Google Maps API

The Google Maps API allow for the embedding of Google Maps onto web pages of outside developers, using a simple JavaScript interface or a Flash interface. It is designed to work on both mobile devices as well as traditional desktop browser applications. The API includes language localization for over 50 languages, region localization and geocoding, and has mechanisms for enterprise developers who want to utilize the Google Maps API within an intranet. The API HTTP services can be accessed over a secure (HTTPS) connection by Google Maps API Premier customers.
VML, JavaScript
JavaScript library
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  • This simple web app allows users to calculate the current cost for Uber rides. This application uses the Google Maps API.
  • Dino Map provides users with a visual and interactive way to explore all of the fossil records in the Paleobiology Database, which includes plants, insects, mammals, reptiles, dinosaurs, and more....
  • FindiLike Hotel Search is a hotel search and review analysis system that helps users find hotels based on their reviews, prices, or location. Hotels can be searched with unstructured keywords like, "...
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pwtempuser pwtempuser Risk on Google Map

pwtempuser pwtempuser Topeka Crime Stats

pwtempuser pwtempuser UK Motor Map

BBC News Map

pwtempuser pwtempuser 2RealEstate Auctions

pwtempuser pwtempuser Williamsburger Community Guide

pwtempuser pwtempuser Slice NY Pizza Map

pwtempuser pwtempuser NYC Marathon Course

pwtempuser pwtempuser Seattle911

pwtempuser pwtempuser Jobster

pwtempuser pwtempuser Frappr!

pwtempuser pwtempuser NYC in the Movies

pwtempuser pwtempuser MashMap

pwtempuser pwtempuser USA Hot Springs

pwtempuser pwtempuser Road Sign Math

pwtempuser pwtempuser onNYTurf Subway Map

pwtempuser pwtempuser Los Taco Trucks Unitos

pwtempuser pwtempuser WineryBound

pwtempuser pwtempuser San Francisco Bart Schedule

pwtempuser pwtempuser Dublin Web Cams

pwtempuser pwtempuser Kosher Food Locator

pwtempuser pwtempuser Toronto Homicides

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser flightwise (formerly

pwtempuser pwtempuser HomePriceRecords

pwtempuser pwtempuser Seattle Real Estate Advisor

pwtempuser pwtempuser alkemis local nyc

pwtempuser pwtempuser Blosh

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser NYC Subway VGMap

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser Visual Traceroute

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser TripMojo

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser eBay Google Mashup

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser Nanaimo City Walk


pwtempuser pwtempuser Streampad


pwtempuser pwtempuser gFeedMap

pwtempuser pwtempuser Trulia

pwtempuser pwtempuser UK Traveldata

pwtempuser pwtempuser Sport Map

pwtempuser pwtempuser Pixagogo

pwtempuser pwtempuser UFO Maps

pwtempuser pwtempuser Tagzania

Where's Tim Hibbard?

pwtempuser pwtempuser Placeopedia

pwtempuser pwtempuser Habitamos maps

pwtempuser pwtempuser Web Cam Locator

pwtempuser pwtempuser smugMaps

HotOrNot + Google Maps

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser eBay Motors

pwtempuser pwtempuser Celebrity Maps

Flash Earth

pwtempuser pwtempuser Katrina Shelter

pwtempuser pwtempuser HousingMaps

pwtempuser pwtempuser Seattle Bus Monster

pwtempuser pwtempuser EVMapper
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I think this is a great service.

Every web site or service, especially those "location based",

"get the cheapest prices" services should use this.


Just thought I would suggest an add to the mashups.

It uses mashups in a powerful way by allowing users to categorize and even modify additions "wiki style".

You may want to check it out.


The best map api around.

Very fast and reliable.

I love the hybrid map mode.

Unline other apis, Google Maps Api GOverviewMap control is ver useful.

It can also used outer side of the map.

Thanks Google Maps Team.


This is a cool service! GMs Rocks! I built my site using this - !!!

Search Feature is too gud! Check my site for more!!!!

My website use this, and where in Brazil is very popular. Its a real state website with all the offers on the map. Its <a href="">Imobilien</a>. Could you mind take a look and add on the list.

Thx and sorry about my english

When will google fix maps for other countries. I'm currently studying in the Philippines and the map for Manila is way off. It doesn't even correspond to the satellite view!


Google API solution gets putperformed by Mapping specialist

I am a web developer and had a 2 month project testing both solutions after reading the outcome of the IMFA regarding European business mapping providers.

I noted that the free Google solution took twice as long to develop, had only basic Geocoding and everything else had to be developed from scratch I.e. criteria search, database management. Still Google business customers both paid (up to £7800) a year and free (if the solution will not be re sold (i.e. vehichle tracking) have no access to the UK postcode data from the royal mail as Google are no licensed (hence the often appalling accuracy) with only 4 digit postcode verification.

The directions are somewhat limited for business users / developers and do not include petrol costs as would be great for working out expense claims etc.

In a positive, Google is a pretty basic platform and for the most part is free to use and widely available and recognised.

