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eBay's primary web services are found in the three following API's: The [[http://www.programmableweb.com/api/ebay-trading Trading API]] is designed to provide robust support for transactional activities. The services offered by the Trading API allow developers to list items, manage user information, get item information, and manage eBay sales and purchases. The [[http://www.programmableweb.com/api/ebay-shopping Shopping API]] is a more lightweight service that is optimized for buyer shopping and browsing. The Shopping API lets users take searches off of eBay and put them into their own site or application. This API is designed for the creation of buying applications with very fast response times. The [[http://www.programmableweb.com/api/ebay-finding Finding API]] is eBay's next generation search API. The Finding API provides more relevant search results compared to existing search API's and has an array of search refinement capabilities. Developers can leverage the Finding API to integrate more robust searching and browsing experiences into their buying applications. Note: As of October 2011, eBay has deprecated the GetSearchResults and GetCategoryListings services from the Trading API, and the FindItemsAdvanced and FindItems services from the Shopping API. This functionality has been migrated to the Finding API.
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  • Cars.com leverages the Uship API to provide cars.com users with instant car transportation rates.
  • Tibesti reviews products from various different suppliers. These ratings are determined by pulling data from the Amazon, eBay, and Shopping.com APIs.
  • This website allow user to find and orgnize deals, offers and coupons from around the web. User can upload deals set time to run deal write blog release news and also upload articales to promote...
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Brad Zune Store

