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Google App Engine
Use the Google App Engine platform to run web apps on Google's infrastructure, the same scalable systems that run Google applications. Use the platform to run your apps reliably, even if you have heavy load and data needs. The environment has dynamic web serving, persistent storage with queries, sorting and transactions, automatic scaling and load balancing, APIs for authenticating users and sending email using Google Accounts, and a local testing environment. Google App Engine apps are implemented using the Python programming language, with support for most of the Python standard library. App Engine recently unveiled its second language: Java. This release includes the Java runtime, integration with Google Web Toolkit, and a Google Plugin for Eclipse, giving you an end-to-end Java solution for AJAX web applications.
Cloud, Webhooks
Java, Python
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  • imagegallery leverages the AOL Pictures, Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Ajax Search, Google App Engine, Google Search, and Images API to bring different kinds of images to the site.
  • In Open City Agora you can create views that mix several layers of information from different sources including Open Data and Google Places. You can create your own views with the available layers...
  • Using Google AppEngine as a server (FREE!) and Hoiio API, this app helps company setup a corporate directory which transfer callers as they key in the extension number.
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Google App Engine PHP Sample code by Google
Users can learn to install phpMyAdmin on Google App Engine, useful to administer Google Cloud SQL over the web. This tutorial targets developers who run an application on Google App Engine for the PaaS feature, use Google Cloud SQL, and have preference to use web interface for database admin. The training takes 15 minutes to complete.
Makes it easy to make your monitoring system call you when something needs attention. All it takes is a single HTTP call to initiate a phone call.
Google App Engine Python Libraries by Google Google offers a number of libraries in Python language to use Google App Engine, the platform-as-a-...
Google App Engine SDK by Google Google App Engine SDK is available for download in PHP, Python, Java, and Go languages after...
Google Apps Engine JavaScript Endpoints Library This documentation provides information on using the Google JavaScript Library to access Google...
Google Apps Engine Android Endpoints Library These documents instruct you on setting up a Google Apps Engine client library in order to use...
Google Apps Engine iOS Endpoints Library For use with Google Apps Engine, this library compiles an iOS client library generator to generate...
Google App Engine Python Library google-api-python-client This is the Python Client library for Google's discovery APIs. The libraries can be downloaded...
Developers (73)
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Open City Agora

Company Directory




What Are the Haps?



Kolay Ä°ngilizce Oku

pwtempuser pwtempuser YouCheckins

Phone Polling


pwtempuser pwtempuser Impact

pwtempuser pwtempuser TextMob

pwtempuser pwtempuser FB Time Machine

pwtempuser pwtempuser Zaggle ZMS

pwtempuser pwtempuser Teletka

pwtempuser pwtempuser WhtvrMe

pwtempuser pwtempuser I Do Voices

pwtempuser pwtempuser YouCall MD

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser Call-Safely

pwtempuser pwtempuser Koderank

pwtempuser pwtempuser BirthdayGram

pwtempuser pwtempuser Geospeaker

pwtempuser pwtempuser WebAloud

Greg Tracy I Don't Need No Stinking Phone

in2clouds Social Listener

Romin Irani Hello Vaccine

Cycling the Alps

Todd Sifleet populrBuys

Twitter Multilingual Voice Search

Raj Shah Social Butterfly

pwtempuser pwtempuser square-anoia

Sergey Basharov Infinilla

Google Multilingual Voice Search

Alconost Nitro

Derek Swingley Find a Beer

Books Like This

Food Prints


pwtempuser pwtempuser SuperMeeple

Jonathan Lulich The Music Feed

pwtempuser pwtempuser Instascriber

Pawel Szymczykowski QueueCumBeR


pwtempuser pwtempuser mashmush


pwtempuser pwtempuser Fone Findr

Ethan Van den Berg Maps Shown To Me

pwtempuser pwtempuser Gpanion


Romin Irani Mumbai Health Tracker

pwtempuser pwtempuser fonefindr

Jeremy Glassenberg Google Apps and

pwtempuser pwtempuser VidScan

Ethan Van den Berg Real Estate Search

Distance Calculator

Ethan Van den Berg Widgets

Ethan Van den Berg ShownToME Music

pwtempuser pwtempuser Wiki By Phone

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser VoiceCal

Google Buzz via SMS

Camaris Music Artist Cloud App

ChaCha.IM - Add ChaCha as your IM Buddy



Alfredo Artiles LocaFollow

Alfredo Artiles RetweetFollow


Darren Stuart Not in Austin

Who Clicks My Links

Greg Tracy SMSMyBus

Christian Glaser LastNews

Camaris Music Cloud for Android & iPhone

pwtempuser pwtempuser Whispurr

Jeremy Glassenberg Gmail and

Nick Milon geognos


Today's Special

Sumavisos Clasificados

Greg Tracy Ringerous



Your Zodiac Sign, Health and Yoga

pwtempuser pwtempuser IsItBangus


Down or Not

Loonybot IM Alerts


pwtempuser pwtempuser Northumberland Fold

pwtempuser pwtempuser GeoMeme

Ouadi Driouech Guardian API Search Mashup

Jakob Aarøe Dam We Love Wind

TripSailor - Sailing Blogs, Yacht Charter Reviews, Sailing Adventures,

Camaris Artist Cloud iGoogle Gadget

Two Million Marker Map

Camaris Music Artist Cloud
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imagegallery imagegallery
imagegallery leverages the AOL Pictures, Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Ajax Search, Google App Engine, Google Search, and Images API to bring different kinds of images to the site.
Open City Agora Open City Agora
In Open City Agora you can create views that mix several layers of information from different sources including Open Data and Google Places. You can create your own views with the available layers and share them with the community. Open City Agora tries to solve the problem with the big amount of geolocalized data that is spread in different places, making possible to show them in one single view, giving extra values to the Places search. It takes part in the Google Places Api Developer Challenge 2012, you can vote for it in the Gallery:
Company Directory Company Directory
Using Google AppEngine as a server (FREE!) and Hoiio API, this app helps company setup a corporate directory which transfer callers as they key in the extension number.
MapProvision MapProvision
MapProvision is an online tool that allows you to easily share your geo data on your website. In minutes you can enhance your own website, blog or intranet pages to enable your users to perform customized analysis on your data using thematic overlays, animation, and charting. MapProvision is free to use. It is a 100% cloud-based application and is designed for ease of use with no downloads or coding required. MapProvision can represent spatial data in a number of unique layers such as multi geometry (points, lines and polygons), interpolation, raster grid, circles, density, videos, and your own customizable image sets. It also includes visualizations to chart trends in your data using scatter plot, histogram, and data tables.
TrackProfiler TrackProfiler
Trackprofiler is an online editor (and organizer) of GPS tracks. It is designed for hikers, mountaineers, mountainbikers, cyclists and more generally for people who use GPS devices for outdors activities.
Morces Morces
Morces is a mobile web platform that put businesses on mobile.
What Are the Haps? What Are the Haps?
Local event search engine, powered by user contributions. Find something to do today, or promote your own event!
Twitwhere Twitwhere
This Service is a mashup service using twitter and google maps apis. It displays a users twitter status on the globe.
Jozomello Jozomello
Jozomello TV is a web page that serves Turkish,Kurdish,Arabic,Armenian and Persian music clips and videos. It uses YouTube API and selects videos order by popularity and view count.
Kolay Ä°ngilizce Oku Kolay Ä°ngilizce Oku
Kolay Ingilizce Oku is a web application that aims facilitate process of reading English text for Turkish speakers. You can click any word that you don't know its meaning, you can save it, to your word list that connected your google account. You can check your word-list and test yourself. Kolay Ingilizce Oku also have a chrome extension. With this extension you can select and analyse any article in web only one click from chrome extension.
YouCheckins YouCheckins
A history of places at which you checked in by foursquare is shown per a venue/month. It is also possible for the place to show by check-in history with heat maps.
Phone Polling Phone Polling
Create a poll, and poll all your friends over the phone. This is great for RSVP events. Beats asking "Are you coming to my party tonight" to 10 friends.
Rentmix Rentmix
Fast, simple vacation rental search. Listings from HomeAway, FlipKey, and AirBnB laid out on Google Maps
Impact Impact
Impact is a web application to collect, organize, and share critical data on student attendance, character and academic mastery. Designed by a teacher, for teachers. Schools can send out school-wide blasts manually or automatically based on data. Teachers can share grades and progress with students, parents, and families via SMS.
TextMob TextMob
Textmob allows anyone to easily create an SMS group around a trip or event. Send the SMS group to friends and they can join the group also.
FB Time Machine FB Time Machine
Time travel through Facebook with FB Time Machine. This mashup uses Facebook, Facebook Graph and the Google App Engine and lets you view all of your friends' status updates and posted links (ever). Results are displayed on one page.
Zaggle ZMS Zaggle ZMS
ZMS is a free SMS gateway with a retro 8BIT user interface. ZMS enables any iOS device to send and receive free SMS text messages to any cell phone.
Teletka Teletka
Teletka is an online/phone service that allows you to connect your Facebook account with phone numbers. Once you are officially authenticated with Teletka, you can start posting audio messages to your Facebook wall. All you have to do is call Teletka and leave a message.
WhtvrMe WhtvrMe
WhtvrMe is an iOS and Android app that is a simple way for two people to make a plan. Once one person has the app, they can send a Whtvr to another person, who is sent an SMS prompting them to install the app. Once they have it installed, the app lets two people plan a date, and gives them timely and relevant suggestions on things to do in their area.
I Do Voices I Do Voices
Like Catch Phrase, but you use your phone instead of a device, and everyone always has a word. Text "play" to start. You will receive the name of a famous person/character. Get others in your group to text that name to the number (without saying it yourself; text "pass" to skip). You can receive points either by guessing correctly or by getting guessed. The first person to a set score wins!
YouCall MD YouCall MD
YouCall MD is a medical answering service using VOIP and SMS software. Allows physicians the ability to create and manage their on-call schedule, while providing a single access point for nurses to contact any physician. is a web service, built with Google App Engine, that lets people share Game Genie codes for Nintendo Entertainment System (8-bit) games. Call to look up a game and have the current codes read back to you.
Call-Safely Call-Safely
Call-Safely allows users to call or text others without revealing their real phone number. Caller ID is set to a real working phone number that others can SMS message to or call back.
Koderank Koderank
Koderank is an online whiteboard that allows for quick and easy code interviews. Interviewers can give candidates small coding exercises to gauge their abilities.
BirthdayGram BirthdayGram
BirthdayGram allows you to record an audio message for a friend on his or her birthday. Far more personal than a text message or a wall post, yet far easier than a phone call, sending a BirthdayGram will make someone's special day even more special! :)
