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16 Aug 2006

Ashish says:

I think this is a great service.

Every web site or service, especially those "location based",
"get the cheapest prices" services should use this.

19 Dec 2006

Chris says:

Just thought I would suggest an add to the mashups.
It uses mashups in a powerful way by allowing users to categorize and even modify additions "wiki style".
You may want to check it out.

04 Jun 2007

Seferm says:

This is a wonderful service

05 Mar 2008

Alper says:

The best map api around.
Very fast and reliable.
I love the hybrid map mode.
Unline other apis, Google Maps Api GOverviewMap control is ver useful.
It can also used outer side of the map.
Thanks Google Maps Team.

18 Mar 2008

ganesht ganesht says:

This is a cool service! GMs Rocks! I built my site using this - www.eatables.in !!!

Search Feature is too gud! Check my site for more!!!!

10 May 2008

Steve says:

Here is another eBay / Google Maps mashup that you might like to consider adding:


Cheers, Steve

17 Oct 2008

Clarisse says:

My website use this, and where in Brazil is very popular. Its a real state website with all the offers on the map. Its <a href="http://www.imobilien.com.br/">Imobilien</a>. Could you mind take a look and add on the list.
Thx and sorry about my english

06 Jan 2009

Hedim Ramirez says:

When will google fix maps for other countries. I'm currently studying in the Philippines and the map for Manila is way off. It doesn't even correspond to the satellite view!

20 Jul 2009

googleions says:

Google Sightseeing takes you on tour of the world as seen from satellite.http://www.googleeastereggs.com/

01 Sep 2009

boycho boycho says:

I am very happy with Google Maps for Bulgaria.

28 May 2010

mapexpert says:

Google API solution gets putperformed by Mapping specialist

I am a web developer and had a 2 month project testing both solutions after reading the outcome of the IMFA regarding European business mapping providers.

I noted that the free Google solution took twice as long to develop, had only basic Geocoding and everything else had to be developed from scratch I.e. criteria search, database management. Still Google business customers both paid (up to 7800) a year and free (if the solution will not be re sold (i.e. vehichle tracking) have no access to the UK postcode data from the royal mail as Google are no licensed (hence the often appalling accuracy) with only 4 digit postcode verification.

The directions are somewhat limited for business users / developers and do not include petrol costs as would be great for working out expense claims etc.

In a positive, Google is a pretty basic platform and for the most part is free to use and widely available and recognised.

The API platform from ViaMichelin (used a mixture of javascript skills) was offered to me on a free trial for 45 days and took only a few weeks to complete, Geocoding for address verification was included (so ideal for store finder, reserve and collect, etc and gave me access to live human support (to see what else I could do with their api). They provided me a platform with full Europe coverage and geocoded Ireland which Google could not offer for a price cheaper than the Google enterprise and premier.

Bing fell behind when it came to customer support as it was non existent and the former multimap owned company owned by microsoft took just over the 2 months to get back to me.

Like for like, The new ViaMichelin API solution wins, For a basic solution use Google, for business's looking for real quality use Viamichelin

06 Jul 2010

lnkddbz says:

Excellent service provided by GoogleMaps where ever you are you may locate the place you want to visit with few mouse click.

28 Sep 2010

stpats says:

Some of rural addresses are not covered by Google Maps. In that case, MapQuest and Yahoo Maps are more thorough. Yahoo Maps gives even coordinates of the location.

03 Dec 2010

RickMoos says:

I use Google all the time. However could you change your information in La Quinta CA at 50th and Jefferson. On the East side of Jefferson is Mountain View Country Club. On the West side of Jefferson is the Cirtus Country Club. Your now have the Cirtus Country Club on the East side. Hopefully you can change it.

Respectfully yours,


07 Jan 2011

aquidedroit says:

I use Google apps as much as possible, and Maps really gets it better than other services when you need to place a building or get to an obscure side street or massive administrative center.

20 Apr 2011

jackgroun says:

I find my house, in a two clicks. The best <a href="http://www.mapmonde.org/">map</a> i even seen.

17 May 2011

aeropark1 says:

Aeropark is also very happy with the mapping service in cebu.

17 Jul 2011

fpsilver says:

A recent change to maps, the first 'bad' one, is the blanking of the screen for prolonged periods of time. At the very least the user should have the ability to keep the map showing. I was not able to find such a setting.

18 Jul 2012

mel says:

I used Google map directions twice this week and both times the directions were WRONG! Reporting left turns when it should be right turns with incorrect mileage. Lost for 30 minutes - NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT!

27 Oct 2013

telebrand says:

i found here a great information


30 Jan 2014

mcrob says:

Google Map Pro - Does anyone know how the timeline works so that I can overlay data that is due in the future?

23 Feb 2014

jhall253 says:

I have been using Google maps to find driving directions for some time. I tried to use it today and found it "improved"! So much "improved" that I will never use it again. What a complete waste.
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