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The WebEx Meeting Services API Platform lets users incorporate Cisco WebEx meetings into their own applications. The platform offers three APIs: URL API: The URL API is a convenient, lightweight, HTTP(S)-based mechanism that provides browser-based, external hooks into WebEx meeting services. The URL API is typically used in enterprise portal integrations to support basic interactions such as Single Sign-On (SSO), scheduling meetings, starting and joining simple meetings, and inviting attendees and presenters. XML API: The XML API is a comprehensive set of services that supports most aspects of WebEx meeting services, including detailed user management, comprehensive scheduling features, attendee management and reporting, and more. The WebEx XML API employs a services oriented architecture (SOA) to provide comprehensive services to external applications wishing to interact with one or more WebEx services. Teleconference Service Provider (TSP) API: The TSP API provides full-featured XML-based integration with audio conferencing networks. The integration architecture supports redundancy, fail-over, and load balancing, and provides robust features that tightly integrate audio conferencing capabilities with telephony management and provisioning in the WebEx environment.
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WebEx PHP Class Wrapper
A layer of abstraction that makes developing WebEx applications in PHP easier.
Cisco WebEx Hybrid Audio SDK by Cisco The official Cisco WebEx Hybrid Audio SDK by Cisco provides VoIP integration for telephony service...
Cisco WebEx PHP Library SimplEx SimplEx is a library for accessing the Cisco WebEx API from PHP code. It comes with installation...
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When will WebEx have a JSON or REST API for consumption?

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