DocuSign Enterprise API

DocuSign is a Cloud based legally compliant eSignature service. DocuSign service provides an intuitive web, mobile and an API interfaces. DocuSign API allows an application to connect DocuSign service or embed parts of DocuSign user experience. By connecting to DocuSign web services applications can create electronic signature transactions, retrieve electronically signed documents, get up to date status on outstanding envelopes and do other Create/Read/Update/Delete operations. By embedding DocuSign interface applications can provide single-sign-on capability and insert signing or sending user experience into their applications.
Contracts, Documents, Electronic Signature
+ Carrier-Grade Availability + Bank-Class Security + ISO 270001 Certified
API Key, HTTP Basic Auth, OAuth 2, SAML, Token, WS-Security, WS-Security UserNameToken, HTTP Username+Password
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  • DocuSign for Salesforce is an eSignature application that lets users/businesses to complete and sign documents electronically, automating workflow and applying automatic updates to existing systems....
  • Docusign for Outlook is an eSignature application that is fully integrated with Outlook. With this application, users will be able to electronically sign documents sent to their email, and/or assign...
  • DocuSign for Microsoft is an eSignature application that is integrated with Microsoft Word. The application lets users to review and send documents for signature directly from the MS Office...
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DocuSign iOS Code Sample by JD Brennan
This is a code sample in Objective-C for DocuSign, the electronic signature service that aims to facilitate compliance procedures on the cloud. The project, created by JD Brennan, helps to call the DocuSign API from Objective C. It does not contain an app, only the unit test.
DocuSign PHP Sample
A sample PHP application for the DocuSign service. Source is included in the SDK.
Java Sample for DocuSign e-Signing Service
A sample Java client for the DocuSign service which includes an example web application called LoanCo. This Java application was built on Apache Axis 2.
.NET Sample for DocuSign: LoanCo To-Do
A .NET sample application for the DocuSign e-signature service. Shows sample company, LoanCo, and a to-do that you need to change and sign for. Full CSharp source code included.
Microsoft DocuSign Sample
Get started with .NET and the DocuSign API. Demo app ready to go: just change "LoanCo" and "TODO" lines.
DocuSign Node.js Library by DocuSign The DocuSign Node.js library by DocuSign aims to simplify the interaction with the API. It uses...
DocuSign Java Library by DocuSign The DocuSign Java library by DocuSign offers a Java REST API that consumes RESTful services related...
DocuSign .NET Library by DocuSign The official DocuSign .NET library integrates electronic signature into applications and websites....
DocuSign Ruby Library by Donald Piret DocuSign Ruby Library by Donald Piret offers Savon-based library to allow communicating with the...
DocuSign Ruby Library by Texel The DocuSign Ruby Library by Texel allows communicating with the Docusign API via SOAP.
DocuSign SOAP SDK Library by DocuSign The DocuSign SOAP SDK Library by DocuSign provides an SDK library in five languages, JAVA, .NET,...
DocuSign REST API Ruby Wrapper by Jon Kinney The DocuSIgn REST API Ruby Wrapper by Jon Kinney provides a Ruby Gem that connects a Ruby Rails app...
DocuSign PHP Client Library by DocuSign This DocuSign PHP Client provides a library to interact with the DocuSign API using JSON parsing...
DocuSign Java Restful Client Library by techblue This RESTful Client for DocuSIgn provides a Java REST Client for consuming RESTful services.
DocuSign Java Client Library by DocuSign This Library provides a Java client library for use with the DocuSign REST API.
DocuSign .NET Client Library by DocuSign The DocuSign .NET Client Library by DocuSIgnis an official integration tool for DocuSIgn API and...
DocuSign iOS Objective-C SDK by Deyton This Beta DocuSign iOS SDK allows developers to access DocuSign API through iOS apps, using...
DocuSign REST API Docusigner Ruby Gem by Jeff CHing The DocuSigner Ruby Gem by Jeff Ching provides access to the DocuSign API through a Ruby Gem.
DocuSign SDK Ruby Gem by Nicholas Reed DocuSign SDK Ruby Gem by Nicholas Reed provides a Ruby wrapper for the DocuSign API.
DocuSign API Ruby Library by Leigh Caplan The DocuSign API Ruby Library by Leigh Caplan, provides SOAP4R generated proxy classes and extends...
DocuSign Mobile SDK The DocuSign Mobile SDK for iOS allows developers to integrate Digital Transaction Management...
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DocuSign for Salesforce

DocuSign for Outlook

DocuSign for Microsoft Word

Zuora + DocuSign

Contract Guardian & DocuSign

Centrify for DocuSign

ArcPoint Gateway

AppBuilder Forms with DocuSign

DocuSign Akcelerant Integration

SmartSheet + DocuSign Integration

eSignature Gateway

SchoolDocs & DocuSign

SpringCM + DocuSign

LeadTrac & DocuSign

AutoPal DocuSign Integration

Airlift & DocuSign

DocuSign for Outlook (Windows)

