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The Flickr API can be used to retrieve photos from the Flickr photo sharing service using a variety of feeds - public photos and videos, favorites, friends, group pools, discussions, and more. The API can also be used to upload photos and video.The Flickr API supports many protocols including REST, SOAP, XML-RPC. Responses can be formatted in XML, XML-RPC, JSON and PHP. Documentation is included for 14 API Kit libraries.
ActionScript, Cold Fusion, Common Lisp, cUrl, Delphi, Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, Python, REALbasic, Ruby
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API Key, OAuth
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  • Magic Mosaic provides a fast, user-friendly way to create photo mosaics built from photos in online web albums and photo galleries.
  • 55Photos is a website where users can explore, view, edit, manage, organize, transfer, download, and backup online photos, pictures, and images. 55Photos consumes image-related APIs to aggregate and...
  • is a web application developed by Pink Big Mac Media that lets users virtually explore different destinations around the world. Depending on the destination, the web application...
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Ethan Van den Berg Widgets


Flickr Shapefiles Demo

PicWash Photo Retouch Service

Flickr Mashup With uCoz


Jurgen Brandse Search The Web

My City Now


Eric Visser 44tips - your visual start page


Furthere, Your Twitter Driven Weblog



pwtempuser pwtempuser New York Pictures


Transmeet.Tv MusicMap


Rich Erwin PlaceMix


Wes Nolte Flickr Force

Mashup Arts

Nicolas Hoizey flickRate

News on Haiti


pwtempuser pwtempuser Ideum



pwtempuser pwtempuser Trends Buzz

Flickr search visualizer

Ted DRAKE Insider Arts

Ted DRAKE V3GGIE - Vegetarian Search Engine

Ted DRAKE Insider Food

Akama Music



Travel Mixed

Floreant POS Official Site



Flickr Spy

Lowlands Mashup




Sociotoco Search

Darren James Embeddable Google Map and Flickr Mashups

Marcelo Linhares - Everything about Soocer

Francois Lagunas Stupeflix TV


pwtempuser pwtempuser Northumberland Fold

pwtempuser pwtempuser Twitter Times

pwtempuser pwtempuser Snippee


pwtempuser pwtempuser Human Pets

pwtempuser pwtempuser Travel Guide




r8ar Twitter Trend Visualizer

TripSailor - Sailing Blogs, Yacht Charter Reviews, Sailing Adventures,


pwtempuser pwtempuser TicketStumbler Venue Pages

Picked Jobs

Street Traveler

Pavel Nooblast

Gaurav Mishra Best Dining

Pavel NY Times + Flickr

pwtempuser pwtempuser - The sounds of cities

Question Pile

Greg Tracy Flickr Widget Wizard
Photos of Life

pwtempuser pwtempuser 10 Camera

Joel #haiku
Biodiversity Taxonomic Catalogue

What's happening, London?


Follow the Music

pwtempuser pwtempuser Courts Of The World

Amplified Documents

pwtempuser pwtempuser Beds and Bedroom News

Mike Elness WhenDidYouJoin?

D.C. Historic Tours

pwtempuser pwtempuser MyPicsMap

Paul de Waal Africa Tourism Information Portal

Stars and Planetarium Search


where? what? when?



pwtempuser pwtempuser Creative Commons Car Pictures


Richard Cunningham Friendbinder

Fun Tourist Attractions


Birds of the World

John Caruso Infinite Monkey Comics



pwtempuser pwtempuser Neartime
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Easy and fun to search for video and images using Youtube and Flickr API.


Note: The Twitter Grader API is no longer available.

This profile is retained for historical purposes only.

