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Infobip API - Developers

Infobip APIs are simple, secure and powerful integration tools which allows you to utilise all our products and services in a single place. • HTTP SMS API - based on REST standards, enables you to use your browser for accessing URLs. In order to interact with our API, any HTTP client in any programming language can be used. • Voice - With one, single API request you can deliver a high number of voice messages to any fixed or mobile phone in the world. • OMNI channel - We resolve technical complexity, providing you with a turnkey solution for engaging multi-channel campaigns with both SMS messaging and app notifications. • 2-Factor Authentication - SMPP/HTTP REST APIs allow you to create a custom-made 2FA solution in the programming language of your choice. Simplified API structure, developed according to REST standards means fast and easy integration, flexibility, and rich functionalities, all suited to reduce integration time and decrease costs. • Number Lookup – The best way to validate a single or multiple phone numbers through synchronous or asynchronous requests over our HTTP API.