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The Google AdSense API is ideal for developers whose users create their own content through blogging, web publishing, forum/wiki/community creation, or any other application where substantial web content is generated. Using the AdSense API, developers can let users sign up for AdSense through their site or program, generate detailed performance reports for users, and choose how the AdSense revenue is shared with our revenue sharing program. Additionally users can create accounts to store publisher website information, then generate ad code snippets and filter out unwanted ads. A previous SOAP version has been deprecated in favor of REST with responses formatted as JSON.
Java, Perl, PHP, Python, C#
Testing sandbox also available
Password via HTTP header over SSL
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  • A free classified site for RVs and trailers. This mashup makes use of the Oodle, Google AdSense, and Google Maps APIs.
  • Attractions of America lists top 10 attractions in each of the 50 States of America. Destinations include top beaches, top museums, top nightlife places, and top romantic destinations. The site shows...
  • is a web application developed by Pink Big Mac Media that lets users virtually explore different destinations around the world. Depending on the destination, the web application...
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Developers (48)
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Attractions of America

KPI watchdog

Mapa del Paro

Abby Polk Cats Now


Lofty deals

Your Baby Now

Kevin Vogel Instrument Wire



Jeremy Foster Reptiles Now

Datos Peru

Evan Lyricat

Cycling the Alps

News from The Netherlands

Mi World


Find a Car

Jonathan Lulich The Music Feed

Chris Smith Snoopf





pwtempuser pwtempuser Cahella


Local Bike Trader


Transmeet.Tv MusicMap


Mashup Arts

pwtempuser pwtempuser Rutamina


Travel Mixed

Sumavisos Clasificados

Turkish Earthquakes


Your Mapper

Michael Hell Horror

Shannon Prue Marketing Intelligence Console


pwtempuser pwtempuser Swine Flu Outbreak Dashboard



Justin Farrell English Lake District

pwtempuser pwtempuser eLocalFinder

Cameron Turner, CTO ConnectorLocal

College and University Search by State

hittery - custom search dashboard


pwtempuser pwtempuser 2itch - Open 24 hours

pwtempuser pwtempuser NewsLinQ

Alex Cybriwsky iGuide

pwtempuser pwtempuser TennisMaps

pwtempuser pwtempuser Sports Karma

mauricio zuniga





Amazon Shopping Mashup

pwtempuser pwtempuser Iraq Coalition

The Patrick OBrian Mapping Project

pwtempuser pwtempuser Adhysteria

pwtempuser pwtempuser The Campus Atlas


pwtempuser pwtempuser




Meyshan Ultimate Search

pwtempuser pwtempuser Corozal Mapia
Wines and Times

Best Beauty Search

pwtempuser pwtempuser


pwtempuser pwtempuser Food Tube



Connecting Consumers and Businesses in Cities, Worldwide!

