Google Chart API

Google Chart
The Google Chart API lets you dynamically generate charts with a URL string and embed these charts on a web page, or download the image for local or offline use. The Google Chart Tools enable adding live charts to any web page. They provide advantages such as a rich gallery of visualizations provided as image charts and interactive charts and they can read live data from a variety of data sources. Users embed the data and formatting parameters in an HTTP request, and Google returns a PNG image of the chart. Many types of chart are supported, and by making the request into an image tag the chart can be included in a web page.
Charts, Visualizations, Statistics, Barcodes, QR Codes
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  • Equaldex is a collaborative knowledge base for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) movement. The site aims to crowdsource every law related to LGBT rights to provide a comprehensive and...
  • is a web application that provides users with information on different running, cycling or cross-country biking events in the Netherlands. With, users will be able to access...
  • Profilepie enables users to create their own Profile Pie Charts. With Profilepie for LinkedIn, users can create a pie chart based on recommendations/network of LinkedIn.
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Gantt Charts Wrapper for Google Charts API
Wrapper classes for the Google Charts API were developed and added to our Sandstone Application Framework to make the addition charts to Simpli5 and other applications as simple as possible.
Java Wrapper for Google Chart API
A Java 1.4 wrapper for the Google Chart API. Supports all the features of the Chart API.
Ruby Wrapper for Google Charts API
From the site: gchartrb is a Ruby wrapper around the Google chart API.It provides a nice object oriented interface with friendly names, and methods to populate data.
ASP.NET Implementation of Google Chart API
ASP.NET implementation of the Google Charts API
Javascript Wrapper for Google Charts API
From the site:GChart is a small piece of javascript (packed 2.4kb) that enables using the Google Chart API in a convenient way. GChart translates passed options to a url that can be used to request a chart from the Google Chart API.
Python Wrapper for Google Chart API
Python wrapper for the Google Chart API. The wrapper can render the URL of the Google chart.
PHP Wrapper for Google Chart API
from the site:PHP Object wrapper for the Google Chart API. A simple PHP Object wrapper for the Google Chart API. Should help anyone who needs to automate the building of the Google Chart url. Supports all types of charts.
Use Google Charts to display live data on a site
iOS Charts Framework by Daniel Cohen Gindi The iOS Charts Framework by Daniel Cohen Gindideveloping is for both platforms, as the learning...
Table2Charts Table2Charts is a free javascript library to convert your html tables to charts using Google Charts. Table2Charts
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Equaldex: The Collaborative LGBT Rights Knowledge Base

Koen Vries

ak Yip Profile Pie

pwtempuser pwtempuser Arab World Weather

Arab World Weather

pwtempuser pwtempuser Egypt Forecast

Egypt Forecast

Lot Near You


Wei Chen Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking)

Murali Vasudevan Energy Usage Analytics

DIY charts

Marcus Andersson Analytics Portfolio

Twitter Based CRM, Lead Generation & Analytics Dashboard



Television Show Settings

Color Hexa

Phone Polling

pwtempuser pwtempuser Qr Kod Olusturucu

QR Maker

pwtempuser pwtempuser Speed Upper

Murali Vasudevan Classified on Google Maps and Charts

Murali Vasudevan Facebook Bday Wish Application and QR Code Generator

Who is the Cutest Singapore Presidential Candidate?

pwtempuser pwtempuser Black Swan Events


Love Calculator

Friends Dashboard


Mike Nimer Twitter/Stock Sentiment

pwtempuser pwtempuser Statalyze

Uday Kumar Pyda Facebook Spectrum

David Schorr dishtip


pwtempuser pwtempuser GEOCONTEXT-Profiler

SEO Site Comparison

pwtempuser pwtempuser Parks and More






pwtempuser pwtempuser Square Root Calculator


pop ularity




Alex Parvulescu The Link Inspector

pwtempuser pwtempuser Color hex

pwtempuser pwtempuser API status

Starbucks Location Information

Google Analytics Counter


Lowlands Mashup

#LinS Stats on Your LinkedIn Social Graph

pwtempuser pwtempuser En Que Voy? Buenos Aires Public Transit

Threatened Voices



Michael Hell Horror


pwtempuser pwtempuser KnoWorld

In2Clouds Predictive Analytics for

Alex Parvulescu Statistic Charts

Twitter Sentiment

MyApartmentMap Rentals

Cameron Turner, CTO ConnectorLocal

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Jorge Monclús

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Police Blotter


Tom Wilson Google Base Tools

Travel Map Generator

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Wally Punsapy Friendfeed Dashboard