Selectica Integration with DocuSign

PayPal + DocuSign

Enterprise Networking Solutions & DocuSign

Armanino + DocuSign

Weever Apps - DocuSign Integration

MLSListings + DocuSign

FBS Data Integration with DocuSign

MCF Technology Solutions + DocuSign

SBS Group & DocuSign

DocuSign + Apposite Technology Partners

V2 & DocuSign

Brainsell-Technologies + DocuSign

Brainsell-Technologies + DocuSign

DocuSign & NAR

MYHR & DocuSign

DocuSign Ink for Good

Front Desk & DocuSign

DynaFile DocuSign Integration

Avoka Transact + DocuSign

DocuSign + BigMachines Integration

CarrierSoft + DocuSign

CobbleStone DocuSign Integration

CollectPlus DocuSign Integration

ConnectMLS DocuSign Integration

DocuSign for Chrome

Ecteon Contraxx + DocuSign Integration

eDottedLine-DocuSign Edition

eOriginal + DocuSign


ExactTarget + DocuSign

iPipeline Integration with DocuSign

Reesio + DocuSign

ForceBrain DocuSign Integration

DocuSign Integration with DOCCentral

Good Technology DocuSign Integration

Motorola Mobility + DocuSign

HTC DocuSign Integration

Enterprise Rideshare + DocuSign

Bizodo & DocuSign Integration

Kwik-Loan + DocuSign

Cartavi DocuSign Integration

EquiFax IRS Income Verification

Drawloop DocuSign Integration

Skilled Athlete + DocuSign

NDA Corp DocuSign Integration

xSign from

Steel Brick CRM & DocuSign

CarrierSoft + DocuSign

DocuSign + Genworth Financial Wealth Management

DocuSign + Integration

DocuSign & DocStar

DocuSign & zipForms

DocuSign & BlueWolf

DocuSign Acumen Solutions Integration

DocuSign Acumen Solutions Integration

DocuSign Accenture Integration

DocuSign ArrayWorks Integration

DocuSign Ink for Outlook

DocuSign Ink for iOS

Okta DocuSign Integration

DocuSign SharePoint Connector

DocuSign Alfresco Integration

DocuSign Conga Composer

DocuSign & Appirio

DocuSign Lobby App

DocuSign for Google Enterprise Apps

DocuSign Ariba Integration

DocuSign for Google Drive

DocuSign and HP Exstream

DocuSign for snapLogic

DocuSign for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

DocuSign for SugarCRM

pwtempuser pwtempuser xSign™ DocuSign® Integration for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011

DocuSign Netsuite Connector

pwtempuser pwtempuser EasySlip

DocuSign and Twilio

Evan Jacobs Kindlegraph

Jeremy Glassenberg DocuSign and

Drawloop Technologies Drawloop LOOPlus

Drawloop Technologies Drawloop Dynamic Document Packages
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Great SAaS product with a growing developer community. I say this based my experience with the great SDK and developer forum. Keep it coming DocuSign, it is only getting better!

