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Clover is a one-tap payment app for mobile purchases. It offers two layers of security by locking the account to a phone number/mobile device and requiring PIN authentication. The user enters payment and shipping information just once, then can make mobile purchases with a click on the Clover icon. The Clover REST API is available for merchants to list, accept, reject and refund orders using RESTful calls.
Mobile, Credit Cards
HTTP Basic Authentication, Merchant ID, Merchant Secret
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How Apple Pay works and why it matters for developers
Clover and First Data have been working with Apple to prepare the commercial release and necessary development tools and specs for the Apple Pay system. This blog is a How To that explains how the Apple Pay system works, and what developers should know about it's functionality. The post discusses how tokens are issued, how user logins are created, available payment SDKs for implementation, using 3-D Secure, and more. This is older, archived content that may not contain a detailed description of the how-to. Please refer to the URL below for the complete how-to.

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