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Dial2Verify is a free, cloud-based, missed call notification service built around an API that enables users to build call verification based applications. The Dial2Verify API allows missed calls to be forwarded to CRM applications, remote URLs, E-mail addresses, and much more. The API accepts HTTP calls containing a telephone number to be verified and responds with a JSON object or image response.
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Implemeting Customer Identity Verification Implemeting Customer Identity Verification
The Universal Plug & Play plugin allows developers to integrate dial2Verify customer verification platform into 3rd party applications with just one line of code.
Missed Call Based Customer Verification Sample Code ( with API V2 ) Missed Call Based Customer Verification Sample Code ( with API V2 )
For missed call based customer verification and transaction authorization, You can easily integrate Dial2Verify API ( Version 2 ) into your Customer Registration Modules OR Order Processing Modules. For better understanding, We are providing you a very simple but powerful sample code. ( You can download it and use it for own purpose, Code can be downloaded from the attachment section at the end of this article. ) The attachment contains 3 files. 1. index.php ( an ajax gui built up with using jquery ) 2. GetImageAPIV2.php ( calls Dial2Verify User Layer interface for getting SID and the Verification Phone Image ) 3. VerificationStatusAPIV2.php ( a status ping file, calls Dial2Verify User Layer interface for getting telephone verification status ) Live Example: http://sample.code.dial2verify.in/dial2verify_api_missed_call_Verification_APIV2.dvf For more help OR for reporting issues / bugs, you can drop us an email at support@dial2verify.com Team, Dial2Verify www.dial2verify.com

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