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Indeed is a search engine for jobs - with a radically different approach to job search. In one simple search, Indeed gives job seekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from thousands of websites. includes all the job listings from major job boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages - and we continue to add new sites every day.
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  • SAP FICO Jobs is a job board for consultants and analysts of SAP Finance and Controlling modules.
  • Indonesian job search engine
  • Description Job finder is a job aggregator application developed to bridge the employee...
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Indeed Python Library by Joe Boutros The Indeed Python library by Joe Boutros allows installation from PyPi using pip. Pip is a package...
Indeed JavaScript Library by Joe Boutros The Indeed JavaScript library focuses in the Jobsearch API and currently depends on jQuery. To...
Indeed PHP Library by Karl Hughes This Indeed library created by Karl Hughes allows users to work with Indeed Jobs API. Features of...
Indeed PHP Library by Fubra Limited The Indeed PHP Library by Fubra Limited is a PHP interface and class library to interact with the...
Indeed PHP Library by indeedlabs The Indeed PHP Library is a PHP client library for the Indeed Job Search API. This library can...
indeed-python indeed-python is a client library that helps developers access the Indeed Jobsearch API. Users can...
Indeed Job Search API Library The Indeed Job Search API Library enables users to access the Indeed API using .NET. This library...
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Job finder app - USA jobs

Agus Puryanto

Jobs Search and Salary Research

Job Sniffer

pwtempuser pwtempuser

AML Source

Job Search Engine for Indonesian


Job Listing in Every Now

Overseas Jobs For Americans


Best Careers Information Center


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Wisnu Hendro Scholarship Database


