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The Facebook API is a platform for building applications that are available to the members of the social network of Facebook. The API allows applications to use the social connections and profile information to make applications more involving, and to publish activities to the news feed and profile pages of Facebook, subject to individual users privacy settings. With the API, users can add social context to their applications by utilizing profile, friend, Page, group, photo, and event data. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are in JSON format.
API Key, OAuth 2, Username/password
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  • Moonotes stores web finds, and see what others are bookmarking. Enjoy and comment. It utilizes Facebook API.
  • Online Basketball Camp (also referred to as Hoop Alert) is a website for coaches to manage and communicate with their teams by providing a custom platform for scheduling, text messaging, video...
  • Soccer Shots is a intro-to-soccer provider across the globe. Its messaging system uses the AT&T in-app messaging API.
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Source Code
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Facebook API Timeline Post- PHP Source Code
This PHP source code demonstrates how to post a link to a Facebook user’s timeline using the Facebook API.
Facebook Publish Feed [Node.js] Source Code
These code examples demonstrate how to use the Facebook API to post a message on a user's timeline using Node.js.
Integrate Facebook API in Java Source Code
This sample code demonstrates how to use Java to integrate with the Facebook API.
Facebook - Write to Facebook Wall Full Code C#
This provides C# code examples for Integrating a blog or a website with Facebook.
C++ Client for Facebook
A C++ Facebook Client using the Facebook API. Built with XML and md5 libraries: TinyXML and md5wrapper. It also uses libcurl.
Facebook Developer Toolkit MVC Add-on
This is an addon to the Facebook Developer Toolkit (http://www.codeplex.com/FacebookToolkit) that makes supporting an ASP.NET MVC Application easier
Writing Facebook Applications Using Java EE
Using Ruby on Rails for Facebook
RFacebook Ruby Gem
Ruby gem for the Facebook API.
Facebook React Native Framework by Facebook The Facebook React Native Framework by Facebook allows developers to build quality applications on...
Facebook Chat Node.js SDK by Vincent Maliko The Facebook Chat Node.js SDK by Vincent Maliko was created with Angular, PhoneGap, Node.js, Socket...
Facebook Haskell Library Facebook Package The fb package is a library for accessing the Facebook API from Haskell. It has no external...
Facebook Node.js SDK by Tenorviol Christopher Johnson authored as Tenorviol on Github to provide a third party Facebook SDK in Node....
Facebook Node.js SDK by Thuzi Facebook Node.js SDK is a third party kit created by Thuzi. Users can write the same code and share...
Facebook Node.js SDK by Amachang Facebook Node.js SDK by Amachang offers Facebook API implementation in Node.js It supports Facebook...
Facebook FBGraph Node.js SDK by Criso Facebook FBGraph by Criso is a third party SDK created in Node.js language. This module offers...
Facebook Javascript SDK by Phonegap Phonegap is an open source service that offers application development in HTML, CSS, and Javascript...
Facebook Android SDK by Blackberry Blackberry offers a third party SDK in Java language. This kit can integrate with Facebook using...
Facebook Android SDK by Spring Android SDK by Spring is a third party kit that binds and connects with Facebook Graph API. Just...
Facebook Android SDK Facebook SDK for Android integrates with Facebook with the aim to build social apps and engage...
Facebook Python Library django-facebook-api This is a Python library for accessing the Facebook Graph API via the Django framework.
Facebook C++ Library Folly Folly is Facebook's official open source C++ 11 library. Folly also complements Facebook'...
React Javascript Framework React is a JavaScript framework that helps developers build user interfaces. It can easily serve as...
Facebook iOS SDK Facebook iOS SDK engages users in social applications. With this SDK, users can share messages from...
Geopapyrus SDK In addition to their app, GeoPapyrus offers open source developer tools for documenting media and...
Fastuc The very first Hacklang framework. It takes the best of the language and bring it to your...
Scribe Java Scribe Java is a code library that enables developers to interact with the LinkedIn OAuth API. It...
MiniFB MiniFB is a small, lightweight Ruby library for interacting with the Facebook API. A demo...
Koala Koala is a Ruby library for Facebook that allows developers to access the Facebook Graph API, REST...
Facebook SDK for Python The Facebook SDK provided by pythonforfacebook supports python-based access to the Facebook Graph...
