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iHealth provides wireless scales, blood pressure monitors, and other mobile monitoring devices, along with an app that allows patients to track their own health data, including weight, BMI, bone mass, heart rate, blood pressure, diet, and physical activity. The iHealth API allows third party applications and services to interact with an iHealth user's health data, after user authorization. Responses are given in JSON and XML.
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Stuck with error: Don’t get any measuring data from iHealth cloud (sandbox)


I write an application that uses this api of iHealth. Scales, blood pressure monitor, and devices like that by iHealth send there data with Bluetooth and smartphones apps to the internet cloud of iHealth. Therefore a user of this devices has a user account in the iHealth internet cloud. There he can login and see his data. My app uses the iHealth api to get the data from this cloud. The user of the devices gives mi the right to access his data by OAuth 2 and after receiving the access data I ask for the data of the user with the given client id. Sounds easy.

Well, here comes the problem. As a result I get a JSON-Object of measuring data without any data. That means there is no error message, everything seems fine, except that there are no data of this user. Http status: 200.

I don't use any optional restrictions like asking for data of only certain time.

An explication would be that the user still haven't used his devices and the cloud therefore doesn't have any data. Unfortunately this is something I can't influence: My app is still not ready and therefore I only use the sandbox cloud offered for development (http://sandbox.ihealthlabs.com). The sandboxuser can't use the smartphone apps and therefore I can only read the data that are yet there. Of course I can't test without data. There has to be an error. Maybe a rather silly error. I asked more than 9 days ago the support but still haven't got any answer.

Getting JSON data from the cloud with the api for blood pressure (the XX-parts are abbreviated id, token, ...):


The answer (w/o any change) is just:


At first glance the documentation explains everything well and the sandbox is a good place for starting development. But at the moment of using I stuck with this error.

Any idea? What do you guess I could do better?

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