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Geonames is a geographical database with web services that let users extract useful information about different places, such as weather, timezone and post codes. The GeoNames geographical database covers all countries and contains over eight million placenames that are available for download free of charge. Users can edit, correct and add new names using a wiki interface. Geonames provides a suite of 36 Webservices covering the following categories: Fulltext search Place Hierarchy Wikipedia Postal Codes Reverse Geocoding Earthquakes Weather The APIs use RESTful protocol and responses vary in format between XML, JSON, RDF, CSV, TXT, RSS and KML.
Weather, Postal, Database, Mapping
Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, PERL, Obj-C
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  • myMeetingTime is a tool for helping people connect across time zones. Leveraging timezone data from IANA (via TimezoneDB) and mashing it up with geo location names from GeoNames, myMeetingTime is...
  • University papers and educational ebooks and documents.
  • Job search that utilises,, API-s.
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Routing Routing
This examples presents the usage of a routing service within the GeoAdmin API. It uses the GeoExt UX RoutingPanel:
Geonames geographical data API Geonames geographical data API
Sample VBA code for consuming various Geonames API methods.
Python Geocoding Aggregator
geopy makes it easy for developers to locate the coordinates of addresses, cities, countries, and landmarks via third-party geocoders and other sources like wikis. geopy currently includes support for six geocoders including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.
GeoNames Python Library by Ramiro Gómez The Geonames python library by Ramiro Gómez helps to access subgroups of GeoNames, the geographical...
GeoNames Python Library by Dennis Carriere The GeoNames Python Library GeoNames Python Library by Dennis Carriere is a 0.1.2 Python Package...
GeoNames .Net Library NGeoNames NGeoNames is a library for the GeoNames API built on .NET 4.5. This library provides reverse...
Gisgraphy Gisgraphy is a framework that helps users integrate geocoding services into their Java applications...
GeoNames Node.js Library node-geonames-client The node-geonames-client is a library that allows users to access the GeoNames API from Node.js...
GeoNames Node.js Library geonames-stream Geonames-stream is a streaming parser for the GeoNames API written in Node.js. Its dependencies are...
GeoNames jQuery Library jeoQuery jeoQuery is a library that allows users to access the GeoNames API from jQuery. A demo page is...
GeoNames .NET Library GeonamesDotOrgDotNet GeonamesDotOrgDotNet is a library that allows users to access the GeoNames API's functions...
GeoNames .NET WCF Client GeoNames .NET WCF Client is a library for accessing the GeoNames API from .NET code. This client...
GeoNames R Library geonames project The geonames project allows users to access the GeoNames API's functions from R code. Users...
GeoNames PHP Library EGeoNameService EGeoNameService is a Yii PHP library for accessing the GeoNames API. The library was developed with...
GeoNames Pear PHP Library Services_GeoNames Services_GeoNames is a PHP library for interacting with the GeoNames API. The dependencies for this...
GeoNames PERL Client Geo::GeoNames Geo::GeoNames is a PERL interface to the GeoNames API. Given a place name or postal code, the...
Python Library Geopy Geopy is a library for accessing many popular geocoding services using Python 2 and 3, enabling...
GeoNames Ruby Client geonames_api geonames_api is a simple, lightweight Ruby client for accessing the GeoNames API. This client does...
GeoNames Ruby Library ruby-geonames Ruby-geonames is a library for accessing the GeoNames API from Ruby code. Examples are provided for...
GeoNames Objective-C Library by Infinite Loop The ILGeoNames wrapper, supported by Infinite Loop, allows users to access the GeoNames API using...
GeoNames Java Client GeoNames Java Client is a library that allows users to access the GeoNames API using Java code. The...
Ruby Library for Geonames A Ruby wrapper for the Geonames API. Ruby Library for Geonames
Developers (44)
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Travel the World!

Furkot - free online road trip planner

Hellen Waters Distances Calculator


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Mood Music


Will It Freeze Tonight?