The API platform from ViaMichelin (used a mixture of javascript skills) was offered to me on a free trial for 45 days and took only a few weeks to complete, Geocoding for address verification was included (so ideal for store finder, reserve and collect, etc and gave me access to live human support (to see what else I could do with their api). They provided me a platform with full Europe coverage and geocoded Ireland which Google could not offer for a price cheaper than the Google enterprise and premier.

Bing fell behind when it came to customer support as it was non existent and the former multimap owned company owned by microsoft took just over the 2 months to get back to me.

Like for like, The new ViaMichelin API solution wins, For a basic solution use Google, for business's looking for real quality use Viamichelin


Excellent service provided by GoogleMaps where ever you are you may locate the place you want to visit with few mouse click.


Some of rural addresses are not covered by Google Maps. In that case, MapQuest and Yahoo Maps are more thorough. Yahoo Maps gives even coordinates of the location.


I use Google all the time. However could you change your information in La Quinta CA at 50th and Jefferson. On the East side of Jefferson is Mountain View Country Club. On the West side of Jefferson is the Cirtus Country Club. Your now have the Cirtus Country Club on the East side. Hopefully you can change it.

Respectfully yours,



I use Google apps as much as possible, and Maps really gets it better than other services when you need to place a building or get to an obscure side street or massive administrative center.


Aeropark is also very happy with the mapping service in cebu.


A recent change to maps, the first 'bad' one, is the blanking of the screen for prolonged periods of time. At the very least the user should have the ability to keep the map showing. I was not able to find such a setting.


I used Google map directions twice this week and both times the directions were WRONG! Reporting left turns when it should be right turns with incorrect mileage. Lost for 30 minutes - NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT!


Google Map Pro - Does anyone know how the timeline works so that I can overlay data that is due in the future?


I have been using Google maps to find driving directions for some time. I tried to use it today and found it "improved"! So much "improved" that I will never use it again. What a complete waste.


This is a cool service! GMs Rocks! I built my site using this - !!!

Search Feature is too gud! Check my site for more!!!!

My website use this, and where in Brazil is very popular. Its a real state website with all the offers on the map. Its <a href="">Imobilien</a>. Could you mind take a look and add on the list.

Thx and sorry about my english

When will google fix maps for other countries. I'm currently studying in the Philippines and the map for Manila is way off. It doesn't even correspond to the satellite view!


Well Google maps is nice for global travel guides, but for local European one should consider ov9292.