pwtempuser pwtempuser Sawitonline


Brad iPod Super Store

Look What I Found

pwtempuser pwtempuser Dog Coats



mauricio zuniga SAVEonAtoZ.com

eBay Multi Country Search

pwtempuser pwtempuser DVDBull



pwtempuser pwtempuser ExitAhead

pwtempuser pwtempuser Amazon and eBay Comparison Shopping


Graeme McCutcheon eBay Nintendo Wii Ticker

Cheese Nachos Product Search

QlikTech Films

GetItNext eBay Search

pwtempuser pwtempuser oSkope


Zoogle IN

Cars By Me


YES for eBay

Compare Sat Nav

Motorcycles Nearby





Graeme McCutcheon auctionReminder - eBay Reminders in Google Calendar


LOOQ Here, Buy on eBay

Looqy for eBay and Amazon

eBay the Web 2.0 Way

Visual eBay

pwtempuser pwtempuser 5th Bar Phone Reviews

pwtempuser pwtempuser Basefire.com

pwtempuser pwtempuser Auctomatic


pwtempuser pwtempuser iPhone Auctions

Skype Social Network

iPhone Find Nearby

Pleo HQ

Daniel Filzhut Amazon for iGoogle






pwtempuser pwtempuser TownKings


pwtempuser pwtempuser Shoppingmap Germany


pwtempuser pwtempuser BounceBase



pwtempuser pwtempuser Skype Based RSS Reader

pwtempuser pwtempuser Mashed Tickets

Jason Wiener WipBox


pwtempuser pwtempuser Infopia

pwtempuser pwtempuser Terapeak

pwtempuser pwtempuser Mpire

pwtempuser pwtempuser Shady Old Lady Guide to London


pwtempuser pwtempuser Nabit

pwtempuser pwtempuser qwertycars

pwtempuser pwtempuser Mobile Shopping on eBay

Wii Seeker

PS3 Seeker

Veerendra Shivhare Tagbulb


pwtempuser pwtempuser Auction Cloud


Brian Despain Early Miser

pwtempuser pwtempuser ResultR


pwtempuser pwtempuser MyStoreMaps

pwtempuser pwtempuser MyStoreRewards

pwtempuser pwtempuser Map Creature

pwtempuser pwtempuser SeatSnapper

Used Car Market

pwtempuser pwtempuser Texsy Ads

pwtempuser pwtempuser Listed Express

pwtempuser pwtempuser Desert Island Lists

pwtempuser pwtempuser Ontok Highlighter

pwtempuser pwtempuser Velyoo Local Marketplaces

pwtempuser pwtempuser Bumble Search

pwtempuser pwtempuser Lokaliz

pwtempuser pwtempuser Ebay Aggregator

pwtempuser pwtempuser mobsaver

pwtempuser pwtempuser opsdo

pwtempuser pwtempuser MotorMapUSA.com

pwtempuser pwtempuser ActorTracker

pwtempuser pwtempuser Gumshoo


pwtempuser pwtempuser ebay Contextual Ad Generation
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Sawitonline Sawitonline
Free classified advertisement and enhancement service for realtors, auto dealerships, small businesses and consumers. Post to Craigslist, eBay, LiveDeal, Backpage and more.
Passeatonvoisin Passeatonvoisin
French classified ads and auctions (eBay) on a map.
iPod Super Store iPod Super Store
Shopping/eCommerce site built with Amazon, eBay, and PriceRunner Web services.
Look What I Found Look What I Found
Look is a unique one-page eBay search engine. No repeat searching, no multiple pages. Available on Facebook.
Dog Coats Dog Coats
This site offers discounted dog clothing from eBay, and Google Maps of local dog shelters and pet adoption agencies.
BidFLyer BidFLyer
Built with Flash, this app delivers eBay searches with real time countdowns, bid counts and prices. Future updates will let you watch up to 12 countdowns in 1 window and show results in map view.
musicplace musicplace
Enjoy music with this mashup of Last.FM, Flickr, Ebay, Boo-box, Youtube, and YahooVideos.
SAVEonAtoZ.com SAVEonAtoZ.com
Price Comparison from many sources including Amazon, Ebay, Half, Commission Junction, Shopzilla, Nextag, MSN, Sortprice, Google Blogs, and Google.
eBay Multi Country Search eBay Multi Country Search
Search an item at 20 eBay country sites with one dynamic search interface.
Listing of eBay auctions of TV series that are available on DVD.
CompleteSchools.com CompleteSchools.com
Education reference site based on US Department of Education data embedded with Yahoo Answers to deliver relevant questions and answers about colleges and universities in the United States. Site also uses Google search api for site search capabilities.
Ultrasearchula Ultrasearchula
Search Google, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and more, all from a single search box. Includes category defaults and quick 1-character shortcuts.
ExitAhead ExitAhead
Search eBay for music by artists from your last.fm profile.
Amazon and eBay Comparison Shopping Amazon and eBay Comparison Shopping
Search both Amazon and eBay at the same time from a single search form.
SearchQuilt SearchQuilt
Search for videos, images, blogs, news, auctions, and products all on one page. The homepage shows popular searches from Yahoo, AOL, Google, and Technorati, so that you can also track buzz.
eBay Nintendo Wii Ticker eBay Nintendo Wii Ticker
Tired of hunting down those elusive Nintendo Wiis? Use this Google Gadget, a live ticker displaying all the Nintendo Wiis on sale on your chosen eBay site. Supports US, UK and Australian eBay sites. Use it and grab a bargain!
Cheese Nachos Product Search Cheese Nachos Product Search
Searches eBay, Amazon, and Shopping.com in a single search. Makes related search suggestions with intelligent algorithm.
QlikTech Films QlikTech Films