DocuSign for Salesforce
DocuSign for Salesforce is an eSignature application that lets users/businesses to complete and sign documents electronically, automating workflow and applying automatic updates to existing systems. DocuSign is fully integrated with Salesforce.
DocuSign for Outlook
Docusign for Outlook is an eSignature application that is fully integrated with Outlook. With this application, users will be able to electronically sign documents sent to their email, and/or assign people to sign the documents within their contacts.
DocuSign for Microsoft Word
DocuSign for Microsoft is an eSignature application that is integrated with Microsoft Word. The application lets users to review and send documents for signature directly from the MS Office applications that they are using. The recipients are then able to sign the documents electronically using DocuSign.
Zuora + DocuSign
Zuora is an online company that provides services to businesses who want to sell their products/services via subscription. This application is integrated with DocuSign to enable its customers to electronically sign their documents.
Contract Guardian & DocuSign
Contract Guardian integrated with DocuSign is a service offered by Contract Guardian that allows customers to sign documents electronically. Customers are also able to add more signers to the documents.
Centrify for DocuSign
Centrify is a Saas company that provides solutions for unifying identity management across cloud, mobile and data center IT environments. Docusign is integrated with Centrify to allow customers to sign on Centrify's website.
ArcPoint Gateway
ArcPoint Gateway is an online construction billing system that allows electronic real-time submissions. ArcPoint Gateway can be integrated with user financial systems through a centralized payment processing gateway.
AppBuilder Forms with DocuSign
AppBuilder Forms is a mobile application from Weever Apps that lets users create and manage a suite of mobile forms for business-related processes. Customers to this application can access and manage documents electronically.
DocuSign & Aplifi
Aplifi is a technology and service provider for the life and annuity industry. Aplifi integrates DocuSign into their applications to enable their customers to electronically sign documents.
DocuSign Akcelerant Integration
Akcelerant is a web application that focuses its development to provide services to the financial industry. The DocuSign Akcelerant Integration allows customers to transfer lending documents to distribute for eSignature.
SmartSheet + DocuSign Integration
Smartsheet is a SaaS company that offers a businesses collaboration and work management tool. The Smartsheet and DocuSign integration will enable users to electronically sign documents such as contracts.
eSignature Gateway eSignature Gateway
eSignature Gateway leverages Amazon S3, Clockwork SMS, DocuSign, Google Storage and Twillio APIs to give users document sign functionality regardless of the email client used. In addition, eSignature implements electronic storage, data analytics and workflow capabilities.
SchoolDocs & DocuSign SchoolDocs & DocuSign
SchoolDocs offers any organization operating in the Higher Education sector the ability to Go Paperless. The solution combines document management, document tracking, document binding, e-Forms, workflow, records retention, compliance reporting, and DocuSignâ„¢ integration into a single suite capable of providing colleges, career schools, and universities everything needed to implement paperless practices.
SpringCM + DocuSign SpringCM + DocuSign
Docusign and SpringCM makes it easy to send documents for signature directly from SpringCM. Get documents signed and checked in as new versions within minutes. Sending a contract or any other type of document for electronic signature couldn’t be easier using Docusign for SpringCM. Simply choose any document in SpringCM, select the send for electronic signature menu item, populate your recipients, and it’s off. SpringCM provides a full audit trail of all document actions.
LeadTrac & DocuSign LeadTrac & DocuSign
LeadTracâ„¢ is a web-based lead, client and data management solution that is ideal for businesses who need a secure, feature rich online system for importing, uploading and managing leads, campaigns, agents, appointments, agreements, electronic files, managing appointments and more. LeadTrac can populate the data onto the PDF agreement fields so a user can easily generate a populated agreement and with a few clicks, sent it from LeadTrac, to a client via the LeadTrac and DocuSign technology integration.
AutoPal DocuSign Integration AutoPal DocuSign Integration
Create any custom form in AutoPal; embed signature and other tags directly in the document or use the drag & drop function. Send these documents to customers with a simple click on the Ink icon; once they sign the completed document will automatically be attached back to the loan account. It’s that easy. DocuSign for AutoPal Software utilizes the embedded signature feature as well as the drag & drop solution to make it as easy as possible to send document’s to your customers.
Airlift & DocuSign Airlift & DocuSign
AIRLIFT for Oracle Image and Process Management is the simplest way of sending forms directly from a Workflow Package in Oracle IPM. Your customers, vendors or constituents can complete complex forms and sign from any browser or mobile device. When complete the forms are automatically attached to the original Oracle Workflow Package.
DocuSign for Outlook (Windows) DocuSign for Outlook (Windows)
With DocuSign for Outlook, you can sign and return email attachments directly from the Outlook desktop client. Click "Sign Attachments" from the ribbon bar on an email message in Outlook to begin signing attachments with DocuSign. Simply drag and drop your signature, initials, or other information onto the documents. Outlook will then automatically create an email reply to the original sender with the signed documents attached!
Selectica Integration with DocuSign Selectica Integration with DocuSign
Streamline all your contract management processes, from request and authoring to negotiation and approval, with Selectica CLM. Selectica provides a one-click access to DocuSign and empowers you to finalize your most critical documents with confidence and ease. Using Selectica CLM with eSignature, you simply fill in the details for signatory parties, select documents to be esigned, and leave Selectica to do the rest.
PayPal + DocuSign PayPal + DocuSign
PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online. DocuSign’s integration with PayPal helps businesses collect payments from customers, partners, suppliers, and others as they DocuSign documents – with no additional programming, coding, or IT involvement. Payment processing with PayPal can be quickly setup using DocuSign’s web interface or using DocuSign’s robust, standards-based API. Users select the “Enable Payment Processing” feature in DocuSign and designate the PayPal account where payments will be transferred.