Ethan Van den Berg Maps Shown To Me

Distance Calculator



Rich Erwin PlaceMix

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Sumavisos Clasificados

Daniel Halldin SvD weather



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Share a Location via Twitter



Cheap Flights To

OK Travel Australia

Cheap Flights To

Cameron Turner, CTO ConnectorLocal


Mountains of the world

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Ana Belén Ramón Wolpy

rozsypal Tourist Guide

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Sachin Raut Search and Map Wiki


Search Videos by Location


Arnd Wippermann ClickPoint

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Local News

Road Trip

Mapified RSS

Mapified Stock Indices

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Overflown Countries

Trip Organizer

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Map Channels





GeoPix Fractal View

Real Estate Home Valuation

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Adam Wisniewski Carpool Connect

Flex, Yahoo Maps, and RSS Feeds

pwtempuser pwtempuser Junk Depot

Vladimir Carrer Maps for Photos and Wikipedia

pwtempuser pwtempuser Shaded Relief World Map

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SowetoUprisings .com

Locale Random Day Out

pwtempuser pwtempuser Postal Code Mapper

pwtempuser pwtempuser is Flickr Mapped

pwtempuser pwtempuser Geowalk

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LocEight DATA

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myMeetingTime is a tool for helping people connect across time zones. Leveraging timezone data from IANA (via TimezoneDB) and mashing it up with geo location names from GeoNames, myMeetingTime is displayed in a graphical interface, making it easy to use.
EDU Libs EDU Libs
University papers and educational ebooks and documents.
Job search that utilises,, API-s.
dr. Nescio dr. Nescio
dr. Nescio is a application that automatically indexes and ranks cities based on individual sights, like museums, parks, hotels, bars and music venues.
TapAMap TapAMap
TapAMap is a mobile mashup between a zoomable full-world satellite map and Wikipedia. Users simply do a half-second touch on a location to see up to five nearby Wikipedia articles is a job search aggregator which lists latest job vacancies from a multitude of industries.
Travel the World! Travel the World!
Social travel guide using Foursquare, GeoNames and Google Maps.
Furkot - free online road trip planner Furkot - free online road trip planner
Plan your road trip by clicking on the map: calculate driving time, find attractions, reserve lodging.
Distances Calculator Distances Calculator
Distances Calculator is a free web based tool that allows users to easily calculate the distance between any two cities in the USA. It shows the driving route on a map together with the estimated driving time and the linear distance in miles. It also displays pictures from Panoramio service for both the origin and destination of your trip, together with weather information for both cities.
PostalCodeSearchForCHUsers PostalCodeSearchForCHUsers
We have developed a mashup that can help Chinese users to find the postcode of a place. Our mashup leverages the GeoNames web API registered at ProgrammableWeb.
PostalCodeSearchForCHUsers PostalCodeSearchForCHUsers
PostalCodeSearchForCHUsers is a mashup to help Chinese users find the postcode of a city. Leverages the GeoNames Web API registered at ProgrammableWeb.
Mood Music Mood Music
A site which detects your location, queries Yahoo! Weather for that location and plays the appropriate music.
Wherevent Wherevent
Wherevent is a geolocation events search engine. Click on the "Login" button to connect to Wherevent with your facebook account. Find upcoming events and discover who is atttending. Enjoy the best events and share it with your friends. g
Will It Freeze Tonight? Will It Freeze Tonight?
See if it will freeze in your area tonight. Uses HTML5 and is geolocation-enabled to quickly check weather conditions on mobile and desktop browsers.
Maps Shown To Me Maps Shown To Me
Displaying open data from major Canadian cities (ottawa/vancouver/toronto etc.) on a map.
Distance Calculator Distance Calculator
German language distance calculator, using various reverse geocoding APIs to retrieve location and related place infos, such as Wikipedia overview articles, nearby airports, etc.
G4ng G4ng
