Grid5000 API

Grid'5000 is a scientific instrument for the study of large scale parallel and distributed systems. The suite of APIs was designed to ease scripting and provide better access to the grid functionalities. A description of the APIs follows: Metrology API: Provides the key metrics of the Grid'5000 nodes: memory, cpu usage, bytes in, bytes out. Jobs API: Allows users to submit jobs on a Grid'5000 site. Monitoring API: Provides the status of the Grid'5000 nodes. Reference API: Provides the reference data of Grid'5000 such as the list of sites, clusters, nodes, environment. Deployments API: Allows users to deploy a specific environment on Grid'5000 nodes. Users API: Offers functionalities to manage Grid'5000 user accounts. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON, PDF and HTML. Full documentation requires registration.
Science, Reference
Ruby, Python, cURL
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