Chikka SMS API

The Chikka SMS API enables developers to create SMS-based applications or integrate Chikka with their existing applications. The API lets users send, receive, and reply to SMS, as well as receive SMS delivery notifications. Real-world applications of the API include letting users check their bank account balances via SMS, sending out text promotions, using SMS verification to authenticate a user's account and more.
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The description "Chikka is a text messaging application that allows users to send free text messages up to 450 characters long. Users can sync Chikka with their phone's contacts, and messages are archived for up to 30 days." applies to the Chikka Text Messenger app (Android/iPhone) . The Chikka SMS API is a different product. For more info send inquiries to


@Dulds, the description has been updated. Thanks for pointing that out.

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