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Google Ajax Search Mashups

Note: The Google Ajax Search API is no longer available.
This profile is retained for historical purposes only.
2lingual Google SearchGoogle Search in 2 separate languages. 2lingual Google Search is a dual-language search tool that performs both a Google Search and a Cross-language Google Search. It also provides a query translation option that can be activated or deactivated for Cross-language Google Searches. The top-ranking Google Search Results from 2 user-selected search languages are displayed in side-by-side columns. Other Features include Search Suggestions, Rich Snippets and 37 Google Search Languages.  
3d Movie StoreA walkin virtual 3d movie store that pulls dvds and blue rays from amazon.  
4 in 1 searchA 4-in-1 search application to display (1) web search, (2) images, (3) news, and (4) video results from single query.  
AmanavSearch and browse the Amazon catalog. Check the price history and watch related product videos.  
ApartableApartable is a mashup that matches people to apartments. It takes a proactive approach to finding a new living space.  
Astrolicio.usAstronomy and space focused mashup of Google video feeds (YouTube), del.icio.us links, Digg stories and global news.  
Atlas Mapping ToolAtlas allows publishers to create high-quality maps in a few seconds. You can embed the maps on your site in any size or format, you can allow your users to contribute to the maps and you can download all your data in KML format.  
atooloGerman Ajax web desktop con Web Operating System.  
authrService for PCs which can search the favorite writers Books. And you can see results by Timeline showing a list and a publication day.  
BabelplexBabelplex Bilingual Search makes it possible to perform a bilingual search of the World Wide Web, images, videos, and Wikipedia.  
Babelplex Google Bilingual SearchGoogle Search in 2 separate languages. Also, as an option, Babelplex can automatically translate your query.  
Best of Citysearch MashupMashup of Citysearch and Google Maps to help find the best restaurants, hotels, nightlife, shopping and services in major US cities as voted on Citysearch.com.  
CelebDomainDisplays celebrity and movie information, including pictures, blog posts, news, and profiles.  
Celebrity Blog ReviewNews, facts, blogs, videos, and pictures about the entertainment world that is continuously updated. Uses Google Custom Ajax search,Yahoo Buzz, Google Suggest, and Wikipedia.  
Celebrity Sexy Video FinderNot safe for work, NSFW. Search and find all sexy YouTube and Google videos of your favorite female and male celebrities. Contains adult content.  
Chinese Food MapA map and review platform for your favorite Chinese restaurants.  
Connecting Consumers and Businesses in Cities, Worldwide!WowCity.com is a mashup thats also lots of things wrapped into one easy to use website. The site provides search functionalities to find business listings and classifieds within a city and also an accounts system for members and business advertisers.  
Country SearchSearch engine for targeting information about a country. Uses the Google Page Creator and other APIs.  
Data Sheet SearchData sheet PDF search engine looks for only PDF files, showing four images of the related content.  
Dear MapCreate your own maps and share with friends.  
eBookXPeBookXP uses Google's Ajax Libraries and Search API's designed to search eBooks, magazines, textbooks and online publication files available in websites, forums and blogs.  
eLocalFinderLocal search service for all your local, business and personal needs. It has multiple business search with a single click. Also provides information about real estate, apartments, flight deals, and ATMs.  
Ennovation HotSpotChinese-oriented WiFi hotspot web database, which is available from mobile XHTML as well. Content in Chinese. The database is increasing and an API for mobile and web is planned.  
Events of the Day Around YouCustomized Google News for your locality. Set the location and source and add some keywords if needed, you will what is happening around you.  
Extreme SportsExtreme and action sports videos from Google Video and YouTube. Features kitewing videos.  
Face SearchrA simple face search with lightbox included, also lists black and white face pictures.  
Facebook Friend PlotterSee where your friends are located in the UK. Click on the markers to see their details in the information window.  
FeedSearch.netFind RSS feeds and Atom feeds using a quick search. Site uses the Google AJAX Search API.  
FindPDF.netFindPDF.net is a PDF document search engine powered by Google API. You can find ebooks, manuals, articles and product guides, read online and download ebooks. It has some unique features like searching in PDF text itself (like OCR), convert books to plain text and sharing via PDFbox. A set of Twitter posts is also returned related to searched terms.  
Food in N. IrelandEnter your postcode, how far to travel and what type of food you are looking for, and you will see all nearby food outlets in Northern Ireland.  
