Elsevier Linked Data Repository API

Elsevier Linked Data Repository
The service provides semantically rich descriptive metadata about content available from Elsevier and from other sources across the Web. It makes available a catalog of resources expressed in Linked Data format suitable for use in Semantic Web applications, which define relationships among resources in complex ways meaningful to discovery and retrieval in varying contexts. API methods support retrieval of RDF documents describing Elsevier resources as well as other resources from outside sources related to Elsevier's materials. Methods also provide access to a proprietary thesaurus of topic descriptors applied to resources cataloged within the service. Thesaurus descriptions include the topic identifier, preferred label, example text, and date proposed as well as the funding body proposing the term.
Library, Catalogs, Semantics
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Accessing linked-data-api with JavaScript
Niels H. Christensen on Semantic Web Recipes presents how to load and parse linked-data and render in conjunction with Google Charts. He consumes a sample government API that supplies bus transportation data. This walkthrough formatted how-to is fit with code examples to aid the reader.

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