foursquare API

The foursquare APIs, currently in V2, grant access to the company's database of locations as well as information on venue check in's. The APIs are: The Core API, Real-time API, Merchant Platform, Venues Platform. The APIs are RESTful and support XML, JSON, JSONP.

foursquare makes the real world easier to use. We build tools that help you keep up with friends, discover what's nearby, save money and unlock deals. Whether you're setting off on a trip around the world, coordinating a night out with friends, or trying to pick out the best dish at your local restaurant, foursquare is the perfect companion.
Mapping, Mobile, Photos, Search
PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, Java
OAuth 2
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  • Coopcities uses mainly the Foursquare API to provide improved interface, specially to desktop users. It offers more than Foursquare default 30 results with pagination, one click access to all...
  • collects reviews and ratings on tourist destinations, activities, adventures, restaurants, and more from thousands of locations across the globe, and presents them to travelers in an...
  • WunderWalk is a web application that enables users to search for places of interest in urban settings. Users are able to customize and share their trips with others.
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foursquare for webos source code
Foursquare Ruby Merchant Library by Tim Olshansky This unofficial library in Ruby language supports the Foursquare Merchant API. It aims to...
Foursquare Go Library by Yamil Asusta The foursquare Go library by Yamil Asusta interacts with the API functionalities such as venues,...
FourSquare Networking Library by FourSquare The FourSquare Networking Library by FourSquare (FSN) is a small library for HTTP networking on iOS...
Foursquare PHP Library foursquare-api-client The foursquare-api-client is a library for accessing the Foursquare API from PHP code. It can be...
FourSquare .NET SDK by TICLAB The SharpSquare .NET is a third party SDK that offers a simplified access to the FourSquare API. It...
Foursquare PERL Wrapper WWW::Foursquare WWW::Foursquare is a wrapper for the Foursquare API written in PERL. It allows users to connect...
Foursquare .NET SDK Citrius.Owin.Security.Foursquare Citrius.Owin.Security.Foursquare is a .NET library that provides login authentication via...
SharpSquare .NET Foursquare SDK SharpSquare is an SDK for integrating the Foursquare API v2 into .NET applications. The SDK...
ActionScript Foursquare Library The AS3 library for foursquare allows developers to access the Foursquare API using ActionScript....
Foursquare Webshell JavaScript Library The Foursquare library hosted on Webshell allows users to access the Foursquare API from JavaScript...
Marelle JavaScript Foursquare Client Marelle is a client library for accessing the Foursquare API from JavaScript code. This library was...
Foursquare Node.js Wrapper node-foursquare is a fault-tolerant Node.js wrapper for the Foursquare API v2. If necessary, it can...
foursquarevenues foursquarevenues is a simple module for accessing the Foursquare API. This module is offered under...
EasyFoursquare4Android EasyFoursquare4Android is a library that lets users issue calls to the Foursquare API from Android...
foursquare-api-java foursquare-api-java is a library for implementing the Foursquare API in Java code. This is the...
FourSquareKit FourSquareKit is an unofficial iOS SDK for interacting with the Foursquare API in Objective-C. The...
foursquare-ios-api foursquare-ios-api is an Objective-C wrapper that allows users to integrate version 2 of the...
Foursquare API v2 For iOS Foursquare API v2 For iOS is a library for interacting with the Foursquare API. It includes a built...
PyFoursquare PyFoursquare is an unofficial library for accessing the Foursquare API from Python code. An example...
Python Foursquare V2 Library The Python Foursquare V2 Library is a wrapper for version 2 of the Foursquare API. It provides...
foursquare-api-client The foursquare-api-client is a library that allows users to interact with the Foursquare API using...
php-foursquare php-foursquare is a simple PHP library for accessing version 2 of the Foursquare API. It is...
foursquare-php foursquare-php is a PHP client for accessing the Foursquare API. The client can only be installed...
fourmer fourmer is an unofficial Ruby wrapper for the Foursquare API designed to make it easier for users...
Skittles Skittles is a Ruby client library for version 2 of the Foursquare API. Detailed documentation and...
foursquare2 foursquare2 is a Ruby wrapper for version 2 of the Foursquare API. Users will need to implement the...
Scribe Java Scribe Java is a code library that enables developers to interact with the LinkedIn OAuth API. It...
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Ryan W PlaceSignal


