Google Maps API

The Google Maps API allow for the embedding of Google Maps onto web pages of outside developers, using a simple JavaScript interface or a Flash interface. It is designed to work on both mobile devices as well as traditional desktop browser applications. The API includes language localization for over 50 languages, region localization and geocoding, and has mechanisms for enterprise developers who want to utilize the Google Maps API within an intranet. The API HTTP services can be accessed over a secure (HTTPS) connection by Google Maps API Premier customers.
VML, JavaScript
JavaScript library
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  • This simple web app allows users to calculate the current cost for Uber rides. This application uses the Google Maps API.
  • Dino Map provides users with a visual and interactive way to explore all of the fossil records in the Paleobiology Database, which includes plants, insects, mammals, reptiles, dinosaurs, and more....
  • FindiLike Hotel Search is a hotel search and review analysis system that helps users find hotels based on their reviews, prices, or location. Hotels can be searched with unstructured keywords like, "...
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kyung jo park kakao2 is weather map

Kevin Cocco Weather Sentiment Prediction


San Diego School Pal

Estate Agent Locator

Hussein Duvigneau Belgian Rail Demo

14 Sundials in Oxford, England

My Google+

Strange Strollers Oxfam Trailtrekker 2012 Training Map

Track Daily Deal


Car Crime + Accident Map

pwtempuser pwtempuser

kyung jo park All of world national anthems mashup service

pwtempuser pwtempuser IN-THE-HEAT

pwtempuser pwtempuser The Book Report

pwtempuser pwtempuser Readmap

Outlet Note

pwtempuser pwtempuser explore travellr

Murali Vasudevan TrendsRus - Twitter Global Trends Map



pwtempuser pwtempuser Yukon Live

Virender Ajmani Whitney Houston's Journey Mapped


Qmpeople Places


WTF should I go for beer?

pwtempuser pwtempuser Symbyoz

pwtempuser pwtempuser cairoDot

Hellen Waters Distances Calculator

pwtempuser pwtempuser Golf Guide

pwtempuser pwtempuser Rome 2 Rio

pwtempuser pwtempuser New York Metro Card Usage

pwtempuser pwtempuser Sightsmap

Tomas Jedlicka Handollar

pwtempuser pwtempuser Global View

pwtempuser pwtempuser Deep Blue Apartments

Google Map Atlas

Murali Vasudevan Custom Neighborhood Maps using Mapfluence Javascript API

Turkish Real Estate Search - Powered by Google Maps

pwtempuser pwtempuser Athens, Greece Bus and Metro map

Adam DuVander WifiPDX

University of Texas at Austin Campus Map


La Liga Fútbol Español

pwtempuser pwtempuser WETTERWOLKE

Explore To Yellow Pages


Lindalino road trip planner

Belmonte Online


pwtempuser pwtempuser YouCheckins

Zoos of the World

pwtempuser pwtempuser GoCrowdless


LiveMap UK Great Britain Events


Jeremy Foster Reptiles Now


Dave Schappell OnTheWay

Twitter Trends

pwtempuser pwtempuser Flood Map : Water Level Elevation Map

LiveMap UK Medical Emergency

pwtempuser pwtempuser Football Feed

pwtempuser pwtempuser Google Maps Route Planner

Chris Freeland Map of Books in BHL



pwtempuser pwtempuser Loku

Klemens Pinbooks

GoTime for iPhone

Roderick Monje Novels: On Location

DGMapper - Disc Golf Tournament Map and Calendar

pwtempuser pwtempuser Google Maps API v3 Tool

pwtempuser pwtempuser Nerdy Day Trips

Pick Your Perfect Pet

Virender Ajmani Steve Jobs Journey on Google Maps

Ted Gilchrist Info Balloon

C#7 Job Search and Realtime Job Listing

Murali Vasudevan Classified on Google Maps and Charts

Murali Vasudevan Real estate mashup


pwtempuser pwtempuser US Dialysis Finder


Aaron Parecki MapAttack

Luciano Souza InstaMe

Jammap iPhone

Cássio Oliveira Jammap

Low cost map

Vegas Vision

Hot Tubbers

Free Campsites


pwtempuser pwtempuser GeoAnts





Local Scrappy
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I think this is a great service.