Enterprise Networking Solutions & DocuSign Enterprise Networking Solutions & DocuSign
ENS-Inc integrates DocuSign’s eSignature and transaction management capabilities for many of California’s state and local government agencies, accelerating speed-to-results, reducing operating costs, providing accurate and secure transactions, and meeting the needs of their constituency. DocuSign provides the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to send, sign, track, and store documents in the cloud. The security of DocuSign, the global standard for electronic signatures, comprises another piece of today’s leading technologies ENS-Inc provides to protect mission critical data and apps, giving clients the confidence required to focus on the business of the bottom line.
Armanino + DocuSign Armanino + DocuSign
Armanino provides an integrated set of audit, tax, business consulting and technology solutions to a wide range of organizations operating in the U.S. and globally. By partnering with Armanino, you’ll get access to team of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ERP and SharePoint experts to ensure your DocuSign integration goes smoothly and that your team can hit the ground running with seamlessly integrated eSignature and transaction management capabilities. Our integrated DocuSign solutions enable companies to utilize eSignature for quotes and other documents within Microsoft CRM.
Weever Apps - DocuSign Integration Weever Apps - DocuSign Integration
Weever Apps offers leading technology that enables marketers and corporations to launch HTML5 mobile web apps, where one app deploys across all popular touch phones and tablets at a fraction of the cost and delivery time when compared to traditional native mobile app solutions. Weever Apps Phone and Tablet Apps integrate DocuSign Esignatures with many different verticals including Financial Services, Insurance, Medical and others.
MLSListings + DocuSign MLSListings + DocuSign
As a partner to the MLSListings MLS, DocuSign brings you eSigntures for your real estate business. DocuSign is a complete web-based eSign solution working to help you close more business faster. It's the smart, secure way to electronically send, sign, track and store your real estate documents.
FBS Data Integration with DocuSign FBS Data Integration with DocuSign
FBS Data and DocuSign have partnered to provide flexmls Forms customers with the power of DocuSign. With this partnership, you will have the ability to send your real estate forms for electronic signature right through the flexmls Forms system. Your customers will now get to review and sign their contracts using DocuSign and you’ll be able to monitor and update the status of the transaction right through your flexmls Forms folders, saving you both time and money while providing a better transaction experience to your customers.
MCF Technology Solutions + DocuSign MCF Technology Solutions + DocuSign
MCF Tech is a world-class operations and information management consultation company. MCF Tech employs leading platform technology partners to craft and deploy customized, best-in-class software solutions to customers seeking greater efficiency, control and transparency along the supply and information chain. MCF Tech is proud to include DocuSign’s eSignature solution in the MCF Tech arsenal.
SBS Group & DocuSign SBS Group & DocuSign
Working with clients, not just for them, SBS Group enables companies to go from “what is” to “what’s possible” through individualized business technology solutions and best practices. By embracing new technologies, such as DocuSign contract management solutions, we continually strive to make our experience working together to be a positive and gainful one.
DocuSign + Apposite Technology Partners DocuSign + Apposite Technology Partners
Apposite Technology Partners accelerates customer exploitation of new technology benefits by enabling customers core application Solution Partners to market, sell, service & support fast emerging, proven solutions such as DocuSign.
V2 & DocuSign V2 & DocuSign
V2 designs, builds and deploys CRM, operations and agile business analytics solutions on best-in-class Cloud platforms for global brands and high-growth organizations in the media & entertainment, advertising, sports, luxury and technology industries.
Brainsell-Technologies + DocuSign Brainsell-Technologies + DocuSign
BrainSell is a business solutions company that is dedicated to helping businesses grow, create a delighted customer base and achieve great success. BrainSell provides comprehensive ERP, CRM, and marketing automation solutions and services, including training, implementation and software development. BrainSell’s has been DocuSign partner since 2013 - working to implement DocuSign with Salesforce, SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics.
Brainsell-Technologies + DocuSign Brainsell-Technologies + DocuSign
BrainSell is a business solutions company that is dedicated to helping businesses grow, create a delighted customer base and achieve great success. BrainSell provides comprehensive ERP, CRM, and marketing automation solutions and services, including training, implementation and software development. BrainSell’s has been DocuSign partner since 2013 - working to implement DocuSign with Salesforce, SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics.
DocuSign & NAR DocuSign & NAR
National Association of Realtors integration with DocuSign.
MYHR & DocuSign MYHR & DocuSign
MYHR is New Zealand’s first and only online HR department. It is a unique cloud service with quality HR professionals working directly on your issues and supporting your business. MYHR uses DocuSign for the issuing and signing of employment agreements
DocuSign Ink for Good DocuSign Ink for Good
DocuSign Ink for Good combines the power of eSignature transaction management with enterprise grade mobile security of Good Technology. Business users can use DocuSign Ink for Good, to send and sign documents, anywhere, anytime, anyplace.
Front Desk & DocuSign Front Desk & DocuSign
Front Desk provides a comprehensive mobile-first, point-of-service solution for small, service-based businesses. Using smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers, businesses without a physical “front desk”—like personal trainers, piano tuners, massage therapists, tutors, counselors, yoga instructors, and dog walkers—can manage their schedules, handle payments, manage digital documents, and launch and update their websites where clients can make appointments and purchases.
DynaFile DocuSign Integration DynaFile DocuSign Integration
DynaFile is an online document management application that makes it easy to go paperless. Use scan-to-cloud features to transform entire stacks of paper files into electronic records in seconds. Access files any time from your secure online filing cabinet where you can review, edit and leave floating annotations on documents from your web browser. When it's time to sign, utilize DocuSign electronic signatures to send documents for approval directly from DynaFile and close deals in minutes instead of days.