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This site contains links to the most spectacular and notable UK landmarks.
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Test your knowledge of US landmarks with interactive, timer-based Google Maps game.
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Play a game of virtual golf on Google Maps satellite images. Multiple courses around the US available.
Risk on Google Map Risk on Google Map
Play a variation of the classic game Risk on a Google Map. Note: As of Dec 1, 2005 this has been shut down at the request of Hasbro Inc.
Topeka Crime Stats Topeka Crime Stats
Use this Google Map to plot, pardon the pun, crimes in Topeka Kansas.
UK Motor Map UK Motor Map
A Google map showing all the main motorsport venues, links and events in the UK. NOTE: As of Jan 2007 this site appears to be down.
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See where the latest news is happening in the UK.
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Live eBay Real Estate listings with Google Maps. Includes USA Top 100 Bid Count List, along with regional Top 50 Lists.
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Links you to pizzeria reviews at America’s Favorite Pizza Weblog. With fun slice-shaped map markers.
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See the course of the 2005 NYC Marathon. From Brian Timoney.
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See in real time what's going wrong in Seattle with this great mashup of Google Maps and By John Eberly.
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Enter a zip code when you do a Jobster job search and see the locations plotted on a Google Map.
Frappr! Frappr!
Frappr (Friend Mapper) lets you see the zip code where your friends live or work, letting you find out who works in the office building next door and who lives in the apartment complex across the street.
NYC in the Movies NYC in the Movies
Lets you see where scenes from famous (and not-so-famous) movies have been shot in NYC.
MashMap MashMap
NOTE: As of Jan 2007 this is out of service. Slick interface for finding movies anywhere in US via this Google Maps mashup. Pick a geographic region, then browse by Theater or Movie. (The UI has some kinks to work-out, like overlapping windows at times.)
USA Hot Springs USA Hot Springs
Shows you where 1661 hot springs are in the US through NOAA data + Google Maps.
Road Sign Math Road Sign Math
Combines Google Maps, cameras and GPS into the "newest road game to sweep the country".
onNYTurf Subway Map onNYTurf Subway Map
Shows the NYC subway system on a Google Map.
Los Taco Trucks Unitos Los Taco Trucks Unitos
A Google Map for when you need to find a taco truck in Seattle.
WineryBound WineryBound
Find wineries by location and varietal. As they say "So many little time".
San Francisco Bart Schedule San Francisco Bart Schedule
Visualize the San Francisco Bart transit system. Map lets you click on a station and get the next few departures.
Dublin Web Cams Dublin Web Cams
Web Cams in Dublin Ireland plotted on a Google Map.
Kosher Food Locator Kosher Food Locator
Keep to your kosher diet with this handy Google Maps mashup.
Toronto Homicides Toronto Homicides
Another crime-locator map, this time Toronto Ontario Canada.
Leverages a database of 117,000 cell phone tower locations and Google Maps to help you see where coverage is and isn't.
flightwise (formerly flightwise (formerly
Lets you search for flights and see the current location plotted on a Google Map.
HomePriceRecords HomePriceRecords
Combines home sales data with Google maps.
Seattle Real Estate Advisor Seattle Real Estate Advisor
Seattle real estate profiles plotted on Google Maps.
alkemis local nyc alkemis local nyc
NYC Live Traffic Cams, Yahoo Traffic News, Flickr images, links, and A9 Blockview Photos.
Blosh Blosh
Blosh finds blogs mentioning locations and displays them on a map.
Fitness facility locator that shows gyms, athletic clubs, pilates studios, and other similar places on a Google Map.
NYC Subway VGMap NYC Subway VGMap
Flash-based vector graphics meet Google Maps API to deliver the NYC Subway map in a new form. makes it easy for anyone to quickly find sex offenders in a graphical way. (Data availability varies by state.)
Visual Traceroute Visual Traceroute
Google Maps + the traceroute command show you the route from your pc to any site on the internet. From WeReporters.
Google Maps + data from Penn Public Safety combined to create a non-profit, freely browsable database of crimes reported in West Philadelphia, in and around the University of Pennsylvania.
TripMojo TripMojo
Your "Groovy Guide to Travel Hotels and Hostels". A search engine with Google Maps and geocoding.
Utilizing Google Maps + AJAX + Lots of Restaurants
eBay Google Mashup eBay Google Mashup
First generic eBay Google Maps Mashup
UK Traffic, transport, roadworks, London and Welsh Traffic Cams. (Slow site from US).
Nanaimo City Walk Nanaimo City Walk
Tour Nanaimo British Columbia with photos plotted on a Google Map.
Panoramio Panoramio
Up to 2 Gb to share geolocated photos.
Streampad Streampad
Streampad allows you to stream music from your home machine to any internet connected machine. Uses Google maps to display where people are listening and Amazon to display album covers.
vivirama vivirama
A housing listings website for all cities of the world. It uses Google Maps to facilitate locating the offers, and RapLeaf to help to create the required trust for transactions to occur. It lets you search graphically by area, even across cities.
gFeedMap gFeedMap
gFeedMap combines Google Maps and to display the location of websites/blogs on a Google map. It also features BlogMaps - badge-sized maps for websites.
Trulia Trulia
Search real estate listings at Trulia and see them plotted on Google Maps.
UK Traveldata UK Traveldata
Travel advisories in the UK on a Google Map (with BBC Backstage data).
Sport Map Sport Map
Lets you find premiership soccer news by team location. Via Google Maps and BBC Backstage data.
Pixagogo Pixagogo
Photos on Google Maps from the Pixagogo online photo service.
UFO Maps UFO Maps
Keep up with the lastest UFO sightings with this combination of Google Maps and data from the National UFO Reporting Center.
Tagzania Tagzania
Social bookmarking and folksonomies for Google Maps
Where's Tim Hibbard? Where's Tim Hibbard?
See where Tim is now: he always carries a GPS-enabled mobile phone and data gets plotted on a Google Map (also uses Cloudberry and his own EnGraph).
Placeopedia Placeopedia
Geographically place Wikipedia articles on top of Google maps.
Habitamos maps Habitamos maps
Habitamos Maps combines postings from Habitamos with Google Maps satellite pictures to show a houses and apartments for sale or to rent (Spain). Warning: slow from US.
Web Cam Locator Web Cam Locator
By combining weather camera data of the AWS WeatherBug network,, with Google maps, Brady Davis created a handy way to find US web cams.
smugMaps smugMaps
smugmug photos overlaid on top of Google Maps.
HotOrNot + Google Maps HotOrNot + Google Maps
Find people to meet on by browsing on a Google Map. Start in your zip code and browse the nearby areas.
A freely browsable database of crimes reported in Chicago overlaid onto Google Maps.
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Plots auto listings on their map location (Google + eBay).
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Google maps and Celebrity web data combined to see exactly where your favorite celebrity lives.
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Zoomable mashup of Google Maps, Virtual Earth and other satellite imagery through a Flash application. Try rotating the compass or building a permanent link to a location.
Katrina Shelter Katrina Shelter
Deprecated uses Google Maps to list private homes and shelters able to take people displaced by the storm; doesn’t work in Safari.
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The prototypical mashup: Google Maps + Craigslist to create a visual housing search page via dynamic overlays of Craigslist home listings on Google Maps.
Seattle Bus Monster Seattle Bus Monster
From the site: Bus Monster is a mashup of Google Maps, King Country Trip Planner, and University of Washington's ITS Web Services, with a touch more added in.
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Mashup of EVDB event data and Google Maps, with nice calendar browser for paging through search results.