Movie Store

Bahzah - Amazon Instant Search

Igor Bikineev Music Anchor

Instantzon - Amazon Instant Search









Christoph Diefenthal Veeeb Semantic Editor

pwtempuser pwtempuser


Minguhl BMX


Alexander Amanav

Distance Calculator

Dave Schappell TeachStreet

pwtempuser pwtempuser Kaufbarometer

Kelton Person MyTube60 Power Hour Videos

Earbud Finder

Online Toy Store

Sing And Study

Ted DRAKE Fyvr - An Amazon search with HTML5 goodness



Ted DRAKE jesusPad


Transmeet.Tv MusicMap


The Tracktor - Amazon Price Tracker

eCommSource by Cloud Conversion

Album art search

pwtempuser pwtempuser Trends Buzz

Ted DRAKE Insider Arts

Ted DRAKE V3GGIE - Vegetarian Search Engine

Ted DRAKE Insider Food

Brian Dailey Readit.Me

Akama Music


Boutique Boss


Gift Finder

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PriceZombie Price Tracker
PriceZombie is a price tracker for numerous retail stores and a comparison shopping site and tool. PriceZombie's delivers its combination of price tracking and price comparison on its website, in browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), with future plans to be on mobile applications. Currently PriceZombie supports retailers in the United States, but will be expanding to stores worldwide by mid 2015.
Bookfinder is a mobile application that lets users browse and search for different book titles. The application uses a few different APIs, including Google Books and Open Library. provides a simple way to find books by ISBN, Author or Title. It utilizes Amazon for product details and related books. In addition, it utilizes AbeBooks for comparative pricing.
Tibesti Tibesti
Tibesti reviews products from various different suppliers. These ratings are determined by pulling data from the Amazon, eBay, and APIs.
Find Best Three Find Best Three
Find Best Three is a buying suggestion and amazon product comparison tool. We choose the three best goods from different categories and compare them side by side. Besides, we pick up video reviews, photos and other information to answer a question of "who is the best?"
Price Drop You Save Price Drop You Save
Amazon price tracker and price drop alerts service. It's totally free, no registration is required. is a website to find and listen online to soundtracks. Amazon integration provides details.
Librables Librables
Librables brings together a community of word lovers. In our site you will be able to find any kind of documents and official manuals (pdf, txt, word, ppt, etc), books and eBooks.
eBooksDoc brings together a community of word lovers. In our site you will be able to find any kind of documents and official manuals (pdf, txt, word, ppt, etc), books and eBooks.
BookDip - Kindle Ebook Deals BookDip - Kindle Ebook Deals
BookDip uses the Amazon Product Advertising and Wordpress API's to scan, check and deliver discounted and free Kindle ebooks across all Amazon categories. Book deals are updated every 2 hours.
VitaminsMatch VitaminsMatch
VitaminsMatch aggregates information on vitamins and helps users find what they need easily. Once a selection is made, the user is directed to the source of the product.
iabol iabol
iabol is a web-based multi-carrier shipping software solution. eCommerce integrations include eBay, Amazon, Netsuite and Magento. The iabol Sync Tool allows for data to be pulled into iabol from almost any application. iabol allows for order management, single or batch label creation to manifesting. iabol is a multi user, multi location solution that is managed from one application. Support for over 50 carriers worldwide. Ship Anytime, Anywhere!
omniMarket omniMarket
A retail experience combining the API networks of Amazon, Twitter and YouTube with a plan to expand into further APIs to add increased syndication of data and media.
buylar buylar
Price comparison site for millions of products from best online retailers. It uses more than five different APIs.
Live Plasma Live Plasma
Live Plasma is a discovery site that helps users find similar content. It displays the results in easy to navigate layouts with impressive visuals.
Comparison shopping site with deal, savings and free shipping information. Deals, pricing, and reviews from, Ebay, Amazon, and Epinions.
ShipStation ShipStation
ShipStation is a web-based shipping solution that streamlines the order fulfillment process for online retailers. With real-time integrations into popular marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Sears, and Etsy, and shopping carts like Magento, Volusion, Shopify, and Big Commerce, ShipStation handles everything from order import and batch label creation to customer communication. Advanced customization features such as Automation Rules and Product Profiles allow ShipStation to fit businesses with any number of users or locations. As a cloud-based software solution, ShipStation is compatible on both Mac and PCs through any web browser – from anywhere!
Productism Productism
Productism is a place where you can review the products you love and share them with your friends.
