API allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). Reducing the URL length makes sharing easier. can be accessed through their website, bookmarklets and this open API. is also integrated into several popular third-party tools such as Tweetdeck and is used extensively on services like Twitter. Unique user-level and aggregate links can be created and let users view complete, real-time traffic and referrer data, as well as location and metadata.
URL Shortener
OAuth 2
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  • In a few clicks, adds an official Twitter Button to your WordPress site that you can change to target any hashtag you want. When clicked, it preformats a tweet that includes a bitly link back to...
  • BitDroid for is a simple tool that lets you view your recently shortened urls.
  • Quickly post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare within seconds! No need to copy/paste your updates to multiple apps, type it, send it, forget about it!
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Url Shortener gem – api wrapper in ruby
This how-to is a walkthrough on implementing the Ruby wrapper for the API. Written by Nasir Jamal, the tutorial gives step by step instructions on installation, authorizing client classes, how to shorten URLs, and more, all using "url_shortener," a Ruby gem that is open source on GitHub.
Using in VBA
Sample source code for using web service in VB/VBA Ruby Library by Louis Gillies The Ruby library by Louis Gillies extends ActiveRecord models to cache an URL from Python Library by Yoav Aviram This Python library by Yoav Aviram wraps the interface of the API to shorten, share, and... PHP Library by Yii PHP library by Yii, is an extension that helps to interact with the API. Requirements Yii 1.... Java Library by Finn Johnsen The Java library by Finn Johnsen interacts with the API functionalities of, the URL... Python Library bitly-api-python Bitly-api-python is a library for accessing the API's functions from Python code. This...
Bitly .NET library BitlyDotNET BitlyDotNET is a 3rd party .NET wrapper for the API. The client library can be used to...
url_shortener (Bitly Ruby Gem) "url_shortener" is a Ruby gem/library that wraps the API for Ruby applications. A...
Bitly API Python Library This Python library is the official client developed and supported by to interface with the...
BitlyApi (PHP & Guzzle) This is a simple PHP library for interacting with the API from a PHP application. The...
PHP Bitly This is a simple PHP library for interacting with v3 of the API from a PHP application. The...
node-bitlyapi This is a NodeJS interface for accessing the public API. The library was constructed by Nate...
BitlyAndroid This Java client is for interacting with, the URL shortening service, from an Android...
Bitly API Client (Java) This Java client for Bitly is a small and easy to implement Java code library for interacting with...
BitlyDotNET BitlyDotNET is a .NET wrapper written in C# for interacting with, the URL shortener service...
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Twitter Hashtag Blaster Twitter Hashtag Blaster
In a few clicks, adds an official Twitter Button to your WordPress site that you can change to target any hashtag you want. When clicked, it preformats a tweet that includes a bitly link back to your article so that your readers can send your content into Twitter on relevant hashtags - increasing your social traffic.
BitDroid BitDroid
BitDroid for is a simple tool that lets you view your recently shortened urls.
Rápido Rápido
Quickly post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare within seconds! No need to copy/paste your updates to multiple apps, type it, send it, forget about it! is India's leading real estate portal. utilizes several APIs to give a better property search experience to its users.
Hot - Discover Hot Stories from the Social Web Hot - Discover Hot Stories from the Social Web
A site that lets you discover content shared on the social Web and create clean and uncluttered dashboards of hot content.
MashPlayer MashPlayer
An online music player that remembers your playlist without need to register thanks to HTML5 technology, powered by the vast catalog of MusicBrainz and videos and tracks from YouTube and
ED misuse is one of the largest problems healthcare organizations face today. Nationally, there were 124 million ED visits in 2011, of which the CDC estimates 50% could be handled in a primary care setting. With an average charge for each ED encounter approaching $700 vs. the average physician office charge of $150, every patient redirected away from the ED saves the payor $550. This represents a total potential market savings of $34 billion for facilitating correct use of primary care. Providing people with the tools they need to find appropriate care everywhere saves everyone, hospitals and patients, money and time. Patients receive a SMS from post emergency room discharge. By sending a text to with their problem and current address, we route the person towards the nearest clinic, providing the address and a link to directions (for smartphone users). Many clinics that work with the underinsured also often have variable hours and locations. We've made it easy for these clinics to update their hours and location via SMS so that we can better route users to locations.
We-Wired Web We-Wired Web
We-Wired Web is a community-extensible integration-as-a-service web app that lets non-technical people easily share data between web services, while allowing technical people to extend the system by adding new web services, triggers, and actions via wiring diagrams. makes it super-simple to build a mobile resume linked to a QR code.
Explore To Yellow Pages Explore To Yellow Pages
Disrupting traditional IYPs, (Internet Yellow Pages). Business listing data from Factual and using Flickr + Twitter with a relevancy algorithm to enrich content. Facebook, "Likes" are used as a ranking factor within Explore To search results and is the first local search engines to be truly, "Social Local" driven. is used to generate short URLs for social sharing.
