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The Flickr API can be used to retrieve photos from the Flickr photo sharing service using a variety of feeds - public photos and videos, favorites, friends, group pools, discussions, and more. The API can also be used to upload photos and video.The Flickr API supports many protocols including REST, SOAP, XML-RPC. Responses can be formatted in XML, XML-RPC, JSON and PHP. Documentation is included for 14 API Kit libraries.
ActionScript, Cold Fusion, Common Lisp, cUrl, Delphi, Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, Python, REALbasic, Ruby
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  • Magic Mosaic provides a fast, user-friendly way to create photo mosaics built from photos in online web albums and photo galleries.
  • 55Photos is a website where users can explore, view, edit, manage, organize, transfer, download, and backup online photos, pictures, and images. 55Photos consumes image-related APIs to aggregate and...
  • is a web application developed by Pink Big Mac Media that lets users virtually explore different destinations around the world. Depending on the destination, the web application...
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Nicolas Hoizey flickRate

pwtempuser pwtempuser TWOCrowds

pwtempuser pwtempuser UK Local Knowledge

pwtempuser pwtempuser FlickrFling

pwtempuser pwtempuser buddyPing

pwtempuser pwtempuser PictureSync

pwtempuser pwtempuser fastr

pwtempuser pwtempuser Mappr

pwtempuser pwtempuser flAppr

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser Flyr

pwtempuser pwtempuser Spell with Flickr

pwtempuser pwtempuser Tagnautica

pwtempuser pwtempuser Flickr Related Tag Browser

pwtempuser pwtempuser retrievr - search by sketch


pwtempuser pwtempuser Global Coordinate

pwtempuser pwtempuser Mood-O-Matic

pwtempuser pwtempuser Gnosh

pwtempuser pwtempuser eGoWalk

pwtempuser pwtempuser Flickrmap

pwtempuser pwtempuser iamcaltrain

pwtempuser pwtempuser Ski Bonk

pwtempuser pwtempuser Taglines

pwtempuser pwtempuser alkemis local nyc

pwtempuser pwtempuser Elicit

pwtempuser pwtempuser Daily Mashup

pwtempuser pwtempuser Flickr Montagr

pwtempuser pwtempuser Adactio Elsewhere

pwtempuser pwtempuser Flitter

pwtempuser pwtempuser Flickr/Tivo

pwtempuser pwtempuser Flickr Screensaver WinXP

pwtempuser pwtempuser flickr graph
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Easy and fun to search for video and images using Youtube and Flickr API.


Note: The Twitter Grader API is no longer available.

This profile is retained for historical purposes only.

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LfVr LfVr
A lightweight Flickr viewer. You can search and browse photos by users, contacts, photosets, tags, or groups. If the photo is geotagged, it can also be mapped.
flickRate flickRate
An enhanced favorites for Flickr by Nicolas Hoizey. Rate photos by aesthetics, originality, fun and notes from 1, very bad, to 5, excellent, using a bookmarklet, Firefox extension or Greasemonkey script.
TWOCrowds TWOCrowds
Share your predictions with the world and see how many others are of a similar mind and what they, in turn, predict will happen.
UK Local Knowledge UK Local Knowledge
Good UK mashup displaying data from BBC travel news, BBC London traffic cams, local weather, geotagged Flickr photos and UK Gatso speed camera. By Dom Ramsey.
FlickrFling FlickrFling
Innovative prototype for exploring Flickr photos. Point the application at a feed, like CNN, it then renders the news in photos by matching tagged photos to words from the news.
buddyPing buddyPing
A mashup of Flickr, and Google Maps allowing people to shoot, tag, geotag and publish pictures from their mobile phone. Note that page is slow load.
PictureSync PictureSync
Mac desktop application for batch uploading of files to various photo services including Flickr, Smugmug, and Textamerica.
fastr fastr
A very fun Flickr game in which you view a set of ten images and try to guess the common tag. Time based scoring.
Mappr Mappr
A visually rich interactive Flash tool for exploring place based on the geotagged photos at Flickr. Search by user, tag and collection.
flAppr flAppr
An nice explorative Flash-based interface into Flickr photos. With tag search, interestingness sorting, user tabs, and related tags.
An experimental discovery tool that searches tags from various social network-type sites including Flickr, Technorati, and Upcoming.
Flyr Flyr
Search Flickr for geotagged photos and then plot them on a Google Map. Nice nested map-within-a-map.
Spell with Flickr Spell with Flickr
Type a word or phrase into this fun Flickr application and it will return a set of images spelling-out that word, ransom-note style.
Tagnautica Tagnautica
Experimental navigation tool for exploring the space of related Flickr tags. Type in one start tag and dive into tag space. Requires Flash 8.
Flickr Related Tag Browser Flickr Related Tag Browser
Nice search and visualization tool that lets you surf Flickr's tag space. Flickr tags are keywords used to classify images. Related tags shown based on clustered usage analysis.
retrievr - search by sketch retrievr - search by sketch
retrievr is an experimental service which lets you search and explore in a selection of Flickr images by drawing a rough sketch. Very interesting.
Baebo Baebo
Browse, search and purchase products from Amazon's entire product catalog, compare them against eBay listings and Yahoo! shopping. Get via RSS feed or WML on Blackberry.
Global Coordinate Global Coordinate
Mix and match news, weather, NASA satellite pix, Flickr images and other datasources on a Google maps background. Good map UI and useful data.
Mood-O-Matic Mood-O-Matic
Updates the Skype mood field with stuff from Flickr, RSS feeds etc.
Gnosh Gnosh
Meta search tool from a group of students at Allegheny College. Results from many search engines and social services.
eGoWalk eGoWalk
Flickr photos + Yahoo! Maps. Click on a city to see your Flickr contacts and then hover over icons to get details.
Flickrmap Flickrmap
Deprecated is a web service that allows you to put a flash based world map on your own website or blog. It searchs your Flickr photos and plots the ones tagged with places, with EXIF or geotagged.
iamcaltrain iamcaltrain
Good use of Yahoo! Maps + Flickr to show CalTrain route and schedule data with station photos.
Ski Bonk Ski Bonk
View real-time ski conditions for ski resorts all over the world on Google Map along with webcams, resort information, trail maps and weather forecasts. Snowcast feature predicts which resorts will have the best snowfall in next 24 hours.
Taglines Taglines
Search mashup combining multiple services include news and images. Tag cloud has dynamic Ajax-style pop-up with embedded searching.
alkemis local nyc alkemis local nyc
NYC Live Traffic Cams, Yahoo Traffic News, Flickr images, links, and A9 Blockview Photos.
Elicit Elicit
Desktop Blog Client that integrates many RSS and Web Services for creating blog content.
Daily Mashup Daily Mashup
Combines popular items from Flickr,, furl, and Yahoo News.
Flickr Montagr Flickr Montagr
Automated photo mosaics using Flickr
Adactio Elsewhere Adactio Elsewhere
Jeremy Keith combines a variety of personal information from across the web in one place via Ajax scripting and the APIs from, Flickr, Amazon, and
Flitter Flitter
Mashup of Amazon (for album/book details), Audioscrobbler (for related artists), Flickr (for tagged photos), (for tagged links), Blogdigger (for media files) and Feedster (for matching weblog posts).
Flickr/Tivo Flickr/Tivo
Display flickr photos for your Tivo
Flickr Screensaver WinXP Flickr Screensaver WinXP
Flickr screensaver for Windows XP
flickr graph flickr graph
Social network visualization using Flickr API.