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From documentation: At Facebook's core is the social graph; people and the connections they have to everything they care about. The Graph API presents a simple, consistent view of the Facebook social graph, uniformly representing objects in the graph (e.g., people, photos, events, and pages) and the connections between them (e.g., friend relationships, shared content, and photo tags). Public information can be accessed without a developer key/application key, but is required for private data access.
JavaScript, PHP, Python, iOS, Android
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  • 55Photos is a website where users can explore, view, edit, manage, organize, transfer, download, and backup online photos, pictures, and images. 55Photos consumes image-related APIs to aggregate and...
  • This tool is written in PHP and it performs Sentiment Analysis on Facebook posts by using the Datumbox API 1.0v.
  • Fanbible is a live music event guide that works on android, iPhone, iPad and desktop browsers. The application automatically detects a user's location and presents them with relevant information...
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Facebook Graph PHP SDK by Fosco Marotto This Facebook Graph PHP SDK supports the Graph API and Facebook Login. Because the GitHub...
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Facebook Node.js SDK by Tenorviol Christopher Johnson authored as Tenorviol on Github to provide a third party Facebook SDK in Node....
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Facebook Android SDK by Spring Android SDK by Spring is a third party kit that binds and connects with Facebook Graph API. Just...
Facebook Python Library django-facebook-api This is a Python library for accessing the Facebook Graph API via the Django framework.
Facebook iOS SDK Facebook iOS SDK engages users in social applications. With this SDK, users can share messages from...
MiniFB MiniFB is a small, lightweight Ruby library for interacting with the Facebook API. A demo...
Facebook SDK for Python The Facebook SDK provided by pythonforfacebook supports python-based access to the Facebook Graph...
Django-facebook This SDK allows users to implement the Facebook Open Graph API using the Django framework in Python...
Facebook SDK for PHP The Facebook SDK for PHP enables developers to access the Facebook Graph API and use the Facebook...
Facebook SDK for JavaScript Facebook provides this SDK to help developers use JavaScript to interact with the Facebook Graph...
Developers (42)
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Facebook Sentiment Analysis Tool


pwtempuser pwtempuser oGoWoo

Audibase | Mobile Recording and Audio Blogging Apps Themes Plugins

Music Spider

C#7 Lokrr.com

Ecruit - Internships for College Students

Jawaab Do





pwtempuser pwtempuser in1.com

John Wright WishMindr

Martin Wulffeld Setlisting


Rakshith Krishnappa VoteNight




Wallpoper - Free Wallpapers


Dylan Jones Now Playing on BBC Radio

pwtempuser pwtempuser Kiwifruut



Murali Vasudevan Facebook Bday Wish Application and QR Code Generator

Murali Vasudevan Walk Score Facebook Application


Niklas Nilsson BandStalk

pwtempuser pwtempuser FB Time Machine

Life Stream

Alan Hamlyn MarketMeSuite

Venugopal V World of Facebook Friends.


Friends Dashboard




pwtempuser pwtempuser iPicFortune

Local streamer

Uday Kumar Pyda Facebook Spectrum



Debate Wall

Match 2 Friends



Nathan Peck Bookflavor

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Is there any way we can post image on facebook using facebook app on access allowed user's wall on be half them/app ?

We have this to get access of user for a one time and then whatever user upload will automatically post to their post wall.

We have tried this by storing the user access token but it will expire after 2 months.

So if there is any option to generate no expire token, then it would also work.