Every web site or service, especially those "location based",

"get the cheapest prices" services should use this.


Just thought I would suggest an add to the mashups.

It uses mashups in a powerful way by allowing users to categorize and even modify additions "wiki style".

You may want to check it out.


The best map api around.

Very fast and reliable.

I love the hybrid map mode.

Unline other apis, Google Maps Api GOverviewMap control is ver useful.

It can also used outer side of the map.

Thanks Google Maps Team.


This is a cool service! GMs Rocks! I built my site using this - !!!

Search Feature is too gud! Check my site for more!!!!

My website use this, and where in Brazil is very popular. Its a real state website with all the offers on the map. Its <a href="">Imobilien</a>. Could you mind take a look and add on the list.

Thx and sorry about my english

When will google fix maps for other countries. I'm currently studying in the Philippines and the map for Manila is way off. It doesn't even correspond to the satellite view!


Google API solution gets putperformed by Mapping specialist

I am a web developer and had a 2 month project testing both solutions after reading the outcome of the IMFA regarding European business mapping providers.

I noted that the free Google solution took twice as long to develop, had only basic Geocoding and everything else had to be developed from scratch I.e. criteria search, database management. Still Google business customers both paid (up to £7800) a year and free (if the solution will not be re sold (i.e. vehichle tracking) have no access to the UK postcode data from the royal mail as Google are no licensed (hence the often appalling accuracy) with only 4 digit postcode verification.

The directions are somewhat limited for business users / developers and do not include petrol costs as would be great for working out expense claims etc.

In a positive, Google is a pretty basic platform and for the most part is free to use and widely available and recognised.

The API platform from ViaMichelin (used a mixture of javascript skills) was offered to me on a free trial for 45 days and took only a few weeks to complete, Geocoding for address verification was included (so ideal for store finder, reserve and collect, etc and gave me access to live human support (to see what else I could do with their api). They provided me a platform with full Europe coverage and geocoded Ireland which Google could not offer for a price cheaper than the Google enterprise and premier.

Bing fell behind when it came to customer support as it was non existent and the former multimap owned company owned by microsoft took just over the 2 months to get back to me.

Like for like, The new ViaMichelin API solution wins, For a basic solution use Google, for business's looking for real quality use Viamichelin


Excellent service provided by GoogleMaps where ever you are you may locate the place you want to visit with few mouse click.


Some of rural addresses are not covered by Google Maps. In that case, MapQuest and Yahoo Maps are more thorough. Yahoo Maps gives even coordinates of the location.


I use Google all the time. However could you change your information in La Quinta CA at 50th and Jefferson. On the East side of Jefferson is Mountain View Country Club. On the West side of Jefferson is the Cirtus Country Club. Your now have the Cirtus Country Club on the East side. Hopefully you can change it.

Respectfully yours,



I use Google apps as much as possible, and Maps really gets it better than other services when you need to place a building or get to an obscure side street or massive administrative center.


Aeropark is also very happy with the mapping service in cebu.


A recent change to maps, the first 'bad' one, is the blanking of the screen for prolonged periods of time. At the very least the user should have the ability to keep the map showing. I was not able to find such a setting.


I used Google map directions twice this week and both times the directions were WRONG! Reporting left turns when it should be right turns with incorrect mileage. Lost for 30 minutes - NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT!


Google Map Pro - Does anyone know how the timeline works so that I can overlay data that is due in the future?


I have been using Google maps to find driving directions for some time. I tried to use it today and found it "improved"! So much "improved" that I will never use it again. What a complete waste.


This is a cool service! GMs Rocks! I built my site using this - !!!

Search Feature is too gud! Check my site for more!!!!