FBgraph FBgraph is a library that allows developers to easily access the Facebook Graph API using Node.js....
facebook-node-sdk by amachang The facebook-node-sdk by amachang allows developers to implement Facebook API functions using Node....
facebook-node-sdk by Thuzi The facebook-node-sdk allows developers to integrate their Node.js servers with Facebook. This SDK...
Django-facebook This SDK allows users to implement the Facebook Open Graph API using the Django framework in Python...
facebook-actionscript-api facebook-actionscript-api is an Actionscript SDK that helps developers create apps that integrate...
Facebook SDK for .NET This SDK helps developers integrate Facebook into their web, desktop, and phone applications using...
Facebook SDK for PHP The Facebook SDK for PHP enables developers to access the Facebook Graph API and use the Facebook...
Facebook SDK for JavaScript Facebook provides this SDK to help developers use JavaScript to interact with the Facebook Graph...
EFPA EFPA (Easy Facebook PHP API) library, version 1.3 is a library written to simplify the use of the... EFPA
Facebook ActionScript Library The Facebook ActionScript provides an interface between the Facebook REST API and Flash/Flex based... Facebook ActionScript Library
Services_Facebook: PHP library for Facebook A Pear PHP library for accessing the Facebook web services API. Services_Facebook: PHP library for Facebook
Official Facebook PHP Client Library The official PHP client library for Facebook which includes support for PHP4 and PHP5. Official Facebook PHP Client Library
Minifb: Python library for Facebook A minimal API for writing web applications with Facebook in Python. The two functions provided are... Minifb: Python library for Facebook
Pyfacebook: Python library for Facebook PyFacebook is a lightweight Python library for accessing Facebook's RESTful API. Pyfacebook: Python library for Facebook
Facebooker: Ruby library for Facebook Facebooker is a Ruby library using the Facebook REST API and platform. Facebooker: Ruby library for Facebook
Rfacebook: Ruby on Rails Library for Facebook RFacebook is a Ruby interface to the Facebook API. It hides all the nitty-gritty details behind a... Rfacebook: Ruby on Rails Library for Facebook
Perl library for Facebook A CPAN Perl implementation of the Facebook API using the canonical Java and PHP implementations. By... Perl library for Facebook
Javabook: Java Library for Facebook Facebook provides a Java-based API, but this library provides additional functionality and benefits... Javabook: Java Library for Facebook
Java Library for Facebook A Facebook API client implemented in Java, derived from the poorly-maintained official Facebook... Java Library for Facebook
Fb4j : Java Source for Facebook fb4j is Facebook library written for Java developers, by Java developers. fb4j aides Facebook... Fb4j : Java Source for Facebook
Fantasma: C++ Client Library for Facebook Fantasma is a C++ Client Library for the Facebook Platform and wraps the Facebook API. The library... Fantasma: C++ Client Library for Facebook
MKAbeFook: Cocoa library for Facebook MKAbeFook for Facebook. Uses the WebKit browser with asynchronous requests, photo uploads, and much... MKAbeFook: Cocoa library for Facebook
ASP .NET Library for Facebook An ASP class designed to allow you to interface with facebook applications via a Canvas page. It... ASP .NET Library for Facebook
ASP.NET Library for Facebook A Facebook application written in ASP.NET using VS.NET 2005. ASP.NET Library for Facebook
Facebook.NET: Open Source for Facebook An overview and introduction to an open source project, Facebook.NET, a framework optimized for... Facebook.NET: Open Source for Facebook
VB.NET Facebook Library A VB.NET library for the Facebook API. VB.NET Facebook Library
Official Facebook .NET Client Library A .Net wrapper for the Facebook API. Clarity Consulting developed the original Facebook Developer... Official Facebook .NET Client Library
PHP Library for Facebook PHP 5 client library for the Facebook API. Wraps the core functions of the Facebook Platform. PHP Library for Facebook
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Soccer Shots


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Muskie's Favourite Quotation Mashup

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Send Photos To India


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Hello all,

I am developing a window based application uisng facebook API. I want to provide tagging functionality in it. Can anyone tell me how facebook manages the size of the rectangle when we start tagging the image.


You say:

Commercial LicensingYes, within limits

Where is this info coming from?


