ChargeOver API

ChargeOver features a RESTful API allowing developers to easily integrate recurring billing and payments into their application or website. Create subscriptions, send invoices, collect payments, and more using the developer-friendly APIs. ChargeOver also offers rich Javascript APIs for PCI-compliant credit card sign-up forms, and JSON-based web hooks to allow ChargeOver to notify your application of events and data changes.
Billing, Collecting, Invoicing, Subscriptions
Works with most payment gateways, multiple gateways, and multiple currencies. Both ACH and credit/debit payments accepted. Highly customizable to support nearly any kind of recurring billing or subscription billing need. One-off invoices and add-ons are easily managed. Automated dunning, hosted sign-up forms, and more. Built and managed by devs.
PHP, Java, Python, .NET, C#
Other/Custom, HTTP basic auth over SSL, Public/private key over SSL
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