pwtempuser pwtempuser Thematic mapping

Sindicacion en mapas

McKinsey Style Consulting Tool

Sudar Muthu FeedBurner Stats Widget


pwtempuser pwtempuser TheAirDB

pwtempuser pwtempuser Chartpart

pwtempuser pwtempuser Docoloco

pwtempuser pwtempuser Feedsparks

Digg Bury Recorder

Federal Contracts by State

Road Trip

pwtempuser pwtempuser Chart Generator

pwtempuser pwtempuser Love-o-Graph

pwtempuser pwtempuser mapdango
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I just put up a travel map generator which uses the Google Charts API to highlight the countries. Please take a look and add it to the list of mashups. Thanks


Equaldex: The Collaborative LGBT Rights Knowledge Base
Equaldex is a collaborative knowledge base for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) movement. The site aims to crowdsource every law related to LGBT rights to provide a comprehensive and global view of the LGBT rights movement. Equaldex uses crowdsourced data to visualize LGBT rights in every country and region. The site also offers LGBT news, timelines of LGBT rights, a database of LGBT organizations, and LGBT Kickstarter projects. Data is contributed and verified by users. is a web application that provides users with information on different running, cycling or cross-country biking events in the Netherlands. With, users will be able to access information on cycling events, simply by entering the location of their choice.
Profile Pie
Profilepie enables users to create their own Profile Pie Charts. With Profilepie for LinkedIn, users can create a pie chart based on recommendations/network of LinkedIn.
Arab World Weather
Arab World Weather provides up to date weather forecasts of over all the major cities in the Arab World using Google maps, Google Chart, Panoramio, Open Weather Map, and World Weather Online APIs.
Egypt Forecast
Egypt Forecast provides weather conditions of over 70 Egyptian cities using Google maps and different weather APIs.
Lot Near You Lot Near You
eBay local search service. Just enter your zip code and a keyword to search for, and we are to find the best offers in your area. Found items are marked on an interactive map.
ConnectMyRide ConnectMyRide
Free and social vehicle tracking system. Use your Android or iPhone to get live location, record your trips and manage expenses.
Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking) Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking)
Map top 100 world universities on Google Maps. Use Google charts to show distributions by country and regions. Visualize rankings on a map.
Energy Usage Analytics Energy Usage Analytics
View and compare Monthly, Daily and Hourly Electricity usage using interactive charts.
DIY charts DIY charts
Do-it-yourself charts is a free online chart/graph creation tool. It supports all kind of chart types: line, bar, pie, flow, geo, area, stepped area and others. Utilising the ste-of-the-art technology and with latest web trends in mind we tend to provide you the best chart making tool that is easy as 1-2-3 and fast as lightning!
Analytics Portfolio Analytics Portfolio
Web analytics, social interactions and SEO reports for all your sites in one place. Compare and analyze portfolios of web sites. Group them any way you like and view totals and averages.
Twitter Based CRM, Lead Generation & Analytics Dashboard Twitter Based CRM, Lead Generation & Analytics Dashboard is a Twitter based social media management tool created to help businesses find new customers, assist existing clients & grow their Twitter presence. It is aimed at giving businesses a better Twitter experience and help businesses maximize their Twitter ROI.
MapProvision MapProvision
MapProvision is an online tool that allows you to easily share your geo data on your website. In minutes you can enhance your own website, blog or intranet pages to enable your users to perform customized analysis on your data using thematic overlays, animation, and charting. MapProvision is free to use. It is a 100% cloud-based application and is designed for ease of use with no downloads or coding required. MapProvision can represent spatial data in a number of unique layers such as multi geometry (points, lines and polygons), interpolation, raster grid, circles, density, videos, and your own customizable image sets. It also includes visualizations to chart trends in your data using scatter plot, histogram, and data tables.
Friendline Friendline
Track your friends and unfriends on a chart. Keep a log of all your friend activity.
Television Show Settings Television Show Settings
A map of where television shows take place. Drill down to get details of these TV shows. Also features analyses of where TV shows take place.
Color Hexa Color Hexa
Converts and provides information about any color. Displays a bar chart that visually represents the rgb and cmyk data.
Phone Polling Phone Polling
Create a poll, and poll all your friends over the phone. This is great for RSVP events. Beats asking "Are you coming to my party tonight" to 10 friends.
Qr Kod Olusturucu Qr Kod Olusturucu
Qr code maker in Turkish.