pwtempuser pwtempuser Map of the Dead

Geo Location Atlas

Thomas Hunsaker Rápido

pwtempuser pwtempuser Loo Review

pwtempuser pwtempuser HangoutLater

dr. Nescio


Checkin Cashin


Healthy Lemur

Mike Borozdin National VIP

Joseph Russell Fourpocalypse Now

Travel the World!

Furkot - free online road trip planner

pwtempuser pwtempuser Hands Up

Ricky Robinett ImmaBeHungover


pwtempuser pwtempuser LampSquare

We-Wired Web



William Cheung Pub Crawl


pwtempuser pwtempuser IN-THE-HEAT



pwtempuser pwtempuser Symbyoz

Starbucks Digital Network

pwtempuser pwtempuser Sightsmap


pwtempuser pwtempuser Ness Dining Guide

pwtempuser pwtempuser Localmind

pwtempuser pwtempuser Hipster

pwtempuser pwtempuser Crowdbeacon

pwtempuser pwtempuser Loqly

pwtempuser pwtempuser Soundtracking

pwtempuser pwtempuser LocalUncle

pwtempuser pwtempuser Matchbook


pwtempuser pwtempuser wahili

pwtempuser pwtempuser foursquare for webos

pwtempuser pwtempuser Timehop

pwtempuser pwtempuser YouCheckins

pwtempuser pwtempuser GoCrowdless

pwtempuser pwtempuser AMEE Location Footprinter

Dave Schappell OnTheWay

pwtempuser pwtempuser Auto4Sq

pwtempuser pwtempuser PathCrosser

pwtempuser pwtempuser Poorsquare

pwtempuser pwtempuser Wander Mapper

pwtempuser pwtempuser SportShadow


Vegas Vision

Life Stream


James Chevalier Little Corner


jQuery Lifestream

pwtempuser pwtempuser Toronto Trending

DoAt (do@)

