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Google Base
The Google Base API makes it possible to get items in and out of Google Base; a free service for submiting various content for Google to host and to make searchable online. The service allows content providers to upload structured data (including jobs, vehicles, recipes, events, products, reviews, and others) to Google, surface it across Google search properties, and syndicate it via apis, gadgets and gadget ads. The Google Base data API is designed to enable developers to do two things: (1) Query Google Base data to create applications and mashups. (2) Input and manage Google Base items programmatically. The query API makes it possible to search all of Google Base using attribute-based search refinements. For example, Google Base enables you to query for [used white toyota prius near mountain view, ca] by specifying condition, color, make, and other attributes. Using the Google Base Data API, developers can programmatically access Google Base. This allows for management of structured data, searching for data and syndicating content. Items inserted to Google Base may surface on For example, see the query [used toyota] and the vehicles refinement option.
Database, Jobs, Transportation
XML, GData
GData (Atom and RSS in REST style)
Programmatic Authentication or AuthSub
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  • 55Photos is a website where users can explore, view, edit, manage, organize, transfer, download, and backup online photos, pictures, and images. 55Photos consumes image-related APIs to aggregate and...
  • With this free tool, you can streamline your social media marketing campaigns. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to schedule and automate postings to them. Dosocial...
  • is India's leading real estate portal. utilizes several APIs to give a better property search experience to its users.
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pwtempuser pwtempuser SUVs for sale


The Big Property List

Brownstoner Marketplace

Ethan Van den Berg Real Estate Search

Ethan Van den Berg Recipe Search

Ethan Van den Berg Widgets


pwtempuser pwtempuser Local Neighborhood Explorer

Isaac Solano

Alex Parvulescu Poke The Habit

Alex Parvulescu The Link Inspector

News on Haiti

Sumavisos Clasificados

Alex Parvulescu The Book Stash

Ibrahim Benzer CarSearch

Vidal de Wit CarGeni Vehicle Search

Vidal de Wit RealGeni Real Estate Search Engine

Solid Commerce

Trading Vans

pwtempuser pwtempuser ReadWhale

pwtempuser pwtempuser Vermont Jobs Site

Best Sport Deals

Woya Shopping



RealEstate and Property Search Engine

Portland City Classifieds


Hunt For: Product Search

Denis Volovik Silverlight Books

Tom Wilson Google Base Tools

Fuel Efficient Cars for Sale

pwtempuser pwtempuser E-junkie Shopping Cart


'08 celebrity pictures, videos and news

Auto sector snap for iGoogle

Houston Used Carlist


Fizber ForSaleByOwner Drive Score

mauricio zuniga

pwtempuser pwtempuser Mighty Homes


pwtempuser pwtempuser BookBump

pwtempuser pwtempuser Peppers and Pollywogs

RealEstate MarketWatch101

Real estate in Dubai

Used Cars

Dubai Real Estate

pdxMasher Search

pwtempuser pwtempuser Google Base and Google Maps Mashup

pwtempuser pwtempuser Junk Depot


Virginia Renters

pwtempuser pwtempuser BounceBase


pwtempuser pwtempuser Bulletin

pwtempuser pwtempuser Car Trader

pwtempuser pwtempuser Agent Earth


RDF Book Mashup

Connecting Consumers and Businesses in Cities, Worldwide!

pwtempuser pwtempuser Find a Convertible Car

pwtempuser pwtempuser SeatSnapper
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paul uses the Google Base API. The entry for needs to be updated on