getHired Mobile App


C#7 Job Search and Realtime Job Listing


Best Place Live

Job search HireADroid

pwtempuser pwtempuser ZIP Mashup

Instant Job Search


pwtempuser pwtempuser Quisoft's mashup playground

Common Interview Querstions


T. Webster Indeed Dump-All-Job-Locations to Google Maps

Picked Jobs

H1B Wage Database

Michele Marcucci elaboratorium Job Finder

Yuswanto Hariadi JobSyndicates

Sachin Raut Search and Map Jobs



Vladimir Carrer Web Programming Jobs

pwtempuser pwtempuser Tennis Jobs Map

Vladimir Carrer Jobs 2.0 Gmap

pwtempuser pwtempuser HoBOJob


Veerendra Shivhare Tagbulb

pwtempuser pwtempuser ResultR
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SAP FICO Jobs is a job board for consultants and analysts of SAP Finance and Controlling modules.
Indonesian job search engine
Job finder app - USA jobs Job finder app - USA jobs
Description Job finder is a job aggregator application developed to bridge the employee & employer community. Job finder is most comprehensive search engine for the Jobs. Through Job finder app , an employee can have access to millions of opening from thousands of organisations, recruitment websites, HR agencies and job boards in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia. Job Finder makes it easy to keep up to date with the latest job opportunities. Some are the key features of the application, ∞ Simple, fast-loading job search ∞ Easily apply to select jobs using your Indeed Resume ∞ "Apply from your phone" or "Apply from your tablet" filter ∞ View new jobs added since your last search ∞ Preview page displays text of job posting ∞ Save or email your favourite jobs ∞ Share jobs with your friends
Indonesia Jobs Real-time Search Engine. Using Indeed API, CareerJet API, Foursquare API, Facebook Open Graph API and built using Twitter Bootstrap.
Jobs Search and Salary Research Jobs Search and Salary Research is a jobs listing mashup site using indeed and google map API . we use also payscale for salary research.
Job Sniffer Job Sniffer
JobSniffer helps you organize and automate your job search powered with the API from Indeed. -Create filters and automate your search. Let the app do the hard work and it will notify you when new offers appear. -JobSniffer will provide you the web content from Indeed, plus geographical info and the possibility to add your own notes. -Organize all the offers found, marking your favourites as 'Cool'.
Job search that utilises,, API-s.
AML Source AML Source
AML Source is a highly focused job board for anti-money laundering (AML) professionals.
Job Search Engine for Indonesian Job Search Engine for Indonesian
Simple apps to search a job for Indonesian.
Indonesia Jobs Real-time Search Engine. Using Indeed API, CareerJet API, Foursquare API, Facebook Open Graph API and built using Twitter Bootstrap.
Job Listing in Every Now Job Listing in Every Now
Indonesia Job Listing using Indeed API.
Overseas Jobs For Americans Overseas Jobs For Americans
Tthis is a resources for expats looking for work outside of America. is a job search aggregator which lists latest job vacancies from a multitude of industries.
Best Careers Information Center Best Careers Information Center
Careers Information in some country likes US, UK, Australia and Canada. Use indeed API to pull jobs information source Real time. and used API Google Maps to show the company location.
YoKerja YoKerja
YoKerja is a local jobsearch in Indonesia. User can sort the job listings by company,city or region And they also can view the company location by viewing the map. is an Indonesian Job Listing aggregate. Using Indeed, this site pulls job listings sorted by location and reposts them on their own site.
Scholarship Database Scholarship Database
Scholarship Database uses Indeed and Google maps to create a job posting aggregate.
ContractsForGeeks ContractsForGeeks
ContractsForGeeks is an employment search tool that sources the indeed API to find job postings, then arranges them by city or state. It also includes and IT recruiter directory.
getHired Mobile App getHired Mobile App
getHired is a mobile job search app (WP7) that provides results from various job search engines. The app currently provides results from 60 countries and uses SimplyHired, Indeed, CareerJet, JuJu, LinkUp and CareerBuilder APIs.
WikiOrgCharts WikiOrgCharts
Founded in 2010, WikiOrgCharts is a cloud based Social CRM tool that solves one of the last problems in business focused networking; how companies and government agencies are structured. WikiOrgCharts provides access to anyone looking to learn about and share information about company organizational structures. At WikiOrgCharts, we believe that transparency helps to grow business. Web 2.0 practices such as information sharing, interoperability and collaboration and becoming business practices. Barriers finding non-proprietary business information can cause companies to lose business. Job Search and Realtime Job Listing Job Search and Realtime Job Listing
Job search and realtime job listings in the USA using the Google maps, indeed and Twitter APIs. Browse search results by state or industry.
Lookzi Lookzi
HTML5 page that presents information about your current location.
Best Place Live Best Place Live
Realtime content from helps users find job opportunties, travel and leisure destiniations, real estate trends, concerts and more in over 1500 cities.
Job search HireADroid Job search HireADroid
HireADroid is Android app that supports simultaneous job search across 6 major job search engines (LinkUp, Beyond, LinkedIn, Indeed, SimplyHired and CareerBuilder)
ZIP Mashup ZIP Mashup
A mashup using Yahoo, Indeed and weather webservices. For a given US ZIP code, this mashup pulls relevant realtime data (Jobs, social events/venues, weather condition etc) and locate them on Google MAP.
Instant Job Search Instant Job Search
Instant Job search. Start typing, and the search results come up instantly with each keystroke. The suggestions are fetched from Google, and the results are simultaneously fetched from multiple sources including Indeed, SimplyHired, Juju and CareerJet
Kabroo Kabroo
Organic Resume Search Engine. Kabroo searches resumes from Indeed and provides download access. Restrict the search by file type (Word doc, PDF) or only see resumes from .edu domains (most likely students).
Quisoft's mashup playground Quisoft's mashup playground
This site is a collection of multilingual search applications based on APIs from Google, Yahoo, video search provider Truveo and job search aggregator
Common Interview Querstions Common Interview Querstions
Mashup of job postings, interview questions and answers for easy job search and preparation.
Relocator Relocator
Indeed job search integrated with Facebook and LinkedIn - find jobs close to friends, and see who you know (or contacts know) at those offering the job.
Indeed Dump-All-Job-Locations to Google Maps Indeed Dump-All-Job-Locations to Google Maps
This dumps all job listings for your search onto the map all at once. So you can see things like where the highest concentration of job demand is. Most job search/map mashups only let you page to 10-20 results on the map at a time. This displays the MAX.
Picked Jobs Picked Jobs
Job search site on Indeed's database. You can see search results on Google Maps. Related images from Flickr for search results. For each state you can see short summary from Freebase.
H1B Wage Database H1B Wage Database
Online wage library for H1B prevailing wage determinations, and the disclosure data from the Department of Labor. It also integrates with indeed API to let you customize your job search.
elaboratorium Job Finder elaboratorium Job Finder
Looks at jobs and careers around the world with a Google Map and some nice tools.
JobSyndicates JobSyndicates
Real-time data pulled from Indeed. It can Produces Flexible RSS feeds for user's search query, and users can be more easy to subscribe with their favorite RSS Reader. Relevant career and job books from amazon API as value to user job search experienc
Search and Map Jobs Search and Map Jobs
The mashup helps you to search and map jobs from all the US jobs sites. The sites include Dice, Monster, ITjobs, Career Builder, etc.
CareerSix CareerSix
Search for jobs by city name. Mashup of Indeed and Google Maps.
FreelanceApp FreelanceApp
View freelance jobs from Indeed.
Web Programming Jobs Web Programming Jobs
Always updated geo-targeted web programming jobs. Neatly organized data from
Tennis Jobs Map Tennis Jobs Map
Use this map to find tennis jobs throughout the US. The site uses the Google Maps mashed with the job database. First 50 matching tennis related jobs are displayed on the map.
Jobs 2.0 Gmap Jobs 2.0 Gmap
Geo-intuitive U.S. job search.
HoBOJob - interactive job search engine. User-friendly map-based search for local jobs with relevant locality data.
Pageflakes Pageflakes
Custom homepage builder that uses Ajax to let a user layout and customize a page with relevant information. Includes pre-built modules for Flickr, YouTube, Amazon and hundreds of other popular sites.
Tagbulb Tagbulb
Tagbulb simplifies tag search by aggregating content from various sources like Flickr, YouTube and many more. Users can browse by content type like images, videos, blogs, bookmarks, podcasts, products, books etc.
ResultR ResultR
Meta search engine mashup built as a high-school project. It allows you to create your own search engine where you can choose from 30+ sources you want to include in your results.