Kukunu Kukunu
Kukunu is a new travel planning experience that simplifies the life of travellers around the world. Travelers can collaborate to create their itinerary then add transports, hotels, restaurants, activities and sights across the cities they plan to visit. Widgets Widgets
Takes all your favourite online information and displays in it one spot. Similar to igoogle or netvibes.
FlickrQ FlickrQ
FlickrQ allows you to queue up and schedule your uploads to Flickr. It is quick, simple and free.
Flickr Shapefiles Demo Flickr Shapefiles Demo
Demo of Flickr Shapefiles usage in Flash. Uses ModestMaps AS3 system for the web mapping together with Bing imagery. The source code is available in
PicWash Photo Retouch Service PicWash Photo Retouch Service
PicWash is a photo retouch service where real designers edit user photos starting at $7 each. We remove acne, whiten teeth, reduce wrinkles, facial shine, and more. Our service is connected to APIs of major photo storage and sharing sites.
Flickr Mashup With uCoz Flickr Mashup With uCoz
Add photos from Flickr to your uCoz site.
Oilaholic Oilaholic
Get Gulf oil spill updates and oil spill clean up news, see oil spill photos, watch oil spill videos, chat about oil spills and more at
Search The Web Search The Web
Search The Web is a mashup that makes searching the Web easier by combining the best search engines convert into one.
My City Now My City Now
Provides current News, Tweets, Pictures and Video from major cities in Canada. Currently sites available for Halifax, Hamilton, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. More cities to be added.
WippiW WippiW
WippiW is a French critic photo platform. It collects your photos from Flickr or Picasa to post them to the site and get critical feedback and advice from other members.
44tips - your visual start page 44tips - your visual start page
With you create a startpage with your favorite content. Import your photos, videos, music, bookmarks. View your favorite websites in one place. Discover similar content. Collect, save and share your content.
Geolover Geolover
Geolover is a tool for tourists and travelers. Build your own travel guide and take it with you. Combines APIs including Foursquare, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.
Furthere, Your Twitter Driven Weblog Furthere, Your Twitter Driven Weblog
Furthere takes your Tweets and turns them into a smooth, comprehensive Weblog. So just tweet as you always tweet and enrich and elaborate your Tweets from time to time or aggregate them together with those of your friends. Combines over 10 APIs.
Pictarine Pictarine
A social network to share photos. It collects automatically all your photos and contacts from Facebook, Flickr and Picasa and allows you to share your photos with your friends whatever their website is.
PhotoWorld PhotoWorld
A mashup using Google Maps and Flickr. Finds images taken from Canon cameras with geo-locations.
New York Pictures New York Pictures
A photo atlas of New York City created by a fusion of semantic web data, flickr photos, and crowdsourcing. Based on semantic GIS technology that can assign accurate geotags based on textual and other metdata.
Geoslideshow Geoslideshow
With Geoslideshow you can create trails of your travels using Google Maps and Flickr photos. Several Geoslideshows can be created: Static: a map with static photos, Dynamic: a map with more interactivity trough a slideshow, Google Maps, KML.
Transmeet.Tv MusicMap Transmeet.Tv MusicMap
MusicMap is a regional music events guide that uses google maps, youtube videos, flickr photos, pictures and text, facebook connect and makes a fusion of technology to produce a new kind of user experience.
bitPrompt bitPrompt
A repetitive learning tool for young minds ...and a refresher course for more refined minds.
PlaceMix PlaceMix
Travel search mashup portal that lets users track all the information about their favorite places. Also uses World66 open guide book and CIA Factbook maps. More on the way.
A pet site providing classifieds, adoptions, photos, videos, pricing info, breeder directories, shopping, breed information, and other useful tools for a healthy and happy relationship with your pet.
Flickr Force Flickr Force
A blog post and demo describing how to use web services from within Salesforce ( platform) to retrieve data from a third party (in this case Flickr) and render that data using jQuery.
Mashup Arts Mashup Arts
Create video and photo ecards. Lets you integrate community content from Facebook, Flickr Picasa, and YouTube. Collaborate with a social ecard.
