Bing Maps API

Bing Maps
The Microsoft Bing Maps API is the re-branded name for the Microsoft Virtual Earth API and Virtual Earth SDK. It features an AJAX map control. Use Bing Maps to build maps which can include routes and traffic info. Gives developers the ability to code the controls, shapes, and layers of the maps, and can summon the birds-eye, 3D, and aerial imagery. For commercial applications there is a SOAP-based Web Service also provides access to the Bing maps and geospatial features.
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  • Maps Compare compares the mapping service APIs provided by Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Google Earth.
  • Microsoft Excel Add in for mapping. Works with ESRI, Mapinfo and Google KML
  • Microsoft Excel Add in for Geocoding
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Maps Compare
Maps Compare compares the mapping service APIs provided by Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Google Earth.
SVB Surface SVB Surface
Microsoft Excel Add in for mapping. Works with ESRI, Mapinfo and Google KML
SVB Mapper SVB Mapper
Microsoft Excel Add in for Geocoding
This mashup is an app that will help you discover that new adventure or vacation through amazing photography from some of the most amazing photographers in the world. is a multi-search engine that easily allows for customized searching.
Near Here Map (Bing Maps) Near Here Map (Bing Maps)
Near Here is a travel-ready, lead-generating iPhone app that helps you find, research and contact leads. The D&B Direct API Near Here web app extends the power of the Hoover's Near Here mobile application to your enterprise sales tools.
Make Me Change My Job Make Me Change My Job
Job Search Website for passive job seekers. This service lets you list your ideal job and have recruiters do all the work for you. - is a new convenient way to explore over 400,000 travel destinations around the globe. Get instant information, millions of photos, videos, webcams, maps, news, buzz, local current weather and time, events and more.
GermTrax GermTrax
The GermTrax Mashup allows tracking the spread of sickness and disease via real-time symptom reports from around the world.
Moonshadow Mobile, Inc. Moonshadow Mobile, Inc.
CensusViewer shows all census information from the 2000 and 2010 census inside of Bing Maps. The data can be colored by race, ethnicity, age, county, city, etc. CensusViewer allows you to filter by any attribute and generate heat maps. The data can be downloaded in easy spreadsheets per census block, zip code, city, county or any other distict.
Arlington Transit Touch Panel Arlington Transit Touch Panel
This is Silverlight application that is designed for touch panels. It allows to plan your trip from one point to another using your fingers.
iPhone Public Transit Application iPhone Public Transit Application
"PTDC" is an application for public transportation riders. At the backend we use Public Transit Data Community API that provides us with aggregated real-time transit data from transportation agencies of District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland. The application has three major features: - "Where Am I" - if you get lost in some neighborhood and don't know how to get home. This functionality is for you. It tells you what buses or metro lines is nearby your current GPS location, maps the routes on map and gives directions and arrivals for the stops. - "Next Transport" - It is a quick access to nearby arrivals. The list could be filtered by your favorite's stops and routes. - "Trip Planer" - that is a hit of the season. Build a trip from any places to any mixing transport operated by several transit providers.
Finda Park Finda Park
Finda Park was started as a fun app just to allow people to find parks in the Seattle area using their zip code. This app uses open data from
Get Directions Get Directions
Choose either Google Maps or Bing Maps and plan your trip with the Get Directions free Route Finder. Get directions and distances from one city to another by selecting starting and ending points (cities or places) of your journey or browse through all cities and places in the Get Directions database. .
Bing Education Map Bing Education Map
Information about schools and how you can help classrooms and students are displayed on a map. Choose from DonorsChoose (fundraising for classroom projects), Mentor Pro (volunteering) or Great Schools (school data).
Help a Classroom in Need (Bing Maps) Help a Classroom in Need (Bing Maps)
Shows classrooms that need contributions by the location of the school. Click the marker and receive additional information about the project for which they are raising funds.
Salesforce International Mapping Salesforce International Mapping
Display a Bing map on Account, Contact or any other custom object. Supports language localisation, custom icons, built using Visualforce components so easier to reuse, and can run in Group, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Editions.
Lalalocal Lalalocal
Lalalocal aggregates local news and blog content with emerging interactive and social networking tools to provide users with a unique view into the city they love and advertisers with the targeted reach they crave.
Find PDF eBooks Find PDF eBooks
Easy Faster PDF eBooks Finder.
California Environment Report: Cleanup Sites and Permitted Facilities California Environment Report: Cleanup Sites and Permitted Facilities
Interactive map, heatmaps, a geo-location mobile version, data feeds, and detail pages of every Cleanup Site and Permitted Facility from the CA Department of Toxic Substances Control Datasets.
Flickr Shapefiles Demo Flickr Shapefiles Demo
Demo of Flickr Shapefiles usage in Flash. Uses ModestMaps AS3 system for the web mapping together with Bing imagery. The source code is available in
MSHT3 is a pure Google Maps version 3 mashup utilizing new Google Geocoding and Elevation services, combined with Yahoo! Query Language accessing Yahoo! Geoplanet. US Zip Code and County polygons are displayed, when available, from
LA County Solar Map LA County Solar Map
Interactive map showing solar installations in Los Angeles.
Bing Maps Widget Bing Maps Widget
This is a simple plugin for Wordpress to create a widget of Bing Maps and insert maps into your posts.
ParkInfo - Find Public Parks in California ParkInfo - Find Public Parks in California
An online portal to over 15,000 public parks and natural areas in California, from neighborhood parks to wilderness areas. Has links to agencies, transit/driving, and 3D views in Google Earth and Bing.
Hurricane Watch Visualization Hurricane Watch Visualization
Hurricane Watch visualizes Atlantic hurricane tracks and advisories from 1950 to the present, displaying the content in coordinated map and timeline viewers.
Piracy Watch Piracy Watch
Piracy Watch visualizes piracy incidents around the globe from 1978 to present, displaying the data in both a map and timeline. The visualization also includes a heat map to give immediate understanding of what parts of the world have been most impacted.
ACRES Preserves Map ACRES Preserves Map
Find areas to hike and explore in NE Indiana. ACRES has been dedicated to acquiring and preserving natural areas since 1960.
Your Mapper Your Mapper
Your Mapper news organization aims to be the most effective platform for bringing your community high quality, local data on maps. Your Mapper is eats its own dogfood: it was built entirely using its own API.
A2TA allows you to discover and locate businesses and services in the area you designate�be it large or small, near or far�to save you time and money. Businesses: A2TA brings customers to your door: