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Fitbit is a website that offers tools for users to track their personal data, such as weight, activity, total sleep, etc. Fitbit also offers an API for developers to use to create tools and application that access Fitbit services and data. Users can then authenticate an external website/application to use their Fitbit data, and use the external application to push data to Fitbit. The API is still being developed.
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  • MyFitnessPal is a health and fitness mobile application available in Apple iTunes and Google Play. At this point in time, the app needs access to contacts, calendar, location, camera, and Wi-Fi...
  • Lose It! is a mobile application related to weight loss available on Google Play and Apple iTunes. Besides identity, location, media, and camera, the app also needs access to In-app purchases. Once...
  • The Wokamon app combines the function of a pedometer with the engagement of a virtual pet. Every single step the user takes helps feed his or her little Wokamon friend. The more active a user is, the...
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Fitbit Java Source Code
The official Fitbit site, offers a Java library with its respective source code, useful to interact with the Fitbit API. Fitbit is a fitness and health service that tracks users' weight, activity, and sleep patterns. Before proceeding and planning, developers can ensure this is an active library, by contacting @fitbit
Fitbit Node.js Library by Guo Yu A Fitbit Node.js library by developer Guo Yu is available on Npm and Github. It contains simple...
Fitbit .NET Library by Aaron Coleman This is a .NET library for the Fitbit API developed by Aaron Coleman. Besides the library, the...
Fitbit Node.js Library by Lukas Olson Fitbit Node.js library by Lukas Olson. Available to make API calls to the Fitbit servers, once...
Python Fitbit This library provides information on using Python to interface with the Fitbit API.
FItbit PHP Library FitbitPHP library provides OAuth application workflow and session tracking between pages. The...
Fitgem The Fitgem library uses Ruby to send and retrieve workout and weight data from
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MyFitnessPal is a health and fitness mobile application available in Apple iTunes and Google Play. At this point in time, the app needs access to contacts, calendar, location, camera, and Wi-Fi information. Once installed, users have to sign up for access. Some of the question asked are related to weight goals, activity track, and personal details with the aim to offer a personalized fitness service.
Lose It! is a mobile application related to weight loss available on Google Play and Apple iTunes. Besides identity, location, media, and camera, the app also needs access to In-app purchases. Once installed, the app asks for user weight, followed by goal weight, gender, height, and weight plan.
The Wokamon app combines the function of a pedometer with the engagement of a virtual pet. Every single step the user takes helps feed his or her little Wokamon friend. The more active a user is, the more their Wokamons grow, with the idea being to help users stay motivated with their exercise. Essentially, the app is a pedometer and virtual pet mashup.
Designed for those who don't have time or simply don't want to log recurring activities, FitTap is a solution that lets customers log activities such as food & water intake, sleep, and weight changes. Users may do this by scanning custom NFC-tags with their NFC-enabled smartphone. To use this application, customers are required to purchase custom-made tags from the App Store.
By using the methodology described by John Walker in his book, The Hacker's Diet, TrendWeight acts as a weight trend analysis tool. Customers weigh themselves each day with either a FitBit Aria Scale or a Withings WiFi Scale, and TrendWeight will plot a moving average using their daily weight data. TrendWeight gives customers a better idea of their weight trend, enabling them to make better decisions about their diets and activities.
Sleep Debt
SleepDebt connects with a users' Fitbit to analyze their sleep data. With SleepDebt, customers will be able to set what time they want to wake up and how many hours of sleep they are aiming for per night. Using this information, SleepDebt will notify a user at what time they should go to sleep. The application connects with FitBit devices.
FitBolt is an application designed specifically for those that work in an office environment. Sitting at a desk for over 100 hours a week can lead to a lot of long term health issues, FitBolt was designed so that workers are able to do a little extra at their office space to make their workday a bit less stressful. FitBolt provides people with notifications and reminders throughout the workday with info or actions to better themselves with health, nutrition, exercise, stretches, wellness, and posture.
Weight can fluctuate depending on a person's activity and diets. It can be hard to predict how the body will react in certain scenarios. With that said, WeightGrapher is an application that reveals trends in the person's weight. It helps people reach their diet and exercise goals by enabling them to see past the daily ups and downs. Their motto is 'ignore the weight: follow the trend'.
Health Month, the game
Health Month is a monthly game that is concerned with making small improvements to a person's health, one month at a time. Health Month helps users take the science of nutrition and behavior change to combine it with social gaming tools. Customers get to personalize their own health-improvement rules with this game designed to make workouts fun.
Welly is a mobile application that provides users their very own companion creature that travels with them and tracks their steps with the Fitbit activity monitor. It is an interactive activity game that makes workout simple and fun.
Foodzy is a web and mobile application that helps users to learn about their food and eating habits. With Foodzy, customers are be able to access products locally available to them. Additionally, users are able to connect this application to their social networks to get connected with their friends to stay motivated. Users can also create and share their recipes with each other through the application.
FitDataSync is a free application that automatically syncs activities from the user's Garmin device with their Fitbit account. Therefore, with this app, customers do not need to carry their FitBit tracker with them everywhere they go. All information synced from the Garmin device will be displayed in FitBit dashboard. FitDataSync also automatically synchronizes Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale weight measurements to the user's Garmin Connect account.
With MoveMeFit, customers will be able to simple set fitness goals, workout together (virtually), and track progress. The mobile app provides users with instant access to hundreds of premium workout videos from professional fitness instructors. There is a wide variety of workout levels and types e.g. Cardio, Pilates, Yoga, Dance, and more.
EveryMove is a free web application for tracking fitness progress, motivating good workout habits, and helping to lead a healthy active lifestyle. EveryMove developers believe that "motivation is contagious, active people turn into leaders, and companies become partners in healthy living". Therefore, they create an application that does just that. People using EveryMove are intended to be more active, and others will learn about their experience and get inspired. It's a growing community formed by separate individuals and organizations.
MyNetDiary provides users with quick food and exercise tracking. MyNetDiary's database of over 620,000 foods is a great resource for customers when planning diets. There are forums where people talk about their success stories, and there are also blogs where people go to read about health issues and get educated on being healthy. Available on web, mobile, customers can have access to and use this application anywhere and at anytime. The MyNetDiary mashup deploys the FitBit, Withings, Jawbone Up, and MyNet Food Search APIs.
TicTrac is a web and mobile application that allows users to track their every activity by either syncing from other existing applications on their device, or by using available features on TicTrac. With TicTrac, customers will discover what works for them, and what makes them tick. FitTrack's goal is to help users to better understand their routines. The mashup deploys the FitBit, BBC, and Health 2.0 APIs.
FitStar is an application designed for iPads, and iPhones. With FitStar, customers will have a community of support, including access to workout sessions lead by the famous NFL All-Star Tony Gonzalez. Users of the application write about their experience on FitStar, to inspire others and to get inspired. FitStar helps customers to gather, access, and interact with their own data, by integrating with other popular applications.
Endomondo is a mobile application and website that helps users to stay motivated by making fitness fun. In addition to tracking workouts, this application also provides audio feedback along the way and offer guidance on how to reach fitness goals. It's like having a very own personal trainer, at no cost.
A web and mobile application that gives users insight to their heart, by tracking cardio exercise, daily activities, blood pressure, weight, and sleep patterns. Users of the application will have enough information about their own health to make informed decisions. This application also gives users the ability to design their own workout system in pursuing a better living style.
Complete, Connected & Comprehensive Health Management. Track user's Mood, Sleep, Pregnancy, Weight, Body Fat, Steps, Physical Activity, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Glucose, and Nutrition on iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. This application also allows users to track their activities, diet, schedules, and much more. It also has a feature for Pregnancy Management, where users can get educated on prenatal care, and for guidance in more complicated health condition.
Fitabase is a research platform that collects data from internet connected consumer devices. Fitabase is for anyone wanting to aggregate, analyze, and export data gathered from many device wearers. With this service, organizations will be able to safely gather and analyze their data for their business. Fitabase provides the customers with visual live data along with the ability to easily download and read their content in a standard spreadsheet format.
MapMyRun is an application that allows users to track their fitness activities using the built-in GPS of their mobile phones. Users of this application can save and upload their workout data to their MapMyRun account, where they can see the information in more details. Additionally, if the city is on the map of the application, runners will be able to search for, and compare different running routes.
Balance Rewards
Connected with the Walgreens Balance Rewards program, this fitbit application allow users to keep track of their activity to earn Walgreens points. With a 'steps' program, customers will be able to set goals and view progress of their activities, while earning reward points at Walgreens.
IFTTT Channel
IFTTT is a service that lets you create “if this then that” connections to automate interaction between Fitbit and over one hundred applications including Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Box, and Gmail. Users will be able to customize their own 'recipe', or plans, and/or use the existing recipes on the application. It is a way for people to make use of the internet and its ability to connect between different applications and channels.
SparkPeople is a free program that aims to help its members to transition its members from living on a diet to living a permanent healthy lives. At no charge, this program provides similar services comparing to other weight loss programs. Members will also have each other as a community for support.
Lose It!
Lose It! is a web and mobile application that helps users to customize a weight loss plan that fits their lifestyle. The application has many features, including but not limited to Fitness, Medical, Diet, Nutrition, and Body Measurements. The free version has limited features, while for an annual fee customers will be able to use all of the features available on Lose It!
CityStrides CityStrides
CityStrides gives you a street-level view of your running. ... Track your runs across the streets in your city to see how much you've completed and what's left to run. Can you run every street in your city? ... Track your shoes to see you how many miles they've got and what they're costing you per mile. ... Create & share routes to find new places to run, share your favorite runs, and compete against yourself and others in your city. ... Get detailed weather information for ALL of your runs - all the way back to the first run you ever tracked with RunKeeper. ... See how many steps you take during each run.
Fitbit Daemon Fitbit Daemon
Update your Fitbit with Twitter and Nike+ workouts. Receive statistics instantly.
Service that motivates and rewards people for being active.