Avoka Transact + DocuSign Avoka Transact + DocuSign
Avoka Transact is an unparalleled design-once, deploy anywhere all-digital data collection platform for enterprise. It is available in both browser and app formats, making it the perfect vehicle for DocuSign’s electronic signatures. It allows users to quickly create electronic and mobile forms and deploy them to multiple platforms and devices from one design. Customers or field staff can quickly complete and sign these forms using DocuSign making this an end-to-end all-digital data collection solution.
DocuSign + BigMachines Integration DocuSign + BigMachines Integration
BigMachines, a global leader in Configure, Price, Quote, enables businesses of all sizes to sell more, faster with a suite of on-demand products. BigMachines can help quickly configure products and services, create 100% accurate sales quotes, proposals and contracts, and share data with CRM, ERP and other business systems.
CarrierSoft + DocuSign CarrierSoft + DocuSign is the leading provider of customer management software for the auto transport industry. Carriersoft provides software development, and marketing solutions for vehicle shipping brokers and carriers and we back up our products with over ten years of auto transport experience.
CobbleStone DocuSign Integration CobbleStone DocuSign Integration
CobbleStone Systems Corp. designs, develops and markets Contract Management Software systems and associated solutions to customers spanning the globe.
CollectPlus DocuSign Integration CollectPlus DocuSign Integration
CollectPlus Debt Collection Software is the critical software that any debt collection agency needs to operate efficiently. Our software is also commonly used by organizations that need to collect or manage a debt portfolio of debts they generate through the regular course of doing business (called first-party debt collection).
ConnectMLS DocuSign Integration ConnectMLS DocuSign Integration
dynaConnections Corporation is an Austin-based real estate software company that is renowned for its dedication to service and constant innovation. connectMLS was the first system to seamlessly support tablet devices (such as the iPad) and to provide access on all browsers, platforms, and devices. In addition, the robust web-based connectMLS can be customized to meet your specific market requirements.
DocuSign for Chrome DocuSign for Chrome
If you are using the Google ecosystem of tools then DocuSign is available anywhere you have Chrome. With the DocuSign application installed you have instant access to your DocuSign account and the ability to manage, sign, or send your documents.
Ecteon Contraxx + DocuSign Integration Ecteon Contraxx + DocuSign Integration
Create, capture, manage and analyze all types of agreements more effectively with Exteon Contraxx. Rich with features, this system is flexible, scalable, integrated and secure, thanks to years of feedback from thousands of contract managers everywhere, as well as from insights provided by our consultants.
eDottedLine-DocuSign Edition eDottedLine-DocuSign Edition
eDottedLine brings the convenience of DocuSign’s electronic signature process into Outlook, creating an intuitive end-to-end experience.
eOriginal + DocuSign eOriginal + DocuSign
eOriginal accelerates business processes with legally enforceable electronic signature and transaction management solutions. We develop, market, and support sophisticated transaction management software components that can be integrated into almost any business application. Clients who use our eSignature solutions are able to provide their customers a secure real-time electronic signature solution to apply eSignatures to documents as proof of delivery or services provided in a secure paperless system.
eSignDocs eSignDocs
eSignDocs is revolutionizing office workflow with easy-to-use, one-click automated workflow solutions called eSignApps. Organized into the most commonly used workflow bundles, they are available as DocuSign-ready templates, which are integrated document and electronic signature applications that are powered by DocuSign. They are “get ‘er done” game changers that allow companies to complete daily routine business and life transactions lightning fast.
ExactTarget + DocuSign ExactTarget + DocuSign
ExactTarget helps enterprise and small business customers create multi-channel social media campaigns that are relevant, nimble, and generate customer loyalty. Integrating DocuSign eSignature into the campaign process provides for seamless approval processes and other crucial sign-offs for campaigns.
iPipeline Integration with DocuSign iPipeline Integration with DocuSign
Via iPipeline's Network, carriers can easily access DocuSign's eSignature service, drag and drop familiar yellow Sign Here tabs and data fields within the policy, and send it electronically. An email notification is sent through the agent to the consumer announcing that the e-Policy is ready for e-Signature. The consumer is authenticated, adopts an eSignature, e-signs and completes the policy. Once completed, the new policyholder, agent and carrier receive an email notification with a link to the signed executed policy.
Reesio + DocuSign Reesio + DocuSign
Reesio combines every step of the real estate transaction process into one beautiful flow for agents, clients, and third parties. Electronically sign and share real estate documents, as well as easily manage property showings, offers, messages, and document storage all in one place.
ForceBrain DocuSign Integration ForceBrain DocuSign Integration integrates DocuSign’s eSignature and transaction management capabilities into CRM and mobility solutions has been awarded the SELECT Salesforce consulting partner status. Working with Fortune 100 enterprises to startup organizations, holds expertise in various cloud computing solutions, including Salesforce CRM,, Amazon S3, Google Enterprise, & Quickbooks Online. designs, develops, deploys, and supports cloud solutions for nearly every vertical, and maintain disciplines in the Salesforce CRM & the platform. integrates DocuSign’s eSignature and transaction management capabilities to speed contract execution and other business processes.
DocuSign Integration with DOCCentral DocuSign Integration with DOCCentral
As a partner to DOCCentral, DocuSign brings you eSigntures for your real estate business. DocuSign is a complete web-based eSign solution working to help you close more business faster. It's the smart, secure way to electronically send, sign, track and store your real estate documents.
Good Technology DocuSign Integration Good Technology DocuSign Integration