Geospeaker Geospeaker
Geospeaker is a web application providing a virtual loudspeaker to communicate with people around you
WebAloud WebAloud
WebAloud uses the innovative twilio client to bring text-to-speech directly inside your browser. Just highlight the text and click play!
I Don't Need No Stinking Phone I Don't Need No Stinking Phone
This open-source App Engine implementation of the Twilio Client lets you deploy your own browser-based phone application. The app provides the following functions... - Make outbound calls from your browser - Receive inbound calls inside your browser - Receive browser-to-browser calls from friends - Manage voicemails when you aren't logged in to answer calls - SMS notifications when a new voicemail arrives
in2clouds Social Listener in2clouds Social Listener
This mashup provides analytics for any three twitter handles.
Hello Vaccine Hello Vaccine
Hello Vaccine is a SMS Reminder service that notifies parents about vaccination dates for their children.
Cycling the Alps Cycling the Alps
An overview of each pass in the Alps and all of the climbs in the Tour de France. Cycling the Alps let you explore using Google Earth 3D tours, streetview tours, cycling games, videos and discussions.
populrBuys populrBuys
An Amazon Product API mashup that aggregates products across 80 categories. Every day the product selections are updated to include Amazon's top sellers, most gifted, most wished-for and new releases from each respective category.
Twitter Multilingual Voice Search Twitter Multilingual Voice Search
Twitter voice search in multiple languages. Features include Search-by-Voice, Search-as-You-Type, Real-time Search Suggestions, "Did you say" Speech-to-Text Corrections, Real-Time Update Notifications and 66 Speech-to-Text Languages.
Social Butterfly Social Butterfly
Social Butterfly allows you to anonymously chat with random strangers through Google Talk. If you use Gmail, you already have Google Talk.
square-anoia square-anoia
See your Foursquare check-ins in relation to crime reported nearby in San Francisco.
Infinilla Infinilla
Infinilla shows 3 random picks from Dribbble using its API. You can click the refresh link on the bottom of the page and get 3 randomly chosen images that you can use for inspiration. If you want to get more info about the image you see, just click on it and you will get to the page of that image on Dribbble.
Google Multilingual Voice Search Google Multilingual Voice Search
Google Voice Search in multiple languages. Features include Search-by-Voice, Real-time Search Suggestions, "Did you say" Speech-to-Text Corrections and 66 Speech-to-Text Languages.
Alconost Nitro Alconost Nitro
Alсonost Nitro is an online human translation system for small and mid-sized texts of various types: minor documents, emails, CV’s, blog entries, news, short press releases, tweets, etc..
Find a Beer Find a Beer
Search for breweries via Brewery DB by specifying a location or clicking a location on a map.
Books Like This Books Like This
Use this app to view a web of similar books for any book on Amazon.
Food Prints Food Prints
Provides easy-to-use access to Nutrition Facts from food labels. Also includes the latest health news and product recalls to help you maintain a healthy diet.
ClisMap ClisMap
A clinical trials finder. Please note that not all clinical trials provide location info and of those, not all can be geocoded. That is why some clinical trials might have missing locations.
SuperMeeple SuperMeeple
"Check in" to your favorite board games. Uses Facebook for identity, Freebase for the database of board games and Google App Engine to provide the platform.
The Music Feed The Music Feed
Featuring free, unlimited MP3 downloads by independent artists and DJs from the Underground Music Spot plus your favorite mainstream artists. Mashup of the Underground Music Spot and Interactive Digital Music.
Instascriber Instascriber
Subscribe to your favorite RSS Feeds and have them automatically appear in Instapaper. Login to Instascriber with your Instapaper credentials and enter the RSS feeds you would like to appear in Instapaper. Automatically add new items to Instapaper as they are published.
QueueCumBeR QueueCumBeR
Share your Netflix queues quickly, easily and anonymously. No registration or authentication, just a quick copy/paste.
Cloud4SMSviaTwilio Cloud4SMSviaTwilio