pwtempuser pwtempuser square-anoia

Rakshith Krishnappa Foursquare Check-in Deals

Free Around



pwtempuser pwtempuser Memolane

Tuyen Nguyen Journamatic

Daniel Luxemburg Mayorama

pwtempuser pwtempuser NodeNock




Ethan Van den Berg Maps Shown To Me

pwtempuser pwtempuser Forumsquare


CartoLogic Google Maps Demo

CartoLogic OpenLayers Demo

CartoLogic Google Earth Demo


Francisco González Real-Time Foursquare Check-ins Map



Social Map of California Colleges & Universities


pwtempuser pwtempuser Proximity Checkin

The TurnSocial bar

pwtempuser pwtempuser My Foursquare

pwtempuser pwtempuser FourSquare Visualization

Rakshith Krishnappa MisoTrendy

NiteFly: The Future of Nightlife

Singles For Foursquare

pwtempuser pwtempuser geosay - super local information

Square Grader

pwtempuser pwtempuser City Warfare


Ted spiggler: Tweets on Streets
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Coopcities uses mainly the Foursquare API to provide improved interface, specially to desktop users. It offers more than Foursquare default 30 results with pagination, one click access to all available categories, breadcrumb navigation (increased privacy, and other features.
TripFELT collects reviews and ratings on tourist destinations, activities, adventures, restaurants, and more from thousands of locations across the globe, and presents them to travelers in an appealing and intuitive way. The site is also filterable by type of activity, such as Food, Drinks, Coffee, Shops, Arts, Outdoors, Hotels, etc. The mashups consumes Google Maps, Youtube, Facebook, foursquare and additional APIs.
WunderWalk is a web application that enables users to search for places of interest in urban settings. Users are able to customize and share their trips with others.
Places Near Me
Places Near Me is a web application that takes a user's location and locates nearby services. Types of places include gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals.
pinkbigmac is a web application developed by Pink Big Mac Media that lets users virtually explore different destinations around the world. Depending on the destination, the web application supplies pictures and information on the historical background, significance, popularity, and more.
WhatWine is a mobile application that acts as a personal sommelier to those that love to pair wine with their meal. This application helps customers to quickly choose an appropriate type of wine to pair with their meal, turning even the layman into a wine expert.
PlaceSignal PlaceSignal
Track the most popular places in a city near you
This mashup displays a map of playgrounds in japan.
Map of the Dead Map of the Dead
Worried about a zombie attack? This tool helps mitigate those fears by providing survivalists with resources to find refuge. Check it out and try to survive.
Geo Location Atlas
Once visited, you can see nice OVI map of place based on ISP of yours with clickable foursquare places to explore. Plus current weather and forecast displayed. Just below the map you can see latest tweets from location (refresh tweets works too as well as located news feed). Little magic thing happens when a place name (or address/city) entered instead of detected IP. For example Sherlock Holmes Museum - to see what's up at Baker Street -> OK. Know the place and want to refresh memories? Or wanna check views of where never was before? Look, geo photos from flickr and instagram are on the right... Click for the picture full details or browse for next. Previous tweets from specified location (as far as available) are reachable. These tweets location radius is adjustable as well (to investigate the exact place or wider range). One more cool feature is you can refine tweets within that radius for specific search words. For instance, to locate tweets with photos from these geotagged scope just enter word (at bottom left) photo -> click search within! Well, links on these photos (usually from fb, instagram, twitter, tumblr and others) are clickable... Hm... looking for ... what if to enter instagram cats -> search within? What are (they tweeting about) recent news in newspapers ... ok, let's check nytimes -> search within! More results? Just click Radius+ to increase search area... Still using google search? Better use (twitter geo powered) search within! BTW, how about twitter videos from the place? Sure, click THE VINES to watch it playlisted... API for vines: (unofficial yet). Under tweets feel free to check what's top on Amazon by random category (at the moment from 10 available global locations)! And below that are random space cats pics (for your pleasure)..
Rápido Rápido
Quickly post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare within seconds! No need to copy/paste your updates to multiple apps, type it, send it, forget about it!
Loo Review Loo Review
This tool uses Foursquare to allow users to rate public restrooms.
HangoutLater HangoutLater
