DHL XML Services provides developers the ability to integrate DHL's service availability, transit times, rates, shipment tracking and more from more than 140 countries. The service allows developers to utilize their existing shipping management systems and integrate with DHL via a standard XML based secured platform.

Available services include shipment processing, tracking, rate quote, capability, label generation and pickup booking.
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  • iabol is a web-based multi-carrier shipping software solution. eCommerce integrations include eBay, Amazon, Netsuite and Magento. The iabol Sync Tool allows for data to be pulled into iabol from...
  • Provides tracking information of DHL packages, with visualized package locations on Google Maps.
  • Track packages over email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter. TrackThis monitors your packages and when the move sends you a message with the new location and ETA. TrackThis supports FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL and...
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Hi i want DHL api integration source code. please provide me

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