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Beats Music is a music curation service that allows users to input location, mood, company, and the service streams music that it thinks will fit the situation. It will also help users develop personal music profiles based on what they do and don't like. The Beats Music API uses REST calls and allows users to make calls to search the Beats Music Catalog, play tracks, and create, update, and display a playlist. The API uses SSL and an API key for authentication. An account is required with service.
Social, Entertainment, Tools, Database, Audio
HTTP Basic Authentication over SSL
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Beats Music API Sample Code by Beats Music
Beats Music API Tutorials available to learn how to search a catalog, play a track, manage playlists refresh an access token, stream contention, and access token user ID. An additional resource is the API playground, that displays OAuth 2.0 flow, client ID, and client secret of each one of the 13 APIs. APIs include activities, albums, artists, audio, highlights, genres, MyLibrary, me, playlists, recommendations, search, tracks, and users.
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