Foursquare is awesome for meeting up with friends - it notifies you when a friend checks in close by so that you can go meet them. But, sometimes a friend checks in while you're busy - at dinner, seeing a movie, etc. You want to hang out with them when you're free, but you won't unless you put in a lot of effort into co-ordinating plans for later. That's where HangoutLater comes in. When you checkin somewhere, HangoutLater notifies you on Foursquare that one or more of your friends have checked in close by recently. It then suggests a fun place between all of you where you guys can meet up when you're free.
dr. Nescio dr. Nescio
dr. Nescio is a application that automatically indexes and ranks cities based on individual sights, like museums, parks, hotels, bars and music venues.
Twenue Twenue
On Twenue users don’t tweet at a venue - they tweet TO a venue. Twenue is a platform that uses APIs from Google maps and Twitter to let users discover places and share them with their social networking contacts.
Checkin Cashin Checkin Cashin
Weekly email with deals from places you visit according to your foursquare checkins.
Indonesia Jobs Real-time Search Engine. Using Indeed API, CareerJet API, Foursquare API, Facebook Open Graph API and built using Twitter Bootstrap.
Healthy Lemur Healthy Lemur
Healthy Lemur is an app that lets you publicly commit to exercise: - Link your foursquare account - Select the number of days per week that you're going to exercise - Link your facebook and/or twitter accounts And you're all set! We will track every time you go to the gym and every Monday, we will post on facebook and/or twitter account if you have reached your goal (or we will shame you publicly if you haven't!)
National VIP National VIP
National VIP is an aggregate site that allows users to explore Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and Seattle night clubs. It uses social API like FourSquare, Twitter and others
Fourpocalypse Now Fourpocalypse Now
One of the most popular things to come out of Foursquare is the idea of a something-pocalypse, that is, a catastrophically popular event local to a particular area that thousands of people check-in to. They pop up all the time, but you might not know it, so I created a tool to find foursquare apocalypses happening around a given location with help from the Foursquare and Google Maps APIs.
Travel the World! Travel the World!
Social travel guide using Foursquare, GeoNames and Google Maps.
Furkot - free online road trip planner Furkot - free online road trip planner
Plan your road trip by clicking on the map: calculate driving time, find attractions, reserve lodging.
Hands Up Hands Up
Hands Up uses FourSquare to help people find out who is around them. If you are at an event and you see someone else is there, you hold up your phone and wave hello.
ImmaBeHungover ImmaBeHungover
IMMABEHUNGOVER is a new way to preorder food to cure your hangover while you're still enjoying a night of drinking.
Trippin Trippin
Travel mashup which gives complete info about a place from 8 different websites
LampSquare LampSquare
A social, mobile, local experiment. Turn on my lamp in Brooklyn by signing up and checking-in!
We-Wired Web We-Wired Web
We-Wired Web is a community-extensible integration-as-a-service web app that lets non-technical people easily share data between web services, while allowing technical people to extend the system by adding new web services, triggers, and actions via wiring diagrams.
Whilewairport Whilewairport
Who said that waiting at the airport should be an atomic bore? Nonsense. As long as you can use a service like WhileWairport, then waiting for your plane is going to be something productive. This service lets you get real-time information about flights and airlines directly on your mobile, and have that shared with all of your contacts on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Which means that if your plane is going to be late, then you’ll be able to let everybody know about such a thing without having to make a single call, or even send a single SMS. A simple social update will do. And the social scope of this service doesn’t stop at that. No, WhileWairport lets you meet up with people who are in the same airport that you find yourself in. You can look for people who share your same hobbies and interests, and have a much more pleasant wait if your flight’s been delayed. And WhileWairport is useful for finding people to share taxis with, too. Simply make it clear where it is you are supposed to get to, and if there’s any matches then the application will instantly let you know as much. In Their Own Words WhileWairport offers services to make the most of the time waiting at the airport. Some Questions About Based on the way people are using this service, which airports are the busiest in the world right now?
SimplySubscribe.Me SimplySubscribe.Me
Is it possible to subscribe to a newsletter in as little as one click? I say yes. Mailchimp users can now embed this widget onto their site to federate list signups using Oauth as well as the traditional signup form.
Pub Crawl Pub Crawl
"Pub Crawl" uses the foursquare venues API to provide a way for you to plan a pub crawl in a neighbourhood and see the blokes who will likely be your drinking buddies there. Photos of mayors represent the venues (pubs and/or bars) and are ordered with the closest venues first. Click a photo to drilldown to the foursquare venue page and start your crawl!