DocuSign and Good Technology help the enterprise secure their mobile applications and protect the integrity and privacy of employees through services and online products. Good Technology is a leader in multiplatform enterprise mobility, combining a great user experience with the tools IT needs to manage and protect the mobile enterprise, all through a straightforward web-based management console. Good for Enterprise and Good for Government deliver mobile security and control that allows IT to protect the enterprise and end users to connect and collaborate on their device of choice. Good makes it easy for end users to connect and collaborate, whenever and wherever they want, on their device of choice, including Apple iPhone and iPad and Android. Good Technology brings DocuSign’s eSignature and end-to-end electronic transaction management solutions to its enterprise mobility clients for increased productivity, efficiency and security to conduct business.
Motorola Mobility + DocuSign Motorola Mobility + DocuSign
Customers can access all types of documents for electronic signature on Motorola devices. DocuSign takes advantage of Motorola’s next generation devices and user experience on Android to sign documents anywhere, anytime.
HTC DocuSign Integration HTC DocuSign Integration
Customers can sign all types of documents from their HTC tablets, bringing the future of electronic signature here now. DocuSign takes advantage of the HTC OpenSense SDK Enabled for enhanced HTC Scribe Pen interaction for a seamless and incredible signing experience.
Enterprise Rideshare + DocuSign Enterprise Rideshare + DocuSign
Enterprise Rideshare specializes in providing customized vanpool programs and commuter services for individuals and companies across the country. Enterprise Rideshare, a Division of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, was founded in 1994 and has become a national leader in servicing both individual vanpool groups and large employer work sites. The is a online platform for the Rideshare program. provides the unified view of the rideshare offering from Enterprise. enables to customer to search and apply for a vanpool from any given location within the US. also offers the seamless ability to signup and complete the agreement formalities via an online process.
Bizodo & DocuSign Integration Bizodo & DocuSign Integration
Bizodo is the easiest way online to create forms, share docs and contacts & manage projects all in ONE cloud based suite. You can easily create forms, surveys, questionnaires, order forms and document collection pages with point and click ease (no programming needed). And now it is integrated seamlessly with DocuSign! With bizodo you can easily bring a part or your whole company online. Start with our easy to use form builder and in no time you will be taking advantage of the other tools to optimize your business. Our project management tools make sure you can more effectively keep on top of projects and staff. The cloud document manager allows you to easily store and share documents securely across your company and the web. The contact manager ensures that you will never have to go searching for a biz card or vcard ever again; store and share contacts seamlessly on the web. If you are using more than ONE software (or none) you need Odo.
Kwik-Loan + DocuSign Kwik-Loan + DocuSign
Kwik-Loan from Compass Technologies is a revolutionary loan origination and servicing platform, designed to enhance every type of lending model. Four of our most popular modules are: Kwik-Decision, an automated underwriting tool that lets you make credit decisions electronically according to your predetermined approval conditions. Kwik-Dealer, a loan application solution that lets dealers enter and manage applications via a secure web portal, even when your offices are closed. Kwik-Sign, our new electronic signature tool that allows customers (and your dealer’s customers) to sign documents online or with a signature pad. Kwik-Doc, our document imaging solution that enables you to capture all data in an electronic file, eliminating the need for storing large volumes of loan documents. Call today – (770) 904-0488 – for a personal demo, tailored to your lending operational needs.
Cartavi DocuSign Integration Cartavi DocuSign Integration
Cartavi provides simple document management to the real estate industry. Cartavi improves the way real estate professionals manage and share documents, making them more mobile and responsive. With Cartavi, real estate professionals not only have all of their business and transaction documents at their fingertips but, more importantly, can take action with those documents from wherever they are located.
EquiFax IRS Income Verification EquiFax IRS Income Verification
Equifax has championed the use of eSignature technology on IRS forms alongside DocuSign for several years. In 2011, the IRS selected Equifax, DocuSign, and 12 lenders to test the feasibility of eSigned Form 4506-T submissions. The successful nine-month pilot helped solidify the policies and procedures that will be used in the IRS eSignature program, which launched on January 7th, 2013.
Drawloop DocuSign Integration Drawloop DocuSign Integration
Drawloop Technologies delivers powerful document creation services. We provide a simple point-and-click process for users to merge data from Salesforce and automate dynamic document creation using any combination of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. In minutes, you can automate the same documents your business has been using for years. Integrate with your business logic and simplify the user experience in Salesforce. Drawloop's service is integrated with DocuSign and
Skilled Athlete + DocuSign Skilled Athlete + DocuSign
Skilled Athlete provides mobile tools for fitness studios. We want to help studios treat every customer like it's their first customer. As a gym owner, managing a mountain of paper waivers and contracts is tedious and provides ample opportunity for errors. Moving member waivers and contracts to digital PDFs and allowing clients to sign via their iPhone saves time, money, and paper.
NDA Corp DocuSign Integration NDA Corp DocuSign Integration
Since its inception in 1983, Network Design and Analysis Corporation (NDA) has specialized in quoting and sales automation solutions for the telecommunications industry. During this time, NDA has developed substantial expertise in interpreting and implementing the business logic that underlies telecom services and pricing. This allows NDA to deliver high quality, unique solutions to its customers in very short time frames. NDA works closely with telecom providers and agents to centralize and automate their pricing and costing processes to drive enhanced productivity and reduced operating expenses. Our core product is easily customized to incorporate special business logic, custom rates and provider agreements. Bimonthly tariff updates provided by NDA ensure accurate data for quote creation. By using the latest technology, integration to internal applications is achievable with minimal effort.
xSign from xSign from