Food PrintsProvides easy-to-use access to Nutrition Facts from food labels. Also includes the latest health news and product recalls to help you maintain a healthy diet.  
Forum SearchUse hidden query <more:in-forums>. with the above refinement, Forum Search CSE can be integrate with Google Ajax Search API. This way, your app can perform a forum search query.  
FoxyTunes PlanetUniversal personalized music mashup integrating many music resources into one convenient place, then making them available through the FoxyTunes browser extension, which supports more than 30 media players and music services.  
Free Printables Online - Kidsuki.CoMKidsuki is a printable coloring pages search engine for kids that uses Google and Yahoo.  
FuzzFind Web SearchFuzzFind is a mashup that combines the power of the major search engines and social bookmarking sites to make it easier to find and identify the most relevant information.  
G4ngFrom the site: The G4 is a powerful tool for everybody who wants to keep his/her geo-spatial data organized, analyzed and accessible from around the world with ability to share and collaborate with friends.  
Gaiagi Driver - 3D Driving Simulator3D driving simulator that shows the present position in different views including street and birds-eye view. Sightseeing tours are predefined for e.g. New York, Rome, Hollywood and Yellowstone Park. Views are synchronized for easy panning.  
GNewsVisionWatch geolocalised Google News on a map. The map moves around to track a plane jumping from one country to another one.  
Google and Yahoo Search for PipesGoogle search and Yahoo search union to search for the keywords. Built using Yahoo Pipes.  
Google Map Search GadgetGoogle Gadget that lets you run Google Map searches directly from your Google homepage.  
Google Multilingual Voice SearchGoogle Voice Search in multiple languages. Features include Search-by-Voice, Real-time Search Suggestions, "Did you say" Speech-to-Text Corrections and 66 Speech-to-Text Languages.  
Google News BarGoogle News Bar gadget (based on Google AJAX search API) can be added to your Google home page. Add the search terms of your interest and view them as vertical or horizontal newsbars.  
googlUponGoogle search with option to save any interesting results to a temporary folder, and the folder contents refine search terms, search re-runs. Handy way to discover new things or target what you really meant.  
GooshGoogle search meets DOS shell, in a browser. If you miss command lines, then this app is for you. Feel right at home searching the Web from a shell prompt.  
GovIntegratorProcess, visualize, correlate , analyze and publish data from different gov data sets. Help is WIP.  
GreekooSearch in Google in modern Greek from any computer.  
GYbrowseSearch engine that joins the results from Google and Yahoo using Google AJAX Search API and Yahoo BOSS API letting you to search on Google and Yahoo at the same time.  
Hindi Songs SearchHighly customized search engine for searching Hindi songs, with audio, video, and lyrics.  
HIT Map BlogFind your friends in a map, inside your social network. Post events, photos and videos in map.  
Hittery.com - custom search dashboardHittery.com lets people create a custom search dashboard. Users can create a personal searchpage by adding, removing, dragging and dropping 100 available searchboxes. Hittery.com was created using Google COOP.  
iGuideInteractive Travel Guide featuring 16,000+ destination guides, a full-screen interactive map, traveler reviews, videos, and 10,000+ photos. Combines Google Maps, WikiTravel, Wikipedia, Placeopedia, YouTube, and Google Video.  
imagegalleryimagegallery leverages the AOL Pictures, Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Ajax Search, Google App Engine, Google Search, and Images API to bring different kinds of images to the site.  
InittInitt is a simple start page created for spanish-speaking countries.  
Japan Talent Data BoxJapanese talents (actor, actress, models) directory service.  
JobGeni - RSS Jobs Search EngineJobGeni is a new job search engine aggregator that supports several languages. What it does is to grab multiple RSS data feeds in real time from job boards spanning seventeen different countries, and present the jobs it has found to the user instantly.  
jQuery-ed Google Blog BarA 4KB jQuery plug-in instead of a 118KB Google Blog Bar - the Google AJAX Search API app that lets you add blog search results to your site. This new plug-in does not depend on Google API loader. Instead it uses the RESTful API interface.  
KeywordleA site that automatically suggests descriptive keywords for websites.  
KML Maps FilesSearch and view KML files on the map. Looks for KML files with Google AJAX Search, then shows the KML file content in a Google map.  