QR Maker QR Maker
Create your very own QR Codes using the QR Maker. This App provides a really simple way to generate QR-Codes from URLs, Text Messages, Phone Numbers or Text. QR codes may be used to display text to the user, to open a URL, or to compose text messages. To use with other browsers, just open directly.
Speed Upper Speed Upper performs page speed tests to a webpage and gives score number. Speedupper checks the resources of a web page like javascript, css, image resources and suggests several optimization tips to load page faster.
Classified on Google Maps and Charts Classified on Google Maps and Charts
View jobs and their locations on Google Maps using the Simply Hired jobs API and view statistics (updated daily) using Google Charts.
Facebook Bday Wish Application and QR Code Generator Facebook Bday Wish Application and QR Code Generator
Find friend's birthdays and wish them a happy one via QR code they can scan with a mobile device - Works great with Firefox and Chrome. Has some issues with IE browser.
Who is the Cutest Singapore Presidential Candidate? Who is the Cutest Singapore Presidential Candidate?
A phone polling app for the Singapore presidential election. Add up to five phone numbers and this Google Chart and Hoiio Voice mashup will call them and ask the question, "Who is the Cutest Singapore Presidential Candidate?".
Black Swan Events Black Swan Events
Black Swan lets you explore history from a whole new perspective. It allows users to augment over 400 statistical time series (each containing annual data items for as many as 200 countries over the last 200 years) to find out how different socioeconomic developments correlate with certain historical events. Once you have detected a link between a statistical outlier and an event, Black Swan can indicate similar patterns.
CircleCount CircleCount
A directory of Google+ users. Features include user rankings, a world map, a widget, a mosaic of the top 100 Google+ profiles and a page of social statistics.
Love Calculator Love Calculator
Calculate the chance of a successful relationship between you and your lover, find out if the relationship will work out.
Friends Dashboard Friends Dashboard
Simple graphs of your social connections and your friends' favorite music and movies on a single page. Get started by logging in with your Facebook account.
UpTier UpTier
UpTier provides QR Code service for Zillow listings. It uses Zillow API to pull property listings and Google Chart API to draw QR code.
Twitter/Stock Sentiment
Statalyze Statalyze
Statalyze offers a platform to analyze data from Twitter and perform statistical analysis. Creates charts, overview data and calculates the reach of a topic. Track anything from hashtags to words, names and topics.
Facebook Spectrum Facebook Spectrum
Facebook Spectrum allows the users of Facebook to get a birds-eye view of their friends on Facebook. It acts as an insight application for your Facebook account.
dishtip dishtip
dishtip is a new kind of semantic mashup that performs a deep analysis of millions of web based-reviews, photos and content to determine the best dishes for a given location and where to eat them. It uses a multifaceted classification scheme to analyze multiple data points about user sentiments, dishes, ingredients, cuisines and then offers suggestions.
fflap fflap
fflap is a collection of tools and services that uses social networks as a platform for eBay. The basic tools enable a user to search for listings, select the relevant items to tell their social networks about, add a personalized message, schedule when to inform social networks then track and graphically report the success of the fflapped message through bidding to sale.
The online tool for geographers.
SEO Site Comparison SEO Site Comparison
Compare your site's SEO factors to the competition to see where you need to improve.
Parks and More Parks and More is a collaborative website where you can find information about local, state and national parks. Whether you are looking for the best playground to take your kids or the perfect park to host a party, can help you find parks and playgrounds near you with the ammenities that you want. You can then help others find the best parks by rating the features at parks you visit and sharing tips about the ammenities at each parks.
GovIntegrator GovIntegrator
Process, visualize, correlate , analyze and publish data from different gov data sets. Help is WIP.
ShowTribe ShowTribe
ShowTribe is a twitter based web application that lets TV fans keep up with the latest buzz surrounding their favorite TV shows and makes watching TV a lot more interactive.
Autorifi Autorifi
Autorifi is an automotive news aggregation service, also an automotive database. Autorifi will figure out which automakers and automobile models are mentioned in every post, so people can pick up what they want quickly and save the time.
G4ng G4ng
From the site: The G4 is a powerful tool for everybody who wants to keep his/her geo-spatial data organized, analyzed and accessible from around the world with ability to share and collaborate with friends.