55Photos is a website where users can explore, view, edit, manage, organize, transfer, download, and backup online photos, pictures, and images. 55Photos consumes image-related APIs to aggregate and give management capabilities to a large number of photos. 55Photos is a web 2.0 application compatible with all modern browsers.
Facebook Sentiment Analysis Tool Facebook Sentiment Analysis Tool
This tool is written in PHP and it performs Sentiment Analysis on Facebook posts by using the Datumbox API 1.0v.
Fanbible Fanbible
Fanbible is a live music event guide that works on android, iPhone, iPad and desktop browsers. The application automatically detects a user's location and presents them with relevant information about live music events in their specific area, as well as links to more information about the shows and how to purchase tickets.
oGoWoo oGoWoo
oGoWoo is a free word of mouth advertising system. The system uses the Facebook API for post advertising or promotional messages on users Facebook walls on their behalf, as return they get gifts and discounts.
Audibase | Mobile Recording and Audio Blogging Apps Themes Plugins Audibase | Mobile Recording and Audio Blogging Apps Themes Plugins
Audibase Audio comment system store edit email and share your audio on your own personal website or one of our customised themes never miss a word with Audibase
Music Spider Music Spider
MSpider.net aims to help many different types of music lovers to explore music; one user can explore music of different regions or types, another might be curious to hear music related to an artist that he/she enjoys and another may want to generate a jukebox to play background music at the office. Because the music is located on youTube this creates an opportunity to find a wide range of results (interviews, live events, singles etc.). Users create stations to store their compilations and can share stations with their 'friends' by posting links on their facebook timeline.
Lokrr.com Lokrr.com
Indonesia Jobs Real-time Search Engine. Using Indeed API, CareerJet API, Foursquare API, Facebook Open Graph API and built using Twitter Bootstrap.
Ecruit - Internships for College Students Ecruit - Internships for College Students
Internship site that analyzes student credentials, matches them with top employers and then allows them to connect face to face with hiring managers. It is mobile responsive. Authentication can be done with FB and LinkedIn. Both are used to gather student data to make better matches.
Jawaab Do Jawaab Do
A question & answer portal with a unique feature that assures atleast 1 answer for every question (as of now accepting questions related to gadgets only).
Skimzee Skimzee
Skimzee is a free web app that combines web page summarization with social media search and web feed aggregation.
Flickoutr Flickoutr
Painless sharing of your Flickr images by tag or set across Facebook & Twitter. Group sharing supported and multiple accounts supported.
A site that lets you choose your Facebook pictures and it will automatically create a collage for you. You can then post that onto Facebook or you can order that picture on and item like a mug, pillow, necklace, etc.
Mapify.us Mapify.us
Mapify answers the question "What's Happening Nearby?" by showing local events as points on a map.
in1.com in1.com
In1 is a social aggregation, discovery and sharing platform that combines feeds from multiple social networks. In provides content discover, one-click sharing and single channel promotion for brands.
WishMindr WishMindr
WishMindr is the free online universal wish list maker. Add gifts to your wish lists from any site with the WishMindr 'Wish' button (bookmarklet). Or add gifts using the WishMindr search. WishMindr also allows you to setup email reminders about your wish list for your friends and family.
Setlisting Setlisting
A site for setlists and statistics on artists concert chronology.
Friendline Friendline
Track your friends and unfriends on a chart. Keep a log of all your friend activity.
VoteNight VoteNight
Predict and Share the outcome of 2012 US Presidential Elections
LyricStatus LyricStatus
LyricStatus allows you to share your favorite lyrics with your Facebook friends. Simply highlight your favorite lines from a song and post straight to Facebook as a status. You can post lyrics to your own wall, or you can utilize the Facebook Graph API to post to your friends' wall.
Productism Productism
Productism is a place where you can review the products you love and share them with your friends.
Apartable Apartable
Apartable is a mashup that matches people to apartments. It takes a proactive approach to finding a new living space.
Wallpoper - Free Wallpapers Wallpoper - Free Wallpapers
Wallpoper simply described as high quality wallpapers database which is searchable by keyword, color and resolution. Wallpapers can be edited online. Wallpapers can be used for facebook timeline cover easily.
Freally Freally
Freally is all about free stuff! And it is the simplest way to save money and environment. Do you have unwanted items (aka JUNK) around your house? Post them and let others who need them come and collect. You make someone happy, and also do our environment a favour!
Now Playing on BBC Radio Now Playing on BBC Radio
See what tracks are playing on the radio, see artist information, news stories, events, images, biographies and reviews all in real-time to BBC national radio stations. Scrobble tracks to Last.fm or post to Facebook, all in realtime.
Kiwifruut Kiwifruut
Kiwifruut is a online video service to discover and enjoy more youtube videos through your friends.
Happenic Happenic
Happenic is a calendar application that aggregates events from a number of public APIs and organizes them by category, location and cost. It provides a simple and easy-to-use interface to find out what is happening around you.