Is there a way for me to upload pictures of someone, and be able to find out who they are on facebook?

Moonotes stores web finds, and see what others are bookmarking. Enjoy and comment. It utilizes Facebook API.
Online Basketball Camp
Online Basketball Camp (also referred to as Hoop Alert) is a website for coaches to manage and communicate with their teams by providing a custom platform for scheduling, text messaging, video uploading, and more. It utilizes a few different APIs, some of which include AT& T In-App Messaging, and Google Calendar.
Soccer Shots
Soccer Shots is a intro-to-soccer provider across the globe. Its messaging system uses the AT&T in-app messaging API.
FollowFly is a social media aggregator that can automatically bring up and display feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Reddit AMA for anyone you search for. Different sorting options allow you to see a snapshot of the best content people are producing. Connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts to see posts from people you follow side by side. Sort by Top Posts to reorder your Twitter home feed by most engaging tweets.
Simple Latitude
Simple Latitude is a location-tracking iPhone app that helps users stay in touch with their families and friends. It can show a user's location, location accuracy, and timestamp on a map to people who have been invited by the user. The app can work in the foreground, background, or even when terminated if there's a significant location change.
iTavli - iSmart Solutions Game
iTavli by iSmart Solutions is a backgammon game mashup. The objective of each game is to transfer the chips (or checkers) from the base area to the collecting area. Each game has different rules that the players need to follow.
PriceZombie Price Tracker
PriceZombie is a price tracker for numerous retail stores and a comparison shopping site and tool. PriceZombie's delivers its combination of price tracking and price comparison on its website, in browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), with future plans to be on mobile applications. Currently PriceZombie supports retailers in the United States, but will be expanding to stores worldwide by mid 2015.
Expin.me is an Expression Platform that allows users to post and share their experiences, opinions, stories, and interests using a socially-integrated visual medium. This mashup makes use of the RubyGems, Backbone, Facebook, Google Search, SoundCloud, and YouTube APIs.
Magic Mosaic
Magic Mosaic provides a fast, user-friendly way to create photo mosaics built from photos in online web albums and photo galleries.
Profile Feeder
Profile Feeder provides a wealth of social profiles of celebrities, politicians, sportsmen, and more all under one roof. Some of the social sites found in Profile Feeder include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.
Collection Trakr
Collection Trakr lets users search items that are in the Victoria and Albert Museum's online collections. Users can also create their own collections of favorite objects, and then can add items to these collections as well as view the collections of other users.
TripFELT.com collects reviews and ratings on tourist destinations, activities, adventures, restaurants, and more from thousands of locations across the globe, and presents them to travelers in an appealing and intuitive way. The site is also filterable by type of activity, such as Food, Drinks, Coffee, Shops, Arts, Outdoors, Hotels, etc. The mashups consumes Google Maps, Youtube, Facebook, foursquare and additional APIs.
Flixster provides services for discovering, collecting, and watching movies and TV programs. Users can create a profile and store movie ratings, favorites, lists, and more. Users can connect their profile with friends, and discover, purchase and view a variety of content. The services offered from Flixster can be integrated with social media platforms and other applications.
Adium Pushover
Adium Pushover uses Pushover's API to trigger notifications to Android and iOS devices when a message is received through Adium's open source instant messaging application.
Using the Pushover API, IFTTT allows connections to be made between Pushover and over 109 Channels in a customized "recipe" that triggers notifications to be sent to your mobile device. Popular IFTTT Recipes include Box, Dailymotion, Bestbuy, Evernote, Facebook, Fitbit, Google Drive, Instagram, Linkedin, Nike, SMS, Twitter, Yahoo Sports, Yammer, and YouTube.
55Photos is a website where users can explore, view, edit, manage, organize, transfer, download, and backup online photos, pictures, and images. 55Photos consumes image-related APIs to aggregate and give management capabilities to a large number of photos. 55Photos is a web 2.0 application compatible with all modern browsers.
www.pinkbigmac.com is a web application developed by Pink Big Mac Media that lets users virtually explore different destinations around the world. Depending on the destination, the web application supplies pictures and information on the historical background, significance, popularity, and more.
Foodzy is a web and mobile application that helps users to learn about their food and eating habits. With Foodzy, customers are be able to access products locally available to them. Additionally, users are able to connect this application to their social networks to get connected with their friends to stay motivated. Users can also create and share their recipes with each other through the application.
