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The Flickr API can be used to retrieve photos from the Flickr photo sharing service using a variety of feeds - public photos and videos, favorites, friends, group pools, discussions, and more. The API can also be used to upload photos and video.The Flickr API supports many protocols including REST, SOAP, XML-RPC. Responses can be formatted in XML, XML-RPC, JSON and PHP. Documentation is included for 14 API Kit libraries.
ActionScript, Cold Fusion, Common Lisp, cUrl, Delphi, Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, Python, REALbasic, Ruby
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  • Nooblast is a visualization of real-time data from several APIs. It calculates the "network buzz" of two keywords and maps them on globes, creating noosphere clouds.
  • Holidayen is an intuitive, automated trip planner that helps travelers plan and book amazing, personalized holiday experiences in more than 300 destinations worldwide. It creates a customized...
  • leverages the Flickr, Twitter, Google Places and Wikipedia APIs to provide information for travel and tourism destinations.
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Developers (198)
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Andrey Markin Flash Gallery



Flickr Map

New Mexico Stories


Airplane Specifications, Photos, and Videos

Mike Darnell Headup

SXSW Artist Catalog

Tobias Wild Flickr pinboard



pwtempuser pwtempuser MashMeUp

Cameron Turner, CTO ConnectorLocal

Inauguration Scrapbook


Format Festival 09

Tomás Pollak Initt


Maikel Slidemap

pwtempuser pwtempuser boxee

Taras Novak Flickr Flip Book

Congress SpaceBook

pwtempuser pwtempuser Migratr


Ian Gilman Gimme Shiny

pwtempuser pwtempuser Phreetings App for Facebook

pwtempuser pwtempuser idiomag

Mountains of the world

Pokin GeckoGo


pwtempuser pwtempuser Smart Avia Pix

Feeling Lucky


John Wright AskJot

Fast Forward



pwtempuser pwtempuser SnapTweet

pwtempuser pwtempuser Kosmix


Taras Novak Flickorama: 3D Flickr Photoset Viewer


Nick Skelton Beardscratchers Compendium

pwtempuser pwtempuser FotoViewr

pwtempuser pwtempuser Leeloo Chat

Snapcasa and delicious Mashup

pwtempuser pwtempuser Jigsaw Break

Customize Travel Mashup

pwtempuser pwtempuser TuneChimp



pwtempuser pwtempuser VoxPix

Parametric Year



Must See India


Graffiti Nation


pwtempuser pwtempuser Sad Statements



Infused News

Martin Dudek similags


Second Thought


pwtempuser pwtempuser Socialthing

Jon Elliott digiPoem

myplaylist lyrics

MyPlaylist Slideshow



pwtempuser pwtempuser Lyrics Free Live

Arab Channel

Spot a Hotel

Wineries of Napa Valley


pwtempuser pwtempuser Muecs


Greg Tracy Flickr Scramble


pwtempuser pwtempuser Flickr Photo Rater

Steven Wood Tag Galaxy



pwtempuser pwtempuser Snaplickr

pwtempuser pwtempuser FotosCES

pwtempuser pwtempuser Flickr Video Browser


pwtempuser pwtempuser Custom Flickr Calendar

pwtempuser pwtempuser Molotron

pwtempuser pwtempuser Ipoki


Blog on a Map

pwtempuser pwtempuser Oamos


pwtempuser pwtempuser Animal Photos

pwtempuser pwtempuser Surf Search
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Easy and fun to search for video and images using Youtube and Flickr API.


Note: The Twitter Grader API is no longer available.
This profile is retained for historical purposes only.