Elementary Mail Elementary Mail
Hybrid Mail certainly isn’t new – although many existing services serve only the business-to-business market. Elementary Mail is bringing a fresh introduction to this already popular concept, with a consumer-geared service for the everyday person.
Frugalmate Frugalmate
A coupon deal website.
Flexi eBooks
Search Multiple Stores. Browse Books by Category , Author, Publisher, Merchant or Tag Listen To Audio Books and Preview eBooks Online Read Articles. Explore Best Sellers Find Book Tours Near You Join Our Community Pick Your Book Reader Build Your Digital Library
bogomash bogomash
The bogomash mashup is a buy one get one free promotions aggregator.
VIDVIDOO New Releases and Classics Movie Reviews, Video Trailer, Actors Info, DVD Deals and Online Streaming. Update: domain is expired, visit for the demo.
NolaPro NolaPro
The NolaPro mashup provides users with the ability to access this free, web-based Accounting Suite with standard AP/AR/GL, from anywhere, 24/7. However NolaPro's customization is its best feature. Customizations allow the software to fit your business operations or industry niche for just a few coins a day making perfect fiscal sense. These optional customizations include Payroll, Inventory, Order Tracking modules, as well as International features such as multi-currency, VAT/GST and built-in language translators all supported.
Symbyoz Symbyoz
A social utility to keep in touch more often and more easily with important friends from major social networks.
Bestalia Bestalia
Spanish price comparison site for the best merchants online. Uses several APIs.
Just Shop Savvy Just Shop Savvy
Shop for over 10,0000+ plus merchandise items from over a thousand vendors. Uses Amazon, Best Buy, Commission Junction, Google Shop, and Link Share API Web Service.
Moun Fou - Shopping Made Easy Moun Fou - Shopping Made Easy
Shopping site using Amazon Product Advertising API. Includes search, details page, and cart functions. Includes social like functions from facebook, twitter, google+, and linkedin.
Expressi Expressi
Expressi answers the question "which". Which item is the most emotionally and personally relevant for me. Give it a try searching through Amazon products. See how your mood changes recommendations. Set your friends personality and see what might be relevant for them too.
Acid reflux information site Acid reflux information site
Produced with a time constraint of 5 days. The site is designed to provide reliable and concise information about Acid Reflux. It uses multiple APIs to pull in content about this condition.
Novels: On Location Novels: On Location
A Google-Maps/Amazon mash-up for finding books that take place where you're traveling. Browse or search the map and make your next destination come alive!
Amazon Mall using Product Advertising API Amazon Mall using Product Advertising API
Browse Amazon Catalog for Movies, Books, Music, Electronic gadgets and more! By using affiliate account, you can get paid too!
Book-Current Book-Current
Reading IT books helps in keeping technical skills current; one problem with books in the IT domain is that they become obsolete very quickly. provides access to recently published and upcoming books. Find books based on topics you are interested in and sign up for monthly email updates.
eCommazon eCommazon
eCommazon is a complete platform-independent customer relationship management (CRM) mashup. Available to multi-channel online retailers for Amazon Marketplace and Amazon Web Store integration; companies can manage all customer service and support operations from a single source and entirely within's Service Cloud 2.
Research And Compare Research And Compare
Users can compare products from many different stores and brands and get feedback from their friends and communities about which products to buy. provides an easy interface for mobile app lovers to discover and share Android and iPhone apps and games on Facebook using social features.
Best Buys Best Buys
Comparison Shopping, Coupons and Deals Mashup & Community
Lyricat Lyricat
Lyricat is a collaborative song lyrics translation wiki and search engine. Make a translation requests to the Lyricat community or contribute and earn reputation points.
Briteclick Briteclick
Briteclick is a search that displays multiple sources of relevant information in a sidebar. View results without being forced to leave your current page.
New and Upcoming New and Upcoming
New and Upcoming is a visual browsing tool to help you navigate through long lists of recent product releases.
50 Shops 50 Shops allows buyers to tap into the wisdom of crowds to help with their buying decisions. Site users can see which products their friends are buying or browsing and ask other users for feedback.
populrBuys populrBuys
An Amazon Product API mashup that aggregates products across 80 categories. Every day the product selections are updated to include Amazon's top sellers, most gifted, most wished-for and new releases from each respective category.
