Betaface API - Developers

From the developer Betaface offers facial recognition-based media indexing platform for navigating, searching and monetizing multimedia content. Our solution is designed for news and entertainment media projects, advertisers, media content producers, TV and broadcasting industry, video and image archives, digital services providers and others. Our goal is to open up new navigation, categorization and search possibilities of rich media assets. The Open Web API gives users the ability to build Betaface powered applications. It uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in either XML or JSON. Metadata currently generated by webservice: - faces detection (position, size, angle) - face points detection (8 standard, 86 pro) - cropped face images - face recognition keys generation, comparison functions (recognition, identification, similarity) - gender, age, ethnicity, smile, glasses, mustache and beard detection (beta version) Webservice is Beta, please contact us if you notice issues. More recognition and face measurements functions will be added soon. Shared demo api_key: d45fd466-51e2-4701-8da8-04351c872236 api_secret: 171e8465-f548-401d-b63b-caf0dc28df5f Sample webservice client (C#.Net):