My website use this, and where in Brazil is very popular. Its a real state website with all the offers on the map. Its <a href="">Imobilien</a>. Could you mind take a look and add on the list.

Thx and sorry about my english

When will google fix maps for other countries. I'm currently studying in the Philippines and the map for Manila is way off. It doesn't even correspond to the satellite view!


Well Google maps is nice for global travel guides, but for local European one should consider ov9292.

Television Show Settings Television Show Settings
A map of where television shows take place. Drill down to get details of these TV shows. Also features analyses of where TV shows take place.
Flowd Flowd
Flowd lets you mark your favorite spots on the map and tell your friends where the action is happening. Flowd also shows you the nearby gigs of your favorite artists!
kakao2 is weather map kakao2 is weather map
kakao2 is an interactive weather map that allows users to view cloud cover and weather updates by manipulating a map of Asia.
Weather Sentiment Prediction Weather Sentiment Prediction
Prediction of the sentiment / mood of Twitter query. The training data for this predictive model was created with crowd sourcing. Main technologies: Google Prediction API, Twitter, CrowdFlower, Google Maps
Mapinterest Mapinterest
Mapinterest links Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube with Facebook Places. You follow people on Twitter, on Facebook you follow your friends, on Pinterest you follow topics and on Mapinterest you follow places.
San Diego School Pal San Diego School Pal
San Diego School Pal is the easiest way to see San Diego's school districts and their associated levels of crime. We combine a school district map with the 2011 San Diego crime database and Megan's Law statistics. Browse across a map view of San Diego, combined with overlay regions for each of the school districts, covering elementary, high school, and unified. Enter your address to search and locate your own school district or browse the list to get statistics across the city. Share your opinion and thoughts about any San Diego school district with the built-in commenting system, and help others find the best one for their needs.
Estate Agent Locator Estate Agent Locator
Agent locator using the ST_INTERSECTS statement of Google Fusion Tables. The Application shows the location of estate agents that speak english located in france. It displays this information on a map with a radius.
Belgian Rail Demo Belgian Rail Demo
Belgian Rail Demo Combines Google Maps API with iRail to display suggested journeys on a map
14 Sundials in Oxford, England 14 Sundials in Oxford, England
A sundial trail around the city of Oxford, UK. Has simplified mobile version.
My Google+ My Google+ uses Google+ API to transform user profile into a Facebook style timeline.
Strange Strollers Oxfam Trailtrekker 2012 Training Map Strange Strollers Oxfam Trailtrekker 2012 Training Map
This map was created to record our team training efforts as we prepare for the Oxfam Trailtrekker 2012 challenge. Oxfam Trailtrekker is a 100km trek for teams of four, over 30 hours (yes, that's day and night!) across the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and takes place 26th-27th May 2012.
Track Daily Deal Track Daily Deal
Track Daily Deal Provides an easy way to track and compare daily deals.
Yappoint Yappoint
Yappoint is a marketplace for local businesses to let their clients make their appointments online 24/7. Every kind of business relying on appointments can subscribe for FREE on, like hairdressers, estheticians, tennis-courts, real-estates and many more.. Check it out!
Car Crime + Accident Map Car Crime + Accident Map
Searchable Google map displaying car and other vehicle crime alongside road traffic accidents for your local area, with all incidents within 1 mile of your search mapped.
Trip planner that enables planning a perfect trip in under 15 minutes.
All of world national anthems mashup service All of world national anthems mashup service
This application allows users listen to the national anthems of countries located all around the world.
This site is in the heatmap collection site, and displays a map of various places/categories around the world. You can also check the flow of people in the heatmap per hour by moving the slider below the map. Please try to move this slider. In addition, you can also set a their own places and categories.
The Book Report The Book Report
You’re one step away from uncovering your timeline of books. Enable it by connecting your Readmill account.