Flash Gallery Flash Gallery
Create a slideshow on your site. Automatic slideshow generation, customizable design and other useful features.
Chromomulator Chromomulator
News, videos, and pics about each of the top 100 Google searches (given via Google Hot Trends). Updated several times daily.
An easy interface to search for Flickr images. Includes advanced options to search by license type or date posted.
Flickr Map Flickr Map
Explore everyone's photos on a map.
New Mexico Stories New Mexico Stories
A community site that encourages residents and New Mexico visitors to share their stories and experiences in the state. Some of the photographs and images that appear are from museums and cultural institutions.
flickrMobile flickrMobile
Flickr application for Microsoft Windows Mobile.
Airplane Specifications, Photos, and Videos Airplane Specifications, Photos, and Videos
Airplane specifications, photos, and videos. Combines Flickr, Freebase and YouTube.
Headup Headup
Headup is a Semantic Web Firefox addon that brings you content related to your interests, friends and contacts.
SXSW Artist Catalog SXSW Artist Catalog
A guide to the 1,200 artists that attending SXSW 2009.
Flickr pinboard Flickr pinboard
Watch Flickr photos on a virtual pinboard in your Web browser. You can zoom and arrange them with your mouse or play a quick puzzle.
Imaginalaxy Imaginalaxy
Photo sharing an enormous 2-d surface. GoogleMaps-style navigation. Place, arrange, rotate, re-size images to form photo collages. Edit images in real-time with friends. Share to Facebook, Myspace, and other services.
KwiClick KwiClick
KwiClick is a browser addon that enhances the way you view and retrieve information from your favorite services. KwiClick removes the need to open a new tab to get information from Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, FriendFeed and more.
MashMeUp MashMeUp
Creates a data-fused recommendation based on unstructured text, URLs, or other types of feeds. Also classifies Twitter unstructured information and maps the results across the twitter-verse, applying meaning to twitter or "tweaning".
ConnectorLocal ConnectorLocal
By finding the best sources for local information then combining that with new user-generated content from your neighbors, friends and family, enables hyper-localized commerce, tourism and entertainment. It's What the Locals Know.
Inauguration Scrapbook Inauguration Scrapbook
It was built over a couple of days right after the inauguration by a group of Obama supporters. Millions of people wished to make it to D.C. but were unable. Now, anyone can share, view, and vote on images capturing that special series of days.
MashGet MashGet
News from around the Web that provides related stories, videos, tweets, and photos on a single page.
Format Festival 09 Format Festival 09
Part of the FORMAT Festival is a Flash App, PHOTOCINEMA, integrated with Flickr. Displays photo submissions from users around the world.
Initt Initt
Initt is a simple start page created for spanish-speaking countries.
Compfight Compfight
Find images for comps, research or inspiration.
Slidemap Slidemap
A site devoted to photos from around the world.
boxee boxee
Boxee is an open, social media center for Mac os x and Linux that is a fork of Open Source XBMC media center software. It integrates various APIs including ffwd,, and flickr.
Flickr Flip Book Flickr Flip Book
View Flickr photos Photo Album style. Photo details include description, tags, and comments. Use the arrow keys to flip through photos and spacebar to zoom in-out. Also includes slideshow playback and Search by Tag via Photo and Album tag clouds.
Congress SpaceBook Congress SpaceBook
A mashup developed to emulate a social networking platform for Congress. It uses over 10 APIs and links to: news, blogs, comments, bio information, voting records, campaign finance and more. PHP source code available.
Migratr Migratr
Migratr is a desktop application which moves photos between popular photo sharing services. Migrates your metadata, including titles, tags, descriptions and album org. Services supported: Flickr, Faces, Picasa, Phanfare, Zenfolio Zooomr and others.
qFlick qFlick
COOLIRIS + Flickr = The best way to search for images online. Formerly called CoolFlick
Gimme Shiny Gimme Shiny
Gimme Shiny is a JavaScript slideshow of the most popular images today from Flickr and deviantART, as well as the most recent images on FFFFOUND.
Phreetings App for Facebook Phreetings App for Facebook
Make photo and video e-greetings using Flickr and YouTube content: search, drag and drop, type message and Send.
idiomag idiomag
A personalized content channel, currently focused on music. It creates a mashup magazine with news, reviews, videos, and images all based on your own music taste. Uses over 9 different APIs.
Mountains of the world Mountains of the world
Browse through all the mountains of the world categorized by continent, country. The mountain coordinates are mapped in Google maps, along with photos got from flickr. Provision is given to visit the details about the mountain in Wikipedia from the Map
GeckoGo GeckoGo
Travel planning site for independent travelers integrating Google Maps, Flickr, and various social networks for photo albums, trip planning, blogging and guide browsing.
spy spy
spy :: visualizes the conversations on Twitter, Friendfeed, Flickr, Blogs and more. spy can listen in on the social media conversations you're interested in.
Smart Avia Pix Smart Avia Pix