pwtempuser pwtempuser Ontok Highlighter

pwtempuser pwtempuser Quebec Wineries Map
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Local RVs
A free classified site for RVs and trailers. This mashup makes use of the Oodle, Google AdSense, and Google Maps APIs.
Attractions of America
Attractions of America lists top 10 attractions in each of the 50 States of America. Destinations include top beaches, top museums, top nightlife places, and top romantic destinations. The site shows the categories of things to do, US map, deals, and photos. Attractions of America invites users to add a favorite attraction at no cost with the aim to increase the number of adventures presented on the site.
pinkbigmac is a web application developed by Pink Big Mac Media that lets users virtually explore different destinations around the world. Depending on the destination, the web application supplies pictures and information on the historical background, significance, popularity, and more.
KPI watchdog
Online tool for monitoring the key business metrics independently of the source of data.
Mapa del Paro Mapa del Paro
Mashup of Spanish Unemployment on Google Maps. You can view the regional differences in Spanish unemployment at Mapa del Paro, a series of Google Maps which show the unemployment rate at municipal level. Mapa del Paro has created a number of regional heat maps, each of which shows the current unemployment rate for each municipality in the region.
Cats Now Cats Now
Kitten and cat classifieds. Find kittens for sale and adoption or list your avaialable cats for free.
RenttoOwnQuest RenttoOwnQuest
RentToOwnQuest is a mashup of Oodle and Google maps API's. They provide listings for all kinds of properties from rent to own homes, owner financing, to lease option houses - you name it. Listings are offered throughout the US. Oodle's API is used to power the property listings. Other API's used include: Google maps, Adsense, and Zillow.
Lofty deals Lofty deals
This website allow user to find and orgnize deals, offers and coupons from around the web. User can upload deals set time to run deal write blog release news and also upload articales to promote websites, companies.
Your Baby Now Your Baby Now
Used baby products such as strollers and car seats that children have outgrown.
Instrument Wire Instrument Wire
Used musical instruments for sale. List your guitars or other musical instruments for free.
Orcheeder Orcheeder
Orcheeder is a social network for orchid lovers. The site includes pictures as well as any information you could ever need to know about orchids.
immipad immipad
Connecting people who are living, studying or working outside their own country. Uses Russian social network Odnoklassniki. Immipad is a social network and marketplace that uses several Active and Google APIs.
Reptiles Now Reptiles Now
Reptiles, lizards and snakes for sale. Classified ads for all kinds of reptiles and amphibians
Datos Peru Datos Peru
Data mashup combining business registry, trademark, law and telephone information
Lyricat Lyricat
Lyricat is a collaborative song lyrics translation wiki and search engine. Make a translation requests to the Lyricat community or contribute and earn reputation points.
Cycling the Alps Cycling the Alps
An overview of each pass in the Alps and all of the climbs in the Tour de France. Cycling the Alps let you explore using Google Earth 3D tours, streetview tours, cycling games, videos and discussions.
News from The Netherlands News from The Netherlands
Daily news from The Netherlands, using multiple sources such as newspapers, radio and tv. Dutch language news site aggregated by a custom built engine.
Mi World Mi World
Provides comprehensive information about the most famous wonders of the world using Google Maps, Google Feeds, Flickr, and Facebook APIs. Recommends wonders users might be interested in based on their input.
Amazigg Amazigg
Amazigg is a mashup service, providing a mix of Amazon and Digg data. It lists products from Amazon store, submitted to Digg, and allows to reveal the most popular, weird or trendy ones.
Find a Car Find a Car is a place to find new and used vehicles for sale, car dealerships, and reviews from all across the United States.
The Music Feed The Music Feed
Featuring free, unlimited MP3 downloads by independent artists and DJs from the Underground Music Spot plus your favorite mainstream artists. Mashup of the Underground Music Spot and Interactive Digital Music.
Snoopf Snoopf
Snoopf helps you find restaurant coupons and gift cards for diners and eateries in over sixty different food types at restaurants nation wide. Search by cuisine or location to find delicious food, great deals, restaurant hours, locations and coupons for restaurants near you.
Ewelike Ewelike
Ewelike is a free product information and price comparison site featuring reviews and commentary written and rated by users. Books, movies, video games, music, perfume.
Keewl Keewl
Keewl 2.0 Search Engine
TVFoodMaps TVFoodMaps
A central hub for discovering, keeping track of and discussing the restaurants seen on shows like Diners, DriveIns and Dives, Man v. Food and more.
flickstr flickstr
See the weekly top 20 users from Flickr, as well as a selection of their highest-rated photos. Also options to see most favorites photos, most commented photos and most-used cameras.
Cahella Cahella
Californian Places Search Engine.
SwoopThat SwoopThat