Crisply Crisply
Crisply is a revolutionary time tracking software that connects with the systems you use to automatically track how you are spending your time, making it easier than ever to complete your timesheet. Features a complete timesheet, project and billing system that also works as a platform to existing accounting systems.
This site is in the heatmap collection site, and displays a map of various places/categories around the world. You can also check the flow of people in the heatmap per hour by moving the slider below the map. Please try to move this slider. In addition, you can also set a their own places and categories.
fitsquare fitsquare
fitsquare sends users real-time messages in order to encourage them to check in to healthy venues on foursquare. They can also earn exclusive badges, compete against friends and track progress. Plus it's completely free to participate!
BizScrambler BizScrambler
BizScrambler is your go to source for everything local. BizScambler is building a real time community of businesses that's accessible 24/365 on mobile and traditional computing devices. BizScambler is giving the power back to consumers and businesses in a whole new way. Businesses get free mobile apps, and consumers get free information.
Symbyoz Symbyoz
A social utility to keep in touch more often and more easily with important friends from major social networks.
Starbucks Digital Network Starbucks Digital Network
Starbucks customers who use the free Wi-Fi at more than 6,800 U.S. company-operated stores are greeted with the Starbucks Digital Network (SDN), an exclusive content network curated by the company and designed to enhance the customer’s in-store experience. is prominently featured in the My Neighborhood section of the SDN. When Starbucks customers click the tile in the SDN, our API's "projects near me" functionality shows the customer the closest classroom projects to their location!
Sightsmap Sightsmap
Sightseeing popularity heatmaps for the whole world, based on Panoramio photos and FourSquare places.
Achivy Achivy
Achivy adds some fun and gamification to your social life. Add Twitter,Tumblr, Foursquare Gowalla , Flickr, Stackoverflow, Klout and many other applications to your profile to see how many achievements, badges,scores you have and follow your progress. You can keep up with your friends, and see the other people’s achievements and activities - achivies.
Ness Dining Guide Ness Dining Guide
Meet Ness, a beautiful new way to discover restaurants. Ness learns your likes and uses them to recommend restaurant. The more you use Ness, the better it works.
Localmind Localmind
Localmind offers a local conversation platform that lets users search for nearby conversations, create new conversations and interact with current conversations at specific locations around the world.
Hipster Hipster
Hipster lets users uncover information about real world locations. The iPhone app uses Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook to let users follow locations that they’ve checked in to.
Crowdbeacon Crowdbeacon
Crowdbeacon is a location-based service focused on providing relevant, localized communication and information to users based on what they need and where they are.
Loqly Loqly
Loqly is a platform to discover places around you and ask/answer questions about local businesses. With Loqly, users can ask for business recommendations or search for a business and ask specific questions. The questions are directed to locals in the area and users get answers in real time.
Soundtracking Soundtracking
Soundtracking lets users announce what music they are listening to along with where they are and what they are doing at the time.
LocalUncle LocalUncle
See what's going on around you. Know the World. In Real-Time. Ask about places you care about and see what’s going on.
Matchbook Matchbook
A simple app to remember must-visit restaurants. Whether you hear about a new place from a friend, blog, or by walking by, Matchbook will help you remember it later.
4sqwifi 4sqwifi
4sqwifi enables users to find nearby WiFi hotspots along with the password. It works for locations worldwide. It uses Foursquare's API and its user-generated venue tips.
wahili wahili
Are you always going to the same bar, club or restaurant and want to find something new that is similar to the one you like? Use wahili to find new but similar nightlife spots!
foursquare for webos foursquare for webos
When you check-in someplace, we'll tell your friends where they can find you and recommend places to go & things to do nearby. People check-in at all kind of places - cafes, bars, restaurants, parks, homes, offices. You'll find that as your friends use foursquare to check-in, you'll start learning more about the places they frequent.
Timehop Timehop
What were you doing 1 year ago today? Each morning users are sent an email containing reminders of the past including, tweets, facebook posts, Instagram photos and foursquare checkins.
YouCheckins YouCheckins