55Photos is a website where users can explore, view, edit, manage, organize, transfer, download, and backup online photos, pictures, and images. 55Photos consumes image-related APIs to aggregate and give management capabilities to a large number of photos. 55Photos is a web 2.0 application compatible with all modern browsers.
With this free tool, you can streamline your social media marketing campaigns. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to schedule and automate postings to them. Dosocial leverages the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Base APIs. is India's leading real estate portal. utilizes several APIs to give a better property search experience to its users.
A library and search engine about music. Query song titles, singers, song description or lyrics. Browse artists, music genre or albums.
Ewelike Ewelike
Ewelike is a free product information and price comparison site featuring reviews and commentary written and rated by users. Books, movies, video games, music, perfume.
SUVs for sale SUVs for sale
SUVs for Sale offers free classified ads for buying and selling Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV). SUVs are considered vehicles which can go off road, are usually 4x4, and have good towing abilities. Offers over 139 popular SUV makes and models.
cocktailberater cocktailberater
cocktailberater ist a German cocktail database containing quality recipes with description, ingredients, calories, pictures, video tutorials, etc. It also offers a product database for typical cocktail ingredients including prices and calories.
The Big Property List The Big Property List
A Google Base API mashup, The Big Property List displays details about properties that have been publicly listed on Google Maps in the UK, in a familiar portal style.
Brownstoner Marketplace Brownstoner Marketplace
The Brownstoner Marketplace is a Brooklyn-only real estate listings site for sale and rental properties.
Real Estate Search Real Estate Search
Search for great new and old properties near you. Using the power of google's real estate knowledge.
Recipe Search Recipe Search
Recipes from all your favourite cooking sites displayed for you in one place. Widgets Widgets
Takes all your favourite online information and displays in it one spot. Similar to igoogle or netvibes.
TinkOMatic TinkOMatic
Classifieds and auctions search and monitoring app. Search craigslist, oodle, kijiji, backpage, and eBay across different locations; define advanced search criteria; save searches and monitor them over time via a custom dashboard.
Local Neighborhood Explorer Local Neighborhood Explorer
Find local events, cars, jobs, real estate, twitts, classifieds, restaurants, stores, spa and beauty, theaters, banks, ATM, hotels, auto, household services, doctors, clinics, hospitals and health services, businesses and web resources.
Free Real Estate Listings integrated with Google Maps and Street View. has its own Google Earth Layer and our listings are published in Google Base.
Poke The Habit Poke The Habit
The online network for Sustainable Action. Combines multiple social APIs including Facebook and identity services like RPX.
The Link Inspector The Link Inspector
The Link Inspector lets you get in-depth information about all the backlinks pointing to your site. It will even search for new backlinks that you are not aware of, good or bad.
News on Haiti News on Haiti
News about Haiti via Yahoo Pipes. Pulls data from Flickr, Yahoo Search and other APIs.
Sumavisos Clasificados Sumavisos Clasificados
A search engine for cars, jobs and properties. View classified ads in Latin America and Brazil, add value (compare prices, link with Wikipedia pages and relate companies with their LinkedIn profiles, etc) and republish them.
The Book Stash The Book Stash
Online ebook and bookstore. Book reviews and summaries database. Search, read and buy books on The Book Stash site. Available in English, French and Spanish.
CarSearch CarSearch
CarSearch is a used, new, certified pre-owned vehicles search site powered by Google Base API.
CarGeni Vehicle Search CarGeni Vehicle Search
A vehicle search engine that offers searching and access to advertisements from Google Base in one place.
RealGeni Real Estate Search Engine RealGeni Real Estate Search Engine
RealGeni 2.0 is a real-time automated real estate search engine aggregator that uses Google Base and Google Maps to give an accurate and effective service for finding properties.
Solid Commerce Solid Commerce
Solid Commerce helps online retailers maximize their profits across multiple channels by mashing-up eBay, Amazon, Overstock, FedEx, USPS, Froogle and others.
Trading Vans Trading Vans
Mashup for locating commercial vehicles, such as vans, trucks and lorries. Uses APIs from eBay, Google Base, and Google Maps.
ReadWhale ReadWhale
A community for people to discover and share their passion for books. It provides an environment where people can collectively discuss books and share their collections with the community.
Vermont Jobs Site Vermont Jobs Site
Jobs classifieds for Vermont. Search for jobs, place a classified ad, save your favorite jobs, and find upcoming job fairs and events.
Best Sport Deals Best Sport Deals
Basketball, Fitness, Cycling, Martial Arts and Running Products. New products are added hourly from carefully selected sellers using Google Base API.
Woya Shopping Woya Shopping
Over 3 million deals from top shopping portals, auction sites and classified listings are analyzed by Woya weekly. Woya simplifies price-discovery and provides customizable alerts to make deal-finding much easier. Uses 10 different eCommerce APIs.
jobz jobz
A simple job search engine.
AllAutoSites AllAutoSites
Search sites such as Autotrader,, dealer websites, and newspapers all from one location.
RealEstate and Property Search Engine RealEstate and Property Search Engine
Real Estate and property search engine using both Google Maps for mapping and Google Base for data.
Portland City Classifieds Portland City Classifieds
Provides local classifieds for Portland, Oregon. Search and post free postings. Built on Google Base. The system can be configured to support other locations, too.
Snackfeed Snackfeed
Takes the top Google search trends and relates videos to them from over a 1000 different video sources and updates every hour.