DoAt (do@) DoAt (do@)
DoAt (do@) is a new mobile search engine for the iPhone. DoAt is an open platform for answering search queries and any developer can submit a web app to answer any type of query (music, movies, weather, restaurants, etc.).
biblify biblify
Biblify creates Spotify playlists from the latest album reviews from across the web.
Prodcast Prodcast
Prodcast is a website where you can comment on the products you love and share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
Books Like This Books Like This
Use this app to view a web of similar books for any book on Amazon.
Amazigg Amazigg
Amazigg is a mashup service, providing a mix of Amazon and Digg data. It lists products from Amazon store, submitted to Digg, and allows to reveal the most popular, weird or trendy ones.
Amazon Discount Amazon Discount
Google webapp to find discounts on Amazon
Bookflavor Bookflavor
Bookflavor is a book discovery application which helps you taste books by showing reviews from many different sources.
FiWiStore FiWiStore
FiWiStore provides a pleasant online shopping experience for internet user. Search, buy and review products through our easy to use online store.
Keewl Keewl
Keewl 2.0 Search Engine
Musikki is a music search engine that gives you all the information in a single page with a single search. Music videos, biography, photos, agendas and more just 1 click away.
WishGenies WishGenies
WishGenies lets you ask for gift recommendations for those on your shopping list. You'll get great ideas because WishGenies asks people who like the same things as your recipient.
Shopping Complex Online Shopping Complex Online
Find Cheap products online from Shopping Complex Online. We use to find products/Items from different sellers online, compare their prices and let you get the best deals.
3d Movie Store 3d Movie Store
A walkin virtual 3d movie store that pulls dvds and blue rays from amazon.
Bahzah - Amazon Instant Search Bahzah - Amazon Instant Search
Search for all of your Amazon goodies, really really fast. As you type, it predicts your term and searches Amazon for products, showing the results instantly.
Music Anchor Music Anchor
Music discovery on your PC using, MusicBrainz, Amazon, eBay. Create your own playlists and stream them directly from YouTube.
Instantzon - Amazon Instant Search Instantzon - Amazon Instant Search
Start typing keywords and products will appear instantly with descriptions and price details. Search Amazon's entire catalog. Instantly.
Ohrwurm is German for Earworm: "A tune that is stuck in one's head, especially as unwanted or repetitive". Detects those kind of songs and automatically lets the world know about them via twitter, facebook, etc.. Uses as the basis for the listening analysis.
DVDCrate: The online DVD cataloger and organizer. Track your viewings, share with friends, keep with with disc loans, manage your collection. Much more!
SalesClark SalesClark
An intelligent shopping assistant that communicates in plain English with online shoppers in order to quickly find the best and cheapest fit for their needs.
TrackTVLinks TrackTVLinks
Search for online video and movies and display twitts and various info about the movie you're looking for
DecorStuff DecorStuff
Home appliances and garden decor stuff products that recommended by Amazon. The Product always up to dated every minutes so no junk products found. Use Amazon API with remote shopping cart like own shop.
Deprecated is a mashup between Amazon, Grooveshark and Facebook that lets you stream full albums for free. MusicLink also lets you see what your friends are listening to.
Kickdash Kickdash
Search for anything instantly. Find tweets, news, videos and products, with results updated instantly.
SwoopThat SwoopThat
SwoopThat is a leading provider of course search technology and textbook price comparison. At SwoopThat, parents and students enter their courses, and the website returns every book they need to buy as well as every online merchant that sells those books. SwoopThat helps students save up to 75% on their textbooks in about 10 minutes. In addition to textbook purchases, SwoopThat helps students and parents sell their books by searching online vendors for the highest buyback price. SwoopThat's general product search engine also provides price comparison for over 15 million products from thousands of retailers nation-wide.
Veeeb Semantic Editor Veeeb Semantic Editor
Veeeb is a text editor which semantically analyzes your text and provides the most significant concepts. It displays basic info about these concepts and allows you to search in different channels like Flickr, Youtube, Getty, Amazon, Google and so on.
Accessories, apps, and content for the Kindle.
Shopensteinr Shopensteinr
Shopensteinr uses the Amazon eCommerce Service API to visualize purchasing relationships between generic and specific product queries. It was designed to be used as a consumer research tool.
Minguhl BMX Minguhl BMX