flickRate flickRate
flickRate is an attempt to enhance Flickr's favorites system, by allowing users to rate photos on 3 topics: aesthetics, originality and fun.
News on Haiti News on Haiti
News about Haiti via Yahoo Pipes. Pulls data from Flickr, Yahoo Search and other APIs.
mapMyflickr mapMyflickr
mapMyflickr is a tool for showing photos from Flickr that have been geotagged by downloading a link to browse within Google Earth.
Ideum Ideum
The portfolio site of Ideum, an exhibit and Web design firm that specializes in multitouch and social media. Using WordPress and Flash.
tetonGeo tetonGeo
Locate geotagged Flickr images, Tweets, Foursquare tips and YouTube videos using custom controls on a Google map. Isolate by business, point of interest or intersection.
WeGooo WeGooo
WeGooo wants to help you live better in the city you’re in or the city you want to be in. It can put your finger on the pulse in each city to help you understand the spirit of the people who inhabit it. enjoy! Formerly called enjoyeverywhere.
Trends Buzz Trends Buzz
Most popular searches all over the Internet.
Flickr search visualizer Flickr search visualizer
Simple and intuitive search tool, allows displaying photo time and date taken in either a radial or standard X,Y axis plot.
Insider Arts Insider Arts
Art and history search engine based on Yahoo BOSS and powered by international museums.
V3GGIE - Vegetarian Search Engine V3GGIE - Vegetarian Search Engine
Vegetarian search engine based on Yahoo BOSS and more.
Insider Food Insider Food
Food search engine powered by local experts and bloggers.
Akama Music Akama Music
A mashup to enable users to access info, news and photos of a musician in one place, and access lyrics where applicable.
Tinkrbox Tinkrbox
Tinkrbox makes sense of internet hyperlinks by converting links to actual content so you can access the content right in your Tinkrbox.It also allows you to put together different types of media such that users can concurrently see and hear about a topic
TripMixx TripMixx
Travel search portal like iGoogle. Find flights, hotels, weather, maps, photos, videos, news and more. Now moved to
Travel Mixed Travel Mixed
Travel information from a variety of sources. Search for anywhere in the world and see maps, local sights and more.
Floreant POS Official Site Floreant POS Official Site
An open source free Java Point of Sale system for restaurants. To ensure fast development and scalability, Floreant POS used the Flickr API and Google Custom Search engine.
Photospots Photospots
A place for amateur photographers to share their favourite photography locations.
Find friends from your other social networks on Facebook and send them friend requests instantly!
Flickr Spy Flickr Spy
See live photo uploads on as they happen.
Lowlands Mashup Lowlands Mashup
Mashing all kinds of data sources together to create a new site with all user generated content of, in this case, A campingflight to Lowlands Festival, which is a big multiple day music festival in The Netherlands. Built together with VPRO/3voor12
flittr flittr
A visual social commentary using flickr and twitter.
A media observer for street art and graffiti. Integrates images and videos from Flickr, Photobucket, Vimeo, YouTube, Zoomr and other sites.
StumblePics StumblePics
StumblePics allows you to discover new pictures by stumbling upon them.
Sociotoco Search Sociotoco Search
Sociotoco Search helps you find online profiles in most commonly used social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook - all on one place. Embeddable Google Map and Flickr Mashups Embeddable Google Map and Flickr Mashups allows non-techie users to create fully customizable embeddable google maps of geocoded flickr photosets or search results. You can use it to create maps of your own photos, or other users. - Everything about Soocer - Everything about Soocer
Mashup containing extensive information on Brazilian soccer teams including Flickr photos, Twitter streams and YouTube videos.
Stupeflix TV Stupeflix TV
Stupeflix TV aggregates Flickr images and tweets to create a video. You can create your own channel by entering a Flickr query and a Twitter Query.
SparkStorm SparkStorm
Having a creative mental block? Don't worry, you've come to the right place. SparkStorm is an online tool based on two very common methods used to energize brainstorms: Random Word and Random Picture.
Northumberland Fold Northumberland Fold
Local news for Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada. Integrates local news sources with Flickr and Twitter activity in the area.
