Google Analytics Managment API

Use the Google Analytics Management API to leverage Google's extensive website analytics tools. The API uses GET requests over HTTPS and JSON for requests/returns. Some of the functions available with the API are: List Account, Property and View (Profile) information for a user; manage properties and goals; manage user permissions; and upload cost data to Google Analytics for non-Google paid campaigns. See the extensive documentation for code samples, detailed method descriptions, and more.
OAuth 2
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  • is a web application developed by Pink Big Mac Media that lets users virtually explore different destinations around the world. Depending on the destination, the web application...
  • Automate downloads of your website traffic data from your Google Analytics account directly into Excel.
  • Online tool for monitoring the key business metrics independently of the source of data.
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PHP Class for the Google Analytics API
Simple code showing how to log into the Google Analytics API using PHP and CURL using Username/Password Authentication. Wraps the login code up into a class with methods for logging in and then calling API functions.
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Google Analytics Core Reporting Java Library by Google Google Analytics Core Reporting library available in Java language. The Core Reporting API is known...
Google Analytics Java SDK by Google The Google Analytics SDK for Android is available to download. The site contains implementation...
Google Universal Analytics Web Tracking Java Library by Google This Java library is an updated version of the original ga.js analytics library. Insert this Java...
Google Analytics Java Library The Google Analytics Java Library allows developers to integrate the Google Analytics API's...
Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C The Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C is a flexible, efficient library provided by Google...
Developers (51)
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pinkbigmac is a web application developed by Pink Big Mac Media that lets users virtually explore different destinations around the world. Depending on the destination, the web application supplies pictures and information on the historical background, significance, popularity, and more.
Analytics Edge Connector for Google Analytics Analytics Edge Connector for Google Analytics
Automate downloads of your website traffic data from your Google Analytics account directly into Excel.
KPI watchdog
Online tool for monitoring the key business metrics independently of the source of data.
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Browse new DVD/BluRay releases by genre and rating. Filter for anything like Actors, Directors, Themes etc.
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This website allow user to find and orgnize deals, offers and coupons from around the web. User can upload deals set time to run deal write blog release news and also upload articales to promote websites, companies. is India's leading real estate portal. utilizes several APIs to give a better property search experience to its users.
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Plot yourself and collaborate. Find a teacher, start a group, promote your music, share a gig or trade gear local!
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Amazigg Amazigg
Amazigg is a mashup service, providing a mix of Amazon and Digg data. It lists products from Amazon store, submitted to Digg, and allows to reveal the most popular, weird or trendy ones.
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The Music Feed The Music Feed
Featuring free, unlimited MP3 downloads by independent artists and DJs from the Underground Music Spot plus your favorite mainstream artists. Mashup of the Underground Music Spot and Interactive Digital Music.
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Facebook Spectrum allows the users of Facebook to get a birds-eye view of their friends on Facebook. It acts as an insight application for your Facebook account.
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dishtip is a new kind of semantic mashup that performs a deep analysis of millions of web based-reviews, photos and content to determine the best dishes for a given location and where to eat them. It uses a multifaceted classification scheme to analyze multiple data points about user sentiments, dishes, ingredients, cuisines and then offers suggestions.
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Psykotube Psykotube
Psykotube is a great way to browse lots of videos really quickly. With Really simple and neat interface. This is great to get an overall vibe of a search and is at times faster than youtube's own search tool!
flickstr flickstr
See the weekly top 20 users from Flickr, as well as a selection of their highest-rated photos. Also options to see most favorites photos, most commented photos and most-used cameras.
SwoopThat SwoopThat
SwoopThat is a leading provider of course search technology and textbook price comparison. At SwoopThat, parents and students enter their courses, and the website returns every book they need to buy as well as every online merchant that sells those books. SwoopThat helps students save up to 75% on their textbooks in about 10 minutes. In addition to textbook purchases, SwoopThat helps students and parents sell their books by searching online vendors for the highest buyback price. SwoopThat's general product search engine also provides price comparison for over 15 million products from thousands of retailers nation-wide.
Joomailer Joomailer
Joomailer is a complete newsletter solution for the CMS Joomla!. There are 2 versions: one that works with Mailchimp and the other with Campaign Monitor. The Mailchimp Version is also mashed up with the Google Analytics API to provide detailed reports.
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Have locations of Speed Cameras for your navigation device all over Europe.
UK Schools ( UK Schools (
Browsable directory of schools in England. Features include maps, streetview and graphs of number and age of pupils.
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Shows flea prevalence across the U.S., based on Google Trends data. If you download the coupon, your location will be added to the map. Also includes a store locator for finding nearby Banfield locations.
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Classifieds and auctions search and monitoring app. Search craigslist, oodle, kijiji, backpage, and eBay across different locations; define advanced search criteria; save searches and monitor them over time via a custom dashboard.
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MusicMap is a regional music events guide that uses google maps, youtube videos, flickr photos, pictures and text, facebook connect and makes a fusion of technology to produce a new kind of user experience.
A pet site providing classifieds, adoptions, photos, videos, pricing info, breeder directories, shopping, breed information, and other useful tools for a healthy and happy relationship with your pet.
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mapMyflickr is a tool for showing photos from Flickr that have been geotagged by downloading a link to browse within Google Earth.
EmbeddedAnalytics EmbeddedAnalytics
EmbeddedAnalytics enables Google Analytics reports to be embedded into web pages for the world to see. No programming knowledge is required. Embed the reports into blogs, websites, mobile websites, and anywhere an iframe tag is supported.
Google Analytics and Google Analytics and
Allows users to view analytics about files they have shared through Box.
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Get a small counter image from your Google Analytics stats.
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Combine Google Analytics and the Olark live chat service to get a tool for understanding how talking to your customers helps close sales. You'll be able to see how live chat affects conversion on your product sales, funnels, and goals.
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Tupalo Tupalo
A social yellow pages services where you can discover, rate and review local businesses and services around the world. Find restaurants, bars, boutiques, salons and other businsses.
Your Mapper Your Mapper
Your Mapper news organization aims to be the most effective platform for bringing your community high quality, local data on maps. Your Mapper is eats its own dogfood: it was built entirely using its own API.
pdfdatabase pdfdatabase
A PDF book search engine.
Echoes - Kazulo Echoes - Kazulo
Echoes is a "Real-time topic mashup homepage". Our objective is to automate the generation of useful and relevant homepages for any topic search. The homepages are built using several different APIs, semantic web resources, and user-generated-co
Courts Of The World Courts Of The World
Courts Of The World (COTW) is a community for streetball players and basketball lovers. Find courts in your area with our court finder.
Last on AM/FM Last on AM/FM
Visualizes what's currently playing on your radio station and maps the artists to their place of residence or origin. You can also add your recently played tracks.
Key Metrics for Google Analytics Key Metrics for Google Analytics
For on-the-go administrators to access data from their mobile devices. Analytics app company youcalc has created an embeddable Key Metrics Change web widget that displays well on the iPhone as a web app.
Desktop Reporting for Google Analytics - Polaris Desktop Reporting for Google Analytics - Polaris
Polaris is a cross platform desktop Google Analytics widget built using the Adobe AIR environment. With 8 standard reports it lets you keep your data always instantly available.
AskJot AskJot
AskJot is a tool for analyzing web pages for keywords. Use its page analysis to find keyword links to custom search results pages that search multiple services at once for that keyword. is a natural species search engine where you can search about 2.000.000 species. Use and APIs.