Displays information on different types of aircraft including manufacturer, date of the first flight and other information. Uses Flickr API to search and display aircraft photos.
Feeling Lucky Feeling Lucky
Get random images from a Flickr group of your choosing. Good for use in other mashups, websites or just for browsing. Mashup using Google App Engine and Flickr.
Shahi Shahi
Shahi is a visual dictionary that combines Wiktionary content with Flickr and other images.
AskJot AskJot
AskJot is a tool for analyzing web pages for keywords. Use its page analysis to find keyword links to custom search results pages that search multiple services at once for that keyword.
Fast Forward Fast Forward
Add a Fast Forward button to your browser. Pressing it forwards you to the top page people visited next. It is like Amazon recommendations for webpages. We mash up attention data to figure out what is popular on the Internet.
Deprecated is a flatsharing application for London, it currently uses the GoogleMaps API and the Yahoo Geocoding API to help display available flatsahres on a map as well as Google local search to bring the area local to a flatshare to life.
ChaMap ChaMap
Chat on Google Maps and Language API. And talk with people all over the world by a real-time translation. In addition, the message is read out in English.
SnapTweet SnapTweet
Mashup to easily share your Flickr photos on Twitter.
Kosmix Kosmix
Kosmix scours the Web to automatically generate home pages for any topic.
Pixelpipe Pixelpipe
A federated media upload platform supporting a multitude of both output and input APIs, providers, protocols and applications.
Flickorama: 3D Flickr Photoset Viewer Flickorama: 3D Flickr Photoset Viewer
Search and view Flickr photoset slideshows in cool 3D layouts: Cover Flow, Carousel, Grid, Spiral, Roller Coaster, and Time Machine. Powered by OpenFlux 3D, aka PlexiGlass. Includes large photo view, full screen mode, thumbnail strip and photo shuffling.
Gridpop Gridpop
Gridpop is a social travel app that aims to help you discover new travel destinations and share trip ideas by remixing each others travel plans and user reviews.
Beardscratchers Compendium Beardscratchers Compendium
A music-based mashup that connects and filters disparate music metadata from across the Web, with an aim towards accuracy and focus on the music. Combines many different APIs from YouTube to
FotoViewr FotoViewr
A 3D slideshow and photo gallery widget for your Flickr and Smugmug photos. Also available in Facebook, iGoogle, and WordPress plugins
Leeloo Chat Leeloo Chat
A discussion and chat site that supports user profiles with Flickr and Picasa web albums. Includes rich-text messaging with images, public and private chats, nickname detection and filtering by topic.
Snapcasa and delicious Mashup Snapcasa and delicious Mashup
Uses PHP and xslt to transform RSS feeds from Flickr into thumbnailed HTML pages. See demo and download code to run it on your own site.
Jigsaw Break Jigsaw Break
If you solve a lot of jigsaw puzzles: no problem, just search for a topic and convert the images from Google and Flickr into jigsaw puzzles in less than 10 seconds or your money guaranteed. Just kidding, it is a free service. Unlimited jigsaws.
Customize Travel Mashup Customize Travel Mashup
A customized travel mashup to search any city and fetch photos, videos, map locations, and wiki articles about that location.
TuneChimp TuneChimp
TuneChimp lets you discover the best music from any artist: Listen to top tracks, learn more about them through videos, photos, bios, news, and lyrics. This mashup uses APIs including Yahoo Boss, and Flickr.
Kaleidoscopr Kaleidoscopr
Kaleidoscopr lets you create a simple kaleidoscope effect with images on flickr. Browse through images, play around with them and have fun.
Soundpushr Soundpushr
Pick and collect items while surfing through artists, YouTube videos, Flickr shots and Amazon albums.
VoxPix VoxPix
VoxPix lets you build a slide show with voice narration. Take pictures directly from your favorite photo hosting site then add voice through your phone. Uses APIs from Flickr, Photobucket, MySpace, Bebo and Facebook
Parametric Year Parametric Year
New year's greetings using the Flickr API.
A personalized information portal from Mauritius Island which integrates Flickr and
Journeys Journeys
A casual virtual world based on real travel, mashing maps, picture and social data.
Must See India Must See India
Must See India is a free trip planning and travel sharing website. It provides photos and maps of tourist destinations in India by integrating with flickr and google maps. One can also share travel experiences by importing their existing travel blogs.
seekng seekng
A swarm of memes, collected via a variety of inputs, presented as news, or search, or bookmarks, or image walls. A work in progress, representing both memetic and swarming APIs, to span many sites.
Graffiti Nation Graffiti Nation
A Graffiti Mashup that gathers News, Images, Movies, and Events using APIs from Eventful, Flickr and YouTube.
ZiiTrend ZiiTrend
A social network where users can predict the future together by sharing information and opinions. See if the ZiiTrend community can predict the future better than any individual.
Sad Statements Sad Statements
Sad tweets are grabbed from Twitter and illustrated via pictures from Flickr. Sometimes the pictures and the text are not a perfect match. Other times the matches seem profound.
SakMap SakMap
SakMap is the Swiss army knife of Maps. It has a built in local services search with data available for each US city the ArcGIS geocoder identifies such as weather, photos, videos, imaging, news, wikipedia and more.