Hunt For: Product Search Hunt For: Product Search
Product search uses several search engines including eBay, Google Base and Yahoo Shopping.
Silverlight Books Silverlight Books
All books on Microsoft Silverlight and related .NET technologies - rated and reviewed. All books by publishers: MsPress, Manning, Wrox, Apress, OReilly etc. New and Future Releases, Best-selling books, available for purchase.
Google Base Tools Google Base Tools
This is a free set of tools built upon the Google Base API, which will give users everything from a valuable insight into competitors listings and prices to stats, like pageviews, impressions and clicks, on their own items listed on Google Base.
Fuel Efficient Cars for Sale Fuel Efficient Cars for Sale
Fuel efficient used car classifieds. Get MPG estimates and annual fuel costs for used cars for sale in your area. Integrates with the Google Base API.
E-junkie Shopping Cart E-junkie Shopping Cart
Shopping cart and Buy Now buttons for selling downloads and goods on your site, eBay, MySpace, Google Base, CraigsList etc. using PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, TrialPay, 2CheckOut, and ClickBank.
theSuggestr theSuggestr
A local suggestion and recommendation site. Provides personalized suggestions and recommendations by using a collaborative filtering algorithm to build correlations between businesses and users.
'08 celebrity pictures, videos and news '08 celebrity pictures, videos and news
Watch pictures from Yahoo, videos from YouTube and read the latest news about celebrity actresses, models and singers.
Auto sector snap for iGoogle Auto sector snap for iGoogle
iGoogle gadget for Car Industry Market Summary. Displays quotes and real-time price change for major publicly traded car manufacturers.
Houston Used Carlist Houston Used Carlist is a searchable directory of used cars, and used car dealers in Houston, Texas. Customer rated used car dealerships. Uses the Google Base API.
Semantisize Semantisize uses semantic technology to bring together information about semantic technology.
Drive Score Drive Score
Drive Score shows a map of what establishments are in a property’s neighborhood and calculates a Drive Score based on the number of places within a convenient driving distance.
Price Comparison from many sources including Amazon, Ebay, Half, Commission Junction, Shopzilla, Nextag, MSN, Sortprice, Google Blogs, and Google.
Mighty Homes Mighty Homes
UK property search engine indexing 11,000 estate agent branches and 600,000 properties for sale.
TopicTrends TopicTrends
Shows interesting topics currently being searched for. Clusters content around topics of interest. A semantic analytic is applied over the content to connect related topics and provide more context.
BookBump BookBump
Online book management utility in an RIA format. Built with Amazon ECS and Google Base APIs.
Peppers and Pollywogs Peppers and Pollywogs
Kids party entertainer and venue mashup--aggregates photos, videos and reviews, and helps parents find the right kids entertainment within their budgets.
RealEstate MarketWatch101 RealEstate MarketWatch101
The website is always up-to-date with real estate listings from Miami to Maine. The website uses Google Base listings and provides a property location context using Google Maps.
Real estate in Dubai Real estate in Dubai
Real estate portal in Dubai. Uses Google Maps for mapping and Amazon S3 for image storage.
Used Cars Used Cars
Used cars and new car shopping site with extensive use of APIs. Yahoo Map Image is used to get around the https issue with Google Maps. YouTube drives the video search. Users can leave a car review, an article, or a dealer review.
Dubai Real Estate Dubai Real Estate
The real estate portal of Dubai. Search Search is a search engine for classified ads. You can search products, jobs, housing, and more using a novel faceted search interface. allows users to search by keywords or use a dynamic navigation control.
Google Base and Google Maps Mashup Google Base and Google Maps Mashup
Search for all the real estate on Google Base with nice integration with Google Maps.
Junk Depot Junk Depot
Junkdepot is a free and easy way to sell all your junk. You can also find great items other people want to sell. Your listings are syndicated to other classified sites and you can find listings near you on our Google map.
Safarri Safarri
Custom classifieds service includes user stores, streaming Google Earth integration, ad syndication, photo hosting, and other features.
Virginia Renters Virginia Renters
Virginia Beach and Norfolk area rental ads with syndication to Google Base, Oodle, VAST and Edgeio.
BounceBase BounceBase
An aggregation of web content and virtual marketplaces using RSS and multiple APIs. We just passed 800,000,000 listings.
Mainbase Mainbase
Grabs data from Google base and allows you to search, sort and plot records on a chart, map, and calendar.
Bulletin Bulletin
Deprecated is a data sharing application and a mashup engine to organize information under country, city and organization, known as geo. Check out what is going in your geo.
Car Trader Car Trader
Local car classified search using Google Base combined with a database of city names.
Agent Earth Agent Earth
Browse real estate data by location in Google Earth.
Speed reading for news. This site takes popular news feeds and extracts key terms. They are listed in order of popularity within the last 24 hours.
RDF Book Mashup RDF Book Mashup
The RDF book mashup makes information about books, their authors, reviews, and online bookstores available on the Semantic Web. This information can be used by RDF tools and you can link to it from your own Semantic Web data.
Connecting Consumers and Businesses in Cities, Worldwide! Connecting Consumers and Businesses in Cities, Worldwide! is a mashup thats also lots of things wrapped into one easy to use website. The site provides search functionalities to find business listings and classifieds within a city and also an accounts system for members and business advertisers.
Find a Convertible Car Find a Convertible Car
Searches Google Base and maps vehicle classifieds.
SeatSnapper SeatSnapper
Event tickets website. Can view eBay listings on interactive seating maps, and have events that you cannot attend flagged via the Google Calendar API.