A history of places at which you checked in by foursquare is shown per a venue/month. It is also possible for the place to show by check-in history with heat maps.
GoCrowdless GoCrowdless
Go Crowdless uses Foursquare check-ins to help you understand when 20 of the most popular attractions are least crowded and most crowded.
AMEE Location Footprinter AMEE Location Footprinter
AMEE Location Footprinter estimates the environmental impact of your travel based on check-ins with Foursquare. Every week you'll get a personalised email summary of all your journeys, with the total amount of carbon emitted, so you can see how you're doing.
OnTheWay OnTheWay
OnTheWay is a free tool for travelers to create quick and easy personalized road trips. It’s always been a struggle for folks to find out the great stuff that’s on the way when going on a road trip, so people end up missing that tasty roadside diner or the World’s Largest Frying Pan — who’d want to miss that?!?
Auto4Sq Auto4Sq
Auto4Sq let's you schedule your most frequent foursquare check-ins to be performed automatically. Simply schedule your regular foursquare check-ins and Auto4Sq will automatically check you in each day.
PathCrosser PathCrosser
PathCrosser is a conversation starter, matchmaker and resource guide. More importantly, it's a fun way to see where you and your friends have crossed paths. You can even discover new places to try by looking at the spots your friends have been.
Poorsquare Poorsquare
This app lets you find local restaurant freebie offerings and BXGX (Buy Something Get Something) Free promotions in your area.
Wander Mapper Wander Mapper
The app lets you create an illustrated version of your Foursquare neighborhood, building a visual game on top of FourSquare’s existing technology.
SportShadow SportShadow
SportShadow gives you check-in info for sports events. You can see who was at the game, read trends for different sports, even compare teams in the same sport. We follow where fans check-in so you can follow them, too. Come back often for fresh data and trends!
4sqoogle 4sqoogle
4sqoogle is an easy and user-friendly mashup that lists foursquare points of interest and plots them on a Google Map. Discover and recommend food, nightlife, entertainment and shopping in your city.
Vegas Vision Vegas Vision
Vegas Vision is an interactive map of the Las Vegas Strip that combines the Google Maps API with several social media outlets to provide Las Vegas travelers up to date photos, videos, news, tips and current happenings about various points of interest in Las Vegas.
Life Stream Life Stream
Life Stream is a social network hub for Mac
Create large PDF posters, photo books and contact sheets. Download images to your computer or share them via Facebook, email, or the gallery.
Little Corner Little Corner
Little Corner is a website that is used to pull your entire web presence into one place. It runs on Ruby on Rails, doesn't use a database, and is Heroku-ready.
TripsQ TripsQ
TripsQ turns airport checkins into various travel statistics. Foursquare can users sign in to tripsQ to visualize trips and travel itineraries. Provides users with detailed statistics on distance traveled, amount of CO² produced during each trip and other information.
jQuery Lifestream jQuery Lifestream
Show a stream of your online activity using this jQuery lifestream plugin.
Toronto Trending Toronto Trending
A Google Maps, Foursquare and Twitter search API mashup that allows lovers of Toronto to tweet their favorite location or thing to do in Toronto. The application captures real time tweets or tweets that include references to a database of "Toronto-centric" locales. Real-time foursquare checkins are used to map where hotspots are at any given time.
DoAt (do@) DoAt (do@)
DoAt (do@) is a new mobile search engine for the iPhone. DoAt is an open platform for answering search queries and any developer can submit a web app to answer any type of query (music, movies, weather, restaurants, etc.).
square-anoia square-anoia
See your Foursquare check-ins in relation to crime reported nearby in San Francisco.
Foursquare Check-in Deals Foursquare Check-in Deals
Find and locate Foursquare check-in deals anywhere.
Free Around Free Around
This application searches for specials near you. It's a quick way to browse the area near you in order to find deals and free stuff. It is based on the Foursquare API.
Service that motivates and rewards people for being active.
SocialBios SocialBios
Social search for business referrals. Installs as an about us and/or jobs board widget for your website or Facebook fan page.
Memolane Memolane
Capture your memories from popular social media sites. See, search and share your photos, music, video, status updates, blog posts and more.
Journamatic Journamatic
Connect your social media sites and Journamatic creates a daily journal automatically from your check-ins, photos, tweets and status updates.
Mayorama Mayorama
Mayorama is an iPhone app that helps you in your quest for mayorships on Foursquare. See the places around you, along with the number of check-ins needed to become mayor.
NodeNock NodeNock
Members of the Baltimore Node co-working space can use this call-to-get-in service powered by Twilio and Foursquare.
