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Geocodio provides bulk geocoding and reverse lookup services through a REST API. The API is able to process a single address, as well as handle bulk requests of up to 10,000 addresses. Geocoded results are returned with an accuracy score indicating the confidence Geocodio has in the accuracy of the result. Geocodio is also able to parse addresses into individual components.
Postal, Postcodes
HP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, Clojure, Perl
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Geocoder Node.js Library by Nicolas Chaulet The Geocode Node.js library by Nicolas Chaulet can geocode and reverse geocode with the providers...
Geocodio PERL Library WebService-Geocodio The Geocodio PERL Library WebService-Geocodio is a wrapper around the Geocodio API service. This...
Geocodio Node.js Library node-geocodio The Geocodio Node.js Library node-geocodio is a library for developers to accesss the Geocodio API...
Geocodio Python Library pygeocodio The Geocodio Python Library pygeocodio is a Python wrapper for Geocodio API. With this library,...
Geocodio Ruby Library geocodio The Geocodio Ruby Library geocodio is a Ruby wrapper around the Geocodio API. The library provides...
Geocodio Ruby Library geocoder The Geocodio Ruby Library geocoder is a Ruby geocoding solution for the Geocodio API. With this...
Geocodio PHP Library geocodio-php The Geocodio PHP Library geocodio-php is a wrapper for Geocodio API written PHP. With this library...
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