blogRGB blogRGB
What's the colour of your blog? blogRGB classifies and visualizes blogs in a creative way - treating colours as text-metaphors and using AI classifiers. Analysis of colour metaphors in blog texts can offer fascinating insights.
Square Root Calculator Square Root Calculator
Square Root Calculator that uses Google Chart API formulas.
Tuitrafico Tuitrafico
Spanish traffic information in real time and via Twitter. Maps of traffic incidents, price of fuel in gas stations, charts, reporting of incidents via user tweets.
pop ularity pop ularity
A music quiz where the player guesses which artist is most popular.
Twizzer Twizzer
Twitter game using random tweets. Guess whether or not the next tweet will... be a retweet, contain a hash tag, or have all the letters of the alphabet.
Techweet Techweet
Techweet not only track tech news, but also figure out what topics a story talking about. By topic, it might means a company, a product, or a person. Based on these topics, tech news are properly grouped, top topics and stories also figured out.
Golfersfield Golfersfield
Golf Tournament Event Engine, Golf Connections & Game improvement
The Link Inspector The Link Inspector
The Link Inspector lets you get in-depth information about all the backlinks pointing to your site. It will even search for new backlinks that you are not aware of, good or bad.
Color hex Color hex
Shows color info including hsl, hsv rgb values and the color chart.
API status API status
Realtime availability and performance of popular, public APIs. The lists of monitored APIs consists of the most heavily trafficked Web services, including Google Search, Google Maps, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, SalesForce, YouTube, Amazon, eBay and others.
Starbucks Location Information Starbucks Location Information
Use Google Maps to easily find the closest Starbucks. Browse a directory of Starbucks locations by state and city, and then get reviews for a location.
Google Analytics Counter Google Analytics Counter
Get a small counter image from your Google Analytics stats.
MashCeleb MashCeleb
All celebrity news from around the Web. Track celebs and see their popularity charted via the Google Charts API.
Lowlands Mashup Lowlands Mashup
Mashing all kinds of data sources together to create a new site with all user generated content of, in this case, A campingflight to Lowlands Festival, which is a big multiple day music festival in The Netherlands. Built together with VPRO/3voor12
#LinS Stats on Your LinkedIn Social Graph #LinS Stats on Your LinkedIn Social Graph
Get some shiny stats about countries, cities and industries your contacts are from.
En Que Voy? Buenos Aires Public Transit En Que Voy? Buenos Aires Public Transit
Public transport route finder for Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Threatened Voices Threatened Voices
A collaborative mapping project to build a database of bloggers who have been threatened, arrested or killed for speaking out online and to draw attention to the campaigns to free them.
A Rails app that identifies news and trends by launching an EC2 cluster running the Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop to process Wikipedia log files. Charts and news are displayed using Google and Yahoo APIs.
politwitter politwitter
poliTwitter indexes Canadian federal and provincial political tweets in one location. The site maintains a list of politicians and other political tweeters & hash tags. You can view tweets narrowed down by MPs, partisan affiliation, province and more.
Hell Horror Hell Horror
Horror community where users can rate and comment on movies, books and games. Users also have the ability to purchase items through Amazon.
pdfdatabase pdfdatabase
A PDF book search engine.
KnoWorld KnoWorld
Access and analyze world data such as GDP or Infant Mortality. With KnoWorld, you can visualize the data through graphs and maps and compare them with actual events to analyze their causes and consequences.
In2Clouds Predictive Analytics for In2Clouds Predictive Analytics for
Predictive Analytics service that analyzes data and creates scores based on the likelihood of opportunities closing.
Statistic Charts Statistic Charts
Interactive graphics and statistics.
Twitter Sentiment Twitter Sentiment
Visualize positive and negative sentiments on Twitter. See the distribution via Google Chart API.
MyApartmentMap Rentals MyApartmentMap Rentals
Track rents from all over the U.S. Just drag the map marker and get real-time rental statistics from any area you are interested in.
ConnectorLocal ConnectorLocal
By finding the best sources for local information then combining that with new user-generated content from your neighbors, friends and family, enables hyper-localized commerce, tourism and entertainment. It's What the Locals Know.
Custom World Maps Custom World Maps
Simple mapping tool that generates custom color maps of the world.
Find Countries on the Map Find Countries on the Map
Find countries on the map and score points. Playing it several times will help improve your geography knowledge.