Readmap Readmap
Readmap lets users plot a map of all the places they have been reading.
Outlet Note Outlet Note
Outlet Note is a great place to find information about outlet stores in the United States. Google Maps (including Directions and Street View) are used to help you better locate a outlet store.
explore travellr explore travellr
Explore travellr is a mashup that searches content from Flickr, Google Maps, and YouTube, and displays useful posts filtered by city, state, or activity. Type New York City and see what comes up, or maybe try searching for skiing in japan.
TrendsRus - Twitter Global Trends Map TrendsRus - Twitter Global Trends Map
View the latest Twitter trends across the globe and see what humanity is thinking right NOW! Select a trend and view the locations visually using red bouncing markers! Added popular trends for more fun and a robot for hourly scan to get local trends and store them in a database for improved experience and performance. Now there are 150 locations. Select any location to center the map around it. Latest Vs older trends are differentiated using different colors! Click on a trend link in the popup to see the tweets on Twitter!
DoDyDo DoDyDo
DoDyDO is a social networking mashup that focuses on content sharing. You can post text, photos, maps, links, and more. The idea is that you can follow people and topics.
Vinogeo Vinogeo
Vinogeo is a worldwide interactive map of vineyards with 2D/3D maps and 360° features. Vinogeo uses a simple search tool that allows you to navigate around the world and view wineries by region.
Yukon Live Yukon Live
Yukon Live is a virtual tour to the Yukon, Canada's true north.
Whitney Houston's Journey Mapped Whitney Houston's Journey Mapped
This Google Maps Mashup maps out Whitney Houston's journey from her birthplace (Newark, New Jersey) to Beverley Hills where she died. (click on the arrows at lower left to go into manual mode)
Geolocalization Geolocalization
A description box which offers the ability to show a picture of a city and, by clicking on "Show map", a google map with its geolocalization.
Qmpeople Places Qmpeople Places
Various places of the world can be geolocalizated on a google map depending on the box on the right side. By clicking on "Next" it is possible to draw other four places.
Freally Freally
Freally is all about free stuff! And it is the simplest way to save money and environment. Do you have unwanted items (aka JUNK) around your house? Post them and let others who need them come and collect. You make someone happy, and also do our environment a favour!
WTF should I go for beer? WTF should I go for beer?
Tiny and funny web app to find a nice bar nearby.
Symbyoz Symbyoz
A social utility to keep in touch more often and more easily with important friends from major social networks.
cairoDot cairoDot
Interactive map of Cairo.
Distances Calculator Distances Calculator
Distances Calculator is a free web based tool that allows users to easily calculate the distance between any two cities in the USA. It shows the driving route on a map together with the estimated driving time and the linear distance in miles. It also displays pictures from Panoramio service for both the origin and destination of your trip, together with weather information for both cities.
Golf Guide Golf Guide
A Mashup of global golf course data. Thousands of markers displayed on Google Maps. Integrated with the Google Earth Web Plugin and Golf Course date from Many courses have a 3D course tour.
Rome 2 Rio
Fun little mashup that shows many types of transportation to get you anywhere in the world. Uses HotelsCombined to show potential hotels and Google Maps to display routes.
New York Metro Card Usage
Wall Street Journal mashup uses Google styled maps to show what areas of New York City have the most Metro Card usage.
Sightsmap Sightsmap
Sightseeing popularity heatmaps for the whole world, based on Panoramio photos and FourSquare places.
Handollar Handollar features the top deals every day from the various group-buying and one-day deal websites such as Groupon, LivingSocial and more, put them on map, translate them to english if needed. Using Google translate API, Google maps API, Yahoo Places API, Yelp API and many others.
Global View Global View
Another Google Maps / Joomla mashup from Channel, this site allows aviation fans to view news items about airlines in both a directory view and on Google Maps. The site makes extensive use of lightboxes to display some beautifully hand drawn aviation images and airline logos.
Deep Blue Apartments Deep Blue Apartments