KukunuKukunu is a new travel planning experience that simplifies the life of travellers around the world. Travelers can collaborate to create their itinerary then add transports, hotels, restaurants, activities and sights across the cities they plan to visit.  
KvittersYou can search various microblogging sites like Twitter, Digg, Youtube, Yahoo answers etc. On the homepage, we list the most popular keywords and trends that are being searched by the people across the world.  
KwiClickKwiClick is a browser addon that enhances the way you view and retrieve information from your favorite services. KwiClick removes the need to open a new tab to get information from Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, FriendFeed and more.  
LBS Search ToolDo location-aware searches. Gets your location either by Gears Geolocation protocol for location by IP or WiMAX Open Source Connection Manager from Clearwire. Both Yahoo and Google mapped results. A beta Adobe AIR desktop app.  
Librarian ChickA categorized list of free educational resources with integrated Google Ajax Search.  
LocaFollowFind Twitter users near your location and bulk follow them. With LocaFollow you can search by keywords in the Bio and Location fields.  
LondonFlatmate.netLondonFlatmate.net is a flatsharing application for London, it currently uses the GoogleMaps API and the Yahoo Geocoding API to help display available flatsahres on a map as well as Google local search to bring the area local to a flatshare to life.  
LyricsFlyLarge wiki-style database of song lyrics with real time suggestions, related music videos, and download links to DRM-free mp3s.  
MacrosReaderMacrosReader: tracking and sharing top news. MacrosReader is a mashup feeds library designed to change the way you read news. MacrosReader includes a wide variety of feeds and Yahoo Pipes as resources for mashups. We dare to say this is the next web 3.0  
Mapping EventsDiscover upcoming events and stuff to do in a nice and simple interface based on Google Maps. Search for events, narrow down with category, place or date and sort your search by relevance, date, title, popularity or venue name. Mapping Events is powered by Eventful API, Google Maps API, Google AJAX Search API, WorldIP API, Yahoo YQL and Yahoo YUI.  
Mashed TicketsA worldwide ticket search and price comparison site with a map covering concerts, theatres, sports and tourism. Find and compare tickets from Stub Hub, eBay and more. View tour maps on the Google Map and watch related Google videos.  
MashspotsMashSpots.com is a free service to make local search easy to use. Just click on any location on the map to get the four closest spots of the searched item.  
MetaScrollA fast and anonymous meta search engine. Shows relevant Wikipedia articles and tweets.  
Meyshan Ultimate SearchReal mashup search widget, with Google, Yahoo, Snap Preview and more.  
MovieABA movie review, plot, awards, trailers and people database website. MovieAB uses developer APIs from Netflix and NYTimes to mashup movie summary and reviews on a single page.  
Music.Podfire.orgA music information aggregator that displays music news, album information, music videos, artists photos, music genres and tags for each artist.  
My Favorite Places DemoSample application demonstrating the Google Ajax Search API.  
NavgleMashup of Google's Search APIs with Naver.com Design to provide a better Universal Search experience. Navgle.com is the love child of Google Engineering and Naver.com Design.  
NEARgleDynamic content surrounding Google map that changes with location. Returns local search results from Google and Yahoo.  
Newsonmap.inIts a combination of news and map, such that it relates a location to its news and also a news to its related location. It surely is a new way to keep yourself updated with a particular locations news. You can zoom in to a particular area on map and get its related news. By default it will load the users country's news. Also there is a search box to search for a location. All you need to do is click on a location on map and it will get its latest news. Also you can hover your mouse over news shown to see its related locations on map.  
Newspaper.liInformation on trending topics : images, videos, tweets, q&a and forum posts.  
NoboshNews stories for everything from the latest current business news, tech news, health news, advertising news, and corporate blogs. All powered by nobosh's algorithms.  
oddflowerSelf organizing social bookmarking. Dynamically clusters links and people and visualizes users interests. Constructs complex dynamic queries for automatic AJAX searches and generates highly personalized RSS feeds.  
Opinion CrawlGet a real-time Web sentiment assessment on any current topic. See the issues driving the sentiment in a positive or negative way. Enterprises can get custom reports on specific topics.  
PageflakesCustom homepage builder that uses Ajax to let a user layout and customize a page with relevant information. Includes pre-built modules for Flickr, YouTube, Amazon and hundreds of other popular sites.  