Integration among QlikView business intelligence software, eBay, and YouTube. Films and actors identified by QlikView are searched for on eBay and YouTube.
GetItNext eBay Search GetItNext eBay Search
GetItNext is a certified eBay affiliate that helps users navigate searching for items on eBay. GetItNext accesses the same eBay listings but enables users to find exactly what they’re looking for, helping you save time and money.
oSkope oSkope
Visual search assistant. Rich Flash interface allows you to find products on Amazon and eBay, along with related Flickr photos and YouTube videos.
ShoppingBounce ShoppingBounce
Shopping comparison site that uses the new Shopzilla API. This site has a user-friendly highlighting interface for product results.
Zoogle IN Zoogle IN
Zoogle.in search has lots of categories like content sharing, knowledge, blogs, search engines, and jobs. Zoogle categorizes the search results based on the search sources.
Cars By Me Cars By Me
Lists UK car auctions based upon an entered postcode and plots them on a map.
KeepMore KeepMore
Keep track of your income and expenses. eBay Direct Import automatically imports all of your eBay transactions every hour.
YES for eBay YES for eBay
YES is a year end summary for eBay Sellers. Get reports for 2006, and 2007 coming soon, that provide information on your sold and bought items. Analyze your performance and see the strengths and weaknesses of your eBay business.
Compare Sat Nav Compare Sat Nav
UK price comparison website for sat nav systems. Searches through own prices as well as eBay auctions.
Motorcycles Nearby Motorcycles Nearby
A motorcycle finding mashup that aggregates from eBay motors, eBay, and other sources, with a Google Maps map.
AutosNearby AutosNearby
A vehicle-finding mashup, aggregating from eBay motors and Craigslist with a GoogleMaps view.
GoMojo GoMojo
GoMojo is a music community and search tool. Web site artist search: SNOCAP stores, eBay auctions, YouTube videos, syndicated news. Links to shops, blogs, Flickr, Live365 radio. Desktop app: photo tagger/uploader for Flickr, compact Amazon browser.
BayMalin BayMalin
Allows eBay users to avoid paying delivery charges, by allowing you to see auctions near your location and doing a by-hand delivery.
Fleabay Fleabay
An auction sharing community where users find, share, and rate interesting eBay auctions.
auctionReminder - eBay Reminders in Google Calendar auctionReminder - eBay Reminders in Google Calendar
auctionReminder is a simple tool to add reminders about ending eBay auctions to a Google Calendar.
PriceWorx PriceWorx
Compare prices for products. Read product reviews and articles that are relevant to each category. View coupons, deals, and rebates from major retailers.
LOOQ Here, Buy on eBay LOOQ Here, Buy on eBay
Make a broad search first, then filter based on text, price, and other criteria. Can make finding things on eBay faster and easier.
Looqy for eBay and Amazon Looqy for eBay and Amazon
Search eBay listings then browse through them in a single page. Add notes to individual listings for later reference. Call sellers directly from the web-site by clicking on a button.
eBay the Web 2.0 Way eBay the Web 2.0 Way
Search and display multiple items, add notes to specific items and call sellers with single click directly from item listings, if seller number is in item listing.
Visual eBay Visual eBay
Search eBay and see your results laid out on a Google Map.
5th Bar Phone Reviews 5th Bar Phone Reviews
5th Bar is a new way to avoid getting the wrong phone again. Find and share reviews and information about mobile phones, cell phone carriers, and accessories. Mashup content from YouTube, eBay, Amazon, and CNET.
Basefire.com Basefire.com
Enter a keyword in the box to search all items traded on eBay and Amazon.com. Displays only relevant offers in the search results. The highlight is the average price of the last 30 days on the top of the page.
Auctomatic Auctomatic
Tools for optimizing product sales on eBay.
Compare4 Compare4
Shopping made faster at Compare4.us. A mashup of several shopping APIs to allow users a broader search with one interface.
iPhone Auctions iPhone Auctions
Bid smart and get a great auction price on new 8GB and 4GB iPhones. Integrates eBay auctions. Also includes latest iPhone news as well as links and blog posts from around the web.
Skype Social Network Skype Social Network
Skype social network mashup.
iPhone Find Nearby iPhone Find Nearby
A Map Mashup aggregate of Apple Stores, AT&T wireless locations, relevant ebay auctions, craigslist listings, and other features.
Pleo HQ Pleo HQ
Pleo HQ features content about Pleo, the robotic dinosaur, including links from del.icio.us, news, blog posts from a custom feed, images from Flickr, videos from YouTube, and auctions from eBay.
Amazon for iGoogle Amazon for iGoogle
Makes your life as a Cineast, DVD-Freak or Book-Lover much easier: Add the gadget to your iGoogle page and have all the information you need in one tiny box. Special feature: Compare amazons prices to other online shops, ebay and other amazon locales.
Autopendium Autopendium
Stuff about old cars. Keep a record of the restoration, customization and day-to-day life of your old car, and share resources and information with other old car owners.