This web site integrates the popular Joomla CMS framework with a Google Maps API integration, to facilitate both geographic search, proximity search, directory search. The aim is to bring the inventory of apartments more easily to the attention of the visitor, and to make it easier for our visitors to find what they are looking for. The directory structure relies on a popular Joomla directory product called K2.
Google Map Atlas Google Map Atlas
This is a world atlas using google maps api to show both maps and earth images of places all over the world, divided by place type (mount,river etc)
Custom Neighborhood Maps using Mapfluence Javascript API Custom Neighborhood Maps using Mapfluence Javascript API
Custom Neighborhood Maps using Mapfluence Javascript API from urban Mapping and Google Maps API. This is a much easier solution compared to usual approach using shape files.
Turkish Real Estate Search - Powered by Google Maps Turkish Real Estate Search - Powered by Google Maps
Turkey's first Google Maps powered real estate marketplace. Includes real estate search.
Athens, Greece Bus and Metro map Athens, Greece Bus and Metro map
Displays the entire Athens transit system along with estimated arrival times and a trip planner.
Since 2004, WifiPDX has been Portland's wireless Internet connection. The new version of the site has updated maps and geolocation options.
University of Texas at Austin Campus Map University of Texas at Austin Campus Map
Quickly find campus buildings with this campus map of the University of Texas at Austin.
PlanZap PlanZap
PlanZap allows you to make online appointments with only the best customer recommended professionals and businesses across the country! It provides combined and aggregated reviews and ratings for each business! It displays relevant daily deals for each search! Make an appointment now in minutes!
La Liga Fútbol Español La Liga Fútbol Español
La Liga is a website about the first Spanish football league a.k.a. Primera División or La Liga. It is a mashup that combines and displays data from DBpedia, YouTube, Google News, Twitter and eBay in different languages which currently comprise of Spanish, English, German, French, and Italian.
A small Google Maps Mashup displays the weather forecast and weather-tweets in a nice, simple style.
Explore To Yellow Pages Explore To Yellow Pages
Disrupting traditional IYPs, (Internet Yellow Pages). Business listing data from Factual and using Flickr + Twitter with a relevancy algorithm to enrich content. Facebook, "Likes" are used as a ranking factor within Explore To search results and is the first local search engines to be truly, "Social Local" driven. is used to generate short URLs for social sharing.
Happenic Happenic
Happenic is a calendar application that aggregates events from a number of public APIs and organizes them by category, location and cost. It provides a simple and easy-to-use interface to find out what is happening around you.
Lindalino road trip planner Lindalino road trip planner
A road trip planner letting users choose starting points, ending points and as many point in between.
Belmonte Online Belmonte Online
Thanet Real Estate Mashup combining Blogger, Google Maps and Twitter
Dutch National Heritage List in the Netherlands (rijksmonumenten). Many Dutch tourist attractions are rijksmonuments, such as castles or windmills. There are 61.000 rijksmonuments in the Netherlands.
YouCheckins YouCheckins
A history of places at which you checked in by foursquare is shown per a venue/month. It is also possible for the place to show by check-in history with heat maps.
Zoos of the World Zoos of the World
Browse through zoos of the world, categorized by country. When you click a zoo link, photos are retrieved from Flickr and displayed, the coordinates of the zoo location is displayed in Google maps and Wikipedia content of the article is also displayed.
GoCrowdless GoCrowdless
Go Crowdless uses Foursquare check-ins to help you understand when 20 of the most popular attractions are least crowded and most crowded.
Its a combination of news and map, such that it relates a location to its news and also a news to its related location. It surely is a new way to keep yourself updated with a particular locations news. You can zoom in to a particular area on map and get its related news. By default it will load the users country's news. Also there is a search box to search for a location. All you need to do is click on a location on map and it will get its latest news. Also you can hover your mouse over news shown to see its related locations on map.
