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DailyMotoRideA picturesque look at the world’s best motorcycle roads.  
Dear MapCreate your own maps and share with friends.  
Facebook SpectrumFacebook Spectrum allows the users of Facebook to get a birds-eye view of their friends on Facebook. It acts as an insight application for your Facebook account.  
FriendlineTrack your friends and unfriends on a chart. Keep a log of all your friend activity.  
G4ngFrom the site: The G4 is a powerful tool for everybody who wants to keep his/her geo-spatial data organized, analyzed and accessible from around the world with ability to share and collaborate with friends.  
GearbumA website which provides deal tracking and price analysis for outdoor gear. Offers a price history and price comparison tool, as well as email and text alerts.  
geognosShows textual and visual information for all world countries. For each country, a live map and photos are included, plus a map translated to your language. Uses Google Charts for data visualization.  
Guardian TrendsProduces graphs of how often things are mentioned on guardian.co.uk.  
In2Clouds Predictive Analytics for Salesforce.comPredictive Analytics service that analyzes Salesforce.com data and creates scores based on the likelihood of opportunities closing.  
in2clouds Social ListenerThis mashup provides analytics for any three twitter handles.  
Loads.inLoads.in gives you the possibility to see how fast your (or any) website loads in a real browser from over 50 locations worldwide.  
MapProvisionMapProvision is an online tool that allows you to easily share your geo data on your website. In minutes you can enhance your own website, blog or intranet pages to enable your users to perform customized analysis on your data using thematic overlays, animation, and charting. MapProvision is free to use. It is a 100% cloud-based application and is designed for ease of use with no downloads or coding required. MapProvision can represent spatial data in a number of unique layers such as multi geometry (points, lines and polygons), interpolation, raster grid, circles, density, videos, and your own customizable image sets. It also includes visualizations to chart trends in your data using scatter plot, histogram, and data tables.  
MeaningTwittMeaningtwitt is a mashup between Twitter, Google Visualization API and Meaningtool. It's intended for categorization of Twitter Users through the semantic technology of Meaningtool.  
Monuments: Diversity, Democracy and FreedomThis map and table application displays historical and cultural monuments in Los Angeles, with a focus on monuments that celebrate diversity, democracy, and freedom. Includes descriptions and Flickr photos for over 900 monuments.  
Motion Chart GadgetAn official Google Gadget to demonstrate the Visualization API. A dynamic flash based chart to explore several indicators over time. Required columns: bubble name, time and 2 columns of numeric values.  
ReaderMeterReaderMeter displays author statistics based on readership data obtained from Mendeley. It also shows readership breakdown for individual publications and offers a JSON interface to its contents.  
Santa Monica Baykeeper Lighthawk ObservationsThis map and graph displays over 1500 marine vessel observations in Southern California. Vessels can be filtered by type, activity, and date of observation. Additional layers include Marine Protected Areas and Areas of Special Biological Significance.  
Statistic ChartsInteractive graphics and statistics.  
Swine Flu Outbreak DashboardA dashboard to track, both geographically and timewise, the spread of the 2009 swine flu (AKA influenza H1N1). It uses a combination of three Google Visualization gadgets linked between each other. Also uses Google Elements.  
The Link InspectorThe Link Inspector lets you get in-depth information about all the backlinks pointing to your site. It will even search for new backlinks that you are not aware of, good or bad.  
Trender BlenderGrabbing trends from Google, Twitter, Yahoo! & YouTube and aggregating them into a single site. View trend snapshots (taken about every 45 min.), or blended into a daily wordcloud visualization to see relative trend popularity for the day.  
TrendingTopics.orgA Rails app that identifies news and trends by launching an EC2 cluster running the Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop to process Wikipedia log files. Charts and news are displayed using Google and Yahoo APIs.  
TweepsMapTweepsMap analyzes where your Twitter followers are from, groups them by country, state or city and plots them on a Google map. Visualize data as a list or pie chart and share your reports with followers.  
TweeSpeedThe Twitter Instant Speed Meter. TweeSpeed is a web service giving you the number of tweets sent in the last minute. TweeSpeed is based on the public timeline, grab information for the 5 last minutes and calculate an average speed for one minute.  
TwitGraphTracks micro-trends on twitter and brand user satisfaction. See metrics visualized using Google Visualization API.  
TwitterThoughtsTwitterThoughts visualizes the tweet stream by creating a tweet motion chart, the twitter world map and tweet thoughts break out within a time period.  
UK Economic Indicators DashboardCreate a personalised dashboard of line charts to keep an eye on the UK economy. The page uses a PHP script to scrape time-series data CSVs from the Office for National Statistics website each day and add them to a MySQL database. Two more PHP scripts provide data to the page in JSON format.  
Wave VisualizerVisualizes waves in your inbox as trees or timelines. Uses the Javascript InfoVis Toolkit for the tree visualization.  
WedgiesSimple surveys to share with friends through Twitter, sms or email. Anywhere you can paste text, you can give a wedgie (a simple survey).  
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