MiserlyMonkey.com MiserlyMonkey.com
A shopping mashup using Amazon API along with product databases and Google Maps.
eBayMap eBayMap
Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget that displays eBay results on a Google map and compares the prices to Amazon, all on the desktop.
CamChooser.com CamChooser.com
Camera shoppers, this site offers user consumer reviews and ratings from multiple sources. Also on this page are live price comparisons to help the user find the best deals on the web together with live ebay listings for the camera of their choice.
Giveness Giveness
Giveness is a social network for philanthropy. Charities can create their own communities to connect with their supporters and fundraise online. When a user purchases a product through Giveness, 100 percent of the commissions generated will be donated.
TownKings TownKings
Map and local based social community.
TicketObserver TicketObserver
TicketObserver compares ticket prices for theme parks in France and Belgium. It will expand soon to the UK and US.
Shoppingmap Germany Shoppingmap Germany
Find eBay auctions by location. In German.
klikhir.com klikhir.com
Klikhirs filtering unifies articles with brands to display products implicit to what you are reading.
BounceBase BounceBase
An aggregation of web content and virtual marketplaces using RSS and multiple APIs. We just passed 800,000,000 listings.
MsgTime.com MsgTime.com
Create, share, upload, and store audio messages online for friends and creative uses.
Webjam Webjam
Webjam is a platform designed to enable creating an unlimited number of modular websites with a community attached to each. Privacy settings for each module. With an AJAX-y drag and drop interface.
Skype Based RSS Reader Skype Based RSS Reader
Anothr.com is a skype mashup using the Skype API as a server to provide RSS subscritption and notification service.
Mashed Tickets Mashed Tickets
A worldwide ticket search and price comparison site with a map covering concerts, theatres, sports and tourism. Find and compare tickets from Stub Hub, eBay and more. View tour maps on the Google Map and watch related Google videos.
WipBox WipBox
While sites like eBay and Craigslist have made buying and selling venues more accessible, it remains difficult for sellers to simply sell. Wipbox enables sellers to sell better on eBay, Craigslist and other online sites through a quicker and easier tool.
AuctionSound AuctionSound
AuctionSound was created for eBay Trading Assistants to manage all aspects of the consignment business from customer management, listing, auction templates, image hosting, shipping and financial reporting all from one interface.
Infopia Infopia
Commercial auction management and e-Commerce tools that integrate with multiple third-party services including eBay and Salesforce.com. Inventory management, multi-channel marketing, order fulfillment and CRM. * Online Performance Analytics
Terapeak Terapeak
Commercial eBay research tool for finding new products that make you money on eBay, research your competition, get seller research sales reports, know when to sell, for how much, and what keywords drive profits.
Mpire Mpire
Sophisticated online shopping service that searches the most popular online stores in one place to show buyers the true market value of products they want to buy. Over 50 trillion historical sales analyzed.
Shady Old Lady Guide to London Shady Old Lady Guide to London
Create your own tour of London, add your own locations or choose from our selection of hundreds of hidden, infamous, grizzly or just famous places to visit in London.
AuctionPixie AuctionPixie
AuctionPixie provides automated tools for both buyers and sellers on eBay. AuctionPixie aims to help in eliminating boring and repetitive tasks such as leaving feedback comments by automatically leaving them for you.
Nabit Nabit
Track and make eBay bids without opening your browser. Streamlines the auction process, searching, list management, and alerting. Also integrates with buySAFE to show if seller is bonded with them.
qwertycars qwertycars
Combining eBay motors with Google Maps UK to allow users to visually locate where cars are based.
Mobile Shopping on eBay Mobile Shopping on eBay
Search for products on eBay and get instant real time listings on your mobile phone. Search using SMS, WAP and Email. Configure alerts and get notified as new products appear.
Wii Seeker Wii Seeker
A mashup to help consumers locate a Nintendo Wii. Provides retail addresses, locations, shipment dates, and local ebay auctions
PS3 Seeker PS3 Seeker
A mashup to help consumers locate a PS3. Provides retail addresses, locations, shipment dates, and local eBay auctions.
Tagbulb Tagbulb
Tagbulb simplifies tag search by aggregating content from various sources like Flickr, YouTube and many more. Users can browse by content type like images, videos, blogs, bookmarks, podcasts, products, books etc.
BidNearBy BidNearBy
Search local auctions and classified listings (craigslist) and see where they are located on a map view.
Auction Cloud Auction Cloud
