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Exact is a Netherlands based supplier of business software that develops industry-specific on-premise and cloud solutions for SMEs in the accountancy, manufacturing, professional services and wholesale distribution sectors. Exact Online is Exact's cloud based solution for small manufacturers and wholesale distributors. The Exact Online REST API allows developers to incorporate Exact Online functionality into third party applications. API services include budget, assets, documents, financial, payroll, projects, users, and more. An API key is required.
Business, Accounting
OAuth, API Key
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Exact Online CSV API Code Samples
Exact Online, an accounting software-as-a-service based in Netherlands, provides simple code samples to interact with the CSV API. Resources demonstrate how to import accounts, headers, and multiple lines in .NET and VB6 languages. Available lines of code to export name, address, and city for all accounts. Besides that these code lines could help to interact with the API, developers can move forward with the new API security standards to begin in August of 2015. More at https://developers.exactonline.com/Content/1506_RN_AppCenter_New_API_security_standards.htm
Exact Online C# SDK by Exact Online The official Exact Online SDK written in C# language allows to interact with the capacities of the...
Exact Online Python Library by Walter Doekes Exact Online is an accounting software that aims to improve the efficiency of businesses in real...
Exact Online iOS SDK by Andrew Kopanev The Exact Online iOS SDK developed by Andrew Kopanev aims to facilitate the creation of Apple apps...
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