TubeGraph TubeGraph
Videos are not equally funny all through their length. TubeGraph allows users to rate videos dynamically, instead of giving a final global mark. The average of different users opinions is a graph that shows the most interesting parts of the video.
Gigpig Gigpig
Gig Pig is a personalised gig guide for Australia. From national rock concerts to your mates band down at the local. Unlike other Australian gig guides, Gig Pig totally operates on user-generated data. is a natural species search engine where you can search about 2.000.000 species. Use and APIs.
New York Times Campaign Finance Chart New York Times Campaign Finance Chart
A sample PHP application using the New York Times Campaign Finance API and the Google Chart API. Shows a campaign finance data for a specific U.S. ZIP code.
Police Blotter Police Blotter
Extracts a daily spreadsheet generated by a cities police department into an interactive map and analysis system. This is the Nashville, TN version.
Mashup for students that combines course reviews, discount textbooks, and preparation materials for interviews. Integrates APIs from Amazon, eBay and Google Chart.
Google Base Tools Google Base Tools
This is a free set of tools built upon the Google Base API, which will give users everything from a valuable insight into competitors listings and prices to stats, like pageviews, impressions and clicks, on their own items listed on Google Base.
Travel Map Generator Travel Map Generator
A map generator that highlights individual countries. A color picker allows you to select colors for countries. Built using the Google Chart API.
TwitterCharts TwitterCharts
Visualize your Twitter. Generate a scatter using tweet data for any Twitter user. Gathered via Yahoo Pipes and rendered using the Google Chart API.
FeedFlix FeedFlix
FeedFlix makes it easy to understand your Netflix rental patterns and makes it simple to share your Reviews or Queue with anyone on the net. Charts via the Google Chart API.
Friendfeed Dashboard Friendfeed Dashboard
A mashup of the FriendFeed API, YUI, Shadowbox.js library and Google Charts.
Thematic mapping Thematic mapping
Mashup that demonstrates how to use the Google Charts API with maps. Make maps with a URL.
Sindicacion en mapas Sindicacion en mapas
A University project that intends to provide multiple information about places around the world making use of content retrieved from Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Youtube, Google, news, and classified ads.
McKinsey Style Consulting Tool McKinsey Style Consulting Tool
This program can analyze what activities you were filled with in your life. Please, recognize your own life pattern and make new and better one.
FeedBurner Stats Widget FeedBurner Stats Widget
A Google Gadget that displays the number of subscribers to your FeedBurner feed in the past week.
Googlecharter Googlecharter
Make your own charts with this front-end tool to the Google Chart API. Use the fields on the right-hand side of the page to build your chart.
TheAirDB TheAirDB
Project that aims to collect information about airports, airlines, and connections world wide. The collection of data about airline connections is made automatically. 1000 airports, 1000 airlines. Google Chart API used for airport stats.
Chartpart Chartpart
Interactive chart generator with in-place Ajax display of generated charts. Now uses the Google Chart API.
Docoloco Docoloco
Find, share, and follow the best places to shop, eat, and drink. Use it to ask for recommendations, recommend the places you love or hate, and follow people, places, and topics to track the best local places.
Feedsparks Feedsparks
Compare and track the readership of popular blogs, competitors, etc. Ties together three Google services: a Google Gadget that shows FeedBurner traffic statistics using sparklines generated by the Google Chart API.
Digg Bury Recorder Digg Bury Recorder
Ajaxonomy's Digg Bury Recorder records the buries that a given Digg story receives including the reason for the bury, the number of diggs a story has at the time of the bury, the time and date of the bury and the number buries.
Federal Contracts by State Federal Contracts by State
Federal contract data from visually presented using the Google Chart API. See where the money goes.
Road Trip Road Trip
gives you all level-1, the US states, and level-2, the US counties, administrative areas the Google Maps route planner transits. Results are display as a list but also on the map for the USA and France. You can animate the route and see altitude profile.
Chart Generator Chart Generator
AJAX GUI for the Google Chart API.
Love-o-Graph Love-o-Graph
Our algorithm takes information about you and your crush, and generates lots of data about your potential as a couple. Type your name and the name of your crushvin the appropriate boxes, and hit Graph It.
mapdango mapdango
Winner of the 2008 Mashup Camp 6 best mashup contest. Mapdango combines many APIs to create an uber map mashup with lots of ways to explore content from from WeatherBug, Flickr, Wikipedia, Eventful, and Gruvr.