FitStar is an application designed for iPads, and iPhones. With FitStar, customers will have a community of support, including access to workout sessions lead by the famous NFL All-Star Tony Gonzalez. Users of the application write about their experience on FitStar, to inspire others and to get inspired. FitStar helps customers to gather, access, and interact with their own data, by integrating with other popular applications.
Feedly iOS
The feedly app aggregates a user's favorite sites into a streamlined summary. Feedly uses RSS feeds to display cards pertaining to a user's curated tastes. Feedly for iOS is compatible with iPhone and iPad, with syncing available for use on multiple devices. Feedly's social functions make sharing content to major social hubs very easy. Feedly also syncs with Pocket, Instapaper, and Evernote to allow personal information management across apps.
Feedly Android
The feedly app aggregates a user's favorite sites into a streamlined summary. Feedly uses RSS feeds to display cards pertaining to a user's curated tastes. Feedly for Android is compatible with a 4" phone, a 7" tablet, and a 10" tablet, with syncing available for use on multiple devices. Feedly's social functions make sharing content to major social hubs very easy. Feedly also syncs with Pocket, Instapaper, and Evernote to allow personal information management across apps.
StarterPad is a free social network for entrepreneurs. Startup users help one another to become more successful. In addition, Startup leverages the Facebook and Twitter APIs to allow users to log in using their respective username and passwords.
With this free tool, you can streamline your social media marketing campaigns. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to schedule and automate postings to them. Dosocial leverages the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Base APIs.
Facebook Audience Finder
The Audience Finder tool lets you find Facebook users that should be part of a custom audience for your Facebook advertising campaigns.
Facebook Audience Finder Facebook Audience Finder
The Audience Finder tool lets you find Facebook users that should be part of a custom audience for your Facebook advertising campaigns.
imagegallery imagegallery
imagegallery leverages the AOL Pictures, Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Ajax Search, Google App Engine, Google Search, and Images API to bring different kinds of images to the site.
 Social page authority checker Social page authority checker
Enter multiple URLs to analyze the interactions / popularity across Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. The calculated social page authority score is based on the number of social interactions found for a specific URL.
KPI watchdog
Online tool for monitoring the key business metrics independently of the source of data.
conTEXT allows users to semantically analyze text corpora (such as blogs, RSS/Atom feeds, Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc.) and provides novel ways for browsing and visualizing the results.
AuroraMap AuroraMap
A realtime map of Northern Lights locations and photos. See the current aurora forecast and latest Flickr and Twitter posts related to the Aurora Borealis.
Facebook Sentiment Analysis Tool Facebook Sentiment Analysis Tool
This tool is written in PHP and it performs Sentiment Analysis on Facebook posts by using the Datumbox API 1.0v.
Videva Videva
Videva.com is the biggest music video database on the Internet. All the artists, all the videos, at a click's distance. Putting together the Last.fm music catalog and the Youtube video catalog, Videva brings you the most structured music video search tool to date. Discover new artists and new videos, or listen to your favorite music through our simple interface.
Shared Count Shared Count
Shared Count is a small utility that will fetch social media shares for a url
playmap.jp playmap.jp
This mashup displays a map of playgrounds in japan.
Funny Vines - Thebestvines.tv Funny Vines - Thebestvines.tv
This Mashup aggregates Vine videos from around the world. Have fun searching for new videos that you have not yet seen.
#S42AT #S42AT
The #S42AT project lets you bookmark links you share by simply adding the #S42AT hashtag to your public status messages.
Soundcry Soundcry
Soundcry is a media search engine and playlist management tool.
MapMyFriends- A Facebook App MapMyFriends- A Facebook App
This app uses your facebook login and plots your facebook friends over Google Map in a very beautiful manner.
Beamster Beamster
Beamster magically connects you to the people and conversations that are happening around you.
ConnectMyRide ConnectMyRide
Free and social vehicle tracking system. Use your Android or iPhone to get live location, record your trips and manage expenses.
Rápido Rápido
Quickly post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare within seconds! No need to copy/paste your updates to multiple apps, type it, send it, forget about it!
Europass.me Europass.me
Turn your LinkedIn and Facebook profile into Europass CV/Language Passport!