PDF SearchSearch thousands of PDF ebooks from websites, forums, blogs, and more.  
pdfdatabaseA PDF book search engine.  
PeepTodayDefine your favourite subjects and PeepToday will bring you each day news, videos that best fit your interests.  
Plan Your Road TripsMashup of Google maps, traffic incidents, local search API, Wikipedia, Panoramio and YouTube videos to help you plan your road trips.  
player4you player4you is a free player that plays videos from Youtube without commercials and uses a crossfader to avoid breaks between the tracks. A live search makes it easy to find your favorite tracks. You can also login with your facebook account and save and share your playlists with your friends.  
Poke The HabitThe online network for Sustainable Action. Combines multiple social APIs including Facebook and identity services like RPX.  
psykomaticPsykomatic is an instant search engine. No need to click, no need to browse. The top result webpage loads automatically, with other results shown as thumbnails.  
PsykooWouldn't it be great if you could see what the website look like before you go there? Psykoo is a visual search experience that allow you to do just that. What you see is what you get. Wrapping popular search engines with a tremendous experience. Our brain process images tremendously faster than words. Therefore you could find what you're looking for much faster. Features round up: * Preview websites, either thumbnails or on iframe. WYSIWYG * Browse very rapidly many entries with Infinite scrolling. * You can watch videos directly from the site. Which provide a faster experience than Youtube. * Compare many image services like Tumblr, Bing, Instagram and 500px Obtain different flavor and great to get inspiration.  
putIToutAggregated search for the media industry, using feeds created by Accentivo. Aggregates search results from Google, Guardian, Brand Republic and a gender prediction tool from Microsoft.  
RendezvousSpot.comRendezvous Spot.com is dedicated to finding a great meeting place that isn't too far for both parties.  
Restaurant ManiacGoogle Maps mashup for those wanting to discover new restaurants in a specific area.  
SakMapSakMap is the Swiss army knife of Maps. It has a built in local services search with data available for each US city the ArcGIS geocoder identifies such as weather, photos, videos, imaging, news, wikipedia and more.  
ScoreInTheBoxType in your domain name and find out how your site scores. Uses a unique formula consisting of variables, such as backlinks and popularity, to calculate a score for each website entered.  
Search The BeatSTB uses the Google Ajax Search API to allow users to search the web for mp3s. It also uses the API to show YouTube videos alongside the search results.  
Search The WebSearch The Web is a mashup that makes searching the Web easier by combining the best search engines convert into one.  
Search WikiCreate and modify custom search engines including Google AJAX Search.  
SearchQuiltSearch for videos, images, blogs, news, auctions, and products all on one page. The homepage shows popular searches from Yahoo, AOL, Google, and Technorati, so that you can also track buzz.  
SenseBotSenseBot represents a new type of Search Engine that delivers a summary in response to your query instead of a collection of links. SenseBot takes results from Google, Yahoo or Live and summarizes them as a text digest on the query topic. Patent Pending.  
ShahiShahi is a visual dictionary that combines Wiktionary content with Flickr and other images.  
Soccer MapSoccer National league tables in a map, plus soccer news. You can search based on teams and leagues.  
Sociotoco SearchSociotoco Search helps you find online profiles in most commonly used social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook - all on one place.  
SOHO-RintaroSearching various contents regarding history, sports, music, movie etc. by using various APIs.  
Spicy Pipes Creative MashupsSpicyPipes allows users to create online mashups. The created mashups for personal use and share them with others through tagging. Slideshow greetings, answers, travel guides, file storage, and sharing.  
StylehiveCollaborative shopping community site Stylehive uses the Google Ajax Search API to integrate custom search into their site.  
SupersearchCombined search of Google, Yahoo! and Bing, combining results into a single grid and reordering results based on those found in more than one location. Multi-language support also offered.  
TagbulbTagbulb simplifies tag search by aggregating content from various sources like Flickr, YouTube and many more. Users can browse by content type like images, videos, blogs, bookmarks, podcasts, products, books etc.  
TagsUpTagsUp.com combines search engines from dozens of companies and returns web, image, video, shopping, auction, classified, realtime, news, blog or discussion results.  
termCloud SearchThe main idea is to turn the search process into an act of learning in itself. The app generates a term cloud as a way to explore a subject area, getting an overview over the central terms surrounding a query and navigating the result set.  