From the site: The G4 is a powerful tool for everybody who wants to keep his/her geo-spatial data organized, analyzed and accessible from around the world with ability to share and collaborate with friends.
Yamusica Yamusica
Yamusica brings you the latest information on live music events, concerts and venues around the world. Find out when your favorite artist is coming to a town near you!
PlaceMix PlaceMix
Travel search mashup portal that lets users track all the information about their favorite places. Also uses World66 open guide book and CIA Factbook maps. More on the way.
Rutamina Rutamina
Network for routes, travels, bikes, cars, and more. Integrated with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps.
WeGooo WeGooo
WeGooo wants to help you live better in the city you’re in or the city you want to be in. It can put your finger on the pulse in each city to help you understand the spirit of the people who inhabit it. enjoy! Formerly called enjoyeverywhere.
TripMixx TripMixx
Travel search portal like iGoogle. Find flights, hotels, weather, maps, photos, videos, news and more. Now moved to
Photospots Photospots
A place for amateur photographers to share their favourite photography locations.
Sumavisos Clasificados Sumavisos Clasificados
A search engine for cars, jobs and properties. View classified ads in Latin America and Brazil, add value (compare prices, link with Wikipedia pages and relate companies with their LinkedIn profiles, etc) and republish them.
SvD weather SvD weather
Weather forecasts for the whole world. Swedish site.
MAPyou MAPyou
MAPyou is a mashup for location-based services. With Sony-Ericsson phones you can use the MAPyou app.
Tripmondo Tripmondo
Tripmondo is a travel information browser for trip destinations across the globe. It features videos, photos, guides and attractions, weather information and events for nearly all countries and many cities world wide. Tripmondo is based on CMSmadesimple. Travel Search Travel Search
Travel search engine, with last minute offers, and travel destination information in Danish.
This We Know This We Know
This We Know lets you get local and explore government data about your community. Enter your city or zip code and get a list of facts. Click an individual item and be taken to a breakdown of the data. Finalist in Apps for America 2 contest.
Tupalo Tupalo
A social yellow pages services where you can discover, rate and review local businesses and services around the world. Find restaurants, bars, boutiques, salons and other businsses.
We Love Wind We Love Wind
We Love Wind shows where people can wind- or kitesurf in their area; this is done by serving location-based weather conditions tailored for wind sports.
SemanticTweet SemanticTweet
SemanticTweet - where Twitter meets the semantic web. SemanticTweet is a simple web service that generates a FOAF RDF document for you from your list of Twitter friends and followers. It does this using the Twitter REST and geonames APIs.
RideDog RideDog
RideDog aims to help cyclists find and map the best road rides, mountain bike trails and cyclocross rides. Useful for discovering new routes in your own communities or while traveling.
Share a Location via Twitter Share a Location via Twitter
A service built on top of Twitter messages. You send out a tweet with GPS coordinates and tags for your location to @tweetaloc, and it is searchable there.
Firmendb Firmendb
Yellow pages for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
HospFinder HospFinder
Search for 4500 US hospitals and see information about them on the map together with yahoo traffic data.
Cheap Flights To Cheap Flights To is a travel tools for buying airline tickets to destinations, package holidays, special deals for hotels and car rentals.
OK Travel Australia OK Travel Australia
okTravel is an Australia travel web-site with the goal of displaying statistical data as culture.
Cheap Flights To Cheap Flights To
Find and compare the prices on flights, airline tickets and hotels deals to thousands of trip vacations with the biggest travel agencies.
ConnectorLocal ConnectorLocal
By finding the best sources for local information then combining that with new user-generated content from your neighbors, friends and family, enables hyper-localized commerce, tourism and entertainment. It's What the Locals Know.
Gigometer Gigometer
Fetches gigs from directly to your Mac Dashboard. Now location-aware via skyhook and GeoNames.
Mountains of the world Mountains of the world