LiveMap UK Great Britain Events LiveMap UK Great Britain Events
An at-a-glance reference calendar featuring Britain’s top events throughout the year, we include the leading Festivals, Sporting Occasions, Agricultural/County Shows, Exhibitions, Cultural & Ceremonial Events, Displays and much more. We provide location details, contact &/or web-links to the Organisers or Official Ticket Agent sites providing the facility to purchase tickets (where applicable) for these Events. In addition & where available we have included extracts from press releases issued by the source, providing information on their Event. lets horse shoppers find horses around the wold. Users can view pictures, price, location, breed info, nearby stables, estimated payments, estimated shipping costs, and estimated yearly food costs.
Reptiles Now Reptiles Now
Reptiles, lizards and snakes for sale. Classified ads for all kinds of reptiles and amphibians
SkyChalk SkyChalk
Skychalk is an experiment in location-based communication - a new way for you to engage with people around you. The concept is simple - you can post any message to any location, and anyone can read it. It's like digital graffiti.
OnTheWay OnTheWay
OnTheWay is a free tool for travelers to create quick and easy personalized road trips. It’s always been a struggle for folks to find out the great stuff that’s on the way when going on a road trip, so people end up missing that tasty roadside diner or the World’s Largest Frying Pan — who’d want to miss that?!?
Twitter Trends Twitter Trends
A Website that you can view the most discussed topics on twitter(trends), searching by location through Google Maps.
Flood Map : Water Level Elevation Map Flood Map : Water Level Elevation Map
Right click on the map to get/set the flood water level at the location. "Development of the Flood Map application is a try to help fight against the natural disaster like flood and there by a try to save as many lives as possible."
LiveMap UK Medical Emergency LiveMap UK Medical Emergency
Details Accident & Emergency Depts, Minor Injury Units & Walk-In Centres throughout Great Britain. Provides Addresses, Contact Nos & Opening Times details
Football Feed Football Feed
Headline stories and gossip on soccer teams in the four English football leagues.
Google Maps Route Planner Google Maps Route Planner
This application uses Google Maps to provide you with a way to set a lot of markers of all the places you need to stop at, then it will tell you which places to stop by in which order.
Map of Books in BHL Map of Books in BHL
This mashup takes Library of Congress Subject Headings from the open access books scanned by the Biodiversity Heritage Library and geocodes locations and displays results using Google Maps API.
CrimeLit CrimeLit
Crimelit guides you into the world of Stieg Larsson and others crimelit writers.
Rentmix Rentmix
Fast, simple vacation rental search. Listings from HomeAway, FlipKey, and AirBnB laid out on Google Maps
Loku Loku
Loku is an application that displays local neighborhood maps and lets users explore what is happening nearby. It displays news stories and videos, events and deals.
Pinbooks Pinbooks
Pinbooks is a search engine and community for books with google maps mash-up, deep integration into facebook, and amazon partner program; users can search books and "pin" books according to location, time and/or genre of the story; users can build friendships within the pinbooks community and they can share their actions on pinbooks with their facebook friends
GoTime for iPhone GoTime for iPhone
GoTime syncs with your iPhone calendar and address book and uses your iPhone GPS to determine travel time to upcoming calendar events. GoTime alerts you before you need to leave for appointments and then shows you where to go. Keeps travel time estimates up-to-date based on your current location, even if that location changes throughout the day.
Novels: On Location Novels: On Location
A Google-Maps/Amazon mash-up for finding books that take place where you're traveling. Browse or search the map and make your next destination come alive!
DGMapper - Disc Golf Tournament Map and Calendar DGMapper - Disc Golf Tournament Map and Calendar
DGMapper employs several scrapers and APIs to provide a filterable, live updating map of all upcoming disc golf tournaments and events. Included are weather forecasts, wind speeds, elevation, and links to nearby disc golf stores, restaurants, hotels, and more.
Google Maps API v3 Tool Google Maps API v3 Tool