Expressi Expressi
Expressi answers the question "which". Which item is the most emotionally and personally relevant for me. Give it a try searching through Amazon products. See how your mood changes recommendations. Set your friends personality and see what might be relevant for them too.
Facebook Bday Wish Application and QR Code Generator Facebook Bday Wish Application and QR Code Generator
Find friend's birthdays and wish them a happy one via QR code they can scan with a mobile device - Works great with Firefox and Chrome. Has some issues with IE browser.
Walk Score Facebook Application Walk Score Facebook Application
Uses Walk Score and Facebook Graph APIs and posts scores from any city to your Facebook wall.
Listnr Listnr
LIstnr is a free music search and discovery site with over six million tracks available for streaming. Users can build playlists and share with Facebook friends.
BandStalk BandStalk
Tracks new music releases from selected artists. Imports lists from Facebook and Last.fm and notifies via email.
FB Time Machine FB Time Machine
Time travel through Facebook with FB Time Machine. This mashup uses Facebook, Facebook Graph and the Google App Engine and lets you view all of your friends' status updates and posted links (ever). Results are displayed on one page.
Life Stream Life Stream
Life Stream is a social network hub for Mac
MarketMeSuite MarketMeSuite
The Social Media Marketing Dashboard
World of Facebook Friends. World of Facebook Friends.
Find out where your facebook friends are located around the world. See who else is staying in your city and country. Filter your friends by country and exact location as updated in Facebook. View your friends statistics by location and gender.
meetbymaps meetbymaps
Realtime geolocated chat. Coming soon- events and other surprises. Site is in Italian.
Friends Dashboard Friends Dashboard
Simple graphs of your social connections and your friends' favorite music and movies on a single page. Get started by logging in with your Facebook account.
Prodcast Prodcast
Prodcast is a website where you can comment on the products you love and share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
MapMyFriends.in MapMyFriends.in
MapMyFriends is an app which plots your Facebook friends on a Google map. See multiple images over a same location seperated in an innovative way.
SocialBios SocialBios
Social search for business referrals. Installs as an about us and/or jobs board widget for your website or Facebook fan page.
iPicFortune iPicFortune
What do you get when you mix pictures from Flickr or Facebook with Chinese fortune cookies in MyChineseFortune.com? You get iPicFortune. It's a whole new way to view pictures and fortune cookies.
Local streamer Local streamer
Geolocation system that allows you to explore events, data and updates from social networks. Search information about places from various social services and share or simply read a stream of information about any city on earth. Watch videos, comment or chat.
mapTheGraph! mapTheGraph!
mapTheGraph is a location based social network, currently integrated with Facebook. It lets you update and share interesting places you've been to on a map. It is a social network that replaces the status update with the location update.
Facebook Spectrum Facebook Spectrum
Facebook Spectrum allows the users of Facebook to get a birds-eye view of their friends on Facebook. It acts as an insight application for your Facebook account.
Wherevent Wherevent
Wherevent is a geolocation events search engine. Click on the "Login" button to connect to Wherevent with your facebook account. Find upcoming events and discover who is atttending. Enjoy the best events and share it with your friends. g
facetu.be facetu.be
Takes all YouTube videos posted to any public Facebook page, group or profile and plays them as a continuous stream.
Debate Wall Debate Wall
DebateWall is a new type of blog where your comments are actually the post itself. In blog comments you can find really valuable information pointing out the two sides of a story instead of the single opinion of the author of the post. Debatewall take those comments to the main scene, to actually be the post. Because it's a crowdsourced blog, a percentage of the profits are donated.
Match 2 Friends Match 2 Friends
Match 2 Friends allows your friends get the right date for you in a secure way avoiding embarrassment. Secure dates; your friends can only match you with their friends so you have always at least one friend in common with your match. The more friends that like your match the more secure the date, so you will never get a date with a total stranger. Zero embarrassment; you can like a match anonymously and wait for your match to also like you without him or her knowing that you like her or him. If both people that are matched like each other then they will be notified after a random amount of time so neither can know who liked the other first.
Ewelike Ewelike
Ewelike is a free product information and price comparison site featuring reviews and commentary written and rated by users. Books, movies, video games, music, perfume.
player4you player4you
player4you is a free player that plays videos from Youtube without commercials and uses a crossfader to avoid breaks between the tracks. A live search makes it easy to find your favorite tracks. You can also login with your facebook account and save and share your playlists with your friends.
Bookflavor Bookflavor
Bookflavor is a book discovery application which helps you taste books by showing reviews from many different sources.
Tvitre.no Tvitre.no
Search engine for Norwegian Twitter users.