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Carriots is a platform that helps people build applications for the internet. Users can connect objects and data to Carriots and start building applications with them by creating triggers and scripting rules. The Carriots External API allows client applications to communicate with the Carriots platform easily via REST calls.
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Integrate Carriots IoT with Facebook, Temboo, and Google Spreadsheets
Carriots offers integration to Facebook & Temboo, Google Spreadsheets, Ducksboard, Zoho Reports, and Freeboard APIs. Each section shows a list of introductions, steps, and examples. Users can find screenshots, instructions, and how-to's with the aim to facilitate development. This is older, archived content that may not contain a detailed description of the how-to. Please refer to the URL below for the complete how-to.
Carriots SDK With Carriots, programmers can create products and services using the IoT platform in 5 steps:...
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