SwoopThat is a leading provider of course search technology and textbook price comparison. At SwoopThat, parents and students enter their courses, and the website returns every book they need to buy as well as every online merchant that sells those books. SwoopThat helps students save up to 75% on their textbooks in about 10 minutes. In addition to textbook purchases, SwoopThat helps students and parents sell their books by searching online vendors for the highest buyback price. SwoopThat's general product search engine also provides price comparison for over 15 million products from thousands of retailers nation-wide.
Local Bike Trader Local Bike Trader
New and used bicycles for sale.
Rendezvous is dedicated to finding a great meeting place that isn't too far for both parties.
Transmeet.Tv MusicMap Transmeet.Tv MusicMap
MusicMap is a regional music events guide that uses google maps, youtube videos, flickr photos, pictures and text, facebook connect and makes a fusion of technology to produce a new kind of user experience.
A pet site providing classifieds, adoptions, photos, videos, pricing info, breeder directories, shopping, breed information, and other useful tools for a healthy and happy relationship with your pet.
Mashup Arts Mashup Arts
Create video and photo ecards. Lets you integrate community content from Facebook, Flickr Picasa, and YouTube. Collaborate with a social ecard.
Rutamina Rutamina
Network for routes, travels, bikes, cars, and more. Integrated with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps.
mapMyflickr mapMyflickr
mapMyflickr is a tool for showing photos from Flickr that have been geotagged by downloading a link to browse within Google Earth.
Travel Mixed Travel Mixed
Travel information from a variety of sources. Search for anywhere in the world and see maps, local sights and more.
Sumavisos Clasificados Sumavisos Clasificados
A search engine for cars, jobs and properties. View classified ads in Latin America and Brazil, add value (compare prices, link with Wikipedia pages and relate companies with their LinkedIn profiles, etc) and republish them.
Turkish Earthquakes Turkish Earthquakes
Turkish earthquakes with embedded widgets. It uses Google Maps for location display.
Tupalo Tupalo
A social yellow pages services where you can discover, rate and review local businesses and services around the world. Find restaurants, bars, boutiques, salons and other businsses.
Your Mapper Your Mapper
Your Mapper news organization aims to be the most effective platform for bringing your community high quality, local data on maps. Your Mapper is eats its own dogfood: it was built entirely using its own API.
Hell Horror Hell Horror
Horror community where users can rate and comment on movies, books and games. Users also have the ability to purchase items through Amazon.
Marketing Intelligence Console Marketing Intelligence Console
Online Marketing Mnagement Suite, add your site and a few competitors, Mic collects relevant data, backlinks, pageranks, etc and makes recommendations on how you can improve your site to compete with your chosen competition.
Flyfishmap Flyfishmap
User generated fly fishing information using Google Maps Api. Users can find and create information on fly fishing locations, guides, tuition, accommodation etc or add photos or YouTube videos. Markers are shared via Add This share button.
Swine Flu Outbreak Dashboard Swine Flu Outbreak Dashboard
A dashboard to track, both geographically and timewise, the spread of the 2009 swine flu (AKA influenza H1N1). It uses a combination of three Google Visualization gadgets linked between each other. Also uses Google Elements.
SwoopUp SwoopUp
An online search engine and community of online shoppers to find and share coupon codes, discounts, bargains and deals for online purchases.
Nobosh Nobosh
News stories for everything from the latest current business news, tech news, health news, advertising news, and corporate blogs. All powered by nobosh's algorithms.
English Lake District English Lake District
Uses the Google Earth Plugin on a number of pages for 3d representations and virtual tours of the area's mountains and lakes. Includes 3d hiking routes of many Lakeland Fells.
eLocalFinder eLocalFinder
Local search service for all your local, business and personal needs. It has multiple business search with a single click. Also provides information about real estate, apartments, flight deals, and ATMs.
ConnectorLocal ConnectorLocal
By finding the best sources for local information then combining that with new user-generated content from your neighbors, friends and family, enables hyper-localized commerce, tourism and entertainment. It's What the Locals Know.
College and University Search by State College and University Search by State
Over 8,600 colleges and universities in the US plotted on a Google map with street views and additional school information. - custom search dashboard - custom search dashboard
Deprecated lets people create a custom search dashboard. Users can create a personal searchpage by adding, removing, dragging and dropping 100 available searchboxes. was created using Google COOP.
ZiiTrend ZiiTrend
A social network where users can predict the future together by sharing information and opinions. See if the ZiiTrend community can predict the future better than any individual.
2itch - Open 24 hours 2itch - Open 24 hours
Google map mashup of the services that are open 24-hours in major US cities. Currently covers Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City. Currently over 2400 locations.
NewsLinQ NewsLinQ
