apiOmat is a backend-as-a-service (BAAS) provider. API O MAT offers various features such as chat, email clients, Facebook connections, content push, and WordPress syncing. The apiOmat API allows developers to access and integrate the backend functionality of apiOmat with other applications and to create new applications. The documentation offers some tutorials and quickstart guides. API access comes with account service.
Android, ObjectiveC, Java, Python, php, JavaScript
API Key, User-Password-Auth, HTTP Basic Authtification over SSL
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Title Description
Push Module Push Module
The Push Module provides your app with the ability to send push messages to Android and iOS devices. Beside the functionality to send plain messages to your apps users, all other enabled modules are enriched with push features; that is, other modules may use push messages afterwards for a variety of use cases.
Wordpress Module Wordpress Module
Using the WordPress module you can create, delete, update and read blog posts off your WordPress blog.
Twitter Module Twitter Module
Using the Twitter module you can let your applications users connect themselves with Twitter. OAuth attributes are stored on the user model. Additionally, you can create tweets, read your timeline and mentions and send/receive direct messages.
Facebook Module Facebook Module
Using the Facebook module you can let your applications users authorize themselves with their Facebook ID. Create new posts, new likes and new comments in a few steps.

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