Twitter Times Twitter Times
Attempts to match currently trending Twitter topics with relevant images and news stories. Uses Twitter to get news, What the Trend to get them explained, Flickr to get the images, and Yahoo News for the news items.
Snippee Snippee
Snippee lets you read, share and discuss the news and social snippets from all the services you use.
Tupalo Tupalo
A social yellow pages services where you can discover, rate and review local businesses and services around the world. Find restaurants, bars, boutiques, salons and other businsses.
Human Pets Human Pets
Human Pets is a social site where veryone on Human Pets is an animal. You can be fed, combed, pet, taken on trips, nicknamed, and others. Travel Guide Travel Guide is a worldwide travel guide to help adventurous budget-travelers, backpackers, photographers, and vacationers plan their trips. Find the most popular places in the world, with detailed information.
GeoImpress GeoImpress
GeoImpress provides a completely new way to search for places all over the world. Integrates Google Maps, Flickr, and Twitter.
Tehpage Tehpage
Bringing you the hottest current pages from YouTube, Twitter, digg, Flickr, delicious, and Netflix.
Encontrado Encontrado
Spanish telephone directory featuring Google Maps, Flickr and Friend Connect.
r8ar Twitter Trend Visualizer r8ar Twitter Trend Visualizer
A trending tag visualization for Twitter and Flickr. Try out any tag you like by appending ?t=[twitter-tag]&f=[flickr-tag] to You may have seen this on the big screen at a Yahoo! Hack Day.
TripSailor -  Sailing Blogs, Yacht Charter Reviews, Sailing Adventures, TripSailor - Sailing Blogs, Yacht Charter Reviews, Sailing Adventures,
TripSailor is a community site for sailors and boaters. The site offers sailing blogs, yacht charter reviews and a marina directory
MyTag MyTag
A personalized cross-media folksonomy search engine.
TicketStumbler Venue Pages TicketStumbler Venue Pages
Get directions, find a great restaurant and grab a drink before you see your favorite team or artist.
Picked Jobs Picked Jobs
Job search site on Indeed's database. You can see search results on Google Maps. Related images from Flickr for search results. For each state you can see short summary from Freebase.
Street Traveler Street Traveler
Each post in Street Traveler represents a street scenery of a selected place in Google Street View. It is a place for you to hang around when you feel like to go somewhere. Virtually travel around the places we dream of is just a matter of time commitment
Nooblast Nooblast
Project picks the real-time data for two given keywords from public APIs and visualizes around the globe as "noo"-cloud, the size of which reflects event streams and shaped by geo data, building light abstract visual structures in space for each
Best Dining Best Dining
A local restaurant guide providing restaurant ratings, restaurant reviews, restaurant coupons, maps and a huge directory.
NY Times + Flickr NY Times + Flickr
Mashup screensaver shows the latest New York Times online news illustrated with current relevant crowd-sourced Flickr photos in real-time. And most times it is quite badass photo editor. - The sounds of cities - The sounds of cities
Listen to the sound of your favorite city on The music comes from SoundCloud and represents the most popular cities and their tracks. The images comes from flickr by a search for the city name as a tag.
Question Pile Question Pile
Question Pile is a collection of games based on information from Facebook and Flickr. The games include a challenging geography game, pick out the flickr photo that doesn't belong, How well do you know your Facebook friends and 4 others.
Flickr Widget Wizard Flickr Widget Wizard
A customizable mashup for others to extend. Each consumer of the wizard can supply a Flickr username and-or a Flickr tag that will be used to create a Flickr widget that streams photographs from Flickr.
Photos of Life Photos of Life
You can browse between living beings kingdoms and see word distributions and photos from Flickr. GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) provides taxonomy APIs and word distribution maps.
10 Camera 10 Camera
A real-time camera mashup. Shows the 10 most recent tweets from Twitter and pictures from Flickr about cameras. Gives an idea about the current news and events surrounding cameras.
#haiku #haiku
Parses #haiku on Twitter and matches the lines with photos from Flickr.
Biodiversity Taxonomic Catalogue Biodiversity Taxonomic Catalogue