Browse through all the mountains of the world categorized by continent, country. The mountain coordinates are mapped in Google maps, along with photos got from flickr. Provision is given to visit the details about the mountain in Wikipedia from the Map
GeoUpdater GeoUpdater
Reads your location from FireEagle as you move and automatically pushes status updates to Facebook or generates a personal GeoRSS feed. Recent locations can also be displayed on a map and linked from status updates with nearby wikipedia entries.
Wolpy Wolpy
Track your own and your friends travels Tourist Guide Tourist Guide
Global multilingual tourist guide. On-line photos, maps, videos, information. Open project for travel using APIs from YouTube, Weather Channel, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and others. With OpenID support.
blogloc blogloc
The blogloc map badge is a small map you can embed on your Website to show your live location. Location can be updated over the Web, via mobile phone or directly via GPS on GPS-enabled phones that support Java.
Search and Map Wiki Search and Map Wiki
This mashup is a Geo-wiki which helps you to map wikipedia.
Dynamic content surrounding Google map that changes with location. Returns local search results from Google and Yahoo.
Search Videos by Location Search Videos by Location
Search for a place or browse the map to find Wikipedia articles and videos associated with that location.
NewsWorldMap NewsWorldMap
An interactive map that displays news for the specific country you click on. A Google Maps, Google News, and mashup.
ClickPoint ClickPoint
ClickPoint is a little game with OpenLayers and Google Maps. The goal of the game is to find random places on the map.
NedICT Feed Maps NedICT Feed Maps
These pages get links from RSS and Atom feeds and put the items on a map. Standard geographic encoding types are supported, but when your feed does not contain geographic information the scripts can attempt to determine the location of an item for you.
CodexMap CodexMap
CodexMap lets you find, and place, books graphically on a map. Whether the book was added to the system by our harvester, or by you or another user, you can interact with a map to find books.
GeoMosh GeoMosh
A high-level geocoder that provides maps and info on every country in the world, with a focus on the U.S. Canada and Mexico.
Local News Local News
This mashup provides you with top local news around a location. This location is by default your current one based on your IP address but you can also change it by entering an administrative area including city, county or an IP adress.
Road Trip Road Trip
gives you all level-1, the US states, and level-2, the US counties, administrative areas the Google Maps route planner transits. Results are display as a list but also on the map for the USA and France. You can animate the route and see altitude profile.
Mapified RSS Mapified RSS
Geolocates and displays the RSS feed you enter or choose from a selection (Reuters, AP, AFP, All together, Top news from all countries).
Mapified Stock Indices Mapified Stock Indices
Geolocated presentation of World stock indices daily changes (thanks to Intraday data are at least 15 minutes delayed.
Tacky Christmas Lights Tacky Christmas Lights
Locate the biggest Christmas light displays. Decorators register their display and we provide an interactive mapping experience with custom driving directions.
Overflown Countries Overflown Countries
Gives you overflown countries between 2 points on Earth following the great circle (it's more or less the air route).
Trip Organizer Trip Organizer
A 360 degree view of a location while organizing a vacation or business trip. Uses 8 different APIs.
Mapisimo Mapisimo
Any registered user can own land on the earth and post a message. First-come, first-served.
WeoGeo WeoGeo
A one-stop marketplace for mapping. It supplies geospatial professionals with the ability to store, search, and exchange high-resolution mapping products.
Map Channels Map Channels
Embed a custom Google Map into your site. Options allow embedding one or more KML or GeoRSS sources, index sidebar options, and the ability to add map filters and search channels onto one map.
MapYourMP MapYourMP
Get to know any British Member of Parliament. Select by location, postcode or name. Traversing the UK map provides a constituency grid and instant feedback of its local MP. Extra information provides anecdotal quotes and wiki entries for the local area.