The Campus AtlasConsolidates different Web components for college students. Contains Google search, video and local search, local businesses, maps, news feeds, professor searches, local drink specials, and games.  
The Link InspectorThe Link Inspector lets you get in-depth information about all the backlinks pointing to your site. It will even search for new backlinks that you are not aware of, good or bad.  
The Music FeedFeaturing free, unlimited MP3 downloads by independent artists and DJs from the Underground Music Spot plus your favorite mainstream artists. Mashup of the Underground Music Spot and Interactive Digital Music.  
The Recycling CenterMap search to locate Recycling Centers and a guide to recycling from home. There is also a store to shop for recycling stuff.  
theBuzz.atDigg-style voting for places. Discover and share places, from the hippest bars to upcoming eateries. Every venue is submitted and voted on (buzzed) by people like you. If a place gets enough buzzes then it appears on the front page.  
Tips-Search.comSearch tips and lifehacks such as 6 ways to..., how to and ... 10 tips. Japanese version is at tips-kensaku.com  
Top20HotnessAggregates and visualizes trends on Google, Yahoo and Amazon. It is also a customizable search engine that can be added to your toolbar. Once an account is created, users can maintain a top 20 list and add web clips to their scrapbooks.  
Top40 MashMashup of search results from Bing Google Digg Twitter Yahoo in a apealing format. It is designed as a research tool to save having to do multiple searches. The Top 40 search results are ranked and presented in ordered lists.  
Transmission NewsOur mashup recipe is very simple: 5x Twitter News service accounts, 1x Yahoo Geo, 1x Open Calais, 1x Google Maps, 1x Google Search and a little bit of Wikipedia. Mix all ingredients together with care. Hope you enjoy.  
TrekMarkA Google Maps mashup that allows you to mark places of interest, add reviews, and share your favorite locations with others.  
TrendyNewzAggregates and visualizes trends on Google, Yahoo and Amazon. It is also a customizable search engine that can be added to your toolbar. Once an account is created, users can maintain a top 20 list and add web clips to their scrapbooks.  
Turf StompingTurf Stomping is a location-based turf battle game that rewards and encourages traveling and learning about different neighborhoods. This game requires a laptop and works anywhere in the world where there's a wifi connection. Formerly known as Turf Bombing.  
Twitter Trends in VideoThis Mashup using Twitter and Google Ajax Search Video shows you the last 20 trends in Twitter illustrated with a video when available. This helps you to best understand what's hot in Twitter. Enjoy !  
two minute worldVideo and news from anywhere you choose to go on planet Earth. Just turn the 3D globe. In many ways better than actually going there.  
User Built GuideDiscover restaurants around where you live.  
Veeeb Semantic EditorVeeeb is a text editor which semantically analyzes your text and provides the most significant concepts. It displays basic info about these concepts and allows you to search in different channels like Flickr, Youtube, Getty, Amazon, Google and so on.  
VideomapYoutube and Revver video on Google Maps.  
Visual YouTubeEnter your search terms and then see 50 thumbnails of videos. Hover over one for a description and click it to play the video. Also lists web, news, blog, image, and book search results.  
W3WallpapersWallpaper search engine.  
Web Startup ToolbarFirefox add-on. Pulls data from CrunchBase (funding/exit details), LinkedIn (employees), Quantcast/Compete (monthly uniques), Alexa (traffic rank), and Google/Bing/Yahoo (backlinks) on the website being viewed.  
Websites LogAnalyzes websites and finds related websites, showing website index stats and linkbacks. Also shows a thumbnail of the website.  
Wines and TimesCreate you own winery tour! Mashup of U.S. wineries, winery events, wine festivals, and wine trails. Over 3,200 entries. Includes printable Google directions with full winery contact information.  
WTF should I go for beer?Tiny and funny web app to find a nice bar nearby.  
YimmiyYimmiy searches the web simultaneously for various kinds of content (web, video, photos, new and blogs) from various providers (Yahoo, Live, LiveVideo, YouTube, Picasa, Google, Flickr etc), showing all in one list and using colors for the contenttypes.  
YouLyricsYouLyrics is Youtube + ChartLyrics. Simple way to see your favorite videos together with the lyrics. Also, you will always be surprised: each time someone is watching a video it will appear on the search boxes when someone will load the application.  
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