Fanbible Fanbible
Fanbible is a live music event guide that works on android, iPhone, iPad and desktop browsers. The application automatically detects a user's location and presents them with relevant information about live music events in their specific area, as well as links to more information about the shows and how to purchase tickets.
LoginRadius LoginRadius
A unified social tool that simplifies social login and single sign-on implementation. With the tool, you can allow users to log into your website using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, and 25 more ID providers. You can also get accurate social profile data and social analytics.
Data under a category became an information and the aggregation of all these categories bring us the knowledge. we designed Gool.li by using these guidance : The Knowledge as a Service The Architecture is elastic and realtime The Design Pattern is Enterprise Mashaups The categories follow the cards design The filters are thought for each card and category The UI design is responsive and multi-platform General Search is regrouping links by domains Social integration is soft as we believe in the network more than single nodes Gool.li is a service more than a search engine. We search, we filter, we adjust, we categorize the infos and this in a single SERP. Because all we wanted is to learn, discover and dream. Others call it Beta Mode, we call it learning Stage. Gool.li algorithm needs to be enhanced by your usage, comments and support! Gool.li is crafted by : Mohamed Kahlain & Jawad Jari
iFiles iFiles
iFiles is the most intuitive file manager for iOS with features like connectivity to many file cloud services, transferring files between computer or cloud services, ability to view many file formats (PDF viewer now supports annotations, search and more), voice recorder, web downloader, text file editor and more.
oGoWoo oGoWoo
oGoWoo is a free word of mouth advertising system. The system uses the Facebook API for post advertising or promotional messages on users Facebook walls on their behalf, as return they get gifts and discounts.
CityStrides CityStrides
CityStrides gives you a street-level view of your running. ... Track your runs across the streets in your city to see how much you've completed and what's left to run. Can you run every street in your city? ... Track your shoes to see you how many miles they've got and what they're costing you per mile. ... Create & share routes to find new places to run, share your favorite runs, and compete against yourself and others in your city. ... Get detailed weather information for ALL of your runs - all the way back to the first run you ever tracked with RunKeeper. ... See how many steps you take during each run.
ShareMetric Chrome Extension ShareMetric Chrome Extension
Pulls social network share counts into your Chrome browser. Utilizes APIs from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Delicious, Reddit, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon.
World Movie Search World Movie Search
World box office movie search aggregates movie reviews, enabling users to find great movies to watch.
Photohab Photohab
PhotoHab is new professional social networks for photographers featuring blogging, photo sharing, interactive forums, personalized profiles, and place where photographers from all experience levels can share their knowledge and learn from others.
Healthy Lemur Healthy Lemur
Healthy Lemur is an app that lets you publicly commit to exercise: - Link your foursquare account - Select the number of days per week that you're going to exercise - Link your facebook and/or twitter accounts And you're all set! We will track every time you go to the gym and every Monday, we will post on facebook and/or twitter account if you have reached your goal (or we will shame you publicly if you haven't!)
The Global Map of Musicians The Global Map of Musicians
Plot yourself and collaborate. Find a teacher, start a group, promote your music, share a gig or trade gear local!
Score Chief Score Chief
Score Chief is a game portal. The games are coming from Mochi Media via their feeds. Their score api is also used to register user scores. Users login using their Facebook account and when they get a high-score the script can post to their wall.For comments the Facebook Social comment plugin is used on the portal
Skimzee Skimzee
Skimzee is a free web app that combines web page summarization with social media search and web feed aggregation.
Ascendify Talent Community Ascendify Talent Community
Ascendify makes it more efficient for enterprise companies to connect with future talent - think "lead nurturing of future employees." We transform a static listing of jobs and complicated application process at a company's website into an active, engaging talent community. Companies use Ascendify to build employment brand and amplify social referrals which drives down recruiting costs, reduces time to hire, and improves the quality of candidates.
locfeed locfeed
locfeed visualizes your facebook feed/stream in an interactive map
Mapify.us Mapify.us
Mapify answers the question "What's Happening Nearby?" by showing local events as points on a map.
in1.com in1.com
In1 is a social aggregation, discovery and sharing platform that combines feeds from multiple social networks. In provides content discover, one-click sharing and single channel promotion for brands.
