Google Maps Data API

Google Maps Data
The Google Maps Data API allows client applications to view, store and update map data in the form of Google Data API feeds using a data model of features (placemarks, lines and shapes) and maps (collections of features). Since it uses this familiar model, this new API makes it easy to build geo applications for specific activities like planning and sharing trips, collaboratively mapping hiking trails, or saving a list of favorite restaurants
XML, GData, Atom
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  • This mashup was designed by illustrator Abby Putinski. It is a visual representation of her experiences in San Francisco, displayed on a stylized version of Google Maps.
  • Rate Tour Guides is a fun way to discover locations around the World in a 1st person view.
  • Timeshare Maps is a map of all RCI and II affiliated timeshares in the US and Canada.
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Google Maps API JavaScript Map Types Source Code
This code for Google Maps API is in JavaScript and contains source code for generating different map types, such as basic, overlay, image, and rotating imagery.

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San Francisco Illustrated San Francisco Illustrated
This mashup was designed by illustrator Abby Putinski. It is a visual representation of her experiences in San Francisco, displayed on a stylized version of Google Maps.
Rate Tour Guides Rate Tour Guides
Rate Tour Guides is a fun way to discover locations around the World in a 1st person view.
Timeshare Maps Timeshare Maps
Timeshare Maps is a map of all RCI and II affiliated timeshares in the US and Canada.
About Pune City About Pune City
About Pune City provides information including: maps, restaurants, hotels, history, and photos.
All My Courts All My Courts
All my courts is the largest tennis courts database in the world. It's still growing and at the moment are listed courts in UK, Italy, Canada and USA.
Search mobile homes for sale and for rent listings throughout the country. Browse our used manufactured homes at
MapProvision MapProvision
MapProvision is an online tool that allows you to easily share your geo data on your website. In minutes you can enhance your own website, blog or intranet pages to enable your users to perform customized analysis on your data using thematic overlays, animation, and charting. MapProvision is free to use. It is a 100% cloud-based application and is designed for ease of use with no downloads or coding required. MapProvision can represent spatial data in a number of unique layers such as multi geometry (points, lines and polygons), interpolation, raster grid, circles, density, videos, and your own customizable image sets. It also includes visualizations to chart trends in your data using scatter plot, histogram, and data tables.
Furkot - free online road trip planner Furkot - free online road trip planner
Plan your road trip by clicking on the map: calculate driving time, find attractions, reserve lodging.
Trippin Trippin
Travel mashup which gives complete info about a place from 8 different websites
Flocations Flocations
Flocations provides a fresh way to travel, by inspiring travellers for their short-haul getaways. Flocations shows destinations one can fly to from where one is. Simple. With a visual map-based interface.
ED misuse is one of the largest problems healthcare organizations face today. Nationally, there were 124 million ED visits in 2011, of which the CDC estimates 50% could be handled in a primary care setting. With an average charge for each ED encounter approaching $700 vs. the average physician office charge of $150, every patient redirected away from the ED saves the payor $550. This represents a total potential market savings of $34 billion for facilitating correct use of primary care. Providing people with the tools they need to find appropriate care everywhere saves everyone, hospitals and patients, money and time. Patients receive a SMS from post emergency room discharge. By sending a text to with their problem and current address, we route the person towards the nearest clinic, providing the address and a link to directions (for smartphone users). Many clinics that work with the underinsured also often have variable hours and locations. We've made it easy for these clinics to update their hours and location via SMS so that we can better route users to locations.
Track Daily Deal Track Daily Deal
Track Daily Deal Provides an easy way to track and compare daily deals.
Map of Ecuador Map of Ecuador
The Map of Ecuador mashup is just that, a map of Ecuador.
Google Map Atlas Google Map Atlas
This is a world atlas using google maps api to show both maps and earth images of places all over the world, divided by place type (mount,river etc)
PlanZap PlanZap
PlanZap allows you to make online appointments with only the best customer recommended professionals and businesses across the country! It provides combined and aggregated reviews and ratings for each business! It displays relevant daily deals for each search! Make an appointment now in minutes!
Lindalino road trip planner Lindalino road trip planner
A road trip planner letting users choose starting points, ending points and as many point in between.
SkyChalk SkyChalk
Skychalk is an experiment in location-based communication - a new way for you to engage with people around you. The concept is simple - you can post any message to any location, and anyone can read it. It's like digital graffiti.
Combo7 Combo7
Type in your city or zip to all the find fast food near you.
Local Scrappy Local Scrappy
Local Scrappy utilizes Google Maps and Google's Geolocation API to provide a mapped directory of UK scrap and breaker yards (salvage/junkyards).