This is an application that allows you send SMS within the US using your Android phone via cloud service provided by Twilio. Saves money for people who don't use SMS often; pay only 2c per message when you use Twilio to send or receive SMS. The current version also provides you a way to receive SMS sent to your Twilio number via email.
mashmush mashmush
mashmush is a free service to stream music from the internet to your computer. Google Chrome extension is available.
Notifixlite Notifixlite
A small IM bot that converts RSS to IM. You must use a Jabber/XMPP client.
Fone Findr Fone Findr
Calls you when you've lost your phone, and lets you record a public message telling everyone where you found it.
Maps Shown To Me Maps Shown To Me
Displaying open data from major Canadian cities (ottawa/vancouver/toronto etc.) on a map.
Gpanion Gpanion
Your Google Apps Companion. A dashboard for Google Apps.
Bontq Bontq
Bontq is a revolutionary bug & issue tracking system. It allows you to manage projects and track bugs very easy because of its clean and user-friendly interface. The essential part of Bontq is it's Desktop Client. Using Desktop Client's functionality you can Capture Screenshots, Record Videos and attach them right to your items.
Mumbai Health Tracker Mumbai Health Tracker
Mumbai Health Tracker is a social service that helps to collect and aggregate health incidents across Mumbai.
fonefindr fonefindr
If you lose your cell phone, enter your number and FoneFindr will call it. Also includes other fun items like leaving a voice message when you find the phone to be posted on the website to be voted on.
Google Apps and Google Apps and
Google Apps and are integrated, so Google Apps users can access their Box files from within Gmail, create file-based events in Google Calendar, and create Google Sites with content from Box.
VidScan VidScan
Scan timelines of your favorite YouTube videos.
Real Estate Search Real Estate Search
Search for great new and old properties near you. Using the power of google's real estate knowledge.
Distance Calculator Distance Calculator
German language distance calculator, using various reverse geocoding APIs to retrieve location and related place infos, such as Wikipedia overview articles, nearby airports, etc. Widgets Widgets
Takes all your favourite online information and displays in it one spot. Similar to igoogle or netvibes.
ShownToME Music ShownToME Music
Web based music player, similar to iTunes or Winamp. No need to download anything. Songs live from Youtube and Soundcloud.
Wiki By Phone Wiki By Phone
Wiki by phone gives you access to wikipedia articles via any phone. is a new online service designed to help developers manage and analyze their error data.
VoiceCal VoiceCal
Using Voicecal, you have immediate access to your Google calendar just by making a phone call.
Google Buzz via SMS Google Buzz via SMS
Post to Google Buzz via SMS by sending a text to 925-BUZZ-SMS. Uses Oauth, so it users can revoke access at any time.
Music Artist Cloud App Music Artist Cloud App
Android app that lets you discover music bands and artists similar to your favorites. Integrates with and YouTube and uses tagclouds to find related artists.
ChaCha.IM - Add ChaCha as your IM Buddy ChaCha.IM - Add ChaCha as your IM Buddy
Add ChaCha as your IM Buddy and start asking away... Your favorite ChaCha Questions & Answers service is now available in your favorite IM services. AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk, and Jabber.
Pictarine Pictarine
A social network to share photos. It collects automatically all your photos and contacts from Facebook, Flickr and Picasa and allows you to share your photos with your friends whatever their website is.
Twizzer Twizzer
Twitter game using random tweets. Guess whether or not the next tweet will... be a retweet, contain a hash tag, or have all the letters of the alphabet.
LocaFollow LocaFollow
Find Twitter users near your location and bulk follow them. With LocaFollow you can search by keywords in the Bio and Location fields.
RetweetFollow RetweetFollow
RetweetFollow lets you search by keywords in URLs tweeted and to easily follow the retweeters. You can also create lists, export the results, thank the RTs.
MovieDNA MovieDNA
iPhone app collecting all kinds of information on movies, actors, directors, using a variety of APIs.
Not in Austin Not in Austin
A site that filters the news from 7 tech blogs based on whether the news is sxsw related or not.
Who Clicks My Links Who Clicks My Links
Find out who clicks the links that you tweet.
A mobile phone app for finding real-time bus arrivals for Madison Metro (Madison, WI). Just text your specific request to receive real-time arrival estimates.
