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Google Maps How-to's

An Introduction to Google Maps An Introduction to Google Maps and the Google Maps API by Eric Pimpler at GISuser.com.  
Code322 PHP Google Maps PHP Google Maps provides a PHP wrapper around the Google Maps Javascript API. Its purpose is to allow a web developer to easily add Google Maps and driving directions to web pages using PHP.  
Combine Google Latitude Mashup With Google maps How to display the users Google Latitude location dynamically on Google maps .  
Density Map Tutorial How-to guide on using Prototype, Google Maps API and the HeatMapAPI.  
Detailed Google Maps API Tutorial Very thorough Google Maps tutorial from Mike Williams. Over 40 sections, each with its own example map and code. Many with pointers on things to watch out for.  
Geocoding in CakePHP  Overview of geocoding techniques using CakePHP and open APIs.  
Geocoding in Excel Example source for some VBA functions to get geocoding data into Excel using the Google Maps API.  
GeoPicker Widget API - Easy Latitude / Longitude lookup for forms A DatePicker helps people to enter calendar data into form fields. This GeoPicker helps people to easily enter latitude, longitude, postal code, etc. A popup with a Google Map lets the user search for the requested location and fine tune the result by using a drag & drop marker. Another button click returns the resulting geodata back to your application or directly into the form field(s).  
Google Maps Ajax and ASP.NET Shows how to create an ASP.NET server control that would allow a .NET developer to harness the power of Google Maps in the code-behind model.  
Google Maps API Documentation Google's official API documentation. Includes "Hello World" and JavaScript examples.  
Google Maps API Newsgroup Google Maps API Usenet discussion group.  
Google Maps API Official Blog Google's own maps blog.  
Google Maps Applications Development Good book on using PHP and Ajax with Google Maps. Covers nuances to using the API. By Michael Purvis, Jeffrey Sambells, Cameron Turner. 350 pages, published by Apress, Aug 2006.  
Google Maps GM for Rails Aims to facilitate the use of Google Maps from a Ruby on Rails application.  
Google Maps Hacking and Bookmarklets Interesting reference site shows API hacks and snippets.  
Google Maps Mania This blog is the best place to follow Google Maps-related websites, mashups, ideas and tools.  
GoogleMapki Wiki dedicated to Google Maps API.  
How to add a Google Map to any web page in less than 10 minutes Exploration Age shows how easy it can be to add a Google Map to any page. Nice straightforward demonstration.  
Integrating Google Maps into Your Web Applications Tutorial on the Google Maps API with detailed JavaScript example code. By By Jason Gilmore at developer.com  
Intro to Google Maps API for Flex An intro on how to use the Google Maps API with Flex. It goes over the basics on how to add and edit markers on a map and keep track of them in a grid.  
Java for Google Maps Mashups Javaworld.com article using the geocoder.us service, the open source library DRW, SOAP, and server-side Java for geocoding and mapping.  
JobMapper in Ruby Shows you how to create a mashup of Google Maps, Indeed, and Yahoo Search using Ruby.  
Jon Udell Google Maps Screencast Infoworld columnist Jon Udell shows how he created a Google Maps walking tour of Keene, NH, in this five minute screencast.  
Make your own Google map Engadget.com tutorial showing how to create a simple annotated Google Map.  
Making of the Charlottetown Transit Map - Rukapedia Explanation by Peter Rukavina of how he built the Charlottetown Transit Map. Includes how he setup MySQL data tables.  
Map Builder Online tool for visually building your own Google Maps.  
NOAA Map VB.net code that shows exactly how to parse, save and launch a .KML file (fly to with Google Earth)  
Perl Wrapper for Google Maps API A simple Perl wrapper around the Google Maps API. It allows you to easily create maps with markers, polylines and information windows. You can now look up locations around the world without having to install a local database.  
Phoogle Maps PHP class that integrates itself with the Google Maps API and with the geocoder.us database to make an easy to use interface to display Google Maps on your site. With about 5 lines of PHP code you can display a customized Google Map on your website.  
Phoogle Maps PHP Library PHP library that simplifies geocoding with Google Maps.  
PHP Wrapper for Google Maps API PHP Google Maps is a PHP wrapper for the Google Maps API. It generates Google Maps from HTML forms and buttons. It integrates with the ZIP code locator to provide maps for location search results.  
Python Geocoding Aggregator geopy makes it easy for developers to locate the coordinates of addresses, cities, countries, and landmarks via third-party geocoders and other sources like wikis. geopy currently includes support for six geocoders including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.  
Python Wrapper for Google Maps API Easily create/display Google Maps without Javascript. Very useful if using maps in a webapp using a Python framework like django or turbogears. It currently supports points, points with html and points with custom images.  
QuickBlox Android Tutorial for Eclipse   Step-by-step guide to download, run and deploy the Android Location Sample of QuickBlox on Eclipse IDE.  
Ruby Geocoding Library Ruby bindings for the three major geocoding APIs as gems. For Google, Yahoo! and geocoder.us. By Eric Hodel.  
SilverStripe Google Maps Forum The SilverStripe open source CMS lets you use Google Maps to get your website forum members to mark their location and build up a world map of all members.  
Tutorial for a IP to geolocation aggregator script Get better geo locations while aggregate the position from more than one ip 2 geo location service. And as a free service we offer is as a simple javascript api.  
zillgoog The code to create a Zillow and Google Maps Mashup  
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