Browse detailed specs for BMX bikes and components and compare offers from amazon and ebay. Comment on and review products and watch BMX videos. Get BMX news from top BMX sites in one place thanks to my BMX yahoo pipe.
Chintzee Chintzee
Chintzee is an Amazon price tracker that watches for price drops, and sends you an alert when an item your after goes down in price.
Amanav Amanav
Search and browse the Amazon catalog. Check the price history and watch related product videos.
Distance Calculator Distance Calculator
German language distance calculator, using various reverse geocoding APIs to retrieve location and related place infos, such as Wikipedia overview articles, nearby airports, etc.
TeachStreet TeachStreet
TeachStreet helps lifelong learners find great classes and teachers, empowering teachers with robust online tools to manage their teaching businesses, and enabling schools to more effectively generate leads for their classes.
Kaufbarometer Kaufbarometer
Bestseller list for Germany's
MyTube60 Power Hour Videos MyTube60 Power Hour Videos
The site allows you to search YouTube videos and then merge and edit them together to make power hour videos. Once the video is published, it is keyworded from YouTube's data api.
Earbud Finder Earbud Finder
Search stores for earbud headphones. Easy color based search feature.
Online Toy Store Online Toy Store
Online toy store collecting information from Amazon.
Sing And Study Sing And Study
Adobe Air learning application. Watch music videos, play fill-in missing words games and improve listening comprehension in any language.
Fyvr - An Amazon search with HTML5 goodness Fyvr - An Amazon search with HTML5 goodness
This search engine is a testbed for HTML5 coding. It uses Amazon, YQL, and more. The site looks best in Firefox 3.6+, Safari, and Chrome. There is no hacking to work with older browsers.
Oscarscreeners Oscarscreeners
A historical library of Academy Award-nominated films. A visual carousel with information from Wikipedia and Amazon. A cover-flow style interface to film history.
Yoga-Buy Yoga-Buy
Yoga Accessories shopping using the catalog.
jesusPad jesusPad
This is a one-page site that has fun with the glory of the jesusPad and its followers.
Create and share online mixtapes by choosing individual tracks or getting one created automatically based on an artist that you like.
Transmeet.Tv MusicMap Transmeet.Tv MusicMap
MusicMap is a regional music events guide that uses google maps, youtube videos, flickr photos, pictures and text, facebook connect and makes a fusion of technology to produce a new kind of user experience.
A pet site providing classifieds, adoptions, photos, videos, pricing info, breeder directories, shopping, breed information, and other useful tools for a healthy and happy relationship with your pet.
The Tracktor - Amazon Price Tracker The Tracktor - Amazon Price Tracker
Tracks and graphs Amazon price history. Allows user to be emailed when the price hits a desired point.
eCommSource by Cloud Conversion eCommSource by Cloud Conversion
Offers online retailers the ability to manage and streamline their customer service and support operations with the Service Cloud. A fully native integration with eBay and Amazon.
Album art search Album art search
An album art search engine that displays results in an attractive collage of images. Larger album art is also available in a lightbox. Find the album art your music collection is missing today.
Trends Buzz Trends Buzz
Most popular searches all over the Internet.
Insider Arts Insider Arts
Art and history search engine based on Yahoo BOSS and powered by international museums.
V3GGIE - Vegetarian Search Engine V3GGIE - Vegetarian Search Engine
Vegetarian search engine based on Yahoo BOSS and more.
Insider Food Insider Food
Food search engine powered by local experts and bloggers.
Readit.Me Readit.Me
A lightweight diary of books you've used and to share it with friends. Integrated with Amazon's catalog and Facebook. Hosted on Heroku.
Akama Music Akama Music
A mashup to enable users to access info, news and photos of a musician in one place, and access lyrics where applicable.
Tinkrbox Tinkrbox
Tinkrbox makes sense of internet hyperlinks by converting links to actual content so you can access the content right in your Tinkrbox.It also allows you to put together different types of media such that users can concurrently see and hear about a topic
Boutique Boss Boutique Boss
View stylish and fashionable apparel, shoes, jewelry and more. A wide range of the best and most special products.
Giddi Giddi
A product-rating engine that collects product data, including over 600,000 products and more than 1.6 million reviews through web crawlers and APIs. Giddi runs this data through an algorithm to generate proprietary ratings for each product.
Gift Finder Gift Finder
This is a visual amazon gift explorer. It uses amazons most-wished rss feeds and similarity data from the Amazon API to suggest gifts.
ashopa ashopa
Shop online for electronics, video games, books, music, clothing, jewelry and more.