LastNews LastNews
Get your personalized RSS feed containing only news of bands you like (those in your library).
Music Cloud for Android & iPhone Music Cloud for Android & iPhone
Music discovery on your smartphone using tag clouds, video clips and more.
Whispurr Whispurr
A free social networking/micro-blogging service that allows sending and receiving updates known as a Whisp, which can contain up to 300 characters. Contact people via SMS.
Gmail and Gmail and
Allows users to send sharing links to content in their Box account through Gmail.
geognos geognos
Shows textual and visual information for all world countries. For each country, a live map and photos are included, plus a map translated to your language. Uses Google Charts for data visualization.
Twibberish Twibberish
A fun Twitter app to confound your followers. Twibberish takes your typed tweet and randomly translates it into another language, then translates that translation again, through as many languages as you select, until it reaches the end.
Today's Special Today's Special
A bot as well as a Google Wave robot that serves you a daily dose of Quotes, Word(s), Jokes, History, Horoscope and Cricket Scores. To use, add to your Google Talk or Google Wave.
Sumavisos Clasificados Sumavisos Clasificados
A search engine for cars, jobs and properties. View classified ads in Latin America and Brazil, add value (compare prices, link with Wikipedia pages and relate companies with their LinkedIn profiles, etc) and republish them.
Ringerous Ringerous
Ringerous lets you post to your Posterous blog by phone. Your recorded message is added to the post with an embedded MP3 player for easy playback.
nasdaq-talk nasdaq-talk
gtalk/Jabber bot to show latest stock value from nasdaq. Add "" to your Gtalk/jabber friend list. After this you can ping it for the live stock by entering company symbol (eg. goog,aapl,adbe etc)
Trendy!Bing Trendy!Bing
Trendy!Bing provides Google Trends last hot keywords with Microsoft Bing search results.
Your Zodiac Sign, Health and Yoga Your Zodiac Sign, Health and Yoga
Our Sun Sign, Mind, Body and Yoga are all interconnected. "Your Zodiac Sign, Health and Yoga" is a Faceook app which helps to explore Health and Yoga based on Zodiac signs.
IsItBangus IsItBangus
Tweet where you are having fun. Tweet gets updated with link showing map. Promote parties, bars, and events. All tweets for a given place are aggregated. Search by area, sorted by most recently coolest.
CRM-Gadget CRM-Gadget
Search new accounts or validate accounts on Oracle on Demand over Google Local Search.
Down or Not Down or Not
Down or Not checks a website from 3 locations in the WatchMouse network and decides if a site is indeed down or not.
Loonybot IM Alerts Loonybot IM Alerts
Provides subscription-based and on-demand information alerts to your jabber based IM (e.g., Google Talk). Just add as a buddy in your IM.
Nicksmap Nicksmap
A very simple New York area craigslist apartment listings/google maps mashup.
Northumberland Fold Northumberland Fold
Local news for Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada. Integrates local news sources with Flickr and Twitter activity in the area.
GeoMeme GeoMeme
Measure and share real-time local Twitter trends. App uses Twitter, Google Maps and Yahoo Term Extraction APIs.
Guardian API Search Mashup Guardian API Search Mashup
Reads Data from Guardian API in JSON format. It uses the Google Web Tookit to parse, format and display data and Google App Engine to host the application.
We Love Wind We Love Wind
We Love Wind shows where people can wind- or kitesurf in their area; this is done by serving location-based weather conditions tailored for wind sports.
TripSailor -  Sailing Blogs, Yacht Charter Reviews, Sailing Adventures, TripSailor - Sailing Blogs, Yacht Charter Reviews, Sailing Adventures,
TripSailor is a community site for sailors and boaters. The site offers sailing blogs, yacht charter reviews and a marina directory
Artist Cloud iGoogle Gadget Artist Cloud iGoogle Gadget
iGoogle gadget of the popular Music Artist Cloud mashup for music discovery based on similar artists.
Two Million Marker Map Two Million Marker Map
This map clusters POI in real-time to manage a database of over two million placenames from the US Geological Survey. Uses Spatial Databox service to provide coarse clustering, with visualization and final clustering within the client.
Music Artist Cloud Music Artist Cloud
Discover Music you like using tag cloud of similar artists inclusing videoclips. Powered by Google Java App Engine.