GrabEvery GrabEvery
GrabEvery is shopping price comparison site with a coupons and coupon codes. Several millions of products from thousands of stores on one place.
Giftivo Giftivo
Giftivo is a gift recommendation website that works by importing your friends' Facebook profile data to provide customized gift ideas. Giftivo can also recommend gifts for friends with limited Facebook profiles or people with no Facebook profiles at all through a unique customization dashboard.
Arrivedin.com Arrivedin.com
Travel mashup for business travellers - people who want to see all essential data about a particular city will find this site useful.
ILocy ILocy
Love your town!
SendMusic2.Me SendMusic2.Me
SendMusic2.Me is a great tool for getting best music from friends.
PlugThe.Net PlugThe.Net
The Social Local Web Scan Plugin for your website.
Setlisting Setlisting
A site for setlists and statistics on artists concert chronology.
Party gator Party gator
A free app that combines facebook events with google maps location service.
Is It Cookie Time? Is It Cookie Time?
Well... is it?
ToastBank ToastBank
ToastBank is a forum where users can add and share toasts. You can search through toasts that have been submitted and share the best ones with your friends over Facebook or Twitter.
Automagical.ly Automagical.ly
Automagical.ly is a free service that monitors stuff you're interested in and notifies you when things happen.
Muskie's Favourite Quotation Mashup Muskie's Favourite Quotation Mashup
A mashup displaying my collected favourite quotations and sourcing data from various APIs.
Posterizer Posterizer
Posterizer is the best way to show what movies you love. Create a virtual poster wall with posters from you favorite movies. Export your poster wall to an image, and make it your new desktop background or facebook cover!
LyricStatus LyricStatus
LyricStatus allows you to share your favorite lyrics with your Facebook friends. Simply highlight your favorite lines from a song and post straight to Facebook as a status. You can post lyrics to your own wall, or you can utilize the Facebook Graph API to post to your friends' wall.
Gym sq Gym sq
Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter mashup.
EmbedPlus - Chrome Browser Extension for YouTube EmbedPlus - Chrome Browser Extension for YouTube
EmbedPlus is like YouTube on steroids! More seriously, it's a free and unique companion for the YouTube videos you find across the web when browsing with Chrome. You can now watch a video with enhanced (DVD-like) playback, and afterwards, even go beyond just YouTube.com comments to engage in reactions from a growing list of active communities like Twitter, Reddit, and Google+.
mademyday.tv mademyday.tv
Collect and share all that makes your day fun and better.View daily best videos selected by You, your friends and others.
Twitea.me Twitea.me
Bring online services to people without mobile Internet acces. Using a simple text message, people can use Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo and more.
wordonthewire wordonthewire
wordonthewire serves up the latest results from a range of trending platforms based on a users single search query. It is intended mainly as a tool to get a quick, latest "scoop" on a topic, and be able to easily share the results. It picks up on your browsing language of choice, and serves up the results in that language, making it really universal (without having to have a unique URL for each language).It focuses on doing all of this one page, and has a responsive layout.
MoreDeets MoreDeets
Real-time, private communication from web users to you, from anywhere. No software required.
TagsInAction TagsInAction
In the beginning there was the hashtag and the hashtag was all over the web and the web was a hashtag... Use more hashtags!
LifeTweaker LifeTweaker
track, graph, tweak, find trends in your habits and share on facebook, twitter, etc. more 'input' APIs to follow
Wallpoper - Free Wallpapers Wallpoper - Free Wallpapers
Wallpoper simply described as high quality wallpapers database which is searchable by keyword, color and resolution. Wallpapers can be edited online. Wallpapers can be used for facebook timeline cover easily.
Magento Facebook App Magento Facebook App
The Magento Facebook app allows you to integrate social shopping via Facebook. Facebook marketing is the most preferred marketing strategy in social media. Every small/big online business makes use of Facebook advantage as it conveys word-of-mouth advertising resulting in effective business.
CampusMareNostrum CampusMareNostrum
The portal of the Inter-University Campus of Excelence of Murcia. The CMS made for this website integrate publication of videos, news, events, maps locations, audio files and images publishing directly in social sites : Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Flickr, etc.. all integrated in the same interface and included in the publishing workflow.
Emagister Symposium Emagister Symposium
Emagister Symposium is a new scientific and educational events portal licensed to different universities and educational and investigation centers.