This is a drawing tool for polyline, polygon , polygon with holes, rectangle, circle, marker(icon), direction(route, path). This application uses the Google Maps API Version 3 (V3). It has all the features of Google Maps MyMaps and has direct access to the code for the shapes (overlays) you create.
Nerdy Day Trips Nerdy Day Trips
A giant, inclusive, user-generated nerd map of nerdy funtime destinations. From sea forts to abandoned nuclear bunkers, dead victorian racecourses, roads that are falling into the ground, narrow gauge railways and more.
Pick Your Perfect Pet Pick Your Perfect Pet
Search over 400,000 pets for sale in your area, find nearby vets and kennels.
Steve Jobs Journey on Google Maps Steve Jobs Journey on Google Maps
Steve Jobs Journey Mapped out on Google Maps
Info Balloon Info Balloon
A multi-lingual, location-based mashup that displays information about weather, tides, National Register of Historic Places, and Google Places on a Google Map, while streaming the information to a personalized voice channel in the users language of choice. Job Search and Realtime Job Listing Job Search and Realtime Job Listing
Job search and realtime job listings in the USA using the Google maps, indeed and Twitter APIs. Browse search results by state or industry.
Classified on Google Maps and Charts Classified on Google Maps and Charts
View jobs and their locations on Google Maps using the Simply Hired jobs API and view statistics (updated daily) using Google Charts.
Real estate mashup Real estate mashup
Search homes, get estimates, view Walk Score and Yelp listings and plot them all using Google Maps.
4sqoogle 4sqoogle
4sqoogle is an easy and user-friendly mashup that lists foursquare points of interest and plots them on a Google Map. Discover and recommend food, nightlife, entertainment and shopping in your city.
US Dialysis Finder US Dialysis Finder contains data on over 50,000 kidney dialysis centers and facilities. Search centers and facilities in your area, gather information, compare services and research survival rates.
TweepsMap TweepsMap
TweepsMap analyzes where your Twitter followers are from, groups them by country, state or city and plots them on a Google map. Visualize data as a list or pie chart and share your reports with followers.
MapAttack MapAttack
MapAttack is a game of real-time strategy built for real life. Virtual geofences are scattered onto the map and players must physically go to where they are on the map in order to capture them.
InstaMe InstaMe
InstaMe is a simple way to see pictures posted on Instagram. Allows everyone to enjoy the Instagram experience, not just iPhone users.
Jammap iPhone Jammap iPhone
Jammap iPhone is a mobile version (for iphone or ipad) of the web application Jammap that allows users to listen to creative commons licensed music from Jamendo. Simply drag a map marker to a country and select albums to listen to.
Jammap Jammap
Jammap is an application that allows the user to listen to licensed creative commons music from Jamendo through a map navigation. Drag the map marker to a country (or double click it) and select an album.
Low cost map Low cost map
Low cost airline routes mapped. Uses Google's Maps and AJAX Libraries and shows direct flights for most LCC in the world.
Vegas Vision Vegas Vision
Vegas Vision is an interactive map of the Las Vegas Strip that combines the Google Maps API with several social media outlets to provide Las Vegas travelers up to date photos, videos, news, tips and current happenings about various points of interest in Las Vegas.
Hot Tubbers Hot Tubbers
Natural hot and mineral springs across the United States. Interactive maps, user reviews and GPS coordinates for each listing.
Free Campsites Free Campsites
A user powered, map driven directory of free and inexpensive camping locations in the USA and Canada. The website includes descriptions, maps, photos and reviews.
DBStract is a free web app and database builder.
GeoAnts GeoAnts
GeoAnts is a one-of-a-kind web app created by Techno Global Inc. GeoAnts allows people to find a product, service or person via a map. The GeoAnts app is a blend between social networking, microblogging and geolocation technologies.
Combo7 Combo7
Type in your city or zip to all the find fast food near you.
CircleCount CircleCount
A directory of Google+ users. Features include user rankings, a world map, a widget, a mosaic of the top 100 Google+ profiles and a page of social statistics.
GoogleBrazil GoogleBrazil is a site dedicated to find the best, most dense and useful information about Brazil. Interactive Maps point to resourceful information about Brazil. Click on a spot to get detailled information.