TVFoodMaps TVFoodMaps
A central hub for discovering, keeping track of and discussing the restaurants seen on shows like Diners, DriveIns and Dives, Man v. Food and more.
BusyLunches BusyLunches
Busylunches (BL) is your Social Eating Experience at Work. You can simply enjoy the way you organize your lunch event with colleagues/friends. With BL, you can : * create a lunch with your colleagues/friends * find closest venues to your address * earch foursquare venue alternatives for your lunch * organize other events like dinner,breakfast, birthday party, team event etc. * lots of other stuff with your imagination We invite you to have this experience with BusyLunches and share it with others.
fourtrace fourtrace
Foursquare mashup fourtrace lets you see what information users actually share when they use foursquare. Search for foursquare users and see their updates (and personal information) plotted in a Google map
Maps Shown To Me Maps Shown To Me
Displaying open data from major Canadian cities (ottawa/vancouver/toronto etc.) on a map.
Forumsquare Forumsquare
Mobile mashup: city forums. Places from Foursquare + forums from Disqus. HTML5 mobile web application (iPhone, Android, Samsung etc.). Requires users to share their location.
Stadtkinder Stadtkinder
Find out what events are going on in your city, which locations are hot right now and where your friends are. Currently only supports select cities in Austria.
CartoLogic Google Maps Demo CartoLogic Google Maps Demo
This map from Cartologic is using cartoview to show Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr, Weather, Events, Wikipedia with the Google Maps API.
CartoLogic OpenLayers Demo CartoLogic OpenLayers Demo
This map from Cartologic is using cartoview to show Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr, Weather, Events, Wikipedia with an OpenLayers map.
CartoLogic Google Earth Demo CartoLogic Google Earth Demo
This map from Cartologic is using cartoview to show Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr, Weather, Events, Wikipedia with the Google Earth browser plug-in.
Libsquare Libsquare
Uses Foursquare to find libraries in Japan. Search an area and display all the libraries on a map.
Real-Time Foursquare Check-ins Map Real-Time Foursquare Check-ins Map
A real-time map visualization of Foursquare check-ins shared on Twitter.
ConnectiCity ConnectiCity
The city tells its stories. A prototype urban screen that shows in realtime the thoughts of the people living in that area, as desumed from social networks. Circles represent people interaction in the area of the screen, on Twitter, FriendFeed, FourSquare and Facebook, taking about the city of Rome. The bigger the dots are, the more interest the content has raised in internet users. If two dots are connected, there is some content or construct shared among them.
Localliser Localliser
Localliser is becoming the number one choice for virtually exploring new cities and areas. Browse various live data sources to see what is around you and where you are going next.
Social Map of California Colleges & Universities Social Map of California Colleges & Universities
Shows geolocated online social activity around universities and colleges in California. Offers a statistics tool to monitor student population, including age, gender and ethnic origin of members.
MeechMe MeechMe
Provides a place for any web page for visitors to meet, chat, share their social profiles and photos and videos. There's also a play stock market where users can invest in social profiles and web pages.
Proximity Checkin Proximity Checkin
Magically check in with your location. Uses Google Latitude API to check you into Foursquare.
The TurnSocial bar The TurnSocial bar
Put FB, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Yelp reviews, Foursquare tips & more, directly on your website.
My Foursquare My Foursquare
Show off your Foursquare badges and mayorships on Facebook, your Blog, or your Website. FourSquare Visualization FourSquare Visualization
Shows a user's most recent Foursquare check-ins, one at a time, connecting each with a line.
MisoTrendy MisoTrendy
MisoTrendy helps you find the most popular places around any location. MisoTrendy uses trending data from foursquare and shows currently checked-in users, tips and mayorships from the most popular venues in real-time.
NiteFly: The Future of Nightlife NiteFly: The Future of Nightlife
See Manhattan Nightlife from a bird's eye view and find your scene with our built in real time Twitter feeds and Foursquare Tips/Checkin Data. Check out your favorite spots by Male:Female ratio so you find the night you're looking for.
Singles For Foursquare Singles For Foursquare
Singles is an iPhone app for location-based dating. It builds on the Foursquare API to let users see and chat to other singles at the locations that they check into
geosay - super local information geosay - super local information
Find out what people have said on popular platforms like Twitter and Foursquare, as well as on geosay itself. Results are ordered by distance, so you can find what has been said nearest to where you are, right down to the nearest metre.