Cycling the Alps Cycling the Alps
An overview of each pass in the Alps and all of the climbs in the Tour de France. Cycling the Alps let you explore using Google Earth 3D tours, streetview tours, cycling games, videos and discussions.
Free Around Free Around
This application searches for specials near you. It's a quick way to browse the area near you in order to find deals and free stuff. It is based on the Foursquare API.
Fast Track Estate Agents Fast Track Estate Agents
UK real estate agency and website using wordpress. Uses the Dezrez API for the property feed, Google Maps and Street View for customized yaw, pitch and zoom functions.
metaskim metaskim
metaskim is a news aggregator that keeps you updated on local and world news along with the popular links, videos, tv shows, movies, books and food.
Acme GeoRSS Acme GeoRSS
This is a Google Maps app that displays GeoRSS files. It implements two different varieties of GeoRSS, plus all of Yahoo!'s enhancements to GeoRSS including address geocoding and a couple of things from basic RSS that Yahoo! missed.
Cahella Cahella
Californian Places Search Engine.
G4ng G4ng
From the site: The G4 is a powerful tool for everybody who wants to keep his/her geo-spatial data organized, analyzed and accessible from around the world with ability to share and collaborate with friends.
Google Maps Multiuser Conversational Game Google Maps Multiuser Conversational Game
Multiuser conversational game using Google Maps as background. You can play in 2d (Openlayers) or in 3d (Google Earth Plugin). You can enter, talk with other users logged or with virtual users, look at one direcction, take objects, enter to the buildings.
Mappyfriends Mappyfriends
Mappyfriends is a location based recommendations network that shows your friends where you have been and recommends you places to go. Mappyfriends enables you to search your friends experiences in order to create your own.
Flightradar24 Flightradar24
Watch live air traffic and see all currently flying planes in realtime.
MSHT3 is a pure Google Maps version 3 mashup utilizing new Google Geocoding and Elevation services, combined with Yahoo! Query Language accessing Yahoo! Geoplanet. US Zip Code and County polygons are displayed, when available, from
Geolover Geolover
Geolover is a tool for tourists and travelers. Build your own travel guide and take it with you. Combines APIs including Foursquare, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.
Transmeet.Tv MusicMap Transmeet.Tv MusicMap
MusicMap is a regional music events guide that uses google maps, youtube videos, flickr photos, pictures and text, facebook connect and makes a fusion of technology to produce a new kind of user experience.
Up2Maps Up2Maps
Free Website to create thematic maps on GoogleMaps
Site that helps you discover music close to you by mashing up information about the artists appearing in your city.
Rutamina Rutamina
Network for routes, travels, bikes, cars, and more. Integrated with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps.
mapMyflickr mapMyflickr
mapMyflickr is a tool for showing photos from Flickr that have been geotagged by downloading a link to browse within Google Earth.
Explore the World Sites of India Explore the World Sites of India
Explore World Heritage sites in India, such as Humayun's Tomb, Delhi Qutb Minar, Taj Mahal, Churches and Convents of Goa.
maps4fun maps4fun
maps4fun is a very nice google maps mashup which displays informations about recreational facilities (e.g. indoor climbing walls, bowling alleys, golf courses and many more) along with the geo data of the respective facilities.
Lowlands Mashup Lowlands Mashup
Mashing all kinds of data sources together to create a new site with all user generated content of, in this case, A campingflight to Lowlands Festival, which is a big multiple day music festival in The Netherlands. Built together with VPRO/3voor12
Spanish Universities: Accessia 3.0 Spanish Universities: Accessia 3.0
Maps of the Spanish Universities. See the campus with a new eyes, streetview, libraries, restaurants and campus buildings. You can see an aerial picture of the building.
Digg-style voting for places. Discover and share places, from the hippest bars to upcoming eateries. Every venue is submitted and voted on (buzzed) by people like you. If a place gets enough buzzes then it appears on the front page.
Jewforme Jewforme
Jewforme is a simple Jewish dating site that integrates Facebook, Twitter and other social tools.
CRM-Gadget CRM-Gadget
Search new accounts or validate accounts on Oracle on Demand over Google Local Search.
Tripmondo Tripmondo
Tripmondo is a travel information browser for trip destinations across the globe. It features videos, photos, guides and attractions, weather information and events for nearly all countries and many cities world wide. Tripmondo is based on CMSmadesimple.
PackageTrack PackageTrack
PackageTrack provides twitter notification and google mapping for USPS, UPS, and FedEx packages.
Courts Of The World Courts Of The World
Courts Of The World (COTW) is a community for streetball players and basketball lovers. Find courts in your area with our court finder.