A way to explore all life forms in a taxonomic way. Useful for students, scientists and curious people. Flickr and GBIF ( APIs.
What's happening, London? What's happening, London?
A dashboard on London today. A mashup of twitter messages, Flickr photos, Google Maps, and videos from YouTube.
Locago Locago
Locago is a mobile framework with an open API for third party content. GPS enable, turn-by-turn navigation, global map coverage and supported by 105+ different phone models. 45+ different content layers available in Locago.
Follow the Music Follow the Music
Find concerts from around the world, pictures, and discography for any musical artist or band.
Courts Of The World Courts Of The World
Courts Of The World (COTW) is a community for streetball players and basketball lovers. Find courts in your area with our court finder.
Amplified Documents Amplified Documents
This example uses Drupal and QueryPath along with several web services to transform a short piece of content into a portal's worth of media.
Beds and Bedroom News Beds and Bedroom News
A real-time list of the most recent tweets and Flickr photos concerning beds and bedrooms. More feeds to come.
WhenDidYouJoin? WhenDidYouJoin?
Enter your user ID for any of the supported web sites to look up the date you first joined, and shout it out on Twitter with our convenient tweet links. Or look up other users join dates.
D.C. Historic Tours D.C. Historic Tours
Deprecated is mashup that allows tourists to create tours of D.C. All of the data is pulled from D.C.'s government data feeds.
MyPicsMap MyPicsMap
A smart way to browse and locate Flickr images on a large map of the world. Cruise Flickr photos, tags and people based on geotagged location. Combines the power of Google maps along with Flickr.
Africa Tourism Information Portal Africa Tourism Information Portal
An interactive African tourist guide providing rich interactive content. Built using Microsoft Silverlight along with Google Maps.
Stars and Planetarium Search Stars and Planetarium Search
Get maps and information about your favorite stars, plus view maps. Get star, planetarium, and observatory information.
Trackle Trackle
A service that tracks your personalized information on the Web in one place. Using popularly tracked categories, Trackle keeps tabs on nearly everything in your life.
where? what? when? where? what? when?
Ever wondered where all your Flickr photos were, or how many places have photos tagged Paris? This app should answer all your questions.
jQueery jQueery
A mashup of mashups based on jQuery. An information portal using the best API's out there.
Flickrbook Flickrbook
Flickrbook lets you showcase your Flickr photos and sets on your Facebook profile. Plus, with Flickrbook, you can tag your Facebook friends on your Flickr photos and see photos of yourself tagged by your friends.
Creative Commons Car Pictures Creative Commons Car Pictures
A unique and scalable process was used to identify and find photographs of more than 1500 automobile models. Images are free to use under CC-BY or CC-BY-SA licenses. This site exports Linked Data using RDF-XML and the SIOC ontology.
Anyvite Anyvite
Anyvite is a straight-forward service for creating online invitations. Integrates APIs from Google Maps, Flickr, Plaxo, Twitter and YouTube.
Friendbinder Friendbinder
Friendbinder brings together your friends from different social networks. It lets you keep track of all your friends in one place, saving you time and lets you post updates.
Fun Tourist Attractions Fun Tourist Attractions
A showcase of the best travel attractions around the world with videos, maps, descriptions, recent blog posts and pictures for almost every attraction.
Nobosh Nobosh
News stories for everything from the latest current business news, tech news, health news, advertising news, and corporate blogs. All powered by nobosh's algorithms.
Birds of the World Birds of the World
Browse through birds of the world, categorized by continent and country. When you click a bird link, photos are retrieved from Flickr, and Wikipedia integration appears.
Infinite Monkey Comics Infinite Monkey Comics
Infinite Monkey Comics presents a random image from Flickr superimposed with some text off of Twitter, based on keywords of your choosing. Think of it like the Infinite Monkey Theorem, but instead of Shakespeare the monkeys are creating comics.
Klezio Klezio
Aggregate news from all around the web, provide related stories, wikinews, tags, wikipedia links, flickr photos , tweets and more...
TwitPickr TwitPickr
An easy way to upload your TwitPic images to Flickr. Uses APIs from Flickr, TwitPic and Twitter.