How to pronounce words (Pronunciación en Inglés | Pronuncia in inglese...) How to pronounce words (Pronunciación en Inglés | Pronuncia in inglese...)
A new approach to providing more dynamic usage examples than you'll find in today's typically static English dictionaries. With it, users can search for a word and not only get sentences and audio pronunciations but also tagged and time-stamped videos of real people in real situations from YouTube speaking and using the word in context. Users can learn pronunciations more effectively by seeing the facial gestures needed to produce them and experience how words are really pronounced with other words and not just in isolation. Español: Pronunciación de advertisement en Inglés con vídeo · Italiano: Pronuncia di advertisement in inglese con video Português: pronúncia de advertisement em Inglês com vídeo · Français: Prononciation de advertisement en anglais avec la vidéo
Wedgies Wedgies
Simple surveys to share with friends through Twitter, sms or email. Anywhere you can paste text, you can give a wedgie (a simple survey).
MarketMeSuite MarketMeSuite
The Social Media Marketing Dashboard
PolitiTrends PolitiTrends
PolitiTrends uses the Twitter API to track tweets about the Republican candidates for the 2012 presidential election. Tweets from the last 24 hours are analyzed and aggregated to find the top candidates, links and retweets.
A fun method to learn and improve your foreign languages like English, French or Italian through music and typing-in song lyrics.
Service that motivates and rewards people for being active.
Skeedy Skeedy
Skeedy is a free news aggregator. Topics are defined by users themselves. News come from several sources such as youtube, amazon, yahoo news, digg, flickr, etc.. Users can choose between three profiles (Geek, Fan, Calm) to receive more or less news.
EmbedPlus EmbedPlus
EmbedPlus allows you to seamlessly and freely upgrade video embeds with attractive features that popular video players do not currently offer. Given a YouTube link and a few seconds, our first release applies APIs to generate enhanced embed code that adds features like: familiar DVD-like controls, section cutting/chopping, real-time Internet reactions, third-party annotations, and more. We think that EmbedPlus could be useful to bloggers, commenters, and anyone wanting to offer viewers more without having to actually alter original video content.
Enter 1 song, get 150 similar songs back, create your own MTV. Combines Last.FM & Youtube. There's also a Facebook integration that let you discover music your friends like. Uses in order to share playlist urls.
Are you the type of person who likes to be organized? Have you ever seen something cool and can't remember if you already own it? Then you'll love -- an aggregator of everything you own.
ShowTribe ShowTribe
ShowTribe is a twitter based web application that lets TV fans keep up with the latest buzz surrounding their favorite TV shows and makes watching TV a lot more interactive.
Kukunu Kukunu
Kukunu is a new travel planning experience that simplifies the life of travellers around the world. Travelers can collaborate to create their itinerary then add transports, hotels, restaurants, activities and sights across the cities they plan to visit.
Sportmeets Sportmeets
Sportmeets connects online users who love sports so that they can meet, organize their teams and events and compete offline.
Geo Messages Geo Messages
Mobile web applications let you share location info as signature to the messages in email and SMS. Desktop Desktop auf Ihrem Desktop - Nachrichten genau nach Ihrem Geschmack. Note: this application is available in German only.
Agnostic Platform Aggregator Agnostic Platform Aggregator
A localized community-focused aggregator of news, tweets, images, and more.
A simple web based Twitter client paired with Google Maps. See what's happening around you, let others know what you're doing or broadcast your thoughts & location with live video. Follow us on Twitter @streamdin to stay up to date with new feat
Mobbler Mobbler
The radio player and scrobbler for Symbian smartphones. Integrates APIs from Foursquare, Google Maps,, Lyricsfly and Twitter.
Who Clicks My Links Who Clicks My Links
Find out who clicks the links that you tweet.
tDash tDash
A full featured, browser based, Twitter Client. Designed with productivity in mind. Every tweet gets organized into folders automatically for easy navigation. Supports inline conversations, image uploads, trending topics.
Feedera Feedera
Feedera is a personalized Twitter digest of the best content shared among your friends, delivered to your inbox every morning.
GdRd GdRd
GdRd is a Twitter bot that fetches a book's rating on Just mention/@reply @GdRd with the ISBN number of a book and GdRd will reply with the book's rating.
An artist-based radio, with information and photos about the currently playing artist. Pulls data from and YouTube.
GoogaWho? Side-by-Side search GoogaWho? Side-by-Side search
Compare Google and the webs 7 other top search engines side by side. API creates URL for quick copy and paste, or use the TweetIt feature to post your search terms and URL directly to your Twitter account.
GeoChirp GeoChirp
GeoChirp helps you search real time for people Twittering for specific things in a specific area. Translate tweets in any language. You can even search Twitter globally for anything.
Shorten URL Shorten URL
Shorten long URLs from a Firefox context menu with your selected URL shortening service and display the result in a location bar.
Dora Dora
Mashup of Pandora, Twitter, and Allowing users to easily tweet their Pandora music, include a url to the song, and see what other users have tweeted about their artists and songs.