Introducing a different way to shop the eBay listings for the most searched for products being auctioned. AuctionCloud shows popular keywords used by eBay users when searching listings. Real estate section uses Zillow API for zestimates.
AskShoppy.com AskShoppy.com
Compare prices from stores and with Ebay. Shoppers can also suggest gifts to others and get RSS feeds to keep up with price changes.
Early Miser Early Miser
Early Miser is a mashup built on top of Shopping.com, Yahoo Shopping, Amazon, and Ebay. It offer comparison shopping, custom product lists, custom product feeds and tagging.
ResultR ResultR
Meta search engine mashup built as a high-school project. It allows you to create your own search engine where you can choose from 30+ sources you want to include in your results.
shopping247 shopping247
shopping.com and eBay comparison shopping mashup. Price comparison with shopping.com as general listings and comparable eBay listings. Additionally eBay auctions.
MyStoreMaps MyStoreMaps
A real time map of where an eBay seller has shipped items. The map provides credibility to small online sellers and gives potential buyers a sense that the seller has conducted business in their geography.
MyStoreRewards MyStoreRewards
MyStoreRewards integrates with the eBay and PayPal API to deliver a turn-key buyer reward program.
Map Creature Map Creature
Search eBay listings and see location results plotted on Google Maps.
SeatSnapper SeatSnapper
Event tickets website. Can view eBay listings on interactive seating maps, and have events that you cannot attend flagged via the Google Calendar API.
Used Car Market Used Car Market
A combination of eBay motors, mobile.de and Kijiji search results within an area around a specified postal code. By click on the map button GoogleMaps with your location as fixed point is displayed and the cars location as second point.
Texsy Ads Texsy Ads
Texsy automatically underlines product-y phrases on a web page, and creates a mouseover ad with related products and prices. The ad clicks are connected to the Amazon, Ebay and Shopping.com affiliate programs.
Listed Express Listed Express
Uses the eBay API to create a very quick and easy way to list things on eBay.
Desert Island Lists Desert Island Lists
Top-1o style lists of cross-referenced songs, artists, albums, films, actors, directors and reviews. Searchable and available to buy online via Amazon and eBay.
Ontok Highlighter Ontok Highlighter
Free ad-supported web service for publishers that highlights words on a site using Ontok UrlInfo API backend. When users mouseover the inserted links, they see ads and search results from other APIs like Amazon, ebay, Shopping.com, Adsense, and Yahoo.
Velyoo Local Marketplaces Velyoo Local Marketplaces
Mashes up articles from several marketplaces like ebay, Amazon or ricardo.ch, a Swiss auction platform, and displays it on a map. Uses Ip Geo-Information to display initial map view.
Bumble Search Bumble Search
Bumble Search is a Firefox extension that mashes up the Web by integrating content from Amazon, BBC, del.icio.us, eBay and other sources.
Lokaliz Lokaliz
Geo localized eBay auctions in France.
Ebay Aggregator Ebay Aggregator
Ebay Aggregator lets you search and manage all your auctions searchs on Ebay world in one page in customizable boxes. This application uses Ebay RSS functionnalities in an Ajax interface driven by PHP. Free account required.
mobsaver mobsaver
An SMS price comparison tool. Compare prices on Amazon and eBay while you are out shopping via text messaging.
opsdo opsdo
opsdo has two goals - to allow people to search many information sources which mainstream search engines do not cover well and to allow people to search groups of such sources -- e.g. RottenTomatoes, IMDb and Amazon.
MotorMapUSA.com MotorMapUSA.com
Muscle car fans can find the cars they want via this good eBay and Google Maps mashup. If you need that rare Shelby this is the way to find it.
ActorTracker ActorTracker
ActorTracker takes feeds of upcoming television shows, movies and celebrity news combined into a shopping experience with merchandise from Amazon and eBay
Gumshoo Gumshoo
Specialized search interface for eBay. Filters more junk, finds misspelled items, see 30-day feedback trend for sellers. Winner of honorable mention in eBay developers 2006 challenge.
blueorganizer blueorganizer
The blueorganizer is the smart browser extension for Firefox. With this organizer the web turns into everyday objects like books, cars, restaurants and movies. Collect things with 1 click, find new information and share what you find with your friends.
ebay Contextual Ad Generation ebay Contextual Ad Generation
Tool for placing eBay ads on blogs or web sites to display a customized list of items and earn money. Two steps: Join ebay affiliate program then copy and paste the code into your blog or web page.
LikeIts1999 LikeIts1999
A new site which uses the eBay API to meet the needs of users that feel that eBay has become increasingly over-featured. The site provides a highly simplified view of eBay and only displays eBay listings which are auctions ending in the next 24 hours.