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Capsule CRM
Capsule is an online CRM used to track contacts, manage sales and projects. The API allows users to interface with the Capsule system. The Capsule API is implemented in a RESTful style using XML or JSON over HTTP.
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Capsule CRM Java Library capsulecrm-java Capsulecrm-java is an unofficial library for accessing the Capsule CRM API from Java code. This...
Capsule CRM Ruby Library CapsuleCRM CapsuleCRM is a library that allows developers to access the Capsule CRM API's customer...
Capsule CRM Ruby Library capsule-crm Capsule-crm is a library that provides developers with an ActiveModel-compliant Ruby interface to...
Capsule CRM PHP Library Services_Capsule Services_Capsule is a library for accessing the Capsule CRM API's customer relationship...
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