Aggregating news into categorized topics from online sources. Features include news cloud, rate news, news discussion, and more. Find local news, world news, and forums.
iGuide iGuide
Interactive Travel Guide featuring 16,000+ destination guides, a full-screen interactive map, traveler reviews, videos, and 10,000+ photos. Combines Google Maps, WikiTravel, Wikipedia, Placeopedia, YouTube, and Google Video.
TennisMaps TennisMaps
Tennis courts and tennis services in the United States organized on an interactive map. See the type and number of courts including whether they are lighted, include a backboard, have water and bathrooms available, etc.
Sports Karma Sports Karma
Mashup with Google and Yahoo news feeds, blogs and widgets covering 26 categories of professional and amateur sports internationally.
Price Comparison from many sources including Amazon, Ebay, Half, Commission Junction, Shopzilla, Nextag, MSN, Sortprice, Google Blogs, and Google.
USGolfers USGolfers
Golf course and syndicated golf news. Integrated Google Calendar lets you see upcoming events.
BelizeMapia BelizeMapia
Find attractions on a map of Belize and other Central American cities. Click the tabs at the top to watch YouTube videos related to the city.
PrimoCast PrimoCast
Search and find YouTube videos, watch a video, and share it with friends.
CaddieHub CaddieHub
Search for golf videos, tutorials and golf courses, with each mapped.
Amazon Shopping Mashup Amazon Shopping Mashup
Amazon shopping mashup built using amazon eCommerce widgets.
Iraq Coalition Iraq Coalition
Interactive map of current and past members of the Iraq Multinational Coalition, current troop count by country, and related links.
The Patrick OBrian Mapping Project The Patrick OBrian Mapping Project
To accurately and completely map the progress of Jack Aubrey, Stephen Maturin and their ships over the course of the 21 novels by Patrick OBrian.
Adhysteria Adhysteria
Online classifieds and advertisements service with video and Google Maps. Users can post video footage of their classifieds and ads, along with images and audio. View classifieds and ads on a map.
The Campus Atlas The Campus Atlas
Consolidates different Web components for college students. Contains Google search, video and local search, local businesses, maps, news feeds, professor searches, local drink specials, and games.
VirtualTraveller VirtualTraveller
Virtualtraveller aims to supply the user relevant information about some location on earth of his/her choosing. To accomplish this, this site makes heavy use of various web services and data including Wikipedia, Google, Flickr and Youtube. enables community builders to deploy, customize and administer a social network that is a reflection of their interests and those of the target audience. Integrates Google AdSense API to allow revenue sharing with users.
ImmoPlaza ImmoPlaza
ImmoPlaza is a new French real estate website, providing a nice geolocalized interface based on Google Maps API. ImmoPlaza is the French equivalent of Trulia or Zillow.
preciseTechnology preciseTechnology
Site aggregating breaking science, technology news and colorful commentary every few minutes.
preciseNews preciseNews
Breaking news and colorful commentary every few minutes, 24-7.
Meyshan Ultimate Search Meyshan Ultimate Search
Real mashup search widget, with Google, Yahoo, Snap Preview and more.
Corozal Mapia Corozal Mapia
Map-based tourism and business guide to Central American town in Belize, near the southern border of Mexico.
Wines and Times Wines and Times
Create you own winery tour! Mashup of U.S. wineries, winery events, wine festivals, and wine trails. Over 3,200 entries. Includes printable Google directions with full winery contact information.
Best Beauty Search Best Beauty Search
User-edited search results for health, beauty and fashion sites plus blog, friends, reviews and contests.
Version francaise d un nouveau wiki permettant de decouvrir et publier des lieux remarquables sur google maps avec images, liens et videos youtube ou dailymotion. -- French version of wiki featuring remarkable places on Google Maps with images and videos.
Webjam Webjam
Webjam is a platform designed to enable creating an unlimited number of modular websites with a community attached to each. Privacy settings for each module. With an AJAX-y drag and drop interface.
Food Tube Food Tube
London Restaurants, searchable by Tube station and/or Cuisine, complete with live booking service.
AuctionSound AuctionSound
AuctionSound was created for eBay Trading Assistants to manage all aspects of the consignment business from customer management, listing, auction templates, image hosting, shipping and financial reporting all from one interface.
Astronomy and space focused mashup of Google video feeds (YouTube), links, Digg stories and global news.
Connecting Consumers and Businesses in Cities, Worldwide! Connecting Consumers and Businesses in Cities, Worldwide! is a mashup thats also lots of things wrapped into one easy to use website. The site provides search functionalities to find business listings and classifieds within a city and also an accounts system for members and business advertisers.
Ontok Highlighter Ontok Highlighter
Free ad-supported web service for publishers that highlights words on a site using Ontok UrlInfo API backend. When users mouseover the inserted links, they see ads and search results from other APIs like Amazon, ebay,, Adsense, and Yahoo.
Quebec Wineries Map Quebec Wineries Map
A Google Map showing the location for each of the wineries operating in Quebec with links to their websites and related wine information.