SocialOyster SocialOyster
Create an Oysterpass. Your Oysterpass will show your social activities at the internet. Search on different applications. Follow your friends live at your Oysterline
Infused News Infused News
The aim is to integrate user-submitted, multimedia elements into existing news stories. In order to investigate whether the use of multiple sources gives the news story a more balanced, honest and up-to-date view of the news story.
similags similags
This experiment is about relating or user to each other based on usage of similar tags.
Interceder Interceder
Search the latest news, videos, and photos.
Second Thought Second Thought
Second thought is a dynamic image and text composition. You can choose any words to change the picture or the word. Uses APIs from Flickr, Summize and Twitter.
ePassport ePassport
ePassport is numeric passport generated with results from Google search, Ziki, Google images, Twitter, and Flickr.
Socialthing Socialthing
See everything that's going on with your friends in the sites you use. See where you're missing connections with your friends, interact with multiple sites at once. Uses a variety of APIs including Brightkite, Flickr, and Twitter.
digiPoem digiPoem
digiPoem generates simple visual embellishment of poetry and other text sources using image tagging on Flickr.
myplaylist lyrics myplaylist lyrics
Myplaylist provides lyrics along with the accompanying music and pictures.
MyPlaylist Slideshow MyPlaylist Slideshow
Builds image slideshows along with music, using all the pictures and music that can be found for that artist. Login and build specific playlists, selecting more carefully.
Mashup with information on over 100,000 cities, towns, and places around the world.
Swurl Swurl
Swurl is a place to bring all the things you do online together to share in a blog-like format. Uses over 13 different APIs.
Lyrics Free Live Lyrics Free Live
Searches videos, pictures, and lyrics.
Arab Channel Arab Channel
Arabic entertainment website. Integrates photos from Flickr and videos from YouTube.
Spot a Hotel Spot a Hotel
Search and booking of about 100,000 hotels worldwide. Hotels are retrieved and combined through 7 independent hotel providers. XML services provided by Flickr, Panoramio, YouTube, WeatherBug, Google and more. A fast and modern hotel booking application.
Wineries of Napa Valley Wineries of Napa Valley
A mashup of Napa Valley wineries using Google Maps and Flickr.
freshMoo freshMoo
freshmoo gets you info, plot, and trailers for any movie you want. Integrates YouTube, Yahoo Search and Flickr.
Muecs Muecs
Aggregates favorites or uploaded items from popular web sites including digg, Flickr,, Twitter and Youtube.
Tickr Tickr
Takes Flickr + Google Maps + Dipity and lets users see when and where images for a given keyword, tag or Flickr user were taken. Save your search and embed it in your blog or social network.
Flickr Scramble Flickr Scramble
A photo puzzle game that integrates photos from Flickr. This game was built using the sharendipity platform.
TopicTastic TopicTastic
Deprecated is a platform for serving topic-focused websites. Integrates APIs including Flickr and YouTube.
Flickr Photo Rater Flickr Photo Rater
A mashup for rating photos on Flickr.
Tag Galaxy Tag Galaxy
An application that uses Flash to explore Flickr photos via virtual 3D planetary systems. Enter a tag, and the related galaxy appears on screen. When you click on a sun, the images are placed on a 3D rotating globe.
ApiTickr ApiTickr
Collection of widgets for different APIs that can be embedded.
SpyTickr SpyTickr
SpyTickr spys on Twitter, Flickr, Photobucket,, LinkedIn, Jaiku and YouTube in realtime.
Snaplickr Snaplickr
Snaplickr is a Flickr photos search tool and social utility. Users can bookmark favorite photos and leave comments for others. Rich Flash based UI.
FotosCES FotosCES
Simple new interface for Flickr albums with a Blogger blog.
Flickr Video Browser Flickr Video Browser
Mashup that uses the new Flickr API video features to let you browse the newest videos on Flickr.
SmartTickr SmartTickr is a realtime Ajax Reader for RSS-Feeds, Twitter, Flicker, MySpace, Facebook,, LinkedIn, Ebay, YouTube, Jaiku and
Custom Flickr Calendar Custom Flickr Calendar
Create an advanced photo calendar with your Flickr photos. It is easy to use, and there are many templates to choose from.
Molotron Molotron
A simple mashup showing interesting Flickr photos.
Ipoki Ipoki
A GPS-based social network that allows people to share geolocation data using a small application installed in their mobile devices. Follow in Google Earth real-time, send photos to Flickr, map to blogs, and more.
BuddyBlend BuddyBlend
BuddyBlend is a way to easily get all of your friends activities in one location without logging into a bunch of different Social Networks or making friends with people all over again.
Blog on a Map Blog on a Map
SadakMap has developed a framework that allows blogging on the backdrop of a Map. Built on top of Google Maps and is integrated with Facebook and Flickr.
Oamos Oamos
Oamos pings search engines for up-to-date news, images, synonyms, music, and videos in relation to your topics. Meta-inspiratios engine.
Flicks Flicks
A mashup of Google Maps and Flickr's hosted videos.
Animal Photos Animal Photos
A large and growing collection of Creative Commons animal photographs selected from Flickr.
Surf Search Surf Search
General purpose search mashup that searches video, news, and photos.