xSign™ harnesses Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, DocuSign®, and Microsoft SharePoint® into a powerful solution that helps companies close deals more quickly by automating key steps of the document-generation and document-signing processes. xSign is a plug-in for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that is compatible with both on-premises and partner-hosted deployments. xSign increases productivity by hastening the generation of important business documents, automating their delivery to customers, supporting the remote electronic signing of those documents, and tracking the status of each document throughout the entire process—all from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Steel Brick CRM & DocuSign Steel Brick CRM & DocuSign
SteelBrick delivers cloud computing solutions for Salesforce CRM and the platform. Our native Salesforce apps, including industry-leading QuoteQuickly, have been carefully crafted for optimal usability, flexibility, and value. QuoteQuickly provides a full-function, easy-to-use, and affordable native quoting solution that delivers complete, accurate, customized quotes quickly.
CarrierSoft + DocuSign CarrierSoft + DocuSign is the leading provider of customer management software for the auto transport industry. Carriersoft provides software development, and marketing solutions for vehicle shipping brokers and carriers and we back up our products with over ten years of auto transport experience. We continue to innovate new products and services in the auto transport sector with recent additions to our MegaBee software product that includes our API integration with the DocuSign product. Our customers can now send out customer contracts and carrier agreements directly to their contacts via a seamless interface from inside our software. The returning completed documents are then attached to you customer records for easy future reference.
DocuSign + Genworth Financial Wealth Management DocuSign + Genworth Financial Wealth Management
Genworth Financial Wealth Management, Inc. (GFWM), a Genworth Financial Company, is an investment management and consulting firm that helps independent financial advisors build great businesses. We take a consultative approach to helping you establish and retain investor relationships, and we support this with a relentless service ethic of personalized attention. GFWM’s platform gives you strategies and tools to help your investors navigate changing markets, and to help you manage client relationships and build your practice.
DocuSign + Integration DocuSign + Integration
Through DocuSign's integration with Box, you can now send your files to be e-signed directly from your Box account. To use DocuSign with Box, add the action to your Box account, right click on a file, and enter your DocuSign login credentials when prompted to do so (or get a free trial account right away). You will be taken to DocuSign, where you can review your document, add recipients, and send it to be signed. Easy as that!
DocuSign & DocStar DocuSign & DocStar
docSTAR and DocuSign can help better manage document workflow and add eSignature capability for more efficient business processes docSTAR provides a comprehensive document management solution to help businesses across industries become more efficient. docSTAR allows businesses to host their document on-premise as well as remotely. docSTAR can securely scan and stores papers and electronic document files for quick and easy retrieval from a safe, secure, central repository.
DocuSign & zipForms DocuSign & zipForms
The zipLogix family of tech-savvy products is the recognized industry standard for electronic real estate forms and transaction management currently used by more real estate professionals than any other real estate software program. zipForm® is the exclusive and official forms software of the National Association of Realtors® zipLogix electronic real estate forms are pre-tagged with convenient DocuSign Sign Here and Initial Here tabs. Users access the form and simply deploy DocuSign within zipForm® 6.
DocuSign & BlueWolf DocuSign & BlueWolf
Consulting + IT Talent + Managed Services + Training Bluewolf makes enterprises agile, and unite IT and the business under one mission - Innovation. As a global agile consultancy, Bluewolf provides services across the customer life cycle, IT resourcing, managed services and training. Trusted by businesses across diverse industries, Bluewolf is translating today’s unique business environment into opportunities for growth. With Bluewolf, businesses are able to deliver results that benefit the customer, the workforce, and the bottom line.
DocuSign Acumen Solutions Integration DocuSign Acumen Solutions Integration
Acumen Solutions has partnered with DocuSign to enhance businesses of all sizes and across all industries to decrease contract cycle times, reduce costs, improve visibility and control, and enhance customer satisfaction with DocuSign. DocuSign makes it easy and fast to get your documents signed.
DocuSign Acumen Solutions Integration DocuSign Acumen Solutions Integration
Acumen Solutions has partnered with DocuSign to enhance businesses of all sizes and across all industries to decrease contract cycle times, reduce costs, improve visibility and control, and enhance customer satisfaction with DocuSign. DocuSign makes it easy and fast to get your documents signed.
DocuSign Accenture Integration DocuSign Accenture Integration
Accenture integrates DocuSign’s eSignature and automatic transaction management solutions to maximize a company’s business potential Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, that combines unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies. Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses. Accenture integrates DocuSign’s eSignature and transaction management solutions into its client engagements to help augment Accenture’s many technology and services offerings. DocuSign solutions allow Accenture’s enterprise customers to increase the pace of their processes to achieve high performance and growth.
DocuSign ArrayWorks Integration DocuSign ArrayWorks Integration
ArrayWorks has developed a new generation of software that is for enterprise class applications which is Built for Change. The software provides a radical new user experience by dynamically adapting the information being presented to the user in an integrated portal (InterTask). The applets in the portal can communicate with and include a broad range of information sources which exist inside or outside of the organization. The context intelligence of the portal also provides a predictive capability that determines if information needs to be presented to the user without the user explicitly asking for that data. This is an important departure from the state of current ERP which requires that information be explicitly integrated into the ERP application.
DocuSign Ink for Outlook DocuSign Ink for Outlook
Sign virtually any email attachment with DocuSign Ink. The DocuSign Ink Outlook plugin installs indirectly into the Outlook Home tab enabling you to instantly sign and return documents directly from your Outlook email.
DocuSign Ink for iOS DocuSign Ink for iOS
Sign virtually any documents sent to you via email or stored in any cloud service like or, anywhere directly from your iPhone or iPad.
Okta DocuSign Integration Okta DocuSign Integration