Whilewairport Whilewairport
Who said that waiting at the airport should be an atomic bore? Nonsense. As long as you can use a service like WhileWairport, then waiting for your plane is going to be something productive. This service lets you get real-time information about flights and airlines directly on your mobile, and have that shared with all of your contacts on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Which means that if your plane is going to be late, then you’ll be able to let everybody know about such a thing without having to make a single call, or even send a single SMS. A simple social update will do. And the social scope of this service doesn’t stop at that. No, WhileWairport lets you meet up with people who are in the same airport that you find yourself in. You can look for people who share your same hobbies and interests, and have a much more pleasant wait if your flight’s been delayed. And WhileWairport is useful for finding people to share taxis with, too. Simply make it clear where it is you are supposed to get to, and if there’s any matches then the application will instantly let you know as much. WhileWairport.com In Their Own Words WhileWairport offers services to make the most of the time waiting at the airport. Some Questions About WhileWairport.com Based on the way people are using this service, which airports are the busiest in the world right now?
Rent Compass Facebook App Rent Compass Facebook App
The app allows users to search for rental apartments and houses right on Facebook. A combination of Google Map and Facebook API mashup allows users to search for rentals, share postings with friends, message them or simply chat to ask for opinion.
SimplySubscribe.Me SimplySubscribe.Me
Is it possible to subscribe to a newsletter in as little as one click? I say yes. Mailchimp users can now embed this widget onto their site to federate list signups using Oauth as well as the traditional signup form.
BookBargain BookBargain
Using API's to track prices of books and ebooks: Get best deals for your books and ebooks, in your currency and with shipping cost included. Manage your book’s shopping list and get notifications on price drops. Discover new books on the best sellers list. Find free ebooks.
Picomp'it Picomp'it
Picomp'it is a service to create and host a photo contest, set some options, add photos from social networks, share your contest and see vote's results!
kakao2 is weather map kakao2 is weather map
kakao2 is an interactive weather map that allows users to view cloud cover and weather updates by manipulating a map of Asia.
Chatwing Chatwing
Chatwing provides free live chat to any website or blog. Simply embed 2 lines of html code and you are live with a chat box. Deep Facebook and Twitter integration allows users to login with select accounts and also share directly from the chat to Facebook and Twitter with 1 click. Admins have the ability to delete chat messages in real-time and set banned word lists. Chatwing is a free chat widget that automatically brings an interactive element to any site in minutes.
Shark the Market Shark the Market
Shark the Market is an investor relations site using Twitter and Facebook.
Mapinterest Mapinterest
Mapinterest links Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube with Facebook Places. You follow people on Twitter, on Facebook you follow your friends, on Pinterest you follow topics and on Mapinterest you follow places.
SocialSearcher Android App SocialSearcher Android App
Android Application "Social Searcher" - Facebook Search Without Logging in. Make your keyword search around Facebook and find out what people are talking about now. Application supports all languages for searching. Social Searcher allows you to open links from search results in your Android web browser, sort search results by date/time, sort search results by number of “likes” and filter by country.
Kulisha Kulisha
The Kulisha mashup allows you to pin your social feeds with its proprietary social feed aggregation.
Send Photos To India Send Photos To India
YouSendPhotos.com provides online Digital Photo Print Services to Indian community all over the world to share their joys with their family members at cheaper rates. You just need to logon to your Facebook or even you can upload your pictures to yousendphotos.com website and then select your great pictures. Thats it, YouSendPhotos.com pick them from there, print in required format and Send Photo Prints to Your Home In India earlist possible. Yes, now with YouSendPhotos.com you can Send Quality Photos to India very easily from anyware and everywhere with affordable prices.
Yappoint Yappoint
Yappoint is a marketplace for local businesses to let their clients make their appointments online 24/7. Every kind of business relying on appointments can subscribe for FREE on yappoint.com, like hairdressers, estheticians, tennis-courts, real-estates and many more.. Check it out!
Earn/Learn Web Earn/Learn Web
Earn/Learn Web helps users find the best websites to earnl/learn. Sites range from best PayPerTask to best SellYourArt.
Orcheeder Orcheeder
Orcheeder is a social network for orchid lovers. The site includes pictures as well as any information you could ever need to know about orchids.