JOLO is an India-based provider of messaging, web hosting, and recharging services. JOLO provides an SMS API that allows users to integrate SMS capabilities into their website or application. This allows users to send SMS, check the status of sent SMS, and check their account balance via REST calls. Developers must pay a one-time fee for API access.
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Zara Hussain


I'm trying to integrate jolo api in my web application bt as it is in php i ve no idea how to convert it to java .. could yu plz help me if yu ve code in other lang


Thanks in advance


i finally integrate free mobile recharge api to my wordpress website free of cost and start earning upto 3% commission using payment gateway. is best free recharge API

JOLO.IN trusted brand in india

dev_prog serves very poor customer service.when i got problem i used to call them,they didn't answer the call. they mentioned 24/7 customer service but they didn't reply to me in working hours as well.24/7 service is really joke.shame on them.

Lastweek we got an API error as server is down from jolo. they didn't inform me about the issue. the server problem resolved after 14 hrs. they sent mail server problem resolved.sorry for inconvenience.

it is really irritating.because several times i observed that they do whatever they want without intimating to us.yesterday i got another problem,i got error message as "Current API is not working,use our new API version."

i searched for new API but i didn't find any new at 2PM, they sent mail about the new API details.I followed instruction to shift old account to new API account. but they didn't updated shifting till now.i have been calling them,they didn't even answer the call.

At least they should have inform us before 2 days,so that we can plan accordingly.

I suggest don't ever buy Jolo sucks.our reputation will be went down.


Jolo API, really sucks. Nobody picks up the phone.. You get random server restarts from their side and it will be unavailable for long time.

It is even worse when you see all your tickets on issues are all simply deleted. duh?

I just feel like this may be a trick of luring customers with little higher commission rates and then make them run away to keep bulk of unprocessed money. Because there is no easy way to get your money back.

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Sorry, no mashups for this API.