It’s clear that enterprises everywhere are moving to cloud applications to run their business. With that change comes new identity management challenges: they need a solution to help them secure and manage these cloud applications, and Okta is that solution. Okta is an on-demand identity and access management service that enables enterprises to accelerate the secure adoption of web based applications, both in the cloud and behind the firewall. Okta delivers a complete solution addressing the needs of IT, employees, and business leaders. DocuSign even uses Okta to manage their internal cloud applications for DocuSign employees.
DocuSign SharePoint Connector DocuSign SharePoint Connector
DocuSign for Sharepoint 2010 allows you to send one or many documents directly to DocuSign from Sharepoint 2010. You can sign, send for signature, or any combination. And once the documents are signed, they are returned, as signed PDFs, right to Sharepoint! The connector is easy to install, and works with existing DocuSign accounts. Don't have a DocuSign account? You can easily sign up for a fully functional trial with 50 free envelope sends right from the connector!
DocuSign Alfresco Integration DocuSign Alfresco Integration
DocuSign for Alfresco Document Management is now available in Beta! Using DocuSign for Alfresco allows you to easily send a document directly to DocuSign for execution and signature. Once signed, the documents automatically are added back to Alfresco. Seamless!Download the Beta Release by clicking "Get it Now!" and download the Installation Instructions for DocuSign for Alfresco.If you have any questions about this connector, or would like more information, send a note to
DocuSign Conga Composer DocuSign Conga Composer
Conga Composer is the most popular document generation and reporting solution for Salesforce CRM and the platform.
DocuSign & Appirio DocuSign & Appirio
Since 2006, Appirio’s mission has been the same—to help companies power their business with cloud platforms. They have since become a trusted cloud advisor to some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies, working closely with partners such as,, Google, Workday and Amazon Web Services. They provide technology-enabled services that help customers successfully adopt, connect, extend and manage their cloud systems. Unlike traditional service providers, they built the company from the ground up to take advantage of the benefits that cloud solutions offer.
DocuSign Lobby App DocuSign Lobby App
The Lobby Sign In Management Application is a product built by DocuSign that helps customers and partners bring their lobbies into the 21st Century. The Lobby Sign In Application helps manage who is in the building, makes sure different people sign in in an appropriate way (Visitors sign an NDA, for example) and tracks all of that inside the Application.
DocuSign for Google Enterprise Apps DocuSign for Google Enterprise Apps
With DocuSign for Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs and many more), an enterprise user of Google Apps can access DocuSign to send envelopes from any application through the MORE link in the upper navigation bar.
DocuSign Ariba Integration DocuSign Ariba Integration
Delivered via the Ariba Commerce Cloud, Ariba Contract Management is the market-leading SaaS solution for all stakeholders addressing all enterprise-wide agreement (procurement contracts, sales contracts, intellectual property licenses, employee agreements, etc.). On a single, user-friendly platform, users can standardize and accelerate the process, from initial request to contract authoring and creation, to negotiation and approvals and storage.
DocuSign for Google Drive DocuSign for Google Drive
Get legally-binding electronic signatures – fast and free. Instantly send contracts, documents and agreements and more for electronic signature directly from Google Drive.
DocuSign and HP Exstream DocuSign and HP Exstream
HP Exstream is a customer communication management (CCM) solution proven to improve the customer experience and make customer interactions more profitable. Designed for enterprises that thrive on strong customer relationships, HP Exstream empowers business users to make the most of every customer touch point by creating insightful, impactful, real-time customer communications proven to fuel profitable business growth.
DocuSign for snapLogic DocuSign for snapLogic
The DocuSign Snap provides access to a number of DocuSign’s operations. Use the DocuSign Snap to integrate DocuSign e-signature services with enterprise and applications data.
DocuSign for Microsoft Dynamics CRM DocuSign for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
DocuSign Electronic Signatures is an extremely easy way to quickly send envelopes directly from an Opportunity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It takes literally minutes to install, and you can be up and running and sending your first envelope in under 5 minutes, with a few clicks.
DocuSign for SugarCRM DocuSign for SugarCRM
DocuSign® is the global standard for electronic signature, offering the easiest, fastest, most secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the cloud. DocuSign for SugarCRM enables users to securely send, sign, track and store documents.
xSign™ DocuSign® Integration for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011 xSign™ DocuSign® Integration for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011
Integrates DocuSign® and Microsoft SharePoint® into a single cohesive system for storing, accessing, and delivering documents
DocuSign Netsuite Connector DocuSign Netsuite Connector
The DocuSign for NetSuite Connector is an extremely easy way to quickly send envelopes directly from an Opportunity in NetSuite.
EasySlip EasySlip
Delivery sign off Android application
DocuSign and Twilio DocuSign and Twilio
DocuSign already gives you the option of voiding an Envelope after you've sent it (like recalling an email), but what if you could void an Envelope while on the go, without internet service? With access to the DocuSign API and Twilio, we can grab information about Envelopes (and execute actions) from a phone call!
Kindlegraph Kindlegraph
Kindlegraph enables authors to send autographs ("kindlegraphs") directly to the Kindles of their fans.
DocuSign and DocuSign and
DocuSign is an online electronic signature service. It is integrated with, so users can send files to be e-signed with DocuSign from within the environment.
Drawloop LOOPlus Drawloop LOOPlus
Drawloop lets you merge and automate document creation. Drawloop�s service can increase efficiency, improve close rates and increase revenue by allowing sales reps to electronically create dynamic document packages or DDPs. Uses DocuSign, Saleforce APIs.
Drawloop Dynamic Document Packages Drawloop Dynamic Document Packages
Drawloop lets you merge and automate document creation. The service increases sales efficiency, improve close rates and increase revenue by allowing sales reps to create dynamic document packages or DDPs (bundle of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF files).