KODAK Network Services API

*** UPDATE Dec 2014 --> in the next few weeks, KODAK Photo Service is going to expand in the US market (adding more than 4k CVS stores locations) and going global into more than 20k retail locations in Germany and Japan *** KODAK network service APIs enable your mobile app/desktop/web users to print photos and other exciting products through our unique global infrastructure and the largest fleet of quality output devices and thousands of retail locations near your users. Join our KODAK Photo Service program to get access to the KODAK network services APIs and have your applications ready for prime time, i.e. the upcoming holiday season. KODAK takes the complexity out of global retail photographic product fulfillment, extending your reach and increasing your return of investment. Highlights include - Two interesting business models perfectly matching your application needs - No need for online payment - your user can pay at retail - Think beyond just prints! Kodak equipment at your nearby retail store can produce, cards, calendars, books, posters and more. Typically same day, often within the hour. Did you ever think of providing Kodak quality greeting card printing from within your collage app? Convert the content of your social app into a tangible photobook? Get poster size canvas output from your painting app? Well, just go to the developer program portal and see what's possible when we open our infrastructure for your great apps.