Mappington Mappington
A social community for travelers. Create travel blogs, post your photos & videos, review destinations, befriend other travelers, share with your friends.
flickrmania flickrmania
GeoTag Flickr-Photos via GPS track file. Start tracking-mode on your gps-device, go on a phototour, share your photos by flickr and Geotag them.
WorldGeoMap WorldGeoMap
Click anywhere on the world map and drill down for country, state, city, and street geo data.
GeoPix Fractal View GeoPix Fractal View
The fractal view of GeoPix shows a fractal tiled structure over an interactive map. The user controls the point of view and the scale using the map, and the system fills the tiles in the fractal view with the appropriate images.
Real Estate Home Valuation Real Estate Home Valuation
Full screen, Google Maps real estate portal to find real estate professionals, properties for sale, and home valuation with local agent recommendations.
At, you can view and download tracks that have been recorded by a GPS device. Search for running, hiking, and biking routes. You can download all of the tracks.
Share your cycling, walking, hiking, and paddling routes with the world. See maps, photos, and stats about each route, or create your own.
VirtualTraveller VirtualTraveller
Virtualtraveller aims to supply the user relevant information about some location on earth of his/her choosing. To accomplish this, this site makes heavy use of various web services and data including Wikipedia, Google, Flickr and Youtube.
Carpool Connect Carpool Connect
Free carpool matching service based on home location and work location.
Flex, Yahoo Maps, and RSS Feeds Flex, Yahoo Maps, and RSS Feeds
Demonstration of a mashup using Yahoo Maps and the new AS3 Communications Kit for Flex 2. Maps GeoRSS or RSS feeds directly onto a map as well as displaying traffic or weather data. Source code available.
Junk Depot Junk Depot
Junkdepot is a free and easy way to sell all your junk. You can also find great items other people want to sell. Your listings are syndicated to other classified sites and you can find listings near you on our Google map.
Maps for Photos and Wikipedia Maps for Photos and Wikipedia
Find various US locations and get weather forecasts, Wikipedia geo articles and Flickr photos.
Shaded Relief World Map Shaded Relief World Map
Google map mashup with custom tiles of shaded relief. Nice integration with GeoNames database for place and feature-based searching.
Geowalk Light Geowalk Light
Download and install this map on your own site. Double-click anywhere on the map for details on that location. Geowalk light is made with Flash. So it is easy to install on other websites. A English, French, Spain, Polish and German Version.
SowetoUprisings .com SowetoUprisings .com
Documents the June 16th, 1976 uprisings in Soweto, South Africa.
Locale Random Day Out Locale Random Day Out
The random day out generator. Pick where and the types of things you like to do. Watch it build your itinerary for the day.
Postal Code Mapper Postal Code Mapper
Maps postal codes to geographical coordinates and shows them on a map. is Flickr Mapped is Flickr Mapped displays a massive amount of photos on a highly interactive world map. Explore photos from everyones places, selected topics or people you know.
Geowalk Geowalk
A useful worldwide travel guide in German and English. With embedded data from Wikipedia, Flickr and Google News. Double-click anywhere on the map for details on that location.
Quikmaps Quikmaps
Google maps creation tool reminiscent of simple image-editing programs. Nicely done.
ecolocal ecolocal
Help us build the best source for healthy living and local news by submitting your tips, events and links so that we can all learn to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
LocEight DATA LocEight DATA
Free service allows people to publish their GPS location data and add photos, links, and create points and tracks on Google Satellite maps. Export data in GPX and KML, Yahoo geocoder for converting addresses to L/L.
GeoJobs GeoJobs
A Mashup of Google Maps, Geonames and Jobserve RSS feeds. Plot UK IT contracts made available within the last 24 hours. Search by region, keyword, skill. Click on the map to display the jobs. Beta.
Local guide for Bilbao Spain mixing Flickr pictures, tags, Google maps and blog directory. Note: loads very slowly.
Sharing platform for social groups which integrates mapping, photo sharing, link sharing and other services.