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Note: The Google Maps Flash API is no longer available.
This profile is retained for historical purposes only.
Africa BespokeThis tourism site is helpful to potential travelers to Africa, with its interactive content about southern Africa. This map helps you research your travel.  
AIRCN Flight Simulate MapFlight simulation on a map. In Chinese.  
Android Store LocatorFind any of 6,300 stores that carry the Android phone.  
AntennaWorld radio explorer. Adobe AIR app uses a vast list of stations combined with a map interface so you can discover, listen to, and switch between thousands of stations effortlessly. Search by country or genre, or just by clicking on a location on the map.  
Bahia MapA Brazil mashup that provides a Bahia gazetteer based on Google Maps. Create spot by users, select requested spots, link spots to web pages, and use tools for map visibility.  
Banfield Flea FighterShows flea prevalence across the U.S., based on Google Trends data. If you download the coupon, your location will be added to the map. Also includes a store locator for finding nearby Banfield locations.  
Breaking New Map FlashMaps the news to the world map. Allows you to set the time limit for news reading and to select the news categories. Uses Google Maps Flash API and Reuters Spotlight.  
CityClashCity ratings and rankings by people.  
Class 3 Outbreak GameClass 3 Outbreak is a zombie game running on Google Maps. Struggle to keep the zombie infection at bay with a hopelessly outnumbered police force, squash any outbreaks that appear and keep the zombie threat level at Class 1 for as long as possible.  
conflicthistory.comBrowse the timeline of war and conflict across the globe. Integrates with Freebase and Google Maps Flash.  
Diamond mines visible from spaceGoogle Map mashup of diamond mines as seen from space. Click through next and prev to browse through the spectacular view of diamonds mines from 30000 ft above earth.  
DUI MapDUIMap.org is Google map based a heat map showing concentrations of fatal DUI accidents. The purpose of the map is to highlight the most dangerous areas where drunk driving accidents occur.  
Emagister SymposiumEmagister Symposium is a new scientific and educational events portal licensed to different universities and educational and investigation centers.  
FIND Free MapsFIND Free Maps allows you to create, customize, annotate and PDF your own maps. With no need to register or download any software, FIND Free Maps is designed for you to simply use. You can customize the map styling to suit your own needs using the 'Your Google Map' feature.  
Florida RoadsThe Florida Traffic Growth Map highlights the busiest roads and highways in Florida from 2005-2007. The purpose of the map is to highlight roads and highways that are under stress.  
Georgia RoadsThe Georgia Traffic Growth Maps highlight the busiest roads and highways using Georgia DOT road and Highway traffic counts. The map highlights the pace of change and increased utilization of our deteriorating infrastructure.  
GeoviuGeoviu is an online platform that allows you to see information and news on a map. Built using Google Maps Flash.  
Global Flood MapInteractive map that allows what areas would be flooded or at risk due to sea level rises that may be related to Global Warming. Users can enter their own estimate and see which cities are flooded.  
Heat Map DemoA map that color codes points of interest (POI) concentration. Base map has a little over two million POI. Uses Spatial Databox as back-end to delivery real-time data aggregation.  
HistoGraficaOnline community whose aim is to show in pictures how the world has changed through time. In essence it is an archive of old photographs and pictures tagged by time and location on a Google Map.  
Job QueryJob Link Directory. Does Google give you headaches? Too much non related information? This mashup gives you job sites by region.  
LBS Search ToolDo location-aware searches. Gets your location either by Gears Geolocation protocol for location by IP or WiMAX Open Source Connection Manager from Clearwire. Both Yahoo and Google mapped results. A beta Adobe AIR desktop app.  
Lobbyist Activity TrackerSee Every Federal Lobbyist in the US since 1999, all their clients, what they charged, and who they lobbied for each client.  
Madoff MapThe Madoff Victim Map displays the locations and density of Madoff clients. The map is interactive and the Madoff Client List is searchable. The purpose of the map is to reveal the extent of the Madoff Ponzi Scheme in different areas of the country.  
MICE Meets MetropolisSearch for business services, hotels and facilities in the region Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Netherlands. This website uses Flash FLEX Google maps and the Google Maps Javascript API.  
Party MapWhere the Political Parties like to Party. Map of fundraiser, lobbying and other political parties and their beneficiaries.  
Photo Flip MapLocations in Las Vegas are plotted on the map with a small photo showing up inline and the view can be flipped to show a larger photo without the map. Uses the new Google Maps Flash API.  
PigeonMapFree classified ads on a map.  
Rate Tour GuidesRate Tour Guides is a fun way to discover locations around the World in a 1st person view.  
Restaurant Gift CertificatesI took all the discounts on restaurant.com and sorted them by 3rd party ratings from sites like yelp.  
Risky RoadsUsing the Google Maps Flash API RiskyRoads.org maps the concentration of fatal accidents that occur within 1000 feet of one another. The result is a heat map that emphasizes the country's worst hot spots for traffic fatalities.  
Sing The WorldSing The World is a multimedia jukebox powered by Flickr, Google Maps and Seeqpod. To travel around the world with pictures and music, click on one tag e.g. Play pictures and music with "cloud".  
sketchmapsketchmap is a mapping editor that allows users to customize maps. Using the tools provided its simple to outline routes, mark locations, and highlight landmarks.  
Starbucks Map18,000 Starbucks from around the world, on a clustered map. Can filter by store type.  
StatMap AustraliaOverlays statistical data on a map of Australia. Uses Google Maps Flash  
Street TravelerEach post in Street Traveler represents a street scenery of a selected place in Google Street View. It is a place for you to hang around when you feel like to go somewhere. Virtually travel around the places we dream of is just a matter of time commitment  
Transmeet.Tv MusicMapMusicMap is a regional music events guide that uses google maps, youtube videos, flickr photos, last.fm pictures and text, facebook connect and makes a fusion of technology to produce a new kind of user experience.  
Trip LinksThis is a tourism related links directory. We can help you find the perfect travel destination!  
TV MapUse the TV Map to find out when your TV stations are converting to Digital Broadcast.  
Two Million Marker MapThis map clusters POI in real-time to manage a database of over two million placenames from the US Geological Survey. Uses Spatial Databox service to provide coarse clustering, with visualization and final clustering within the client.  
UMapper UMapper is a universal map authoring application that allows you to create interactive mapping mashups. Supports multiple map apis including Google Maps, VE, and OpenStreetMaps.  
Up2MapsThematic mapping on top of Google Maps. Uses both the Google Maps and Google Maps Flash APIs.  
Up2MapsFree Website to create thematic maps on GoogleMaps  
Virtual Highway from New Zealand Transport AgencyVirtual Highway is a website that provides video images of key travel routes and maps of the New Zealand state highway network. This information is very useful to people such as tourists and New Zealanders who are not local to an area.  
Worldmaster GameChallenging Flash-based game built on Google Maps Flash. Connect flags and capitals.  
Zillion EventsMashup that searches live events around the globe and shows them on the map. Uses Eventful and Google Maps APIs.  
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